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Beause of Her...

"<a href="">Xavier</a> what words do you have to say to Andrew before you two go off to college in a few months?"

Xavier adjusted himself in his seat and stared at the camera lens.

"I just wanna say, I hope he does well. I can't say I wish him the best, but whatever, I just hope his past doesn't catch up with him because I know I sure won't. For all I care, it's his life and he's living it the way he wants to, even if he made it by backstabbing and turning his back on people."

<Strong>In the next room</strong>

"<a href="">Andrew</a>, Do you have any words for Xavier before you two head off to college?"

He bit his lip and thought to himself before staring into the camera.

"I guess, i'd like to say I hope he does the best in life because I know he will. If anything I hope he does well and succeed and that whatever he does i'm supporting him. No matter what, we're still brothers and always will be, even if you don't consider me one."




I excused myself from dancing with some girl.

"Find me later, okay." Her words were slurred.

I shook my head and made my way through the crowd, sloppy drunks are not attractive. I made my way through the kitchen dapping people on my way out to the back porch. I pulled out my iPhone checking the time. It was barely going on 12:30 am. Just as I was about to put it back in my pocket, I recieved a message. I slid my finger across the screen unlocking it revealing a text message from Malaya.

<em>I left home early with Safiyah. I spending the night there, I already told mom.</em>

I locked my screen and put it away. I stared out into the backyard as the music blared in the background.

"I see you needed some fresh air too." I nodded.

"Some sloppy bxtch was all over me, you know I don't fly like that." He chuckled.

"I'm right with you. Some bxtch was getting to sloppy for me too."
He looked down at his watch.

"It's probably time to go. Cops will be showing up in probably 45 minutes or so." I nodded.

"We should probably go get our dances with Jay and Rhy before we go."

He nodded and we made our way back inside. We walked back into the room and scanned it. I spotted out Jaylah and Rhylie dancing with some guys in the corner. I tapped Xavier and pointed to where they were. We made our way through the dancefloor over to them.

"Mind if we can get in a dance?!" We both said moving their dudes out the way.

They gave us dirty looks and moved along. Jaylah turned around to face me. She smiled.

"So you remembered our dance." I smiled.

"Sure did."

Big Sean's 'Dance' played in the background. Jaylah was getting it in and I was enjoying every moment. We might have just been friends, but she could dance. Next to me Xavier and Rhylie were doing the same. Once the song had ended, they grabbed our hands and led us outside the house to the sidewalk.

"Y'all were probably the best dancers out of all the guys we danced with." Rhylie said.

"Well, you know." Xavier said popping his collar.

Rhylie lightly shoved him. "Boy, you so stupid." She said chuckling.

He wrapped his arms around her shoulder. "Do y'all need rides home?" He asked.

They nodded.

"Well than my ladies, youre chariott awaits." He said in a British accent. They giggled and we crossed the street to my car.

Xavier and Rhy sat in the back while Jay sat in the passenger seat. We pulled off, once we hit the mainstreet Avi popped his big ass head inbetween the seat.

"Yo, Drew i'm hungry man. Pull over and get something to eat."

I shook my head, "Nigga, you always hungry."

He shrugged, "Well, i'm a growing boy. So like pull up to like Jack in the Box or some shxt."

"Nigga, I don't think there's a place open at 1 in the morning." He sat back.

"Uh, yeah, it's called Taco Bell drive thru nigga. Open 24 hours."

"I'll only go if it's fine with Jay and Rhy."

Jay shrugged, "It doesn't matter to me, i'm staying over at Rhylie's anyway."

I looked at Rhy through the rearview mirror.

"It's fine, my parents aren't home anyway." I nodded and turned to my
left making my way to a Taco Bell that I knew was near. I pulled into the drive thru and stopped.

"Welcome to Taco Bell, what can I get you?"

"Give me a minute." I said speaking back to the person behind the speaker.

"Do you two want anything?" I asked refering to Jaylah and Rhylie.

"I want a chicken taco and a mango fruitista." Rhylie said from the backseat.

"What about you?"

"A chicken burrito and a mango fruitista." I nodded.

"And what do you want fatass?" I asked Xavier.

"Two beefy-five layer burritos, a large coke and cinnamon twists." I shook my head.

"Okay, i'm ready to order."

"Okay, what can I get you?" She asked.

"Let me get one chicken burrito, one chicken taco, two mango fruitistas, three beefy five layer burritos, a crunchy taco, cinnamon twists, and two large cokes."

"Would that be all? She asked.

"That'd be all."

"Your total is $15.35 at the window."

I pulled off and to the window handing her a $20 dollar bill. She gave me back my change and I waited for the food. She handed me all the bags and we pulled off.

"Yo, head over to our spot. Rhy and Jay haven't been there." I nodded and made my way there.

After a few minutes we finally arrived. I parked the car and the girls and Xavier hopped off.

"Oh my gosh! Ya'll this is dope." Rhylie said snapping a picture of the <a href="">view</a>.

"Do y'all like it?" I asked. They nodded.

"It's gorgeous."

"I'm glad y'all like it, so don't tell anyone about it." They nodded.

"Yo, a moment like this deserves to be celebrated." I looked over at Xavier as he dug in his pocket and pulled out a blunt.

"Nigga, where'd you get that?"

"Ol' boy Damien owed me. So are y'all down or what?" I nodded.

