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I am the "REAL" Chris Brown look alike, and guess what they call me?..."CB @ 2" ~Ka'Den

My name is Ka'Den and I am two years old. I get so much attention everywhere I go, and people always say I look just like Chris Brown. Some even call me "CB". I am not a celebrity yet and if I were, I'd have to learn how to write to sign autographs.
I have so much personality and the ladies can't keep their lips off of me. Why do all the woman, and yes I did say "WOMEN", call me their BOYFRIEND? LOL!!! I was told by my pediatrician that I am going to be as tall as 6'3 so watch out for me in 16 years...your future NBA All Star. Who knows, I may try and land some modeling/acting gigs before then, maybe be able to sign autographs and hang out with my "Brother from another Mother Chris Brown"! (Hope he don't deny me though!) Okay, I'm out....chuckin' up the DEUCES!!!

Posted by contactsimone07