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Fan of a Fan. [FINISHED]

<em>Main Characters</em>


<a href="">Chris</a>.

This story is dedicated to you guys! The FANS! There is no picture for the main character because I want you all to imagine her being yourself. Her skin complexion, her eyes, her hair; imagine it to be yours. You are all beautiful and unique and deserve your opportunity to be the one Chris has his eye on, regardless of what the world defines as beautiful. You are <strong>ALL</strong> beautiful. ENJOY!



RUN IT:)))


No u ddnt leave us hanging ryte there!!! How rude! lol Im soo excited to c whats next! I hope things dnt get awkward... =/

Lmao you gotta watch it! They was going crazy on there!
And hell yeah! When I first heard that song I was like "what was she thinking?!" lol

Yay!!!! I love it! They bout to get it on....I think?! Lol!!

Either way...RUN IT!!!!

Yes! Yes!
It is so beautiful to come home to this add!
They have to continue this kiss g. like s*** needs to get more intense.
they aint gotta freak but it needs to get more intense.
It has too!
Run it. please.

Ooohhh my I can'T believe they its finalt about to happen he about to beat it out the frame

kae gonna be mad lol run it

U ARE Very evil and I dnt like you!!! How are you gonna stop right there!! do uk how long I have waited for that add to come LMAO!! But on another Note that add was good AF!! RUNITTT

Oh Shizzz-na-yee (in my scrappy voice)
Something about to go down ...

Runnnnn It Girlie :)

finally they getting somewhere! lol their first kiss aww so precious!! thats cute..she got all dressed up for him and everthing..i hope after their kiss they wont be acting all awkward towards each other a the party..then everybody gon know something went down..cant wait for the next add RUN IT!!

Lmaoo Tia you crack me up! "Put it on em make ya wanna mmuurrryyyy me!" That ratchet ass song. And no :( My new roommates don't have cable so I'll have to look it up online tonight! I need to see part one and part two with Steebie J's crazy ass and Joseline -___- lol

Why You Stop At the Good Ass Part Ughhhh Add Please Lol Run It

OH lawwwddd!!! I knew it......i knew it!!!! She might as well just tell the nigga...hell he already knows it......he was reading her ass!!! I'm sorry Kae....but bay you not standing a chance right now.

Ok, so I get home from school.
No homework.
So I'm like, cool!
I get on here!
And the first thing that pop up is "Fan of a Fan" with 26 new comments.
I'm like "oooweee she must have added"
I click.
Scroll down.
And you just been adding like crazy!
Theeeeeen you stop at the best part!
What the hell?!!!

Lol but anyway, I know how she feels. I hate rejection too. But I always knew that Chris liked her "that way" *wink* It's just obvious. I want them to do it just because it's going to happen. Sooner or later. But then I know it might complicate their friendship and ruin his relationship with Kae and that's exactly what Tink DIDN'T want! I just don't know man. I'm torn. I know her heart is like "Don't do this, you're going to regret it!" but her pussy like "Girl you better ride that d***! Put it on em make em wanna marry me!" *in my Rasheeda voice* speaking of Rasheeda, Nicole did you watch Love & Hip Hop Reunion last night? It was good as f*** lol.


Run it!

awww yayy they kisss,, ha i knew that was going to happen..awww i cant wait for the awkward moment after, i wonder how they both are going to react to it. love this story and yes work on the fame update lol
run ittt

Ok. done adding for now. I have to work on this FAME add lol. Run and comment pretty girls!

I looked in the mirror as I curled my hair and checked my <a href="">outfit</a> making sure it was perfect. Indigo looked at me strangely as I fixed a few stray hairs.

“Hmm, you look a tad bit extra for someone who’s just getting a visit from a ‘friend’.” She said eying me up and down.

“I just want to make sure I look good.” I smiled as I put on some lip gloss. I noticed her grab her purse and head for the door.

“Where you goin?”

“Kick it with the homies Hood and Keeis. I ain’t trying to be in here when you and Chris are making love faces at each other. That’s awkward.”

