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I READ A COMMENT ON A BLOG ABOUT A RAPPER'S STRIPPER GIRLFRIEND...and i came up with this story. Tell me if you like it, love it, hate it.


“My name is Scarlet, and yes I do love the color red. Why? Because a bad bxtch don’t fxck with stupid shxt and I kill fake bxtches, they get bled.

Fxck pretty girl swag… The Baddest Bxtch got a mad swag so strong that niggas get scared real fast. Running from commitment because they forget how long good pussy last. That cheap s*** gets thrown to the trash.

Forever forgotten unless…

He get real desperate, too lazy to find someone like me. The chase is gone, I might as well stop running.

The cat is sleeping. And the rat that’s supposed to be in the alleyway is creeping up, laying right next to what was almost mine and she put me out to be the enemy while he falls in love with the real enemy, my enemy.

I’m the mouse who’s supposed to be laying right next to him, quietly asleep. An angel.
No. I’m sitting in the cold looking in on what I want to see.

Things need to change. I can’t do it on my own unless I get in the shooting range. Work up my gears and start it up in the game.

Suck my c**kiness and lick my persuasion. I gotta get mean and go hard, nigga fxck is you saying.

Yeah, I used to be nice but that bxtch pressed my buttons, im now impatient.

It‘s funny.

These bxtches out here is fake and I’m too real - I’m out here coming. To pick out the weeds from what’s supposed to be a beautiful garden.

The chase is gone, but I’m still falling. No one to catch me.
Men are so busy watching asses shake and making it rain - they can’t hear me calling.
Bout to be the coldest winter ever, a real bxtch balling.

Fxck you pay me now for my love cause it ain’t easy. Love is money, that make s*** easy?
Nigga that’s bullshxt, it could’ve been breezy. You out here fxcking with fake bxtches, you making shxt cheesy.

I’m looking at you and ya girl like, damn she sleazy. What happened to sophisticated, independent, classy?
Well…I guess the trend is now nasty. Since it is that, I am extremely disgusted, flabbergasted.

Fxck a relationship, it’s all about lust. That’s what you think, ain’t it? I ain’t for that shxt, getting famous?
If I was to ever become known, bxtch it’s cause I’m talented. And I ain’t working my body on no nigga like it ain’t no muthaf***in challenge - like there‘s real competition in that kind of ‘job‘. That ain’t even a job... Hers - partying, fxcking, and getting wasted. OMG girl, you deserve a round of applause.

Bxtch please, fxck outta here.

When I hear that that bxtch feet hurt from sitting up at a real job - working her ass off after graduating college and then coming home to take care of her man and paying all the bills - independently with none of his credit cards or cash - please give me a call.

Maybe I’ll change my mind.

Show me the checks with her name on it. I ain’t talking about no stacks or no racks or no bank rolls, pimp; self-made, i got the pen to write my checks - she got it from you, something given.

You see what I’m talking about, I’m talkin bout legit. Talking about waking up with goals that I’ve always wanted to accomplish.

Nothing just to pass by. Something that I want to last like…
Like I know what my future should look like.

It ain’t perfect because nobody is perfect. I ain’t saying that. I’m just saying that I’m a real bxtch, a bad one…so make that fake bxtch fall the fxck back.

You know what…you can keep that nigga, I don’t want him. He’s yours. Cause if he can buy you like he buy clothes and jewelry and cars, then what i want him when i now know that the relationship wouldn't truly go far.

Anyway, who the fxck is you? Somebody please tell me who this chick who’s getting all this free shxt.
Real talk, she clock into the hotel like I clock out at my work location -a business women.

I’m riding in my Ashton. She pass by in the Lambo like she coming off a ransom. Money in the back, bag open, green paper. Strapped in like children, it’s too crazy I’m tweakin. This bxtch don’t cater.

