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Fck You, Cupid!

I, [<a href=>Margueritte</a>], walked onto the track and field. I stopped to take a look around. I was gone for a year, and now i'm back at Cornell Brown High School, as a junior. Freshman year was okay, but now it's time to make a change. A difference. I'm an upperclassmen and being social is important. Fck being lazy anymore and not talking to people. I needed to experience life, and getting on the girls' track team was it, well at least for me.

I was in gym earlier and was asking around what's the best sport at the school now during changing time in the locker room, and most of the girls say that the track team are champions. I wanted to be a champion and do the best in what I love; however, there was one problem.

<a href=>Him</a>. He, [Joseph Brown] the guy who I've known all of my life since pre-school, was now going to this school, as well. We never talked, ever, throughout our school years together. He was so fine, and I heard through the grape vines that he thought I was sexy. In all reality, he liked the popular girls and that just wasn't my circle.

I liked being neutral. If people remembered me by name or by talent - drawing and poetry - then fine. But i'm not about to yap all damn day and make a fool of myself. The main point of my problem is, he's also on the track team, and we were the only two people in the same area. I really didn't want to speak to anybody, right now, but he was heading on down from the top of the bleachers.

"Ugh," I mumbled. "Please don't say anything to me," I repeated in my head as I threw my book bag to the gate separating the bleachers from the track. I continued to the 3rd inner lane and got in the ready, set position. And just as I was about to jet off, I felt someone's hands on my waist and pelvic area on my ass. "Wtf?"

Should I laugh, yell, scream, or hand out an ass-whooping? I didn't know what I was going to do. Sometimes I'm cool and funny and other times I'm mean and sarcastic...maybe a bit angry. Right now, i swear...I just don't fckn know. I'm in my zone, tryna get some heat off and people wanna play games. I don't do those. I just do real sht. And this right here, could go either way.

"But if it was Joseph," I thought. "If it wasn't? Tell me that I was either having a dream or a nightmare, Mar. Tell me now because my reaction will matter. I do care sometimes.'re so indecisive," I thought, laughing at myself.

"Damn you must like this position if you ain't moved, yet." I heard a male's voice.

I've been gone for so long, I just couldn't tell who it was. I would love to hate, and I would hate to love whatever happened. But this issue I was going through, made it all depend on everything.

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tbh i just lost interest.

Uhh, ma'am what happened too part 2??? 0_o

Oh, So So!
So now that your back??? About this add?...

@summer, i think im a start it off with spring break of freshman year and yeah you can still be in

I wanna know were you would start if from?
Move in day in college? Senior year of College?

Althoug I would like to still be in it? Even though Me and the baby moved to Florida, I still have to come back sometime? And I would like to know if Daryl is at least some what invovled in his child's life? Did I move on when i moved or what?

I would/wanna read it!

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That was a great way to end the story!

Okay so I skimmed the last two chapters, and I do apologize!
I'ma go back and read through but....

I feel like there should be a sequal, with everyone having they problems! Like a college thing???

Two couples married (basically)
Two of the girls had babies!

This was a great story , yo !

ok i liked that

<strong>Senior Year</strong>


I walked away from talking to one of my teachers in the south gym house. It was huge enough to hold over 100 people after graduation to socialize since a whole lot more were in the North gym where the actual graduation ceremony was held. I came across Joseph speaking with Kimber'Ann. They had broken up last year.

"Hey cuzzo!"

"WHADDUP HOE!" Kim smiled. "Um, I'm a see yo ass at dinner." she sighed, looking at me. "I'm a go say bye to more friends." she rolled her eyes at Joseph and pushed him as she walked away.

"BE LIKE THAT THEN!" He laughed and then stared at me. "Hey shorty."

"Ngga," I smiled, walking up to him in my heels. "Ouch," I said as he hugged me. "Man," I took my heels off. "These btches killing me."

"Lemme," Joseph said, helping me and then picked up my shoes.

"Thanks, but I could've got em."

"Nah, it's cool." he stood up and handed them to me.

