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Fan of a Fan. [FINISHED]

<em>Main Characters</em>


<a href="">Chris</a>.

This story is dedicated to you guys! The FANS! There is no picture for the main character because I want you all to imagine her being yourself. Her skin complexion, her eyes, her hair; imagine it to be yours. You are all beautiful and unique and deserve your opportunity to be the one Chris has his eye on, regardless of what the world defines as beautiful. You are <strong>ALL</strong> beautiful. ENJOY!


they r so freakn but its awesome tho =)

Kae ol punk ass...aint nobody fallin 4 her lil tricks!

Willie--idk but im thnkn he myte try 2 get 2 tink 2 get 2 chris?? he was pretty nonchalant abt seeing the pix...i find tht a bit odd...

Ummmm excuse me? D-Did you just say e-end? I need a minute...... *walks into closet, closes door and cries*

1 hour later

*steps out of closet and walks back to computer* *reads it over*
I think I need another minute.........

1 hour and 10 boxes of Kleenex later

P-please, Fame is my baby! It was the very first story I read when I joined And it took me forever to catch but I did And I fell in love! I just have so many memories as I'm sure you do also there. The cutest scenes, the heartbreaking scenes, the days you left us hanging on the best parts. I just can't right now, I'm about to cry. My sensitive ass.......ugh. If and when you DO end it, can we just have a post named <em>Fame Memories</em> and just talk about our favorite parts, the most heartfelt moments, the worst moments. Everything. I'm going to miss that story so much! It was my favorite out of the MANY stories I read on this board. You are an amazing writer Nicole.

I need one more minute.........

Ok, now to the post, I have mixed emotions about this, I feel that Chris is slick crossing lines. But I have to admit, that picture tho. It had me rolling because I know Tink got even more annoyed when she saw that big ass smile on his face lmao. I be feeling bad for him tho because she was being so mean! Lmao but it was a funny type mean. Chris might just wanna fall back a little.

Run it

awww love love love this post..i can understand why willie puts up this tough boy act..its hard trustin someone n openin up to them. but he couldnt resist because he starting to like tink
im mad chris just pop up after she said no. he is doing the most lol but the jealousy is soo cute to me i wonder if he finallly gnna say how he really feels about being more than friends. run it girllllllll

She is a creep lol !! Who counts a person freckles ... I can't judge I would do the same thing

Chris is outta line ... I'm sorry but kae comes home tryna make it work seeing the things you want tryna make it work and you not even trying back. IF YOU DO NOT WANT HER SAY SO!!! Stop with this foolery and then going to tink house when she said no. nigga no means no f*** don't you understand !!

Will and Titi :) I can't wait to see how they grow

Runn It

Lol I deleted my picture Keyanna. YOu know how you stare at the same pic for too long and it's no longer cute??? yea...that's what happened.

Enjoy ladies! I gotta work on my Fame adds now lol. I believe the end is near for that story :( All good things must come to an end.

Will gently grabbed the back of my neck and deepened the kiss. His kiss was so soft and warm. Much more gentle than I had imagined.

He eased his body on top of mine as we continued to kiss. Everything about this moment felt so right, I didn’t want it to end. I was lost in the trance of it all until he suddenly stopped and looked down at me.

“What?” I sighed not wanting this end.

“What’s happening right now?” He asked softly as I stared into his soft brown eyes.

“I don’t know..but it feels right.” I whispered as I lifted my head up and planted a soft kiss on his lips. I couldn’t resist so I added another until he finally returned my affection. His lips trailed from mine as they led their way to my neck. He gave it a soft lick before planting his lips there and I let out a soft moan as I rubbed his head. His every touch sent so many chills up my spine.

Things were beginning to heat up until I heard the ringtone to my phone blasting. I tried to ignore it but Will wouldn’t let me.

“You should answer it.” He said as he began to get up but I grabbed his arms to stop him.

“No,” I pouted. “It’s not important, I can call them back.”

“Just answer, we shouldn’t be doing this anyway.” He sighed as he sat all the way up. So many curse words were roaming through my head as I got up in a huff to see who the missed call was from. Chris. I had an unread text message from him as well.

<strong>I really can’t come over?</strong>


I was beyond annoyed with Chris. He was trying to cross way too many lines. He knew I was busy with Will, why would he call me?

I placed my phone back down at my dresser as I looked over at Will. He looked so innocent and sweet with his hands in his lap not knowing what to do next.

