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<a href=>Channing</a> stood at the top of the bleachers and watched as her <a href=>brother</a> took his last shot in the gym. She looked down at her watch.

"Hey!" She called. He looked up at his sister and then down at the ball in his hands. "We've gotta go. C'mon."

He dropped the ball and walked slowly towards the bench where he'd sat his backpack. Channing walked down the bleachers and they met halfway. She rubbed his head and kissed his forehead.

"Did you turn in all of your books?" She asked.

He nodded, "Yeah. I officially don't go here anymore." He said, looking up at her.

She smiled, trying to save face. "Let's hit the road. The movers should be on their way to the house now. It's beautiful, I promise."

He shrugged, "It'll never be home." He mumbled, walking ahead of her.

Channing sighed and followed after her brother. She turned on the radio as they drove out of the school parking lot. Aaron stared lifelessly out of the side view mirror as they drove away from the school. Channing rolled down the windows and got on the highway. Their destination was 400 miles away. 400 miles away from memories. 400 miles away from <em>home</em>.


Channing cut the vegetables in the kitchen and placed them into the skillet as Ryan stood at the door watching her.

"You've been quiet all day." He said softly.

She nodded and continued to cut. Ryan walked up behind her and hugged her. He kissed her cheek repeatedly.

"When are you going to talk about it?" He asked.

"Nothing to talk about. Happens everyday. Kid tryna turn his life around gets gunned down on the street." She said, shrugging. "Clearly my prayer didn't meet the man upstairs, or maybe it was waiting in line behind someone else's." She said, becoming flustered and cutting faster.

Ryan grabbed her hand, "I'm cooking." He said, taking the knife away from her.

Channing's shoulders fell and she started to cry, "He just wanted to do better, Ryan...." She said, shaking her head, "WHY COULDN'T I SAVE HIM!" She yelled.

He pulled her into his arms and rubbed her back, shaking his head.

"You can't cure society's ills, Channing." He said.

"I'm supposed to Ryan! That's my job. I'm a <em>social</em> worker." She said.

"But you're missing the picture here, Channing." He said, grabbing her wet cheeks and forcing her to look at him.

"You DID save him. You saved him and you saved Nathan. You'll go on to save others. He came out a better man, right?" He asked.

She nodded.

"You did your job and you did it well. The same way that you're going to want to protect Jasmine and Aaron every step of the way, you <em>can't</em>. Life happens Channing. You can't stop that." He said.

She nodded and hugged Ryan.

"I just wanted him somebody. Be a father...he can't even see his son." She said softly.

"He's around. Watching Monique every step of the way." Ryan said. "I don't know much about what the bible says, but I'm a firm believer that God is the loving creator that people make him out to be. No matter what state Tristan was in religiously, God saw his heart. He went to the right place."

"You think so?" She asked, leaning back.

He nodded, "Your prayer reached, Channing. You just didn't get what you thought you were gonna get. But Tristan got what he needed. He's in a better place. He doesn't have to worry anymore."

She nodded and kissed Ryan's cheek, "Thank you..." She said softly.

Channing sat in the last pew of the church, and tried not to fall apart as she watched Monique walk towards the casket. She took a deep breath and looked down at her lap, waiting for Monique to walk back to her seat. She had to be assisted by a few of Tristan's friends back to her seat in the front row. <a href=>Channing</a> looked up and caught a glimpse of Tisha, who cried softly, rocking her daughter to sleep in her arms. When they went to close the casket, Channing got up to leave. She couldn't say goodbye that way. She walked down the steps and down the street to her car. When she got there, she stood in front of the car for a few minutes, staring lifelessly out at the cars passing. She was brought back by her phone vibrating. She put the phone to her ear.

"...yes." She whispered.

"Channing, you okay? Where you at?" Ryan asked.

Channing shut her eyes and took a deep breath, "..Um, I'm leaving the church." She said softly, walking to the other side of the car and getting in.

"You don't need to drive." Ryan said.

"I'm okay." Channing said, starting the car.

"You're not. I hear it in your voice." He said.

"Ryan. I'm okay." Channing said, her voice slightly raised.

"Fine. I'll be here when you get here." He said.

Channing hung up the phone and threw it down onto the floor of the car angrily. She started to breathe heavily, then the doors to the church opened and her face swelled with tears as they brought Tristan's casket out of the church. She sat back in her seat and shook her head.