"AYE!" Brett walked up behind me and gave me a hug. "Sup sexy!" he walked around me to get a good look.

I smiled. "Hey Brett. Congratulations on your scholarship."

"Thanks." he sighed. "We outta this btch, now. It's on."

"AYE OH!" Nicole walked up to us with Darius. "They done fcked up letting my ass loose in the world." The two laughed. "Sup love birds" she put one hand on my shoulder and the other on Joseph.

"Man," Joseph, smiled and looked away. "It's not even like that."

Nicole rolled her eyes, landing them on Brett. "Sup...ngga."

"Hey Nic." he glanced at her and then back at me. "Good luck with everything. Call me sometime." he walked away.

I nodded and then looked at Nic. "Why y'all break up?" she asked.

"Cause...I wouldn't give it up."

"WHAT! NUH UH! Where that ngga go?!" She turned around to start looking for him. "BRETT!"

I sighed. "Girl, that was three weeks ago. And yo ass been dodging me. Fck you been?"

"Busy studying for these last damn tests, and I went on vacation last weekend with Darius to see his mom out in Cali. Sht was the bomb out there. You gotta go sometime."

"Eh. I'll stick to Chicago. But we gotta talk though."

"Wait...a minute." she scrunched up her eyebrows. "How's Kimber'Ann?"

"She cool. Out there somewhere acting a fool," I smiled. "That's family you know. It's always love there."

"It's been going round that you and Joseph have know, Together. What's up?"

"We been hanging out, but it's not like that."

"I mean like hanging out quick, right after they broke up."

"Like I said. It's nothing Nic. Believe em."

"Okay. Just checkin so I can tell a ngga that I don't play no shid. I heard the rumors, but I was like nah!"

"Wasn't a rumor. I told Tia what went down and people overheard. They made up they own assumptions about me and Joseph."

"HEY MAMA!" OSHYN yelled walking up to me. Hakeem followed behind her with their 4 month old baby girl.

"MY BABY!" I gasped, hugging her. "GREW UP ON MEH!" I let go and hugged Hakeem with one arm. Then looked at the baby, pouting. "Lemme hold my baby."

"Sure, god-momma." Hakeem smiled. "And you can have her. Make you sure change them stinky diapers, too." we laughed.

"So what's good, Mrs. Hakeem?" Nicole tilted her head, looking at Oshyn. "How you feeling?"

"Great." she hugged Hakeem. "And in love. Everything worked out the way <strong>we</strong> wanted it too. We're handling this new life pretty well." They had gotten married a month ago. I was the bridesmaid. It was beautiful. Her parents went all out for the wedding, and even Hakeem's parents and few family members attended; however they weren't their for the birth. Shame.

"Yes sir, it did." I agreed.

"MAR!" My step-sister found me. "Dad's ready to go. He's out in the car. Hurry up." she said, walking away towards the exit.

My mom was in a mental institute. She went to a therapist and they noticed something was wrong. So they sent a doctor to the house to observe her and it was exactly what I thought, bi-polar. It ain't bother me. It was the best for her. Now, I could be happy without all her drama. It was the other drama that I had to deal with now. The rumors that were spreading around weren't even close to what really was going on.

Ever since last year, things had changed. Brett got tired of me refusing to have sex with him because I felt I wasn't ready, even though he 'said' he loved me. The day after that he kept on pushing to have sex. No pressure, right? Wrong. Joseph broke up with Kim because she always brought up how he should talk to me since he liked me so much more than her. Nicole and Darius were still the same ol cute couple both going to the same college together.

Miya and Lance were engaged to be married. "OWWWWWWWWWW!" she walked up to me, holding her heels, too. "HEY GIRL!"

I gave her a hug. "GIRL!" I stepped back and stared at the big ring.

We squashed all the bullsht. And she quit fighting and being the center of drama and focused on school and Lance only. She quit the cheerleading squad last year, too. Caused some drifts between some of friends, but she had Lance so she didn't care.

"Where you find my ring at?!" I smirked, joking.

Lance smiled. "Yo ring? You wish." he wrapped his arms around Miya and kissed her on the cheek.