“So..” I began softly as I sat next to him on the bed. “Where do we go from here?”

He looked up at me, “I don’t know. I just..haven’t felt this way about somebody in a while. You saw right through my tough guy act.” He chuckled a little as I smiled.

“Why do you feel the need to act tough with me?” I asked as he gave a light shrug.

“It’s not just with you. It’s with everybody. My trust and discernment of character has been tainted over the years. I wean out the people who can push past the bullsh*t I give them. If they’re not strong enough for that then f*ck em.”

“Well,” I started as I gently intertwined his fingers with mine. “I want to see the real you. If you let me in…”

“You have no idea what you’re in for..” He warned as I smiled before giving him a light peck on the cheek.

“I’m up for the challenge.”

Will stayed with me for a few more hours before I walked him out. Indigo was still on the couch so I quickly joined her after closing the door.

“Aye, he is CUTE!” She complimented as I smiled.

“Very cute. And mysterious, and really sweet on the inside. Ugh..I really LIKE him.”

“Hell, I’d like em too. I heard his ass singing in there.” She chuckled as I happily sighed remembering his voice.

“I really see it going somewhere. He’s so…different. Not your typical nice guy. He has this edge that drives me insane.” I smiled. We talked a little longer before we were interrupted by a knock on the door. I looked at it confused before I looked back at Indigo who was looking guilty as hell.

“That for you?” I asked as she shrugged. Now she was acting funny. I smacked my teeth before I got up. I looked through the peephole and got pissed.

“WHAT THE F*CK!” I yelled as I swung the door open to find <a href="">him</a> standing there. He tried to walk in but I blocked him.

“WHY are you here?!” I asked with so much attitude. Don’t get me wrong, I loved getting visits from Chris , but NOT when I told his ass to stay home.

“Indigo invited me.” He said sticking his tongue out before shoving past me into the house.

“Hey Go Go!” He greeted as she chuckled while giving him a hug. She gave me an apologetic look as I mugged her in return.

“I’m sorry Tiff. He tricked me. Said he was sending us presents.” She defended as I continued to glare at the two of them

“I wasn’t lyin. I AM the present.” Chris said causing Indigo to laugh. I’m happy the two of them were enjoying this.

“Chris. Come with me.” I ordered as I crossed my arms while walking towards my room. He hopped up and followed me with a grin on his face as I shut the door behind him.

“Seriously. Popping up when I told you not to come over.” I said annoyed as he continued to smile at me while looking around my room.

“He’s not here, so what’s the problem?” He asked as he picked up the same picture of us that Will was looking at earlier. I was still surprised he never asked me about that like Jason had.

“I told you not to bring your ass over here! That’s the problem. Chris, I’m not Kae, you don’t just come over here thinking you run sh*t!” I spat as he turned and looked at me. I frowned a little before he placed his finger on my neck.

“This nigga leavin hickies n sh*t?!” He said shocked as I gave him a confused look. I turned to face my vanity mirror to inspect my neck and sure enough there was a small hickie formed. I groaned as I immediately started thinking of plans to cover it up at work.

“Yeah, so much for ‘just a friend’ huh?” Chris asked I shot a cold stare at him.

“That’s none of your business. Why do you get all jealous n sh*t when somebody else wants my attention?! You ain’t willin to put in the work it requires to be with me, so why be mad at the next nigga that does?!”

“I’m not jealous Tiffany.” He said using my real name. I knew he was getting mad.

“Then tf you call it?! Poppin up on me n sh*t. You’re crossin hella lines!” I argued as I avoided his stare.

“What lines am I crossing? There’s two people that live here. I ain’t come over here to see you!” I gave him a side smirk.

“Bull sh*t!” I said as he rolled his eyes.

“Don’t believe me?” He asked as he walked past me and out my room. Where this nigga think he was going?!

“Aye! I wasn’t done yellin at you!” I yelled down the hall way as I followed him out.

“Doesn’t matter. I’m here to kick it with INDIGO!” He stretched as he sat down next to her and put his arm around her shoulder. She looked between the two of us strangely before removing Chris’ arm.

“Aye, I ain’t getting in the middle of ya’lls sh*t.” She said shaking her head.

“You’re right. You’re not in the middle of sh*t because this argument that Tiffany is having with herself ain’t sh*t!”

“What?! Nigga you ain’t sh*t!” I said laughing a little which caused him to chuckle. How dare he say I was arguing with myself.

