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Dance For You (Part 2 of Strip) *Updated 10/13

<a href="">Strip (Part 1)</a>

It had been 2 years since Tyrique and Benji got married. Their business had taken off, their marriage was going smoothly- things couldn’t be any better…

“Come on baby, we gotta get ready to meet Soso and Kenji for lunch.”
Rico pulled a pillow over his head.
“Why can’t they come out here babe? It’s barely 8 a.m., I’m exhausted.” He hated the 4 hour drive.
“This was your idea Ty. And you’re the one that wanted to stay up all night watching The Godfather. I told you to go to bed. Get up,” she said as she smacked him on the butt. “I’m already ready.”
“You still on your period?” he asked, hoping for some morning sex to get him up and going.
He rolled over and looked at her.
“D**n…Is it heavy?”
“What? I’m horny Benji. I hate not being able to have it when I want it.”
“You’ve gone longer than a week without it before, you’ll be fine.”
“…I asked the doctor and he said-“
“I’m not having sex on my period.”
“F**k man.”
He got up and stomped over to the bathroom. Benji laughed and thought to herself. He’d never asked her for head before and they’d been together for almost 3 years…but once she opened that can of worms, he’d want it more often…
When she heard the water turn off, she walked into the bathroom and sat on the toilet cover.
“What’s up?” Rico asked, as he began to brush his teeth.
Benji rubbed him through his towel.
“What are you doing?”
“Taking care of my man.”
When he was hard, she pulled him in front of her and unwrapped his towel. He looked down at her.
“Baby, you don’t have t-“
“Shh.” She kissed the tip. “Just don’t touch my hair! I don’t want to have to straighten it again.”


smh man i wish she gt her s*** together damn run it

Im glad her ass got evaluated. Now if only her ass will stick to the doctors orders and quit tryna say shes okay. RUN IT!!!

Benji is working my nerves.
The b**** is crazy.
One day she love dude, the next she dont.
Like she aint trueeee.
Or serious!

Benji got her evaluation the next day. The doctor recommended counseling for her and for her issues with her marriage.
"Honestly, I don't need to see a shrink Dr. Mays."
"She's not a shrink. I'm not sanding you to her because you're crazy; she's gonna help you work through everything you've been keeping in so that something like this doesn't happen again." He scribbled something on his clipboard. "I'm recommending you see her twice a week. Once by yourself and the other with your husband."
"Since you're recommending it, it's optional right?"
"No. Not at all. It's required as part of the teens if release. If you want to go home, you have to agree to it."
Benji rolled her eyes.
"I spoke with your husband and he agreed too. He requested that your first session be today. He should be here in a little while to pick you up. And he's bringing a change of clothes."
"Did he sound upset?"
"No...more concerned. I could tell that he loves." He picked up her hand and squeezed it gently. "Good luck Benjiro. I look forward to a great update from you. See you in a month."
"Thank you doctor..."
Dr. Mays smiled and left the room. Benji hopped up and got in the shower.
She was glad that Rico was on his way and willing to work with her and she was curious how he felt about what happened. Hopefully, things would start getting back to normal.

damn s*** just got real fam

*claps hands*


ahh aint heard that one in

kenji needs to back off and
just go be with his sister.
that's ro and ben's relationship
not his he has no say in what
they decide so he can have a seat.

Run It

Ats Right Rico, dont give up. See her ass at home lol. Boy Benji better get her mind right. Rico only meant that she needs to see someone not that shes crazy. Benji needs not to get so defensive and realize he loves her and wants to help her.

