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Real World: New York

Hey everyone, this is a story-Reality Show based off the series Real World:. And its also based off comedy and drama. If anybody wants to be in it, put your details in it and i'll put you in the next season or this one. I just need 2 girls.. I hope y'all this..

Chris Brown- <a href="">Christopher Brown</a>
Lives At- California
Bow Wow- <a href="">Shad Ryan</a>
Lives At- California
Chris Paul- <a href="">Christopher Paul</a>
Lives At- New Orleans
Rihanna- <a href="">Rubii(Ruby)Jackson</a>
Lives At- California
Taylor Swift- <a href="">Clarrissa Ann Jacobs</a>
Lives At- Georgia
Draya- <a href="">Chanelle Anthony</a>
Lives At- New York
Drake- <a href="">Aubrey Graham</a>
Lives At- Miami
Tyga- <a href="">Michael Stevenson</a>
Lives At- California
Trey Songz- <a href="">Tremaine Neverson</a>
Lives At- New York
K.D. Aubert- <a href="">Kadee Aubert (K.D.)</a>
Lives At- Chicago
Lauren London- <a href="">Lauren London</a>
Lives At- Virginia
Megan Fox- <a href=",0,214,314_.jpg">Marie Fox</a>
Lives At- New York

Welcome To Real World: New York! This show will show the lives of 12 young
adults in one house together and how they survive in wonderful New York! As you
can see, I'm Beyonce, the host for this season. (Laughs) let's meet our cast!
Christopher Brown
Hey, I'm Christopher Brown. I'm 22, I live at California and I only been to New
York once in my lifetime. I wanted to come on this show to see how 12 people are going
to act in a house together. And for the sexy ladies! (laughs)
Shad Ryan
My name is Shad Ryan and I'm 23 years old. I live at California but my hometown
is New York City. That's where my heart is. I wanted to come on this show to
experience new York city with people I don't even know.
Christopher Paul
Whatsup? My name is Christopher Paul and I am 22 years of age. My hometown is
Louisana, New Orleans and I have NEVER been to New York so this is all knew to
me. I love playing basketball and I have a son at home who wants to see his dad
on TV doing it big in New York. So yeah. (shrugs and smiles)
Rubii Jackson
Hi guys, I'm Rubii Jackson, I'm 23 years old and I live at california. BUT, I go
to New York every two weeks to go shopping. I might seem like a snotty rich
b**** but its not my fault I'm hella rich! Anyway, I wanted to come on this show
because I want to stay here and go shopping! Just playing.
Clarissa Jacobs
Hi! I'm Clarissa Jacobs and I'm from Georgia the Ay-Tee- Ell (does horibble atl
sign) as some people say! I'm 21 years old and I have never been to new York!
Me, my momma, and slim Jim always wanted to go thur when I was just a youngin!
But we could never afford it! So now I'm happy I'm going Thur! Oh! Oh! I wanna
make some friends too! Not much people wanna be friends with me. ( frowns) Bye!!