“Well that’s why my ain’t sh*t ass ain’t kicking it with you! Wanna yell at niggas. I don’t wanna hear that sh*t.” He said in a deep country accent which caused me to laugh. I wanted so bad to stay mad at his dumbass.

He turned on the TV and quickly found ESPN as him and Indigo began to watch some sports highlights. He looked over at me as I was still glaring at him.

“You still here?!” He asked as I gave a loud irritated sigh before walking to my room and slamming the door. How he come over here running sh*t. And then gonna kick it with MY best friend! Ol’ ignorant ass.

I sat on my bed mad as hell as I scrolled through my twitter timeline hard as sh*t. I heard a knock at my door but ignored it. They knocked again.

“IF YOUR NAME IS INDIGO OR CHRIS GO AWAY!” I yelled. There was a pause before I heard the door open. I rolled my eyes at Chris.

“I’m Maurice today.” He grinned as I grabbed my pillow and threw it at him. He dodged it as he laughed.

“What you doing in here?! Indigo is in the livingroom.” I said aggressively as I continued to look at my phone. He took off his shoes and laid down next to me in my bed.

“I didn’t come over here for Indigo.” He said softly.

“No sh*t.” I replied rudely as he giggled a little.

“I’m sorry.” He said placing his head on my shoulder and looking up at me with his big brown eyes. “You forgive me?”

I stared at him intently before I responded, “You have 31 freckles.”

He scrunched up his nose before he laughed. “You counted them?!”

“Yeah. When you were sick in Dallas I counted them while you slept. Does that make me weird?”

“Yes. Yes it does.” He teased as I shoved him a little with my shoulder. “No actually it means you love me.” He finally said as he wrapped his arms tight around me.

“Nah.” I said flatly as he let out a light laugh.

“I’ll admit it when you do.”

Omg I do that Saaame thing Tink does. smh.

Awwwwww, I hate the fact that Chris jealous every time Tink talks to someone but never says how he feels.
Also, that whole doubt yourself thing like saying what could be better after given a compliment, I used to do that, like I literally just stopped doing that!
Now as far as Will and Tink go, awwww! I'm glad Will's opening up to her and I actually like them together!

I agree with MajesticAngel:

<em>Yes I loveeeeddd him singing to her!!!! I like Will.....he's different.....I think that song was perfect because it seems that he doesn't know how to express himself around tink which is probably why he results to the a**hole he becomes around her and then eventually he softens......I hope that completely fades now that they kissed!</em>

But I know Will wont be soft just yet...

Nicci what happened to your pic ?????

Lmao Yes ma'am!

Tia if you're talking about the Day 26 video... I CANT STOP PLAYING IT! lmao.

So I just replayed that s*** like 20 times........

I mean...don't get me wrong....I love the idea of Tink and Chris together...but I just don't think they're ready...hell Chris said himself he doesn't feel like he's learned anything from cheating on Kae....... that's the s*** I don't like....cause if he does that to Tink then it's gone be hell to pay....I don't wanna hear about it being a mistake and how much it didn't mean anything...BULLs*** think they're better off as friends until Chris' figures out what he wants out of a relationship....or if he even wants one....a monogamous one.

I can guess! I remember on u-stream he said he's insecure about his teeth..that's y he paints teeth in most his pics..n yeah he likes spaghetti..when he was asked what his fave food thlat his mom cooks he said pasta.. I think it was an interview in ausralia.. Run It

Yes I loveeeeddd him singing to her!!!! I like Will.....he's different.....I think that song was perfect because it seems that he doesn't know how to express himself around tink which is probably why he results to the a**hole he becomes around her and then eventually he softens......I hope that completely fades now that they kissed!

Lol mixed emotions about Will?! Why?! I like their connection. And he's just! *sigh* ya'll didn't like him singing to her?

Idk how I feel about Will.

@Tia when I first saw that I was laughing so hard I cried!

Lmaooo I meant to post it when they first said it but I was on my phone so I couldn't lol. When I first saw that s*** I was rolling around on the floor lmaooo.

I Don't Know How I Feel About Will???
I Really Wanna Know What Chris Was About To Say Mannn!!!
&& I Know Alot Of People Want Them To Stay Franns But I Kinda Want Them To Venture Off Too That Lovers Side:)))

@Tia I was waiting for somebody to post that. lmao! i shouldve known it would be you. lol.

@Nicole, im at a lost for words. i need to recooperate. smh.
she kissed him... she kissed Will... TINK KISSED WILL?!!!