i dont havee the link

its called Dreaming With A Broken Heart tho

"Even after what happened, you're just gonna leave her?" Kenji asked, infuriated.
"I know she's your sister and you're worried but this is my relationship with her, not yours. I can handle this without any help or any guilt from you."
"If you could handle it, this would've never happened."
"If you want to blame me for this whole situation, fine Kenji. Do what you gotta do. I'm out man."
Rico went to walk away, Kenji grabbed his arm. Rico turned around and stepped to him.
"You don't want to go down this road with me right now Kenji."
"You threatening me?"
"No. I'm telling you that if you want to fight me, it's not gonna be like in the past. I've been through too much bull sh*t and I've been waiting for someone to give me a reason to swing. You always want to step to me like a big man with your karate sh*t, i swear on everything I love I'll show you how we get down in the hood and show you what a real beat down is. Your call."
"Square off then n*gga."
"Guys, chill out," Sofia said. "Everyone's upset right now but no omens gonna fight. We'll keep you posted Rico." She grabbed Kenji's hand and pulled him back with her.
Rico didn't like that things got to that point but he was sick of Kenji stepping to him like there were never gonna be any repercussions. He was done being the passive one.

Rico walked into Benji's room and find her asleep on her side. He walked over to her bed and climbed in behind her. He pulled her as close to him as he could and held her tightly, praying and crying.
"I never thought things would get to this point baby; I'm so sorry," he whispered. "I love you."
"I love you too," she said, just above a whisper.
She turned around to face him and he hugged her tight.
"Promise me you'll never do something like this again Ro." He kissed her forehead.
She snuggled into him and breathed deeply. He missed the feeling of her wild curls against his skin.
"We're gonna get you some help-"
Benji sat up.
"I'm not crazy Tyrique."
"I didn't say you were."
"Then what do you mean 'we're gonna get you some help'?"
"Here we go with this attitude again. Why are you so defensive?"
"Because you're always attacking me!"
"What are you talking about Ro? I make one statement and that turns into me always attacking you? You're cooked man." He got out of the bed.
The tension in the room could be cut with a knife.
Rico sighed and paced the floor.
"How did we get here Ro?"
Benji laid down and turned her back to him.
"So now you're done talking to me?" he asked.
"You haven't wanted to talk to me for the past two weeks Tyrique. Now all of a sudden I'm important enough again?"
"Can you please stop with the victim sh*t? We both f*cked up here Ro."
"Whatever. Just go."
Rico stood there, wondering if he should do what she asked.
"I'm staying."
She sat up and glared at him.
"I don't want you here Tyrique! Get out!"
"Fine," he threw his hands up in defeat.
Benji laid back down and pulled her blanket over her head.
"I'll leave Toshi hear with your bother...I'll be waiting for you at home..."

Damn Benji it aint never that deep. killing herself aint gone help nothing. thats being selfish, Im just glad Kenji got to her in time, before she killed herself. Yeah Rico should feel a little guilty but they both played a part in the situation. Kenji needs to back off Rico he aint wont no harm to come toward Benji he did what he had to do real talk. Loved the add RUN IT!!!

How can kenji be mad at Rico tho?
That s*** I don't understand.
Benji piss me off always tryna off herself instead of maning up to her s***.
So no Rico you aint gotta fix this!
Benji need to fix this with her ass!!!

Run it!

ugh benji ass needs to be evaluated
for real cause uh she be straight
tweaking out of fckn no where man
but i hope rico does talk to benji
and tries to make it better and that
benji doesn't try to push him away

run it

Rico ran into the emergency room, looking for Kenji. He wasn't sure what happened, he just knew that Benji was in trouble.
He spotted Sofia first.
"Sof, what happened?" He sat Toshi's car seat in a chair.
"...I think she tried to kill herself."
Rico's legs grew weak and his knees buckled, dropping him to the floor. Sofia helped him into a chair.
"She's ok now...they pumped her stomach...they want her to have a psychiatric evaluation..."
"Is she awake?"
"No. She blacked out a little before the ambulance came. She hasn't come to yet."
"Where's Kenji?"
"Watching her. He's pretty pissed you know..."
The last thing he wanted to do was have another run in with an angry Kenji.
"I didn't want this to happen Sofia."
"I know, but it did. We just gotta regroup and rebuild from here."
Kenji approached them, fists clenched at his sides. Rico walked over and met him.
Kenji stopped him.
"I don't wanna hear anything you have to say. She's awake. Fix this."