I'm Chanelle Anthony, Carmello Anthony's sister. We were born in new york and I
live here in the finest area. I model and I star in videos of all the hottest
rappers . Plus, I'm flawless. Nobody can compete with me. I deserve to be on
this show so ciao.
Aubrey Graham
What it do, what it do, what It do? (laughs) I'm aubrey Graham and I'm 23 years
old. I live in Miami but I love new york and how its so posh. At New York,
everything is so fast paced and fancy, growing up, I always thought New York
wasn't as good as they made it look on TV. But really, its like a hollywood
movie scene and your really in it. I want to be on this show because 1, I'm
staying in an penthouse, 2, beautiful ladies, and three, I'm in new York b****!
Micheal Stevenson
Ack! Micheal Stevenson in the room, I'm 21 years old, I live in L.A, and I
really want to be on this show because its really an honor to be on TV! I think
this will a head start for my rapping career. Tygas out!
Tremaine Neverson
Yuup! Its ya boy Tremaine Neverson. I'm 23 years old and I'm single (chuckles)
all the ladies wanted Tremaine to come on this show to show his sexy body.
(lifts shirt) yAll like it huh? (smirks and laughs going off screen)
Kadee Aubert
Hi people, I'm Kadee Aubert. I'm 22 years old and I live in Cold Chicago.
(laughs) I graduated from Chicago State University, majoring in Medical. I plan
to become a surgeon in a few years. The reason I wanted to come on this show was
so that I could get away from Chicago and communicate with other people who I'm
going to be sharing a house with. I'm a really friendly person. (smiles)
Lauren London
Hello, hello, the queen is talking all bow down to ms.London. I'm Lauren, you
don't need to know my last name. Sorry. (flips hair back) my age is none of ya
damn buisness, I'm from The 2 up 2 down state! Richmond all day! Girls don't
like for some reason. Trhey just jealous cause they niggas want me instead!
Shid! And some people be saying I'm ghetto and have a bad attitude. So da f***
what?! I only get ghetto (rolls neck) when hos dis- ree- spect me! And I ont
like being dis- ree- specteded! Ok?!
Marie Fox
I'm Marie Fox, World famous actor Micheal J. Fox's daughter. My daddy gives me a
milliuon dollars evryeek to go shopping. I shop In Paris, Beverly Hills, New
York, Milan, and everywhere you can't afford. ( smiles) I can go on this show
because my daddy can delete It off the TV or whatever you call it. So he OWNS
this show, and I can do what ever I want!
Beyonce: Dang, that's One Cast we got here! Time for them to come up!
Christopher Brown
*So I'm here waiting with the rest of the 11 people and we get cued to go to
our penthouse. So I get on this small elevator and everybody was trying to fit
on it! I was like yall can't fit on this!
Chris: ayo, I'm sorry, but all of yall can't fit on this elevator!
Marie: Excuse me?
Marie Fox
* This guy just said we can't fit on the elevator! NOBODY tells me I can't fit
on a elevator!!I had a salad for breakfast!*
Aubrey: Some people is gonna have to wait cause the capacity only goes up to
300 lbs.
Lauren: whatchu tryna say nigga, that we fat or some s***?! Cause the only fat
ass is you!
Aubey: Why you gotta get like that ma? All I said was some people gotta wait
for the next elevator to come.
Kadee: I can wait, There's no problem. (steps off elevator)
*Am I in heaven? Cause I see a angel right infront of me.*
Rubii: Bye everybody! (presses up button)
Chris: That wasn't right, but It was hella funny! High Five!( puts hand up)
Rubii: (slaps hand) I'm Rubii
Chris: Christopher, but call me Chris ma.
Rubii: You have some fine ass dimples boy!
Chris: Th- (sees girl staring at him smiling) um how may I help you?
Clarissa: Hi Thur! I'm Clarissa jacobs what's your name?!
Chris:... I just... Said it..
Clarissa: Oh I knew that! Haha snort! Haha snort! (Looks at Aubrey) Hey thur
Aubrey: You talking to me?
Clarissa: Dur! What's your name?!
Aubrey: Oh, Aubrey Graham.
* There was this girl with blond hair and two pig tail braids in her hair who
had a reaal country accent. She sounded like she was from Tennessee or Texas.
She was all like, 'hi Thur! Haha snort snort!*
Clarissa: haha, like a graham crackur? I love me my graham crackurs! ( turns to
Chanelle: Don't.. Even.. Think.. About..It.. ( folds arms)
Clarissa: Not a happy camper hunh?!
The elevator door opens and they walk into the living room seeing beyonce..
Clarissa: Oh my Pretzel sticks dipped in cheese! Your beyonce! I love all yur
songs escpecially that one, ' what comes arounddd comes back aroundd! My
bayybee! (Singing Off-Key)
Everyone Covers Their Ears.
Beyonce: Ok honey! Welcome you guys! Where's the others?
Aubrey: Downstairs-
The elevator door opens and evryone falls out.
Lauren: Got Damn! That yellow nigga wasn't playing when he said erbody can't
fit in the elevator!
Marie: My hair is so gonna frizz Now!
Lauren: Don't worry girl, you aint black!
Beyonce: Hey everyone!
Everyone: Hi Beyonce!
Beyonce: As you know, yall are going to be living together. All of you are
getting a thousand dollars to spend. But only for emergencies. Like when yall
run out of food. Hopefully not. You all have assigned rooms and you are not able
to pick who you want to room with. They were chosen by me and if you don't like
who you are staying with, and it becomes a problem, please don't be afraid to
consult anything with me. ( Gets up) Get to know each other and I will be
checking up with you daily and giving you assignments once a week. Tommrorow
will be your first assignment. But for tonight, you guys can all go out and
Everyone: wooo!
Beyonce: Bye.
*Right now I'm hoping I don't get stuck with this loud mouthed Girl named
Lauren. How do I know her name? She annouced it to everybody on the elevator.
She is bottom line, ANNOYING.*
Christopher Paul
* At this point, everybody was running upstairs to get to see their room and
their roomate. I wasn't even that hype.*
Chris P: ( Looks at the piece Of paper that says which room everyone is asigned
to.) Christopher Paul, Christopher Paul.. Christopher Paul and Chanelle
Anthony.. Who's Chanelle?..
Run It?..


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Ill Update tommorow, thanks for the reviews!

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Oh and age 22. I'm from Tennessee.

I'll join next cast or this. You choose. Name-Bree; Pic-Ebony Jones (Risky); Persona- I get what I want at ALL times. I am the baddest b*tch that graced this earth. You dnt even deserve my comment to be honest. I have bipolar ways, I am SEXUAL, stubborn and ALWAYS right. And I dare a b*tch to say otherwise! I'll go to jail for you b*tches! I am a heavy drinker and occasional weed smoker... I wanna be on this show so I can put all these niggas and hoes in they place; Lol, I made up this persona and its A LOT of mofos in that house! RUN IT.

Thx 4 reading! And I need your age, personality, and where your from.




nice, sweet, funnyy, playyful, diva but will playy arnd with the guyys, friendlyy, has slow moments, ummmmmn i think thts it oan FAITHFUL RIDE OR DIE && WILL FCK A b**** UP lol

18 [the babyy]

from England

i wanna be in it


Pic-alexis jordan

Miami,FL Boo Boo


loud funny bipolar sarcastic tomboyish at times true freak blunt str8 fighter 24/7 never back down to noone dnt care if its man or women king loyal trustworthy short tempered random dances and writes a bit crazy but a good crazy always sticks up for the under dog

i'd like to be apart of this season plz!!!