He pulled out a lighter and lit it taking the first puff, then passed it to me. I inhaled and let it sit, then I exhaled, I held it out to Jaylah. She looked at it then at me, she took it and took a puff. I was suprised, I didn't know she smoked. She made little o's with the smoke as Rhylie took a hit as well. We continued this method as The Weeknd continuosly played from my car and we all finished the blunt. I could feel my eyes real low as I took my last hit. The world around me was going slower than normal. Xavier threw the bud to the ground, and looked at me.

"We should get going nigga." I shook my head and we all hopped in the car.

I came around Rhylie's block and pulled up infront of her house. We all got out, they embraced us in a hug.

"Thanks guys, for this night. We'll see you at school on Monday." We nodded and watched them enter her house. Xavier and I waited until they were securely inside before pulling off.


Run it!


Twenty minutes later, we turned onto the block. You could hear the bass of the music from down the street. Drew parked across the street and we hopped out.

"You better not be drinkin' while we're in there. I'm not afraid to snatch that ass up infront of all them people." He warned Malaya.

She rolled her eyes and continued her way across the street and into the house.

Drew shook his head, "Swear she think she grown."

I patted his back and chuckled, "Good thing i'm an only child."

We made our way up the walkway and into the house. The smell of Marijuana and alchohol slapped you in the face. People danced as J. Cole's 'Workout' blared through the speakers. I scanned the room and made my way through the crowd. Andrew followed behind me, we were both being greeted by many. Once we made it to the kitchen, I grabbed two red plastic cups and started mixing drinks.

"What you want?"I asked Drew looking over the multiple array of drinks.

"Some Hennessy and Coke." I nodded and made his drink and handed it to him preparing to make mine.

I grabbed the bottle of Vodka and poured some into my cup mixing it with some Redbull. Out of the corner of my eye I could see people walking in out of the kitchen, I looked and saw none the less than <a href="">Rhylie</a> and <a href="">Jaylah</a>. They both embraced Andrew in a hug. I cleared my throat.

"So I don't get no love?" They both chuckled and gave me a hug as well.

I shook my head when I noticed that Rhylie had her <a href="
135IS.JPG">camera</a> hanging around her neck. She giggled because she knew exactly what I was thinking.

She smiled and said, "Let's take a pic."

She set the camera down on the counter and set it for a time, we got
prepared and posed. The camera flashed and took the picture, she grabbed it and looked at it.

"For sure this is going on my wall." She said showing it to me.

"I want a copy too." Jay said, she nodded.

She looked at what I was drinking, "Let me have a taste." I nodded and gave her some.

She nodded, "That's good. Make me one."

I turned around and made her one, "Jay, do you want something."

"No, just a Sprite is fine. Alchohol really isn't my thing."

I shrugged, "Your loss."

I handed them their drinks.

"Well, we're off to mingle. Save us both a dance befor ya'll leave."
They said making their way out into the sea of people.

Drew and I nodded making out way out as well.

I checked myself out one last time in the <a href="">mirror</a>, before heading out. As I gathered my things I noticed a <a href="">walkie talkie</a> sitting on my desk. Avi and I used to use these when we were younger, I grabbed it to see if it still worked. I pressed the side button and heard all the static. I called Xavier's name.

"Avi! Xavier!" A few seconds later I heard him on the other end.

"Damn nigga! You scared me. Making me believe I was hearing voices and shxt." I chuckled.

"Yo, you ready?" I asked.

"Yeah, i'll meet you outside."

"Alright." I set the talkie down and made sure I had everything with me before walking out of my room.

I opened my door to be greeted by my babysister <a href="">Malaya</a>. She was fully <a href="">dressed</a> like if she was going somewhere.

"May I help you?" I asked shoving past her.

She followed behind me, "You're taking me to Michelle's party with you."

I shook my head. "The hell I am! Your ass needs to stay here like normal sixteen year olds. Go watch Barney or somethin'."

"Oh yeah. I guess mama won't like it very much when I tell her that you were up in here smoking weed and bringin' these little fast ass girls up in her house." I stopped dead in my tracks and sighed before
turning around to face her.

She stood there with a smirk on her face and her arms crossed. "Fine."

She smiled and walked around me and out the front door. I walked out right behind her to see <a href="">Xavier</a> posted on the hood of my car. He looked up from his phone and made a stank face at Laya.

"Are we taking Lil' Bit with us?" I nodded while walking over to the drivers side.

I unlocked the doors and we all hopped in making our way down the streets of Los Angeles.

<strong>A Few Months Earlier</strong>

"Man practice killed me today. Swear, coach be puttin' so much pressure on us just because we're seniors this year." 

Drew nodded in agreement, slinging his Nike gym bag over his shoulder.

"Good thing it's Friday and we don't have to worry about practice all weekend."

I nodded, "That's for sure. Aye, we about to hit up that party Michelle's havin' at her place right?" He nodded and hopped in his car.

"Damn right! I need to have some fun, between my mom, school, and basketball I just need to do me." I dapped him and nodded.

He pulled up before his house and turned off his car. We both got out grabbing our stuff from the backseat.

"I'll see you in an hour." I said making my way next door up my walk way. He nodded and entered his house as I did the same.

This reminds me of the beginning to Cloverfield...
Run it.

runs it