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Ticket Pre-sale for Concert!!! WHAT DO WE DO?

Alright, so we all want to go. Question- the pre-sale, I'm sure there will be a code or something to buy tickets- but how can we get that code/access to purchase them early?


Well for his last concert you had to sign up for his fan club but I don't think he has one anymore. I went on live nation and it says members of his fan clubs get access to the pre-sale which is from August 12-14th.

If u sign up for live nation information or if u have ever bought tix from live nation they usually send preslae codes if they have pre sales so I a
Have 2 comps and I'll use "planet Chris brown" and live nation presale to c which one gives better tix! Lol

omg yes! I need that presale code really.I want the good freaking seats. I cannot wait for this tour.

Yess I would love to know that too with Taylor swift we had to sign up but I know with lil wayne I was emailed a code from live nation the day b4 the presale maybe live nation will send one out