"I'm a file police report on y'all asses!"

"Well who they steal it from, Jo?" Tia asked, walking up. "Hey!" she skipped up to me and gave me a hug. "Yo sister ready and my family is headed outside. Let's roll."

"Hey," Joseph hugged her.

"Okay." I turned back to Nic. "Where you going out to eat?"

"NICOLE!" Her mother yelled. "LETS GO!"

"Home." she sighed. "My daddy barbequed and all the family is coming over. You should stop by later, you know I'm a still be partying. Oh, and I"m a send an invite to my trunk party!" she hugged me one more time and then walked. "BYE YALL! SEE YALL IN MY BRAND NEW WHIP WHEN I GET RICH BTCHES!" she laughed, walking out of the gym and holding Darius' hand.

"And you, handsome?" I asked, Joseph.

"Bye ya'll." Miya and Lance walked off holding hands.

He shrugged. "My mom just cooked some dinner."

"Talk to you later." Oshyn said, taking her baby. "Love you."

"Love you, too. Drive safe." I waved at her and Hakeem as they walked off. I turned back to Joseph. "That's it? No family or anything?"

"Nah." he shrugged. "Just the two of us." We headed towards the exit.

"Aweee," I pouted. "Come out to eat with us. My dad won't mind."

"It's okay. We don't wanna intrude. And i'd rather eat my mom's food. It's the best."

"Okay." I hugged him, again. "I'll see you at my trunk party?"

"You're actually having one of those? Uh, sure."

"What happened to your brother and dad? I didn't see them."

"They had to work today." he shrugged. "It's okay. And my dad won't be back for awhile, but I'm used to it."

"You've really changed. You used to be all hyper and stuff. What happened?"

"You're just not noticing?"

"No. I just ain't say sht."

"HEY!" Laila popped up next to me. I gave her a hug. "Watch my belly!" she laughed as I bumped it.

"My bad." I moved back. "So...where's...he?" I asked.

Laila rolled her eyes. "Daryl's talking to girls, as usual. But whatever. He's not seeing this baby no way. I'm going off to college in Florida and he's staying out here some damn where with his hoes. We're better off without him." she rubbed her stomach.

"Well good luck, girl. I wish you the best."

"Thanks. Hey Joseph. Y'all need to hook up already," she smiled and walked off.

"WHAT THE FCK EVER!" I yelled, laughing. She did, too, disappearing into the crowded hallway.

Joseph smiled. "Maybe we should try it. It wouldn't hurt." he opened the door and I walked out. "Oh," he pulled me back it. It was pouring down raining. "Damn."

"Aw man!" i sighed, crossing my arms over my chest.

"I got you." He took his jacket and put it over me.

"Wait." I turned to him. " really think that-"

Joseph cut me off, kissing me. I wrapped my arms around his neck as we moved back against the wall to move out of other peoples's way who were running back in. He moved his back. "Yes, I think that you should be my girl."

I smiled. "Can I think about this? I mean I just broke up with Brett."

"I'm going to UIC in less than a month." he held my hands.

I looked up at him with a smirk on my face. "I never told you where I got accepted into, did i?"

"No. When did you get the letter?"

"Yesterday!" I laughed. "Well, hey...I guess I'll let you know when I move on campus. If I ready to be someone's girl again. However, I'd rather be your woman." I pecked him on the lips.

He searched my eyes for a minute, thinking of something to say. "I'm not looking for love, just to let you know. But if I find it with you, then I'm not gonna hold anything back from you. And I promise that I won't put any pressure on you."

I nodded. "I know you won't. I just need some space for me."

"Okay. Ready?" I nodded, again, and he guided me to my dad's car. I quickly got in and my dad drove off. Joseph ran off to find his mom's car.

"Ready for the world?" My dad asked. I sighed and closed my eyes.

"The question is: is the world ready for me?" I smiled.

"Was that your boyfriend that you been hiding from us?" My sister asked.

"No." I smiled. "In the future maybe, but right now. Cupid can kiss my ass."

My dad laughed. "Fck you, cupid, huh?"

