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Wen's Chris Touring In England???

Wen tha hell is Chris tourin in england ... Hopefully its soon, dnt think i can w8 much longer!!



Does anyone know if he'll ever be allowed to go to the UK again ? coz I really want to see him in concert!!!

omggg i really hope he comes over soon! ive never seen him in concert :(

ooooooooooooooooooh yeah

i am 17 year old
i can read college books
i live on usa woukld him is from too
i like dance and singer
and i make with chothing
and i wish one day i willl be with him sing togeher and i wish him come back to do and tour there
i miss him
and thamk they form care of chirs brown
thank you

OMG i sooo agree with you all!!! Apparently he cant come to the UK because of his probation... Thats what i heard. Not sure if its true tho?? Hopeful he will tour with his new album Fortune!!!

hey, yeah i brought ticket for his last uk tour and now i dont no what to do with them. but breezy UK is calling you hunny...

missing you nuff, keep it up.

ye same i cant w8 aswell

PLease please please tell me details on him coming on 9th august??? pleasee!!!!!

But they're 16+.
+ I'm so far away from London.
Plus its on a school night so my rents won't be very pleased, ha.

"Since we ain't 21, they be trying to say it ain't love
'Cause we can't hit the clubs, they be trying to say we too young
I ain't saying that we trying to be grown, I'm just saying that we old enough to know
We got that young love, young love"

HEY look he is doing a concert in LONDON next tuesday 9th Oct, I see these tickets for sale on eBay:

omg we would be like this =]]]]] if he came to do a tour in england.

please doo


I check everyday for tour dates!
Its so not fair, come to England Chris!
I dont care where, cause I'll go no matter where he is.
I just need to see himmmm.

omd he should come to england. he was here the other day but i keep missin him. my 'frenemy' saw him in Oxford street. i was like shooot that aint fair. she dont even like him...well not as much as i do :p

yes.. he needs too come too england/// watchin on tv makes me jelous.. we need too see him in concert

Yes Chris should do a tour in England Very soon.

i got told he is doin a signin in Nike London in Westend on saturday and then goin to Nike's Midnight Madness

Tha 0FFICIAL Daughter 0f Music

yhyh chris plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz come 2 england

CHRIS COME TO ENGLANDD we hav the hottest gurl fanz here, u gotta come!!!!

come 2 london I loveee youuuzzz

i agree chris u gotta du a tour round england sooon, if not im jus gonna die coz i aint got patience left lol. im gonna have 2 go 2 hehab 2 calm me down hahaha im jus jokin, i jus want u 2 get back 2 me wid the dates dat u r gonna come 2 england x

hes already been to london before lol but he wasnt doin concerts it was a promo tour but he walked the streets and everything....u not got his journey dvd lol i rele hope he does a UK tour soon and comes to scotland
Hugs And Kisses And All My Best Wishes Vicki .X.[x].X.