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I point song finally arrived

I went to see him to stop singing when <a href="">Discount links london</a> drink and games, below watched me. I was a bit uncomfortable, like dreams like sing out "love story". And when he sincerely says: "you sing very well." I shyly smiled at him, and then my face must be very red, because I feel very hot. A beggar's motorbike’s not let a person compliment, a word "fast". He drove shouted: "ha, happy, I am so happy! I f***ing haven't felt so relaxed and happy!" I moved to behind him and see him like a child wondrously cried: "call - call! How nice, tonight I own my own! I'm happy! I and leaves together! Cars galloped away, of <a href="">links</a> course I know he's taking me to go anywhere, really know. Came out from home when I was already know, as to what would have happened, but I never and think twice, also dare not to consider. I just like to spend time with him, solely to stay together. I like to hear him speak and likes to hear him sing, like watching him smile, like him and looked at my appearance, like the <a href="">new links of london</a> night like this heart communication silently voice...
I deeply know life is very short distance part, I don't like to be my all when he found bade with his past, even if again run for completion of mud zero dust also complaint or regret. Because the only way when I say goodbye to life to feel without regret, because, he is waiting for the millennium found that a million years! Although I have married women for others, I still be looking forward to, or be adventure fluke.
In the valley of a mountain, there lived a family. Standing at the top of the hill, at the foot of the mountain stream can see, see the edge that piece corral corn. Corn in Yang flower go knot nigh, the ground of peas also blooms are <a href="">friendship bracelet</a> interruption misallocates toward thinking - this is looking forward to the prospect of Pennsylvania harvest ha!
This time, the ground need most <a href="">london links</a> is water, next heavy rain this much good ah, otherwise, under small shower can also give crops solution thirst. Ryan second deck love dearly crops, his day all morning put aside special work carefully observe northeast sky cloud changes.
"Old lady, I see the rain can really make."
Old lady in busy cooking, supportively say: "it's going to rain, is really the blessing of god."
Older children are working in the fields, a little child play near the house. Ryan sect great-aunt straightened throat them shout back: "eat <a href="">cheap links of london</a> after anther..." Don't recognize <a href="">Links of London Chain</a> Ryan sect uncle expected, when the family are having dinner, heaven clouds like place great mountain peaks, rolling roll, in the northeast of the rapid influx, getting closer. Rain, large drops of big drop underground up. Air got wet cool.
Ryan succor duke ran out of the house, run to corral seems to find something. Actually, he doesn't find, but to pour out, make the heart is more relaxed. He <a href="">links london</a> returned to the house. Loudly say: "god gave us not rain, produces new coin, big 10 points, small five points discomposed..." Ryan Sacco uncle be elated. He trancelike expression stare at shrouded in rain and curtain of Culm coarse spate fat of corn and myriad flower pea flowers, on the face shows a relaxed look... Suddenly, the wind raises suddenly, large chunks of hail <a href="">links of london charms sale</a> mingled with rain pouring down from the sky. Glittering and translucent and bright and clean the hail in succession fall in, this pour really like heaven COINS. The children rushing out of the house run out into the rain versus those lines like pearls similar hail.