"YUP!" I agreed. "Turn that sht up!" I danced in my seat to Wale's Lotus Flower Bomb.


um ionno if this is the end, but i'm not coming up with sht else. i didn't want to abandon it so i'm a leave it there.

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Hakeem drove in silence while Oshyn called Margueritte, again. "She's still not answering!" she groaned. "What the hell!"

"Calm down, baby. She can handle herself. Brett's not stupid enough to do something crazy."

"I hope not or i'm a...have you whoop his ass!"

Hakeem laughed. "Baby, the only person I'll fight for is you."

Oshyn blushed. "I'm hungry. Can we go to Maxwell's and get a strawberry lemonade."

"That's all you want?"


"Alright. I'll take you home after and we can work on our homework."

"That'll be nice."

Joseph waited at Kim's locker as she talked to her friends. "Fine then." he walked off down the hallway. She'd been ignoring him all day. She even took her own car to school, even after he'd been waiting outside of her apartment building to pick her up. "Wanna have a damn attitude because of some sht that's not even popping!" he mumbled. "Fine! Okay!" he rolled his eyes and walked down the stairs to the 1st floor. He made his way towards the gym area to change for track practice when he seen Margueritte headed to the girl's locker room. "AYE YO!"

Margueritte stopped and turned around. She smiled, then continued walking. "OUTSIDE!"

"iight!" he yelled and continued to the boy's locker room. After changing, he waited outside of the girl's locker room instead.

Tia and Margueritte walked up the stairs. "Lame," Tia pushed Joseph and ran off.

"You better run!" Joseph laughed and then looked at Margueritte. "Hey. You okay?" he touched her shoulder and quickly let his hand fall back to his side.

Margueritte nodded and they walked down the hall towards the exit to the track and football field. "How was school today?"

"Not...good." he sighed. "Kim isn't talking to me."


"Because she asked me if I liked you and I didn't answer."

"Why not?"

"Because I like you."

"Why didn't you just lie?"

"Wow, that's a first."

"Shut up."

"Because I'm not good at it."

"Well, Kim probably would've believed you."

"I don't know."

"And besides, I wouldn't hook up with you. At least not after you dated Kim."

"It's not like we had sex or anything yet. So it'd still be okay if we dated for me and you to try a relationship."

Margueritte smiled, looking ahead. "Look, I'm with Brett. I'll probably be with him for awhile so..."

"Yeah, and Kim is gonna dump me after practice."

"No she won't."

"I think she will." Joseph opened the door for Margueritte and he followed her out. "Why weren't you in school?"

"Sick. My stomach was hurting. Must've been something I ate at Olive Garden last night."

"You and Brett went out?"

"No, it was my dad's birthday."

"Oh. ...Um, so you ready for practice?"

"Yeah." she sighed.

"Everything okay with you and Brett?"

"I believe so."

"That's good."

Miya, Laila, and Lance all stood in the student's parking lot still. "They stay talking." Miya noticed Joseph and Margueritte headed towards the field.

"So?" Lance smacked his lips. "Why you over there in they sht? We over here." he wrapped his arms around Miya as they leaned back on his car, chillin.

"Well, I think they'd be a good couple." Laila said. "I mean her and Brett are cute. But Joseph and Mar, they'd make it to like, college."

Miya smirked. "Mm. Hey, where's Trey?" she asked.

Laila sighed. "I broke up with him. He was messing with Onika."

"Damn, the school tramp?" Lance asked, shaking his head. "Fcked up."

"Shame." Miya said. "Fck him."

"I loved him. We been together since freakin' 6th grade." Laila looked at Daryl's car.

"Fck Cupid, girl." Miya said. "Love isn't for you, right now. Now say it. 'Fck You, Cupid'." she smiled.

Laila laughed. "Say it." Lance said.

She sighed and said. "Fck You, Cupid...for now."

"Girl, now don't you feel better?" Miya laughed. "We young. Ain't got time for all that. Enjoy life. Have fun. Fck all that love sht."