“Ugh, I wanna go!” I whined as she shook her head at me.

“No you got things to handle here patna.” She said tapping my shoulder and heading out of the room. I sighed as I rehearsed in my head what all I wanted to say. I didn’t know how I was going to explain everything without making things weird between us.

About 30 minutes later there was a knock on my door. I opened it to see <a href="">him</a> standing there.

“Hey.” I greeted as he removed his hood and I watched his eyes admire my body. I smiled a little to myself. I knew my outfit wasn’t extra.

“Hey, you heading somewhere after this?” He asked as he walked in and gave me a hug before he took a seat on the sofa that was in our suite.

“Why you ask that?” I asked answering his question with a question.

“Well you’re all dressed up and you weren’t wearing that earlier. Just thought you were going out. I don’t have to stay long if you are..” He said as I instantly became hot with embarrassment. His dumb ass completely missed that I got dressed for him. There was no way I was about to confess my true feelings. Rejection was in my rearview.

“Oh, well yeah I was gonna go out with Indigo whenever she gets back.” I lied as I sat down on the bed across from him.

He looked up and smirked at me before laughing. “Yeah ok.” I rolled my eyes and decided to change the subject.

“So what was so urgent that you wanted to see me tonight instead of waiting until tomorrow?” I asked sitting Indian style on the bed. No need for me to act cute. He wasn’t going to recognize it anyway.

“I just missed you. I missed talking to you all the time and hearing your voice. You always made me smile whenever I felt like sh*t. And there were plenty of times where I was feeling like sh*t.” He said causing me to chuckle a little.

“So what happened to you? You were telling me about Jason and then disappeared. What’s going on with ya’ll?”

“There is no ‘us’. I just ended things with him. He just wasn’t who..what I wanted. And I couldn’t make him turn into something he wasn’t.”

“..Or someone?” He asked letting me know he caught me saying ‘who’ at first. I shrugged a little to play it off.

“I guess so.” He smiled as he stood up and sat next to me on the bed. I did everything I could to look every way but his. I could’ve sworn I no longer felt the feelings I was feeling now. He gently grabbed my chin forcing me to look him in his eyes.

“Your eyes faithfully give you away.” He said softly staring into them.

“I’m not lying to you though.” I replied turning my head from his grasp.

“What do you call it then?”

“Prevention.” I answered as he furrowed his brows.

“Prevention from what?”

“Saying something I truly don’t mean.” I sighed as I pinched him in his side to change the mood. He was trying to open me up like a book but I wasn’t going to allow that to happen.

“Ow!” He yelped as he pinched me back. I swear he used nothing but nails.

“Cut your damn nails!” I yelled pinching him repeatedly on both of his sides before he pinned me down on the bed. He sat on top of me and held my arms tight as I tried to wiggle free.

“I’m about to kick you in the back of your head!” I threatened as he lightly shrugged. He thought I was playing.

“Do it.” He taunted as I used every bit of energy in my body to lift my leg up to kick him. I was nowhere close. He laughed at my struggle.

“Hey, you wanna know what my big cousin used to do when he had me in this position?” He asked, and I sensed a bit of evil in his eyes. This nigga was about to torture me for pinching him.

“Not really.” I said attempting to get free with no success. I watched as Chris opened his mouth and this huge glob of spit was starting to form on his lip. I gasped. My big brothers used to do this to me all the time with no mercy.

“Chris you better not!” I said using all of my strength to get free to avoid being covered with his spit ball. He laughed as he sucked it back in.

“OMG! That is sick af!” I squealed as he couldn’t stop laughing. I felt his grip loosening and quickly flipped him over onto his back with me on top. I pinned his arms down as he gave me a ‘really’ look.

“You know I can easily break free. Your weak ass arms ain’t doin sh*t.”

“That must mean you like it when I’m top.” I said flirtatiously, not even believing that I actually said that out loud.

“What if I do?” He asked biting his lip as I felt a small jump from his penis against my pelvis. I hated how I was being turned on by this. We both stared at each other intently unsure of what the next move should be.