Kenji tried to open the door to his apartment but the chain was on.
"Benji, come open the door!" he yelled, knocking loudly.
When she didn't answer, he called her cell. He tried a couple times, but there was still no answer. He tried not to panic, told himself that she was probably showering or taking a nap.
He reached his arm through and tried to unlock the chain. It took some time but he finally got it open. He walked inside and saw an empty bottle of vodka on the floor. He sat it on the table and walked to the back of the apartment. He heard crying coming from the bathroom, so he opened the door slowly. Benji was standing at the sink, staring at the large amount of pills in her hand.
"What are you ding Benji?"
Shd jumped at the sound of his voice and put the pills behind her back.
"Are you trying to overdose?"
He stepped towards her and she stepped back.
"Go away Kenji."
"Things aren't that bad Benjiro."
He held out his hand and stepped towards her again. She stepped away and clutched the pills in her hand.
"Stop it Kenji! You don't know what I'm going through, you don't know how I feel!"
"So tell me, come talk to me."
"No! Please, just go away!"
"You know I can't do that Benji."
He started walking towards her and she backed into the corner; he grabbed her arm and they struggled for a while. She managed to turn away from him and shoved the pills into her mouth. He wrestled her to the ground and say on get to restrain her as he tried to pull them out. When he felt like he got them all, he pulled out his cell and called 911.
"Are you f**king serious Benjiro? Have you lost your mind?"
"Get off of me Kenji! Leave me alone!" she cried, hitting him repeatedly and trying to get free.
The operator answered and he spoke into the receiver.
"Yeah. My sister drank a bottle of alcohol and just tried to overdose on pills. I live at..."

after all they been through...she gone muhfckn cheat!
and then expect him not to be mad after the fact that
she left him and her son to be with some other nigga!
ok, kenji won't believe that she ain't do sht, but she
damn sure ain't answer a yes or no when rico asked her
ass. smh man they had so much going for them, i hope
rico can forgive her, though, and they can get back what
they once had; however benji gotta come up outta this
depression. toshi needs his mother. she needs some legit
therapy. maybe tyrique should go with her ass, too.

run it

Benji sat at Kenji and Sofia's kitchen table trapped in her thoughts, staring at a bottle of vodka and a, bottle of pills. She tried reaching out to Rico again that morning but he ignored her, as usual Her guilt was eating away at her and she couldn't take it anymore. She needed to check out.

It was New Years eve and Rico had just put Toshi down for a nap. He hadn't spoken to Benji since Christmas but he was starting to wear down. He missed her; going to bed with her, waking up to her, the way she smelled- he was at his breaking point and he wanted her home. He was still struggling with the thought of her stepping out on him but he was a man of second chances. Regardless of what he told her and how angry he was, he always intended on her coming back home, but he wanted her to feel as bad as he did. She he had called him that morning but he want ready to talk just yet but he planned to have her home before New Years.

damn i wnt them to fix it run it

Damn Rico that was so cold, how you gone play Benji like that sex'd her so good making her think they were better, then dropping that bomb saying it was only sex he got caught up in the moment and the situations still the same damn.(Im just glad Kenji aint fight his ass lol. Know that was a blow to Benji heart ouch. And whats with them freaks sexing in they mammas house, both couples tho smh.
Man I know Benji messed up bad, but Rico aint letting up for nothing, sheesh cant they make up already and see a shrink or something, this aint good for them. Im worried what Benji will do to herself if they dont make up, she may have a worser breakdown then before she left Rico.....

Benji... yup I still blame her! But this nigga Rico is holding on. If he didn't really want her he would have divorced her! Can they fix it already?!!