"Hey, wait a minute now." Lance said. "Pump them breaks, baby. Puppy love is still okay."

Miya pushed him away, grinning. "Whateva man."

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that sht fcked up about laila n that btc darryl n i love this story brett is so sweet and i wear the pants sometimes its great it makes me feel as if i was ther i love all ur stories run it i love it peace gotta go catch up on other stories

I sat in the living room of Brett's place and quickly reached in my pocket for my phone. <strong>[oshyn: mar where u at! u late!] [kim: btch u bet NOT be ditching w/o me!] [nicole: hoe, tf u at?] [tia: um...u iight?]</strong> Out of all the texts, only one cared to see if I was okay. Smh at my girls. I simply replied back to all with <strong>[mar: not feeling well :( not coming]</strong> and then I put my phone away and paid attention to Brett who walked into the living room with no shirt on and some basketball shorts.

"You always tryin sumn with me." I shook my head. "Ngga don't even."

He sat down next to me and picked up the remote, not saying sht. Just smirking as he wrapped one arm around my shoulder with his eyes laid on the television as he flipped through the channel.

"So you not gonna speak?"

"Well unless you got something to talk about?" he looked at me with a raised eyebrow.

"I got plenty. How about you?"

"Yeah, but something that <em>I'm</em> interested in." he looked back at the television, biting his bottom lip.

"What about me?"

"What about you?" he smiled.

"Um, so it's all about you?"


"Sorry sir." I removed his arm. "But it's not all about you. It's all about ME. Must you forget who caught YO eye."

"Yeah, and it damn sure wasn't you, baby."

"Mm," I rolled my eyes and moved to the end of the couch. "Go fck that btch then."

"Sht lemme go find her and I will."


"Fck you always starting sht, then tell me not to start sht with you."

"Cause." I smiled. "I can."

"That sht not gonna fly too much longer. Yo ass bouta have some consequences. I'm tired of you getting smart with me."

"Then do somethin' with yo weak ass."

"Weak?" he broke his neck towards me.

"Yup," I smirked. He flew over to me so fast, pinning my wrists down, hurting so hard. "DAMN! FCK IS YO PROLLEM!" I laughed and then stared at him, not seeing any expressions on his face. His face was cold.

"My problem is," he finally said. "is you. Ain't nobody here but you and me. I can do whatever the FCK i wanna do to you and ain't nobody gonna stop us."

All the little happy birds and bees stopped chirping in Fantasy Land and it got dark as fck. The sun stopped shining, in my happy little fun world when I looked into his eyes. "Wh- What?"

He busted out laughing, rolling on the floor. "AH THE LOOK ON YO FACE! FCKN PRICELESS!" he got up and tried to control himself. "I'm just fckn witcha."

"" I got up. "No." I shook my head. "Nah. Brett don't play that sht with me!"

"What?" he stared at me. "Man, I was just playing, bae. Chill."

"You was just playing?"

"Yeah, damn." he plopped back on the couch.

"You better be because don't forget that I can still whoop yo ass on reflex! Don't make me feel like that cause sht can get ugly REAL quick!"

He stared at me with confusion on his face. "Made you feel what, scared?" he smirked.


"Man, calm down with that sht. I said I was joking."

"Don't play like that anymore." I sat on the couch.

"I'm sorry," he scooted over to me and kissed my cheek, stroking my leg. "You heard me?"

I stared at the television with my hands crossed over my chest and nodded.

"Hey, look at me." he gently grabbed my face to make me look at him. "I apologize for making you feel however. I didn't mean it. I was seriously joking. Don't think that there's some monster inside of me. Okay?"

I nodded, again. Hopefully he was playing, there was a thought in the back of my mind with a question mark. I'd let it fade for the meantime, but I'd still be alert. I don't play like that and he better learn to not do it, again, or i'm a be the btch he first met, all the time, smart and sarcastic instead of 50% sweet, 40% percent funny and 8% smart and 9% sarcastic. Fck he thought this was.

Brett sighed. "So since you wanna be all quiet, right now. I'm a just admit some sht."

"Like what?" I barely whispered.