Chris grabbed my lower back and slowly sat up with me still straddling him. My breathing quickened along with my heart beat as he never took his eyes off of mine. He bit his lip once more before he slowly began to lean in, motioning for a kiss. Before I had a moment to object his lips were pressed against mine.

oh s***!!!
Something is definitely going down tonight!!
He's gonna probly make her explain why exactly she was dodging him...
When she does, he'll push up on her! I know it!!
lol lemme stop assuming!!
runs :)

I think she should tell him, but at the same time she should keep in mind the outcome of it...Will was a a**hole! Jason is aggravating and he's not even cute so that should be another reason why it would be easy to kick him to the curb

like omg...can she please tell him tonight??
like seriously.
I'm so tired of these games.
she needs to woman up and tell his ass straight up what the business is..
run it

aww she was wrong not to tell him she was in la.. awww he misses her. he wasnt waitin to see his tink, he is coming by tonight.. i hope she tells him how she feels, i have a feeling it is going to very mutual i cant wait.. hurry up n update well as soon as u get more runs. lol

run ittttt

Aww me....I know the feeling allllll too well....but ignoring him is not the way to go.....I agree with should tell him how you're feeling...he deserves to know...the way he's acting.....he's feeling the exact same way.

“I swear I love LA!” I chimed as Indigo and I continued to walk down Melrose shopping for the New Year’s events. We still had not decided on what exactly we wanted to do, and I never mentioned to her that Chris had invited us to his rooftop party. I honestly didn’t want to go.

“We seriously need to figure out what the hell we doing tomorrow night. Mijo DID mention that Chris is throwing a little something tomorrow.” Indigo said as we walked into a boutique to skim through dresses.

“Yeah, so?” I said nonchalantly as I picked up a dress to look at it closer.

“Man, what’s been up with you and Chris?! Every time I bring him up you get this mood. Ya’ll was just the best of friends, what changed?” She asked as I shrugged.

“I guess I did. My feelings started getting deeper than they should have so I backed up. I don’t want to complicate our relationship with feelings. He’s happy with Kae, and I saw myself trying to disrupt that.”

“Ahh, so I was right! You were feeling Chris!” She said smacking me in my arm as I flinched a little.

“Yeah, it was during the time me and Jason started to fall off. Every time we chilled I would wish I was with Chris. I had so much fun with him. But now I’ve finally gotten myself to a point where I’m over those feelings, as long as I don’t see or talk to him.” I said confidently as Indigo chuckled.

“I think you’re handling it all wrong. You should just tell him how you’re feeling so at least he knows why you’ve been avoiding him. Apparently he cares about you if he keeps hitting you up and you keep avoiding him.”

“Me telling him how I feel will make no difference. I will always be nothing but a fan and he will always be Chris Brown. Our worlds don’t collide or mix and they never will. I’ll get over myself and come back around soon. Until then..” I started as we walked out of the boutique to a sea of paparazzi.

“Damn, who is out here?” Indigo asked as she tried to search through the crowd. Her eyes widened before she turned back to me.

“You will not believe…”

“Tink?!” We heard a familiar voice call out. We turned and were face to face with<a href="">them</a>.

“Uh hey..” I waved awkwardly as Chris looked at me confused.

“What are you doing out in LA? Why didn’t you call me?” He asked in hopes that I would finally give him some type of explanation.

“I..uh..for New Years.” I finally blurted out as I looked between him and Karrueche. Why was this so awkward for me?

“So you can come to the party tomorrow then?” He asked as I started to shake my head before Indigo spoke.

“You already know we’ll be there Breezy.” She chimed tapping his arm a little as he finally smiled.

“Really? We’d love for you to come.” He said referring to him and Karrueche. She put on a fake smile at the two of us. I hesitated a little before Indigo nudged me.

“We’ll stop by Chris.” I confirmed as Chris let out a light breath of air before he smiled. His bodyguard had come up and pushed him a little.

