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The Prince

The Prince
The prince should be like this? Born on appearance, has a great career, side and attract, perhaps, the life of He will really so. Small grain to, or wait for prince meet! But, he is her prince. Have a friend, I think that is a kind <a href="">oakley gascan</a> of being in love and friendship between affection, you will be in the occasional time silently missed him, think of him, in the heart warm, have a better, has a moved.
In sorrow and trouble, you can think of him, you are expected to be at your side, give you comfort, give you understand, and you never confided to him, are you afraid of belongs to my own share of the sorrow will hinder him quiet life. Will you for a song, a kind of color, of his, of his sincerity, of his persistence, reminded <a href="">oakleys</a> him that together ever experienced the ups and downs. Because there is such a friend, you can cherish own life, love of your life, because you know he hope you had a nice, he hoped you can look after themselves, meet again, he hope you can tell him you are very happy. All worldly conception, in your mind, because of his presence and become pale in the bottom of the heart, you are just for this people set up a small space, silently <a href="">Oakley Polarized Sunglasses</a> clinging to the copy of wonderful memories, from the beginning you know, between you won't have any love, seem to talk about love and blasphemed the emotion, this only is a kind of friendship. What is really going on? You want a lot of years, but we always have no idea. You seldom contact, in this long life, your door days we spent together may have only a few thousand 1/0, but in each other's hearts are kept on a <a href="">Oakley Snow Goggles</a> miss, a charge, even if he went to faraway places, even after many years, even when we meet, already was not the content is not, you still will be so deep an remember one such person, and that is enough. Sometimes life calm would like a about, you may turn into the mouth about, maybe you have no everlasting, lasting love, maybe early birth, full <a href="">Oakley sport Sunglasses</a> pale, but with such a friend in your life will have slightly ripple, some color, you think about him. Silently remember him, maybe this lifetime in this life will never forget. You appreciate in this world, there are such a person, he is not your side, he also did not for you to do something, you have hope, he will lead of very good, long life, children, full of happiness and good health... You are very glad to have had that a relationship, pure and <a href="">Oakley Active Sunglasses sale</a> long, in this complicated world, there is such a friend, or woman is worth your blessing, to miss... Maybe you will have several congenial, feelings deep friend proud. But sometimes you may for the friends of increasingly estrangement distress and confusion: you and between friends without much estrangement and contradictions, and friendship can desalt? Its reason to may come from many aspects, but if you keep the <a href="">Oakley Dirt Bike Goggles sale</a> following eight kinds of mentality, can make the friendship has been continuously consolidate. A speech, to adapt the performance, cautious, don't let friends pained Maybe you with friends, no words what secret past don't talk, maybe your intellect, looks. Family, future and so on enviably, well above the friend a, these advantageous condition may make you, especially with friend together, and even more loudly, propriety, without restraint to express themselves.
Talk tend to reveal an obvious superiority, this meeting makes a person feel you are in talked down to speak, intends to flaunt drive up, make others pained, cannot produce a wide berth ideas. So, in intercourse <a href="">oakley glasses</a> with my friends, to control the emotions, keep my sanity, attitude humility, open mind to put ourselves in equal status with men, and the attention always thought.