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Favorite Chris Brown Song!

What is your favorite Chris Brown song?


Ain't No Way
Fallen Angel
I Love Her
Like A Virgin Agaim
I Wanna Be
Off That Liquor
Big Booty Judy
Sweet Love
All Back
Say It With Me
Fallen Down
Lucky Me
Don't Judge Me
Tell Somebody
What Your Girl Like
I Need This

Sing Like me
Treading Water
So Cold
I Need this
Should've Kissed yo
All Back

Ain`t no way
Gangsta Boo
So Cold
Holla at me baby
Mz Breezy
Beg for it
Party Hard/Cadillac =)

has to be "with you" all the way but i love them ALL!!!!

Chris Brown - Stuck On Stupid is an amazing song but to be hounest i love them all i just think hes got an amazing voice & talent