“We gotta get moving.” He simply said as Chris nodded to show he understood before turning back to us.

“I’ll call you ok?” He said basically telling me to answer his call. I nodded as Karrueche and I waved bye to each other before we continued down the street. I instantly shot a cold stare at Indigo.

“Man, why you tell him we were going to go?” I asked with frustration as she smiled.

“Because we are. You gotta stop acting like a pussy and get it over with. Tomorrow is the perfect time to tell him how you feel.”

“Whatever, let’s hurry up and find a dress. I have to go down to the school to finish registering for my graduate classes.”


I was looking at my schedule attempting to find my classes before the actual semester started. I was all registered for the graduate program at UCLA. I was more than proud of myself for accomplishing so much at a young age. I received my undergraduate degree at the age of 21 and immediately found a job with a top rated insurance company in the Human Resources department and now I was attempting to pursue my dream of becoming an author with this Masters degree.

I was blindly walking searching for a class when someone bumped into me, hard, knocking me and all of my papers out of my hand. I looked up to see <a href="">him</a> looking down at me scowling a little.

“You really need to watch where you’re going.” He scoffed as I was startled by his response.

“Um..excuse me?” He dusted off his clothes before staring coldly at me.

“You heard me.”

“But you ran into me!” I defended as I gathered my papers. His rude ass wasn’t even helping me.

“Look, just watch where you’re goin next time aight?” He said before he rushed off towards his destination. I shook my head in disbelief as I continued to pick up the papers. One of the papers looked foreign as I scanned over it. <em>William Taylor</em> read the name at the top of it. Mr. Rudeness name was Will. I rolled my eyes as I balled up the piece of paper and threw it on the ground. I was hoping I would never have to run into him again.

I stood up and read my schedule over once more before I felt my phone vibrate. It was Chris calling me. I sighed remembering I promised that I’d answer this time.

“Hey.” I answered casually as I put my papers in my purse.

“Hey, I was really surprised to see you today. Why you been dodging me?”

“I was just..going through something. I didn’t want to bother you with my problems.” I said half telling the truth. He seemed to have bought it.

“You could’ve just said that though, without me randomly bumping into you in LA of all places. I can’t believe you came and didn’t say sh*t. I thought we were better than that.” I could hear the slight hurt in his voice and instantly felt like sh*t for being selfish and avoiding him. Before anything Chris and I were friends, and I owed him that.

“We are, and I’m sorry. I was just being emotional. But I’m good now. I can’t wait to see you tomorrow.” I admitted shyly walking towards my rental car.

“Me either. I miss you. I should stop by your hotel tomorrow to see you before we get surrounded by everyone else. Or even tonight…” He suggested as I smiled on the other end of the phone.

“You miss me that much huh?” I asked as I heard a chuckle on his end.

“Hell yeah I miss your little ass! You just up and went ghost on me. Thought I did something wrong.”

“Nope. You’re doing everything right. I’ll text you the address when we get off the phone.” I said as we said our goodbyes. I sent him the address and got a response in no less than a minute.

<strong>Tomorrow’s too long to wait. I’m coming by tonight.</strong>

aww thats a nice career move. i hope she take it.. but she is right. jason is moving fast but why are u avoiding chris too...if u feeling him. she should tell him but maybe not just yet.. if she move out there. i wonder how he is going to react..... yayy ur updating all day.. so keep it coming girl
run it

Tink be making me mad sometimes yo.
like...why is she ignoring Chris?
what did he do?
she just be going through a thing.
but I'm excited to see how things are going to go when she tells Chris about the move.
I just wish they would get together all ready or at least kiss.
run it mama

Yayyyy !! We moving to cali and I got a job AND my bestie coming *jumps for joy* ohhhhhhh this is good.

I understand Jason clingy ass but indigo made a valid point about chris. Smh

Uhhh Chris ...... Yuuuuuppp

Runnnnn It !!

