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extremely fan of Christopher Maurice Brown *-*

what is a true fan?
adimirar is his idol, and respect it, love it incondiconalmente is independent of anyone, anything, is not give it up because of an error because we are all human, we err, and it can, but the worst fan is that when wrong close your eyes and pretend it's not about him, and when the person is saying that you love so much slander not even have more words to curse him, for me that's not being fan is to be a person without character, and one can have all the defects, but when the character is no end to it. thankfully I'm not like many people around, admiring the still, respect, and above all loving unconditionally & forever, not for his fame, but because he is a human being.
christopher all my ♥ /!/brenakarolinne

Posted by brena karolinne