"No..." She said, shutting her eyes as stray tears rolled down her cheeks.

She tried to force the image out of her mind, but it had already started to stain.

Nooooooo!!! He Can't Die.,I Please Let A Miracle Happen!!! RUN IT:)

I hope he can get to a hospital ASAP I don't want him to die...Jasmine is growing so fast and I'm so happy she's taking a likin to Ryan...They are actual parents now :)

Nooo!!! Not tristan!! I was glad when he got out that he was trying to figure things out. But I had a feeling that something like that would happen. Its just crazy. But Jasmine called Ryan Daddy!! Awww how sweet and cute is that??!! I like them together, but I don't like Ryan's attitude towards Mel. Especially when he cheated with her! foh with that bulls***. Lol but run it.

Poor Baby, He was trying to get right. I just hope everything works out.
Jas calling Ryan daddy ... toooo khute. They Building a nice little family.
Runnn It !

I figured something bad would happen,
But not like death, maybe a fight? Maybe
Tristian isn't really dead yet, get him some help.
That's so tragic, he was going to do better,
He was smiling a lot more, a father, he was trying..
;( but sadly, things happen. Funny how Chan could
sense something was wrong.

But , it made me wanna cry when Jasmine called
Ryan her daddy. That was really sweet, she sees him
as her father, I love the way they interact together,
as if it was Ryan's really , I can tell he loves his new family.


OMG Tristan noooooooo. Whyyyyy. He was tryna be a good guy and do the right thing, why hatas have to come and do that to him smh. :( Damn he just found out he was gonna be a dad with Monique(nice name lol ;P)so sad. S/N: Aww too cute Jazzy called Ryan daddy wow. What a moment. Too cute how he embraced it to, like a proud dad. Channings right tho if she forgives one she may as well forgive the other it'll be petty not to forgive em both when they both were wrong. So loved the add my heart broke reading bout Tristan..... RUN IT!!!!

No you can't let him die just yet, it seemed like he was slowly getting things together. Awwwww Jasmine is just the cutest thing ever, she called Ryan daddy how cute was that. Run it!!!

OMG I just about cried!! he can't die!...aww Jas called Ryan daddy. that's so sweet!.... this was good RUN IT!!!



Why'd you end it there??????

Don't let him die! He was trying to do better!

:(((( Run?

Tristan hugged his mother tightly and rubbed her back as she cried softly on his shoulder. He kissed her cheek and pulled back.

"I'm sorry for everything." He said softly, looking her in the eye.

She nodded and grabbed his cheek, "Me too." She said softly.

"Tisha on the way, so Ima go get some air, say what's up to Dayvion." He said.

She nodded, "Don't be a stranger son. Come back." She said.

"I'll be around." <a href=>He</a> said, smiling and leaving out of the house.

He stepped onto the porch and rubbed his hands together, looking up and down the street. Channing woke up out of her sleep and looked over at Ryan, who was watching TV. She got out of the bed and got down on her knees. Ryan looked at her funny.

"What you doin?" He asked.

"Something's not right..." She said softly, bringing her hands together and shutting her eyes.

Tristan walked down the steps and walked toward the street, when he saw Dayvion exit his house across the street.

"D!" He yelled, smiling and raising his arms up.

Dayvion squinted and jogged down the steps. Tristan walked out into the middle of the street and dapped up Dayvion.

"What's been up up, playboy?" Tristan asked.

Dayvion looked to the left and to the right, "Let's go inside man."

"Nah my sis on the way. She'll be here in a minute." Tristan said, pulling out his phone.

Channing opened her eyes and went to grab her phone. She sat back down on the bed and dialed Tristan's number. She looked at the clock. It was 11:37 PM. Tristan felt his phone vibrate in his hand and saw Channing's name. He smiled and pressed send.

"Girl go to sleep, calling me this late." He said.

Channing sighed of relief after hearing his voice. A car sped around the corner and Tristan and Dayvion walked up onto the curb. Tristan held the phone to his ear and looked over his shoulder, just as the window rolled down and a gun was revealed.

"Channing!" He yelled.

"Tristan? What's the ma-" She said, before the call ended.

Channing held the phone firmly to her ear, stunned. Ryan sat up, "What's going on?"

