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Clouds Over Brooklyn (Repost)


Brooklyn is a 20 year-old artist from Brooklyn, New York. Lost her mother at a young age and lived with her father, who eventually married Tangie - a cold woman that made Brooklyn's life a living hell.

Brooklyn, in love with street murals, was arrested after getting caught doing a mural on a billboard in Manhattan. When the city woke the next morning, as she sat behind bars, a very established Chris Brown woke up to find Brooklyn's mural across the street from his Manhattan apartment. He was intrigued immediately.

After jail, and a court order to stay the f*** away from street murals, Brooklyn ventured to the art district where she met <a href=>Hadley</a>, a gallery owner and artist herself, who agreed to let Brooklyn work in the gallery. They became close, and built a very strong bond.

While working with Hadley, she found out that her older brother, Brian, died while overseas serving the country. His death hit her hard. He was her heart. She eventually moved in with Hadley, who exposed her to city life. During one of Hadley's gallery openings, Chris Brown came in and he and Brooklyn were introduced to one another. He loved her art.

After building a friendship with Chris - one that was stimulating, intellectually and artistically, they grew close, despite Chris' long distance relationship with Karreuche. When she returned, they became quite distant. Brooklyn was dragged to an industry party with Hadley where she met Aubrey Drake Graham.

Hesitant at first, she agreed to meet with him and the two of them became friends. She even went on tour with him - but that didn't last. Against everything that Brooklyn stood for, she could not and would not live that fast paced lifestyle. So she broke things off with Aubrey - after they had taken their relationship to a physical level. She was known for that.

After she returned, she came home to find that Brian, her brother, had a wife and son, Josiah. She began to spend time with her nephew, searching for pieces of her brother. She fell for Josiah, and noticed a strain on his relationship with his mother, Marissa.

Tangie's daughter, Brianna, was beginning to hang with the wrong crowd, and it was painful for both Tangie and Brooklyn, who loved her dearly. At one of Hadley's openings, a man presented himself to Brooklyn and offered her the opportunity to come to LA and do some art with his company. Brooklyn pondered the idea, seeking opinions from both Hadley and Chris - neither of them wanted her to go. Chris even poured out his heart to her - and kissed her - in front of hundreds of cameras.

When Brooklyn went to see Chris, and ask him to come with her to LA, Chris revealed that his new girlfriend was there to stay. He wouldn't be joining her. A broken-hearted Brooklyn went to LA, cut her hair and began a new life.

She bought an art gallery and met a hottie named Peyton that she got a littttttleeee friendly with, earlier than she should've. Hadley advised her not to, and was angry when she found out that she did. Chris was back in the picture. He wanted Brooklyn to do his album artwork, so she did, but she didn't want anything to do with 'em!

They argued a little, but their bond was stronger than they thought. Due to negative publicity, Chris' label told him to take time off, so he moved to be closer to Brooklyn. While out in LA, Brooklyn found out about the death of her sister, Brianna. She returned to Brooklyn, where old memories of her mother's death and of Brian's death caught up with her. She returned to LA, to find a supportive Chris there. He poured his heart out (again nigga?) and Brooklyn accepted.

Now together, the two of them attended the Video Music Awards, where Brooklyn felt out of place and uncomfortable in what she was wearing. She didn't wanna go, but she did for Chris. When she got there, she realized that it wasn't at all what she hoped for - she was alone for the majority of the show. She did however, meet Rihanna. Score! Drake came and joined her and Chris saw from backstage. He wasn't too happy. What will he say?