Which one? Post the link

what happen to the other storyyyyyy

Benji fixed her clothes and checked her reflection in the mirror. Rico stood up and buckled his pants. He hadn't intended to get down with Benji, definitely not in her mother's house, but it just happened. A part of him wanted to stop it, but a bigger part of him just wanted to pretend that things were good again.
Benji opened the door to find Kenji and Sofia. Sofia noticed the smile on her face.
"Wait, did you guys just...?" Sofia asked.
Benji raised her eyebrows and Sofia smiled.
"So y'all are good?"
Benji started to nod her head.
"Nah," Rico interjected. "I'll see y'all later."
Rico pushed past them and Benji ran behind him and grabbed his arm.
"But I thought-"
"I just got caught up in the moment Benjiro. I'm sure you know what that's like, right?"
He snatched away from her and went to get Toshi.

ohhhhh s***! WAIT! i thought she did cheat but Kenji said Benji said she didn't do nothing?! what is that about?! And I'm team Rico! Benjiro is f***ING alllllllll the way up!!!

Rico had just finished washing his hands when Benji walked into the bathroom. He rolled his eyes and dried them on the towel.
"Excuse me," he said, annoyed.
"Can we talk?"
"There's nothing to talk about Benjiro."
"Please." She grabbed his hands and gazed up at him.
When he looked down at her, he accidentally looked into her eyes- something he had been avoiding. He sighed.
"Two minutes; I want to get Toshi home at a decent hour."
"...I miss you."
"I'm sure you do. Time's ticking, choose your words wisely."
"Ok...I was just thinking...maybe I could come home tonight."
He chuckled lightly and reached for the door.
"Definitely not."
She pushed her body against it and locked it, blocking him in.
"I don't want this for us Tyrique. And I know you don't either."
"How do you know that?"
"Because I know you."
"Then that must mean that you knew that I wanted my wife to cheat on me. That's why you did it right?"
"I know you didn't want that. If you would just let me explain-"
"There's nothing you could say that would explain this Ro. Nothing. I gotta go. Excuse me."
"No. Look me in the eyes and tell me you don't love me anymore."
"Don't do this Ro. Please move."
"Not until you do it."
"I'll move you myself if i have to Benjiro."
"I felt it when we kissed under the mistletoe, i know you did too."
He sat on the toilet and leaned forward onto his knees, looking at the floor."
"We can fix this."
"No Ro, we can't! I don't want to. I've already been through this in my head. I can't do this, us, anymore. That kiss was for your mother-"
"Thats bull and you know it Tyrique! If you were through, you wouldn't be here right now." She knelt in front of him and grabbed his hands. "If you had given up 3 years ago, where would we be? I'm not just gonna let you walk away from us. We been through too much."
She reached up and turned his fave towards her, stroking his cheek.
"I love you." She lifted his hand and kissed his fingers. "Tell me you want to fix us." She kissed his cheek gently and he closed her eyes. "Tell me you want me back." She rubbed her nose against his and let her lips rub past his lightly. "Tell me you love me."
She rested her forehead against his.
He started to slowly pull away from her but something stopped him. He opened his eyes and met her gaze. He kissed her and pulled her up into his lap.
"Tell me you love me Ty," she said when he pulled away and leaned his head on her shoulder.
"Benji," he said softly, closing his eyes again.
He wrapped his arms around her and squeezed her tight.
"Why are you doing this Ro? I should go, I need to go..."
"Tell me what to do and I'll do it babe," she said.
He ran his fingers down her back and stroked her thighs, slowly pushing her skirt up.

Christmas came and Rico still hadn't let Benji in the house. They did spend the day together, spent time with her family and for the sake of not letting her mother find out, they pretended everything was fine. They didn't even exchange gifts; Benji tried but Rico wouldn't accept anything from her, and he told her that he returned everything. Sofia has to constantly remind Kenji not to get involved with their issues but he was pissed that Rico actually put her out and kept Toshi from her. He wanted to hit him but so far he managed not to.
"What kind of a man does that?" Kenji whispered to Sofia.
The two were standing in the kitchen, fIxing plates to take home.
"Babe, try to understand where he's coming from. I love Benji but she's not totally innocent. How would you feel if you woke up and found out that i left in the middle of the night to go to another man?"
"She said she didn't do anything Sofia. He's overreacting."
"it doesn't matter. She messed up. And yeah, he's overreacting a little bit but he's hurt. They'll get through this."
She put their plates in a bag and tied it up.
"They better."
He downed the rest of his eggnog and rinsed his glass out. Sofia smiled at him.
"How many glasses of that have you had Kenji?"
"I don't know, a couple. Why?"
"You know you're mom is heavy handed when she adds in her liquor."
"Please, i can hol my own. You know me baby."
"Yeah, I do know you." She backed him up to the wall and kissed him. "You chold your own but you know how you get when dark liquor in your system."
He smiled and flipped them around so she was against the wall.
"What you tryna do?" he asked.
"Meet me in the bathroom." She bit his lip and squeezed from under him.
"Not in my momma's house babe," he whispered as she walked away.
"You scared?" she asked before turning the corner.