Channing stood up and threw on some sweatpants. She slipped into her tennis shoes and Ryan stood up and walked towards her.

"Talk. What is the matter?" He asked.

"It's Tristan. I have to go to Tisha's. Make sure he's there." She said, trying to force herself to think positive.

5 miles away, Tristan lay dying on the sidewalk, as his mother's screams echoed throughout the neighborhood.

When Tristan got out a month later, Channing made arrangements for him and his sister to stay in an apartment a few miles from their neighborhood. His sister fought the decision for a long time, before Channing explained the urgency of the situation. She went to visit him a few times per week and drop off food. She brought him some onion rings and a burger one day and he smiled up at her.

"We got food here, man." He said.

"I know you don't cook." Channing said, walking to the table and putting a letter there for his sister. "Call me if you need anything, okay?"

"My mom called me yesterday." He blurted.

Channing turned and looked at him. She sat down on the floor in front of him.

"What did she say?" Channing asked.

"She just wanted to hear my voice." He responded, shrugging. "We just kind of talked...I guess my sister convinced her to finally call me."

Channing smiled a little, "How's Monique?"

Monique was Tristan's girl. They'd been together since before he went to jail, but now that he was home, they were spending more time together.

"Pregnant." He said, wiping his hands on the napkin and looking at Channing.

Channing's mouth dropped a little, "You've been home for like 3 weeks!"

"And we had welcome home sex." He responded. "...A lot."

"Unprotected?" Channing asked.

"I mean..." Tristan said.

Channing sighed and shook her head, "Why would you do that, Tristan? Come on. You don't even have a job! How are you gonna take care of this kid?"

"I got 9 months to figure it out." He said.

Channing sighed and grabbed one of his onion rings, "Let me know what you need."

He smiled a little, "You do too much to be a social worker."

"...I just care about you. Your well being doesn't stop when you get out of juvie, Tristan." She said, wiping her hands and standing up. "I'll see you soon."

He nodded and smiled a little, "Thank you, Channing."

When she looked over at him, the way the sun hit him, he almost looked angelic. But as soon as the moment happened, it ended. She smiled and left.

Jasmine was getting bigger with the day. Channing had to take her to work one day, so she sat her next to her on the bench, as she talked with Tristan. Tristan kept looking over at Jasmine.

"You want kids, you think?" Channing asked.

Tristan nodded and scratched his head, "Yeah I think so. Long as me and the baby momma get along. I don't want marriage or none of that. I just want a seed to carry my name when I'm gone."

Channing nodded, "So, I received an email saying that you'll be out of here soon. What are you thinking about doing?"

He shrugged and his eyes dropped to the table. "I'm just tryna make it to 18." He mumbled.

Channing looked confused, "What do you mean? I thought you had arrangements to live with your sister when you got out."

"I do but...there's some s*** on the streets right now concerning me. Some s*** I ain't tie up before I went in. Niggas want my head." He said.

Channing smiled a little and put her hand over his, "God has a bigger plan for you. You'll be okay. I have faith."

"I'm glad you do." He said, looking over at her.

Channing could see the sheer terror in his eyes.

"Right now, these prison walls man...they're my safe haven. I don't wanna leave for real." He said.

"That's nonsense, Tristan. Who would wanna stay in here?" She said.

"Someone that has to deal with the bulls*** out there. Channing your life is a picket fence, mine is a pine box. Don't lay that upper middle class dream bulls*** on me." He said.

"Whoa. First, watch your mouth. Second, what happened to you in a week? You were better last week." She said.

"LIFE happened Channing. Are you not listening?" He asked, his face red.

"Let's end the session early. Get some rest." Channing said.

Tristan stood up and went to leave before he stopped and looked at her, "Dude called me today...said he got word that I was getting out soon. s*** spread like wildfire through the hood. It's gonna take more than a prayer and a bible verse to erase this s***."

He turned and walked out of the room. Channing looked over at Jasmine and packed up her things. Her job was to protect him, right? Well...she had to do something.

Channing woke up to Jasmine's hands on her. Channing smiled a little.

"Hi baby." She said.

Jasmine grabbed her cheeks and pressed her lips against Channing's.

"Muah!" Jasmine said.

"Mmhm." Channing said, sitting up and grabbing her glasses.

