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`We All Want Love.

This will be a <strong> SHORT</strong> story that I told Nani that I would do about our "life" lol. There are a little bisexual content in this. I am not bisexual, but I am very comfortable with my sexuality. So, why not kiss a b*tch in fiction? Lol. It ain't like I'm doing this sh*t for real. Anyway, this is what boredom gets you. Enjoy or don't enjoy! Idgaf! lol


<a href="">I</a> laid in the bed watching <a href="">him</a> prepare to walk away. This was our tenth time arguing today. Especially over something stupid as f*ck. I just didn’t understand him. He would lie to me over sh*t he shouldn’t and that’s when I started going the f*ck off at his ass. He love calling me crazy, but he made me this way. We been together for three years and he STILL can’t be upfront with me? I’m tired of this bullsh*t. I watched him pack his sh*t and started to laugh in his damn face. Now, that made him madder. He HATED when I laughed at him when he was so-called serious. Him being serious is what made me laugh. This nigga STAY packing his sh*t, but NEVER go nowhere. So, this was very routine. And what the f*ck I’mma do? Get on my knees and beg him to stay? Why do that when he’s gonna be running right back to my ass.

I giggled louder, while getting up and helping him pack some of sh*t in boxes. That’s when he pushed me slightly, “Breana, move the f*ck out the way! Don’t touch my sh*t!” I laughed, “Oh really Michael? Really? You sure you don’t want me to call U-Haul? I’m sure they don’t mind coming and helping you.” He dropped the boxes and came rushing towards me with anger. He glared at me, “YOU THINK EVERYTHING IS SUCH A F*CKING JOKE! EVERYTHING IS A F*CKING COMEDY TO YO ASS! BUT I’MMA BE THE ONE TO GET THE LAST F*CKING LAUGH! I’M LEAVING BREANA!” My laughter soon faded. I looked at him seriously, “How many times have you said that sh*t though Michael?”

“IT DOESN’T F*CKING MATTER, BUT DOES IT LOOK LIKE I’M PLAYING? YOU LOSING ME! DON’T YOU SEE IT? I’M TIRED OF THIS SH*T! WE CAN’T EVEN HAVE A NORMAL CONVERSATION WITHOUT LOUD TONES AND CUSS WORDS! I’M TOO YOUNG FOR THIS SH*T; WE’RE TOO YOUNG FOR THIS SH*T. AND IF WE’RE NOT ARGUING, THEN WE’RE F*CKING. I’M TIRED OF HAVING TO F*CK YOU ALL DAY FOR US TO BE HAPPY! THIS SH*T IS JUST TOO CRAZY FOR ME!” He roared, while shaking his head and walking away with some of the boxes. I followed him downstairs, “So, you gon’ f*cking leave me when the going gets tough? Huh? Huh Mike? That’s what you’re good at now?” He placed the boxes at the door.

He then walked over to me, “Baby, why keep fighting for someone who don’t want to fight back? If the going keeps getting tough, then when will it get smooth? Breana, I love you. God knows I do. I just need time to clear my head.” “Time to clear your f*cking head? Nigga, what the f*ck you mean? Well, go sleep in the guest room or on the damn couch! Go smoke a blunt and then come back! But DON’T f*cking leave me! I f*cking love you Michael and I’m not letting you go!” I shouted, walking to the door. “Bree, please let’s not do this. Okay? And besides, this will be some good news for you to tell Nani. I bet she’d be happy to know we’re broken up now. So, she can have you all to her f*cking self!” He spat, now shaking his head.

“Nani? We’re just friends Michael! You know I don’t even swing that damn way! We’re only friends! And baby, please! Think about this sh*t!” I spat on the verge of tears. He chuckled slightly, “Bree, who the f*ck you fooling? I’m no f*cking dummy! I see the way she looks at you, but it’s not even about her right now. Baby, I love you and I won’t be gone for long.” “OH YOU F*CKING LOVE ME? BUT YOU LEAVING ME? F*CK YOU! GET THE F*CK OUT OF HERE B*TCH! LOVE ME THEN HO!” I roared, now crying. He shook his head and planted a kiss on my lips. He pushed me out of the doorway and then carried his boxes out of the door. “Hey Ty, what’s going on?” Michael or ‘Ty’ looked at me, then at <a href="">her</a> walk through the door. He chuckled, while shaking his head, “What’s up Nani? Ask your ‘best friend’!”

He then walked out the door, now slamming it. I sat on the couch crying my eyes out. Nallely or Nani was my best friend. Well, lately we have been fooling around. We only kissed and hugged. She made me feel wanted and like I was heavenly or something. I never thought I would ever look at a girl this way. It hurts because Ty knew all about our secret relationship. It would only be sooner or later when her boyfriend Cole finds out too. “Bree, what’s wrong hun?” She asked, while placing her arm around me. “Everything. Mike knows about us. He just broke up with me. And he’s moving out!” I spat, now crying on her shoulder. She kissed my tears away slowly and then cuffed my face, “I’m here for you. No matter what. You know that. I told you to leave him a long time ago! But you didn’t wanna listen! Now, we can be together.”

I damn near slapped her and looked at her crazy, “B*tch you crazy? You got a man! And so did I before we walked out that damn door! I’m not gay Nani! You’re fun, but I don’t wanna be with you.” She looked at me as if she was hurt. She hopped off the couch and glared at me, now folding her arms. “What the f*ck you mean by that? I told you that I’m willing to leave him for you Breana! But you’re the selfish b*tch who didn’t wanna give up Ty for me! And you’re not gay! And neither am I! We’re bi! That’s a difference!” She growled, now shaking her head at me. I looked at her with disgust, “Why the f*ck would I give up some good d*ck for a fake one? Hell naw b*tch! And that’s your dumb ass! Didn’t nobody tell you to give that nigga up! And I am NOT bi! I am straight. You’re just my experimentation!”

She shot me a disgust glare, “I’m just a toy to you?! A F*CKING SCIENCE EXPERIENT?! HUH? YOU ARE SO F*CKING SELFISH BREE! ALL YOU CARE ABOUT IS YOU! YOU DON’T EVEN REALIZE THAT I AM IN LOVE WITH YOU! YOU STUPID, SELFISH B*TCH!” She was now in full tears. “Oh really Nani? Just blame every f*cking thing on me! Like ALWAYS! I am a selfish b*tch, but you knew that sh*t before we even got caught up in this bullsh*t! Don’t play f*cking dumb now!” I roared harshly. “PLAY DUMB? BREANA I NEVER ASKED YOU FOR SH*T! I ONLY THING I HAVE EVER WANTED WAS YOUR HEART! AND YOU CAN’T EVEN GIVE ME THAT?! MAN, F*CK YOU. I DON’T KNOW WHY I PUT UP WITH YOU!” Nani yelled, now heading out the door. I felt my tears slowly fall. I ran to the door, “Nani don’t leave me. You’re all I have. I’m so sorry for now loving you like you want me to. Just don’t leave me. Please.”

She looked at me, while I wiped her tears away. She closed the door and walked into my arms. “I love you too,” I whispered. Her eyes widened, “What did you just say?” “I said I love you too,” I repeated. She started to cry harder, “That’s the first time you have ever told me that!” “Oh God! Please Nani! Stop all this damn crying! You been real emotional lately! What the f*ck wrong with you?!” “It’s not really my fault Bree. I’m pregnant.” That’s when my eyes bucked, “YOU’RE WHAT?!”