Awe damn. It is really over? Rico done changed the locks on her ass and told her to go away. Did Benji really cheat on him? WTF man. It can be over like that, can it? Aww man this is one messed up first Christmas as a family, but Benji has no one to blame but herself. Damn, whats gonna happen with them now? Wow RUN IT!!!

Benji needs to receive the bus driver uppercut asap. im done with her cheating for no damn reason ass.

Benji and Kenji finally came back around 1.
Rico stood in the doorway and watched her walk up to the house. He crossed his arms and gritted his teeth; she pulled at the sleeves of her sweater with her thumbs and tried to avoid looking at him.
“You and Sofia can go home now Kenji,” Rico said.
“You sure?” he asked, wondering if it was a good idea.
Rico nodded his head and Kenji looked at his sister and spoke to her in Japanese. When he went inside to get Sofia, Benji finally looked at Rico.
“Did you hurt yourself?” He was angry, but still concerned.
She shook her head no.
“Let me see your wrists,” he said.
She rolled up her sleeves and held her arms out in front of her. Rico observed her arms quickly and returned his attention back to her face.
Kenji walked out with Sofia close behind and Benji rolled her sleeves back down.
“We gotta go pick up Kimmie from Ma,” Kenji said. “We won’t be too far if you need us to come back.”
He kissed his sister on the forehead and grabbed Sofia’s hand.
“Call me,” Sofia whispered as she walked past her.
Benji nodded her head and watched them walk to the car. When they pulled off, she reluctantly turned to back to Rico.
She took a step to go back in the house and Rico blocked her.
“Nah.” He shook his head and stood in the middle of the doorway. “Did you sleep with him?”
Benji looked away from him. He snapped his fingers at her.
“Hello? I asked you a question. Did you sleep with him?
“Tyrique, it’s-“
“It’s a simple question Benjiro. Yes or no?”
When she didn’t answer he lifted her chin. The tears in her eyes were all the answer he needed; his heart dropped.
“Just remember, YOU did this.” He stepped back into the house and shut the door.
Benji tried to use her key, unsuccessfully.
“Don’t bother,” Rico said through the door. “All the locks have been changed.”
“Tyrique, open the door.”
“Your bags are packed in your car.”
“Stop playing around Tyrique, open the door so we can talk.”
“Benji, don’t make this more difficult than it has to be.”
“I’m sorry Ty-“
“You know, you sure do have a lot to say now. What happened to that before? I hope he was worth your family.”
“Don’t do this Tyrique. It’s Christmas.”
“I didn’t do this, you did. And now you’re worried about it being Christmas? You weren’t worried when you got up and decided to go be with this other n***a.”
“I know I messed up. But that doesn’t mean my family should be taken away from me. I don’t deserve this.”
“You don’t deserve this? YOU don’t deserve this?! Benji, I didn’t walk out on you. You left me and your son, remember that? We didn’t deserve that. Now all of a sudden you care about your family. Where the f*ck was that yesterday morning when you dipped, huh? I don’t want you here right now. Go before you upset Toshi.”
“Tyrique!” she cried. “Please, just let me explain!”
He walked away from the door and went upstairs. He was through talking with her. If she wanted to talk, the door was there to listen. He was done.

NEW READER! Okay so I just sat here and read the whole story.. I really like it. Benji needs to get it together. Run It! :)