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*Brand New* -- Whirlwind-- 03.02.13 update (Mature)

Thinking about starting a new story titled "Brand New" It's going to be a little different than my other stories. I cant give too much detail but I am going to post the intro and you all tell me "Keep" or "Dump".



run it

awh he helped her run it

<em><strong>[*B R A N D new;]</em></strong>


When I finally woke up it was quarter till eight. I sat up in the bed and felt a dull pain. I reached a hand to my face and winced. I got up and stripped the bed. I threw the sheets in the trash. I remade the bed and walked to the bathroom. As I looked at myself in the mirror my eyes watered. I showered, careful not to run the water on my face. I got out of the shower and dried off. I lotioned up my body and put my hair up in a ponytail. I threw on <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0"/>this</a> with my UGG boots. I put some concealer and foundation on to cover up my face. I added some chapstick and grabbed my <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0"/>bag</a>. I walked down to the bus stop and waited for my bus. My phone started to ring. I rolled my eyes when I looked at the number. I am so sick of Ricky calling me. I used to work for him and I was his biggest money maker, but I had to get out of there. If I would have stayed I would have died there. He treated all of us like s***. I want more for my life; I just don’t know how I am going to do that. I’ve tried to start fresh; I got a job at a diner on 5th street. I applied to this community college down in L.A. around the way from the club. If I make enough money I can start next month. The bus ride to the club was the same as usual, a few looks, some flirting and some outright blatant disrespect, but I’m used to it. I got off the bus heading to the club. <strong>“ey ma, can I holla at you for a minute?”</strong> I kept walking because I just didn’t feel like being bothered right now. I guess because I didn’t say anything the guy got bold enough to put his hands on me. <strong>“Look, b**** I know you heard me talking to you.”</strong> I tried to pull away from him, but his grip was firm. <strong>“Let go of my arm you piece of s***.”</strong> <strong>“Chuck, you better let her go and don’t ever let me catch you over on this side of town again.”</strong> <strong>“<a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0"/>Breezy</a>..”</strong> The guy let go of my arm and I heard his voice get shaky. <strong>“You know I was just playing around.”</strong> <strong>“Get out of here Chuck.”</strong> Chuck took off running in the other direction. I pulled my bag back up on my shoulder. <strong>“Thank you”</strong> I smiled. <strong>“It’s no problem, you should really be careful around here though shawty.”</strong> I started to walk towards the club. <strong>“Do you need a ride?”</strong> I would love a ride, but I don’t want him getting a crazy first impression of me. I mean I know some people would consider me a whore or a prostitute and I can take that from others, but he seems different. I can’t let him see that about me and feel like he helped me for nothing. <strong>“No thank you. I appreciate the offer and the help.”</strong> <strong>“Aight ma.”</strong> And with that he was gone.

run it sounds good

It sounds good run it

thanks! I will update soon!!

i like this
it sounds good so far

run this

<em><strong>[*B R A N D new;]</em></strong>


The smell of sex is permeating through the air, I feel bile rise up in my throat and I try to think of happy thoughts, try to think of a better time and place. <a target='_blank' href=''><img src='' border='0'/>I</a> close my eyes while tears spill down my face as I feel a stranger, some man that I just met a few nights ago, thrusting into me. <strong>“Open your eyes.”</strong> I keep my eyes shut and in turn feel an excruciating pain as he pulls my hair, forcing me to look at him. I feel the bile coming back again and this time I can not hold back, I can not keep it down. I jerked up and the contents of my stomach were expelled all over the stranger. He jumped up in fury. <strong>“You f***ing slut!”</strong> He slapped me. I grabbed my face and he pushed me back on the bed, he held me down with so much force. His fingernails were digging into my skin as he shoved his member into me repeatedly. I tried to control my sobs but they were uncontrollable. <strong>“Shut the f*** up”</strong>, he said to me between thrusts. In and out, in and out, the smell of my vomit and his sweat was making me nauseous. My head was throbbing in pain. <strong>“I’m about to cum. Oh...Uhhh...Ahhhh.”</strong> He grunted then fell on top of me. I started to gag and he got up quick. I ran to the bathroom and let it all out. When I walked out the room I saw this stranger dressed and taking money out his wallet and placing it on the dresser. <strong>“Besides the throw up… you were a pretty good lay and your body is banging so I won’t take away from your price. Maybe we could do this again next week?”</strong> I nodded and he laughed and was gone. I hurriedly grabbed the money off the dresser and put it into the bag. I looked around and felt hot tears stream down my face. I curled myself up in the fetal position laying in my own excretions and cried.

Thanks girl I'm almost done with the bait.. The last post was more like setting the stage so you can get the feel of what kind of story it will be. I'm writing the into now!!

<em><strong>[*B R A N D new;]</em></strong>

The air was filled with the sounds of brotherhood, music and the smoke of cigars. The establishment was full of men from all different backgrounds. There were doctors, law enforcers, entertainers, businessmen, fathers, brothers, and sons. They may not have many things in common, but they all have one common interest and that’s <em>“The Wardroom”.</em> A place where men can come to relieve themselves of the stressful work week, a place where a man can sip on something nice and enjoy a great show, and if he wants an even better show…we can accommodate that as well…

i can't wait to read it