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Double Jeopardy

It's been ten years since I was convicted of murdering my baby daddy. Funny thing is, I swear to you that nigga walked out of the courtroom with my kids. That lying son-of-a-bi....wait wait whoo sa. I'm going home today. Well going to the transition house. This dude took everything with his lying ass. He got my kids and word is he with my best friend...well ex best friend...that stupid ho...Anyways, I'm willing to bet my last $10.58 that you know this man. You know he used to have braids, til he cut them off to frame me? Used to be skinny as hell until he buffed up to hide himself. Ladies love him because he portrays that he is a beast in the room. Even though that last part is very true, he is still a lyin piece of crap that stole 10 years of my life, but it's all good mister Tremaine Neverson, I'm coming for that ass.

Double Jeopardy: The act of putting a person through a second trial for an offense for which he or she has already been prosecuted or convicted.


Hangs up the phone:
That little girl is my heart. My two months in prison for "murdering" that son-of-a-bit...that man, i was raped by two different guards countless times, got pregnant and gave birth to my beautiful baby girl. My mother took her in for me. my mother never lied to her. that little one knows everything thats going on. she knows she has two sisters and she can't wait to meet them one day...

The lead is sitting at the bus stop when this random car pulls up:
L: thinking "who the hell is this"
L: AWWWWW YOU REMEMBERED!!!!!! I'M SO TOUCHED *starts laughing*
FV: NOW YOU KNOW I COULDN'T FORGET ABOUT MY GIRL *joins in on the laughing* Now let's get you home

FV was my cell mate for the first 5 years of my sentence. I love this girl to death. Now to get home to my fam

run it

ok so i decided to go a whole different route wth this so I might do another cast call but as for is a nameless add

I’m just goin to say the girl was 18 or 19 when she got arrested
2 Days Later
Phone rings
Lead’s mommy: Hello?
Lead: Hey mom. It’s (future leads name).
L/M:OOOOOOO my baby. Are you coming home now?
L: Yes Mom I’m on my way now
L/M:OOOOOOO my baby coming home!!!!!!
L:(chuckles lightly) yes I’m coming home. Where’s MY baby?
L/M:OO OO she right here she right here
Lead’s daughter: Hello?
L: Hey baby!!!
L/D:MOMMY!!!!!!!!! When are you coming home mommy?
L:I will be there in 3 hours
L/D: Can you play the wii with me mommy?
L: Of course, as soon as I get home.
L/D: Okay, I love you mommy
L:I love you too, see you later
L/D:K mommy

oh damn . .

sounds likee revenge is coming