This is too much, that’s a teaser. Let me get down to the bar, so bartender…gimme a couple of chasers.
I just got paid, it‘s Friday night, bout to get drunk cause I‘m stressed from work - bad bxtch out, later.”

I drop the microphone and walk off the stage, the crowd clapping and giving me a standing ovation.

They thought...that it was JUST...something. Nothing.

Out here, shxt is real and it is a game. The BADDEST Bxtch is not easy to come by and i know plenty. Who's the realest bad bxtch?


LMFAO! Whew Nic is a gotdamn fool lol.

THIS...couldve been a good ass story

ctfu @ the classic nic&bree entertainment

ummmm runs hun

@Bree yeah I don't get what he sees in her... Even her ass is disgusting..

@Summertime I don't think Emily is a gold digger. She was his stylist and had his baby 7 years AFTER they were together.. I think if she was a gold digger for real she would have tied to have his baby earlier or left him a long time ago for someone better.

I mean...i don't like Emily cause I feel like she seem like the gold diggin type. And when she said. To Kimbella that she was the most qulified cause she had the most black men including her. I want to be like b**** please ya pussy been around the block and back proably a few times than hers! Stop hating and get over him! Then he started f***ing Amber...smh

Then Terria made me mad cause she a grimmy ass friend. Like you knew the b**** Kimbella was there and ya home girl don't like and she take her there anyway for her own selfish needs?

Yes, I'm done lol

And I'm serious, that woman is not cute at all to me lol.

It's like wow...... He is smashing her back out, that's all.

He can't be serious!

@Bree Lol...You sure you done?

@SoSO thats the first thing I Thought when I saw

@InTheSummerTime I agree with you.. Although I actually do like Emily(Fab Lady).. Sometimes ppl can't help how bright they are.. Its how they were born.. Its kinda like you are what you are and they can help how certain idiotic men feel..

And I think Emily is Mixed..

I am really feeling this!
I am in love with this!

I hate men! Ugh they irratate me to the very depth of my core and soul!
He got Her (Chyna) and Wiz messing with Amber! They are both ugly and unattractive!
Fabolous baby mama is white with a kind of big booty. He likes 'em white and high yella!
What can't they find a nice african american on they level
Like some on the same page. Someone who is about something, with goals in life.

So, you mean to tell me to find or get someone I find attractive I need to be light and damn near white, skinny or/and have big huge fat ass? What type of message would that send my daughter? Or my son?


i remember the cast bree i ain't forget shxt
and hell naw it wasn't yo comment! it was off
a blog

@candyraine, i thought the same damn thing

bree n nic yall crazy, lmao

Lol CandyRaine, I'm done with this b*tch

LMBO.... Bree and Nic you guys kill me..

Btch stfu Ho I dnt hav anything tyga not fckn wit u u crazy btc dmn stalking asz I dnt hav a disease unlik u I'm not about to hav this conversation wit a low life lik u goodbye ho

B*tch, when you was born it was an #epicfail

HIV CARRYING ass b*tch!

Ho you carry the disease and VIRUS

Musty pussy ass b*tch!

YoU ALWAYS talking about yo ass itching.

NEWSFLASH, it means you got CRABS! Itchy pussy and booty b*tch!


You ugly, werewolf looking ass b*tch!

I'm done with yo slunch back ass!

You ain't gon' kick shid you shid eating ass b*tch!

Oh and you eat ass with a spoon!

AND I ain't got shid. You ratchett pussy b*tch.

How the f*ck you catch EVERY STD?!!!! TF? Loose pussy ass b*tch!

Smh, I have a life b*tch. I just have to take time out and laugh at yo crusty lips ass.

And as for my pussy. It's nice, tight, and right. Tyga can SEE every crevice and hole when he in it!

You the one who got that jungle pussy b*tch.

EVERY animal and human been in that shid.


Go suck a d*ck & choke somewhere. You know, your profession!