"Damn you making a ngga feel all bad and sht. Can't even play with yo ass."

"Damn right."

"Man... Anyways, I ain't never felt this way about a female before. Make a ngga think about you all the time. I mean even in my dreams, and that sht usually don't fly, you know. I try not to think about it and avoid the sht. But this love thing just got me on lock."

"Love thing?"

"Yeah," he smiled and looked at the television. "Like...I never gave a fck about finding love cause we young and whatnot. Like the sht was gonna be in my life or sumn. But I guess I can say that it was love at first sight with you. And now all I can do is try to be with you all the time. The times you be away, I miss you and even though I don't show it...I do. Sht you make a ngga feel soft!"

I laughed. "Nah that's what you get!"

"For real, though. How do you feel?"

I stared at him, thinking about how I truly felt. ...I didn't even stop to think about it. But the butterflies in my stomach every time I saw him and the constant smiling around him. All I could do was think about him, but I was fighting it. Not knowing what to do about my heart beating faster every time I saw him or we were close.

I guess you could say that I was in love, and wish it could be forever. I knew that it probably wouldn't last. Something like puppy love, but who knew. I know I didn't. I guess I'd have to try this 'love thing' out and experience life. As badly as i didn't want to, I had to. Needed to because...Brett was all I thought about. More than my girls, my best friend, and family. He was the one for me, right now. I couldn't control that sht.

And as bad I said he was never gonna get it, he could get it right now if he wanted to, and it wasn't because he said he's in love. It's because I wanted to, and was gonna give it to him when i found out we were coming to his place. Because I really liked him and he was boyfriend, and I was tired of feeling 'alone' I guess. I had desires and I wanted them to be filled.

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I woke up the next morning, got dressed, and waited outside for my dad who was taking me to school since I woke up late for the bus. My parents were arguiing all night and early morning so i was up til early morning. While text messaging Oshyn, Brett pulls up.


"Save it, Brett." I sighed hard.

"Damn, can i explain! Fck man! You up here assuming!"


"She kissed ME!" he pointed to himself. "DID YOU HEAR THAT! SHE KISSED <strong><em>ME</strong></em>. Alright?"

I thought about it and looked away as he moved closer to me, almost 12 inches away.

"Bae," Brett sighed and got in front of me. "Baby, you can't fckn be serious. You know there's thirsty btches at our school and they'll do anything to get attention, and fck up other people's sht. She threw herself on me. And you must've not looked too good cause my face was not enjoying that btches stank ass breath!" he smiled. I smiled, too, still looking away. "Hey!" Brett held my face, now, turning to his. He stepped closer. "Believe me. You the baddest btch in the school. Them other females maynot know it, but you are and they're jealous. Now i'm only gonna tell you this once. I FCKED...with <em>you</em> because all these other girls ain't got sht to catch my eye with. Know that. You da one."

"Nice speech," I nodded. "Is it for class?"

Brett rolled his eyes. "UGH!"

"I'm just playing. Maybe i did overreact and didn't look too closely."

"So can we get to school." He pointed towards the car.

"Yes." I kissed him softly, grabbed his shirt, glanced into his eyes and looked down. "Sorry about blowing you off. Forgive me?"

Brett lifted my chin and gave mea kiss. "Yeah, i do. C'mon."

"K." I picked up my bag, stepped inside and called my dad. "Dad don't worry about taking me to school! My friend is here! See you later."

"iight," i heard my dad say.

i stepped back outside and BRett and I ran to the car. He looked at the time and noticed it was 8:20. He started driving, but then...he got on the highway. "Brett, where are you going?"

He smiled. "You know they not gonna let us into school without a pass from the bus driver or a doctor's note or some sht." he licked his lips. "And since you know i'm right, why don't you let me teach you today."

I smirked and shook my head, folding my arms over my chest. I blew out a hard sigh and then glanced at him. "Fine," I said. "But not about 'you teaching me' part. I mean the 'you're right' part. And about SEX...i don't know."

"Yeah, we'll see."

"Mm hm." he bit his lip and focused on the road.