Adding all through out the day to this story! Ya'll better run and comment lol it's gonna get good ;)

“We started our period on the same day. We really are best friends.” <a href="">Indigo</a> said as she swallowed another scoop of ice cream. We were on my living room couch wrapped up in blankets eating tubs of cookies and cream ice cream while watching Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix.

“Hell yeah. Suffering together.” I sighed before I felt my phone vibrate. It was Jason calling again. I groaned as I ignored his call.

“Why you keep ignoring Jason?” She asked as I threw my phone back down.

“Just not feeling him anymore. He’s trynna rush sh*t when I’m the type to take my time. Nigga gives me head and falls in love.” I replied shaking my head. Jason was getting too emotional too early in the dating game.

“I can dig that. Told you his ass was too safe. Now Chris…” She started before I cut her off.

“Don’t even start. I’ve been avoiding him too.” I said as I got another scoop of ice cream.

Her eyes widened, “Tf?! Why?”

I shrugged a little, “I saw pictures of him in Vegas over the weekend. He and Karrueche seem really happy and comfortable with their high profile life. I don’t fit into that world.” Indigo’s mouth dropped as she looked at me.

“I should smack you for belittling yourself like that. The hell you mean you don’t fit into his world? He invited you IN his world, so if he wants you in it you belong in it.” I could tell Indigo was feeling some type of way about my comment so I decided to change the subject.

“I got a job offer today. To be a Human Resources Manager..” I started as her frown instantly became a smile.

“Really?! Wasssuuuhhh! How much you making? When you start?” She asked completely forgetting our previous conversation.

“It starts at 60k..but the job is in Calabasas.” She quickly raised her eyebrows.

“Word? California? You gonna take it?”

“I haven’t confirmed yet. Granny thinks I should. She said it’s time for me to go out and experience the world while I’m young and with no responsibilities.” I informed as she nodded in understanding.

“I definitely think you should do it. Get the hell up out of Columbus. There’s nothing left for us here.”

“Yeah, I was thinking when I go out there I’ll go to UCLA to get my Master’s Degree in Journalism. I want to pick my writing back up. And I was also thinking that you should come with me…” I hinted as she shot me a look.

“Come with you? I wish. I don’t think my job goes out there.”

“I’ll get you a job! They’re hiring for all types of positions. If anything you could do a customer service position. I really think if I go, you should come with me! We take on California together.” I smiled as she turned and smiled at me as well.

“Bruh I’m with it!! Let’s do this. When does your job start?” She asked as I suddenly got geeked.

“The beginning of the new year. I figured we can go to LA after Christmas and stay for a week and spend New Year’s there to find an apartment and get me enrolled into the Master’s program.”

“I can’t believe we’re really going to do this. This is crazy. But I’m ready. You gonna tell Chris?” She asked as I shook my head.

“We’ll cross that bridge when we get there.”


Chris checked his phone for the tenth time waiting for a reply back from Tink as he entered his home with Keeis and Hood. They had just gotten back in town from Vegas. Karrueche was staying in Vegas another night with Christina and would return in the morning.

“I’m tired af.” Hood sighed as he set his bag down and instantly plopped on the couch. Chris sluggishly walked over and joined him.

“Hell yeah. I still feel hung over.” He sighed as Keeis joined the two of them.

“Man wait until f*ckin New Years. You got plans for that yet Chris? You think it’ll be warm enough for another rooftop party?” Keeis asked as Chris shrugged.

“Haven’t really thought about it for real. That might be the move. See what Rueche wants to do. I’m sure she won’t gaf either way though.” He replied drily leaning his head back on the couch.

“Aye, what’s been up with the homies Tink n Indigo? You should invite them out for New Years. Miss my lil niggas.” Hood requested as Chris nodded in agreement.

“I’ve been hitting Tink up all weekend. I don’t know what she’s been on but she hasn’t been responding. I’ll mention it to her though.”

“I hope they come. They know how to turn up!” Keeis chuckled as they joined him.

“Hell yea. Dopest fans we’ve ever met. Make sure they come out.” Hood said looking at Chris.

“I’ll try.” He sighed as he checked his phone again. Still no response.