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New To College '02-3

::Keyairra's P.O.V.::

As <a href=",r:27,s:0,i:207">I</a> drove further and away from him my heart began to ache, like it was being ripped apart from his arteries and veins. Tears began to flood my eyes. Now I know how Chris felt when he had to leave on tour for a month. I guess it's different when the tables are turned.

After driving an hour we stopped to get something to eat and stretched. We walked into a nearby Wendy's.

"Yeah ma, we just stopped for a few minutes to get something to eat and stretched, we have another hour and a half to go." Essence spoke through her phone.

"Okay, thanks for checking in. Let us know when you make it. You know Michael will flip if he hasn't heard from you." Latrice voice said through speaker.

We all laughed.

I wasn't long before we got into our cars and drove to the campus of VSU. We GPS the way to our house. The guys made sure it was close to campus, yet far enough that we couldn't be in any drama. Plus, they made sure we were by a near by grocery store. To say that these men are caring is an understatement.

When we drove up to our house, I was in comlete shock! This wasn't a house this was a <a href=",r:31,s:62,i:276&tx=91&ty=68">Condo</a>

We stepped put of pur cars not able to walk up to it.

"Are you sure this the right house?" I asked Demesha.

"Yeah, see." she showed us the address that matched the house, "this is what they gave us isn't?"

"Well that's it." Essence assured.

"I need to call Chris." I said about to pull out my phone.

"No wait until we get settle in."

I nodded "You're right."

Demesha used the key to open the door.

"Oh My God!" we all said in unision

This <a href=",r:17,s:26,i:166">place</a> was huge!

"Are you serious?" i whispered to no one in particular.

"Okay, I'm kinda scared to see what the kitchen looks like.

We walked down the hallway passed the stairway to the <a href=",r:5,s:59,i:212">kitchen</a> .

I laughed, "They are some nutcases!"

"I know right?!" Essence smiled, "hey look, they left us something on the fridge." There was an evelope tape to the door with a sticky note on it reading, 'We didn't want your food to spoil so plese go grocery shopping. We're sorry that we couldn't do it for you.'

Demesha smiled, "These guys!"

We laughed.

"C'mon lets go check out some more of the house."

We walked around the first floor discory that we have a <a href=",r:15,s:162,i:189">Study Room</a> , a <a href=",r:13,s:92,i:33">Game Room</a> , and a <a href=",r:14,s:125,i:111">Pool</a>

When went up stairs all three doors to the bedrooms were closed, but they had our names painted on them. We decided to split up and see what was on the of our assigned doors.

<a href=",r:42,s:82,i:93">::Demesha's P.O.V.::

I opened the door and immediately gasps at what I had seen. I walked <a href=",r:0,s:0,i:72">in</a> slowly taking this huge room with high ceiling. I walked over to the bed and felt across the soft comforter. When I sat down, i noticed something on my night stand; it was a 'Winnie the Pooh Hunnie Pot' I laughed at Druexs silliness then picked up the letter that was on the stand also.

'Hey Muff, I hope you like your room. I decided to keep it latino for my Latina Mami ;-) You pull back the curtains to get more light in your room, but when I get there, them curtains are to be shut and you better be naked, but you can where them red heels, you know that I like babe. We gone start from the <a href="">bathroom</a> have you up on the counter- Let me stop. But all jokes aside babe, i hope you like your gift, stay in the books, and don't party too hard. I love you! And when you get a break, its me you and that honey pot.'
-Love Drubear.

I couldn't stop blushing the whole time i read the letter. How can he make me all mushy inside and he's not even here? I thought to myself. i squealed throwing myself on the bed.

<a href=",r:41,s:145,i:197">Essence' P.O.V.</a>

When walked in my <a href=",r:1,s:24,i:128">room</a>, I don't know why, why i was immediately at peace. It smelled of apple cinnimon my favorite scent, I walked over to the bed and layed down. I turned my head and noticed that my night stand was covered with message oils, inscents and candles. I took the note that was on the stand and read it.

'Hey TygrEss, I know your about to fall asleep aren't. Well, that's what I was getting at when I deisgned this room for you. If you ever have a bad day at school or just need a place to calm down, hopefully this will help you with all the fire that needs to simmer down...but don't get it twisted, it's gonna ger reall heated when I come to visit you. Those messages oil, and candles ain't just for keeping you calm ;-) So get all the rest you can, you ain't sleep when I get there!

-Love TygaMan

P.S. Are we get done making love, we hitting up the <a href="">bathroom</a>, then walking on the make love again.

I bite my lip, he's so corny but I love his corny asx!.

::Keyairra's P.O.V.::

I walked in my <a href=",r:25,s:364,i:210">room</a> i instantly knew what Chris was doing. He was not going to let me live this down. I pouted and walked over to my bed. I the nighstand I saw a tablet that read Keyairra: 1 million Chris: 1 miliion and 1

"Goof ball!" i said out loud.

There was a note on the night stand, I picked it up and read it.

'Hey Boo, Bet you can't hide from me now, huh? Yeah, bae, I had to go with a glass design with you. You're going to learn to love that body of your. And when i get there, everybody gone see who I'm in love it. they gone see that gorgeous body. So get ready, Pooh gone lay it down!
Oh! And that <a href=",r:0,s:28,i:134">bathroom</a> is where the game is going to start. I wanna see try and get away from me in there. Imma let you go so you can enjoy your room somemore. Study we can play later! ;-)
-Love Pooh

I blushed so hard!!!!