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Chris Brown............

clearing up somethings with cursing or being mean

1-Chris brown does not have cancer and if he does he does not have "stage 5 lymphoma" cancer only goes up to 4 stages however there is a stage 5 for dogs.and i don't believe has any type of cancer what so ever if he did i think he'd tell his fans.there's nothing wrong with cancer there's a lot of actors/entertainers who have been sick and made a come back with their loyal fans right by there side so please spare me and i doubt Chris brown would tell someone to post his personal business anywhere.nobody is that damn stupid.

2-aside from the night club brawl drake & Chris brown were offered to fight it out for 1 million at a charity event.are they going to do it ...i doubt it that's stupidity to the fullest and like i said i doubt anyone is that damn stupid.

thank you && god bless


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