Ryan walked into the room, eating cereal. He sat down on the bed and Jasmine crawled into his lap and grabbed her juice. Ryan looked over at Channing.

"That b**** Mel called you." He said.

"Ryan, don't call Mel a b****." Channing said, grabbing her cell phone.

Ryan took another spoonful of cereal and stuffed it in his mouth.

"Ima shut up before we argue." Ryan said.

"Yeah you are." Channing responded, warning him with her eyes. "Let's not even open that door."

Ryan shrugged and looked at Jasmine. Channing stood up and walked out into the hall. Mel answered on the second ring.

"Why did Ryan pick up the phone?" Mel asked.

"We're back together." Channing said, leaning up against the wall.

"...So you just forgot to mention that when you called me the other day?" Mel asked.

Channing shrugged, "I just...I don't know."

Mel sighed, "Well, I hope he's treating you well. I just want the best for you and if you think Ryan is it then, I guess no one can really stand in your way."

"I appreciate the understanding." Channing said.

"I'll never understand you, Chan. You forgive with grace that I could never find in myself." Mel said.

Channing looked down, "I just want peace, Mel." She said softly. "That's all I want."

"Well I hope that you find it with Ryan. I'll be in touch. I've got a plane to catch soon. Just wanted to say goodbye." Mel said.

"Have a safe flight. Text me when you land." Channing said.

Channing hung up with Mel and looked around. She walked down the hall to Aaron's room and knocked on the door.

"You decent?" She asked.

"Yeah!" He yelled.

She opened the door to see him fully dressed, putting on cologne.

"Where are you going?" Channing asked, leaning up against the door frame.

"Taking Mariah to lunch." He said, shutting his cologne bottle and looking at her through the mirror.

Channing smiled and walked towards him. She adjusted his shirt collar and smiled.

"I'm so proud of you. I don't think I say it enough. You're growing into a great young man." Channing said.

"Thanks, Chan." He said, turning and grabbing his car keys.

He left the room and Channing walked back down the hall to her room. She slid back into bed with Ryan, who looked over at her.

"We cool?" He asked.

She nodded and rolled over onto her side, looking up at him. "As long as you remember one thing, Ryan - if you're back in my life, so is Mel. If I choose to forgive one, I'll forgive the other."

He nodded, "Fine."

Jasmine rolled in between them, with her feet up in the air, drinking her juice. Channing smiled and kissed her forehead repeatedly.

"God I love this little girl." She said softly.

Jasmine sat up and looked at Ryan, "Daddy?"

Channing looked at Ryan, her eyes wide. Ryan's mouth fell open but he didn't say anything. Jasmine smiled and crawled into his lap. He hugged her and kissed her forehead. He looked at Channing.

"...Channing?" He asked.

She shrugged and smiled a little, "I guess you're a daddy." She said, laughing.

He rubbed Jasmine's back and kissed her forehead, leaving his lips there. He stared out in front of him for a long time.


Adding tonight, for real! Lol

lmao that was a cute moment between the two lovebirds
run it

Ryan and Chan are soo cute. I'm glad she finally talked to Aaron. He needs to stop being so damn ungrateful.Run it.

Adding tomorrow!

RUN IT!!!!

Run It!


I love Channing and Ryan

thanks readers (:

Lol, well yay, Aaron & her are talking!
& he isn't even having sex, I'm proud. :)
As for Chan and Ryan, they are freaks.
But yet, very cute. I love them together,
& it seems like Ryan adores here and is
here to stay, it would be amazing if she
had his baby, twins at that.


So glad she and Aaron finally talked, least he isn't having sex yet. Dang Mariah wants to be emanciapated from her parents wow. But hey if it makes her happy she should go for it, glad she felt she could talk to Channing about it. I like that Ryans around, it's good that he's there to give Aaron the sex talk... and Jas is crazy about him it's so sweet. Im waiting for her lil butt to call him dada lol. Channing would flip out. That lil bedroom convo Ryan and Channing had was sweet, lol at her putting the face mask on while Ryan was going to but condoms smh. Aww he plans on still having a baby with her thats sweet. I secretly want them to have a baby together and hopefully Channing has no complications with it. Ugh there so cute and some lil freaks too lol. Loved the adds, RUN IT!!!

LMAO, that was a cute moment of theirs!! A face mask though Channing? Lmao!