U grasshopper lukn asz btc u Luk lik the fckn grasshopper from Kung Fu panda dumb mcks dese days I cnt stand #dumbhoes like u u a #d***riding sloppy as wench shave yo pssy or that beard u got growin do sumthn WITCHO life

Btc Ik u not calln me raggedy luknin da mirror PLZ u old yogi bear lukn heft stuipid asz mfcku ms piggy lukn btc btc yo sht got herpes my sht dnt stank u fck Ho btc I'll b a leprehaucan n still kick yo asz btc I'll mop the floor witchyo ugly as yo life is a #epicfail that's why u hav #no life lonely asz mfcka dumb trick slut asz mfcka Ooh u smelly asz btc lukn at yo ugly asz mak my asz itch n Ik it's clean

Stfu stupid b*tch ass Nic!

Ho SHUT Yo raggedy, smelly pussy ass up!

Heard you got that fishy shid. No wonder they call you Catfish Nic!

Dirty pussy ho! He DOES not want yo turtle and sasquatch looking ass!

You little ho ass leprechaun!


I'm so done with all of you #nolifehoes



Btc Bree nobody was tlkn to u sloppy Ho mangy mutt yeti lukn asz btc gtfo he do want me dmn u hatin

@CANDYRAINE exactly! Eww lol.

And this bad ass b*tch hmmmm.....

I KNOW I signed up! So, yo ass better not have forgot!


He DOES NOT want you, clueless smut. Ughhhh.

And I know you stole my comment lmao and made a story out of it! lol

SO FUK you lol.


I like this..

And yep Tyga is dating a stripper from the King of Diamonds who just happens to be Blac Chyna..

Who for one looks like Teyana Taylor and Nicki Minaj mixed together...

And her fake ass is really disgusting..


Yay n tyga betta not b taken cuz I will whoop dat bxtch asz cuz days my man n thnx so Dng this story Gud she a bad bxtch

@Thierry & Nic, i already casted a while ago on another site
but i can add two more in

@bree, funny you'd say that cause i got my start-off
from a comment about Tyga dating some stripper named
Black Chyna.

Competition - There is NONE to compare.

Mentality - There is only ONE boss.

Style - There is only ONE fabulous, sexy diva. But who's the Baddest Bxtch, i wonder.

Shxt, i think i am. Some like to think THEY KNOW they are. Some know they are. They show it. I show it.

People coming up to me like it's the first time a real bxtch done spoke up about that kinda shxt. No, people just don't see past the lens and that's where all the bad bxtches i know are at - not all up in the camera or wherever tf...well maybe some bad girls make the news - them crazy party girls BUT it's not their job.

My type of crowd, we don't wait at home and cook and clean all day, and don't get me wrong because we do that shxt. Some of us got kids and some don't. It's just that the man that we're with aren't the only ones out there making money.

It'll be nice if i was know, let my man buy me everything in the whole world, but i was independent before i met him and still am now, so are my friends, too.

Who am I? Scarlet Williams, a marketer of all businesses, a promoter. A REAL WOMAN. I speak my mind at spoken word clubs in the meanwhile when i am not making checks. Guess people can call me a Motivational Speaker.

I'm single. More time for me, but it's not like i wouldn't mind using time on a man.

I really don't fxck with dudes like that unless i'm working for their girl who is a Boss Bxtch, and they need me to promote their business or something.

It's ridiculous how the game has changed. I won't stand for it. These men will recognize the definition of a A Bad Bxtch - THE BADDEST BXTCH - and these bxtches, too. Mark my words.


Well, that was deep.

Idk though..... Strippers do disgust me.

They're basically selling their body.

At least prostitutes being real with themselves.

Not knocking strippers, because not all of them are happy or proud of what they do, but unfortunately they get judged based off whores like Maliah and etc.

Run it.

This is wow great awesome yea if u need a cast PLZ let me know cuz I'm a bad bxtch

This is !!!!!

Do you need a cast because if you do I definitely wanna be in this!