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I drove SO far to see him in Memphis last year for the FAME tour & it was well worth it!! I hope he comes to Nashville,TN this year. Until then I'll stay on my toes til I hear Fortune Tour dates! He is truly a talented artist!


WHEN ARE YOU COMING TO HOUSTON?????????????? I swear whenever I hear You're gonna be in Houston I will be the FIRST to buy a ticket and VIP okay maybe not the first , but whatever. I HAVE TO GET VIP BACKSTAGE PASSES TO SEE YOU!!!!!

Does anyone know if he'll be in Houston? I seriously HAVE to go to this Fortune tour.

There is a possibility that chris comes to a concert to Chile because here also has fans who look forward? on whether it is a true artist!!

where is it gonna be at.

Chris Brown will start his tour in September, his Fortune tour date will be release soon. Tickets will be on sale at