I think she's jus been depriving herself a lil too long.. it's hard having and maintaining your self respect with these two hot & tasty cakes walking around. lol.

Knew he was going to be jealous....but there's no reason for him to be rude n s***....hell they ARE just friends.....they both agreed on now he mad because Tink has a friend that has the potential of being more.....Christopher (side eye) .....

On to Will...I think he's finally breaking the a**hole thing with Tink....he sung to her....awwwwwww over majorly cute!!! .........If christopher crashes there time.....I'm gonna chop his ass in the throat.

SHE KISSED WILL???! wooooooooooow...........

Chris all jealous :( will is a cutie can't believe tink kissed him wanna see where this goes saw the video that video had he rolling

I gotta start with that song first. Girl, that sounded just so amazing! I was about to cry! Day 26 is just amazing! And at the end Diddy was like "that was good" -__- nigga stop FLEXIN' that was AMAZING! f*** you mean?! Ugh, just sent chills down my back for real!

Ok, now to the post, I feel that Chris gets really jealous when Tink has dates and what not. I mean, I don't blame him, but he has to keep the FRIEND card in his head. He's in the friend zone and they have to keep it that way. I have a feeling that He was about to say that he wishes that he was with her. But when he hung up I felt so bad for him though. Because it's clear that Tink couldn't see why he did that. But I would have texted him when he and said "Oh so it's like that?" Lol. Po lil Tink Tink, omg speaking of that Everybody who reads thi comment watch <a
href="">this</a>. I promise it'll be the funniest s*** you ever watch!

Run it

aww. that is soo cute!! but (sniffle sniffle) i kinda like Chris and Tink together....Will and Kae complicate things.. ugh guess i'll just have to wait and see what happens in the future..

omg u cant leave us hanging.. awww her n willie is cutee. he better stop playing hard to get ..even tho its kinda cute..but after awhile its like okay stop..but they are cute.. n damn chris was jealous....damn he was about to say how he feel before he cut her off n he hung up on her..awww i feel bad..hes really in a hard position with his love life.. but run thisssss i cant wait to see what happen nexts

LOL! Hurry up and put up the groceries and read!!


Oh damn Oh damn Oh DAAAAMN!

This is getting Gooooood!
You're like TylerPerry! lol!
When you think it's god and gonna slow down, BOOM, you hit us with MAJOR explosion! (:

Why is Will such an ass??! My gosh man! smh.
Who broke his heart??? Did his momma abandon him?? omg :(
Only a man who's been hurt too badly puts up that act around a pretty girl.
Luckily Tink is aggressively persistant.
It is cute that he lightens up.
I can see this heading to them hanging out and people around school or wherever who "know" Will, wait, especially Chris! Because Will makes his first impression come off as an ass. So Chris will definately jump on Tink's back like "tf you wit that lame for?" And Tink will have to be llike "You dont know him like I do Chriiis"

*eyes widen* smh frantically. Oooooooooh NO! No no to the upmost mf NO! *throws chair out the window*
Who let this b**** in??! Get her TFOH NOW!
What was she doing on U-Stream?

<em>“Uh, you don’t cook.” He replied</em>

<em>“I know, but I want to start cooking more, ya know? You need a woman that can cook for you and your friends.” Chris nodded as he started putting everything together. She saw the U-Stream and saw how everyone was raving over Tink’s cooking.</em>

<em>“Look, if this about U-Stream…” He began as she quickly cut him off.</em>

<em>“This is not about that. This is about me fighting for what’s mine.</em>

Talapia?? With rice & brocoli?? That <em>preppy</em> ass food. tf? Although, I do LOVE Talapia,Brocoli&Rice! lol. smdh.
Oh, so you only wanna be with ChrisBrown when it's all roses and poppin bottles?? Get that WEAK s*** outta here!! He has a mother, and bestest friend who can throw DOWN in the kitchen! Straight BURN, and now Kae, not literally like you. smh. Ugh! I hope that food makes them sick!! How are you fighting for what's yours when YOU walked away?! Oh my buddy Chris wont forget that! How is it not about the U-Stream when you did exactly what Tink did? ANNND if you gotta compete with a FAN, I think there's a promblem. You fighting a losing battle lil MissRueche.

I can see all kind of fights going on after this!

Run It !!

I adore that add.....enjoy ladies!!!! leave comments please!!!! How am I doing so far?!