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Women who good flavor

Remember Mr. Zhu had this son of a woman of a period of description: the woman has her tender air, such as listening to sound, such as <a href="">diesel jeans wholesale</a> smell of roses, like water like honey, like mist, smoke hanging over us. Her every step, a stretching, a prey hair, instant, all as honey in a stream, water in behavior, women's smile is 50 flowers, inside the poems and paintings, swelled and silent music. A woman <a href="">diesel men jeans</a> is to pay attention to some grade, no grade woman, let her how to practice are only shallow pale. The woman that has grade willing to learn, like reading a newspaper, often surf the Internet, but not all day is infatuated with fashion magazines and gossip, each <a href="">diesel matic jeans</a> have browse, occasionally also watching such as "let a bullet flies" such popular movie, but not limited to the eye ball, and can see plots different kind of things to come. Maybe she can practice the calligraphy, study the tea ceremony, flower arrangement and practice yoga, grinds only some room and authoritative or something. Her wide range of interests <a href="">diesel induktry jeans</a> accumulates her collect of soul. Can by our own inner temperament is fall in love woman, is the most flavor of woman.
Say a woman not only refers to the smell of her body sends out the woman incense, otherwise, a bottle of perfume can fix that woman flavor. This is inside to outside send out the charming atmosphere, let a person see think she is sweet. Her <a href="">Cheap Diesel Sunglasses</a> look crisper, can let a gray town become spiritual is dye-in-the-wood. Her job is busy, but without sorrow from face, again already tense is also smile but, in casual sends out a delicate foul smell. Her kind easygoing, everyone may and her close, and even the most <a href="">Diesel shoes Sale</a> secretive emotional problems, will also said to her ears. And she chat say ground, often give you life of enlightenment, let you calm, teach you hard, feel the beauty of life and hope.
The woman that has grade body has a kind of quietly elegant, a sense of life to life quietly seeker of calm. Have independent personality and <a href="">Diesel Belts Sale</a> independent economic support, independent ideology. Many women once with money Zambian lost all the elegant, the woman that has grade also love money, but no place like others see her money process is a cheerful, she even love money all love so elegant, make your own money buy flower wearing. Woman's elegant taste is so son: makeup is weak, the <a href="">diesel shoes</a>
words are very appropriate, the smile can short, but love is inflexible. Any occasion, she can well "cooking" themselves, let oneself a dish.
Meekness is woman's peculiar smell, her love oneself, the more love others. She is spring rain, moistens everything silently, She is an autumn wind caresses your face. Not only is the female's gentle is young and ignorant and <a href="">diesel clothing</a> enchanting, and maternal goodness, concerns, kind. The woman is the most can move the person is gentle, not affected, like a hand of fine jade, , knows the light know heavy, understand men thought, experiencing the ups and downs of men, only gently stroke, give man tired spirit with appropriate of comfort.
Do woman can't be without shyness, woman shy appearance is quite pin confess soul, especially plus perfectly blush. She should never talk nag, doing something doesn't not, treats people with less woman. All things regularly, slightly <a href="">diesel jeans</a> shame state. Shame state is not weak performance, exactly is beautiful shows that most men of humor can arouse mentality. Her misses action language, consist in gazing eyes, a captivating smile facial expression and deportment wan fang manner, lovely face, always is worth a thousand words. Performance "weak" is caused by the smell of a woman, excessive exposure method can only appear floating and float, let a man feel good about you, appropriate cover more can increase women's mystique, there are a lot of men towards women pulls hair movement is palpitates la.
Women have mystery, at least mean mysterious. She flow MDM slowly, moving Xinxiang, unpredictable, thorough marrow, make man meaning is confused. Mysterious means no shape, more no differently, is moistens everything silently temptation, is concealed in the delicate and charming, is passionate exploration, is less wins <a href="">diesel</a> much wisdom. The movements and every word spoken smile, beautiful human of United States annulus, supreme good to beauty, is 10 thousand green coughing is red, lovely spring scenery not need many.
Have emotional appeal of woman, in the basin of boiler bowl gourd ladle besides, still can take her place decorate exquisite have send, curtain antependium, lace tassel, bright and clean, vase even if no flower, that vase must also is some, and to wipe. She has a kind of amorous feelings, a kind of from inside to outside rhythm. Wearing or silk or brocade or silk ciao, bare beautiful Bob high arm, fang zip gracefully and provocative million, that copy of Oriental verve, like a classical flower, opening in time, and not as the deep time, then burnish and fade, so exquisite with enchanting, make all men of spirit and flesh ar