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{Without Him} - Chap 19 & 20 is up... STORY IS FINISHED NOW!!!

First and foremost, I would like to thank Bre'Na Wells for the title to this story. I was stuck and she gave me the best idea yet.

Now unto the story.

<Strong> Intro </Strong>

I remember it as though it was yesterday. The summer’s heat was seeping into our bones through our open pores and he was still here with me. Continuously told me that he was so in love with me, but he was sorry for what was to come. If only I knew then what I know now, I would have left him, left them, left there as soon as possible. I would have looked around for the emergency exit before having considered pressing the panic button. But unfortunately, I wasn’t as aware as I should have been. Within 24 hours of telling me what he wanted from me, he left without warning. I could blame God for taking him away so soon, but it wouldn’t be fair on God for he obviously knew that his time was limited and failed to tell me. Now I’m lost with nowhere to go, no one to turn to and a life of hell ahead of me.

My friends try to console me each day, but even a year later I still feel that it was my fault he died. If only I cared more I would have been able to tell that something wasn’t right with him. If only I hadn’t been so caught up in my own world, I would have been able to spend more time. But now he is gone and all that I’m left with is memories of him and a child. His child.


I should have just followed my mind and made Chris cheat
I love y'all
Sorry but....
Blame AMBY she wanted Darius to do Casper
And Bree backed the idea lol
Next add will hopefully come in an hour tops...

Yeah Tee, I have something else in mind, follow on to this story really. i shall keep u in mind.

Oh my f***ing god!
The twins are some b****es!
That chapter really just made me mad!
Them dumb asses lied to her!
I really hope chris didnt know about Darius him faking his death!
But if he did thats some f***ed up s***!
So now Ni is Chris niece!
And lil Darius is big Darius nephew!
But thet got the same damn mama!
Thats so f***ed up!
Run it Boo!

@toya wat the hell jus happen??? i wanna be in ur next story as long as u not gon kill it ....AGAIN!! lol

Tee, I will incorporate your idea in a future post.

Tee, I will incorporate your idea in a future post.

Whattttttt!!!!??? Crazyy ishhhh!!! Wowwww idk what to it! Like right now. Haha what's gonna happen? ??/;/:

*four minute long gasp*

Who the f*** ? What the f*** ?? I don't understand ... Yess I do I just don't want to.

This man that I thought was oh so perfect as mindf***ed the s*** out of me.

Surprisingly , I am not mad at chris and I am not sure why?

My heart is still shattering into pieces like how could he .. Smh and then to name your son that bastard of a man's name when you knew he wasn't dead ( my angry is kicking in) But the truth would have devastated her more and that precious child.

f*** You Toya !!!!!!!!!!! *storms out post* AND YOU GET NO DAMN RUN IT!!!!!!!!!

What the actual f*** Toyaaaa!! What is going on here??? Darius is still alive. I knew it!! I always knew it but not like this! How they brothers but have different moms?? I have so many questions!! Ughh why did he do this whyyyyyyyy??

Run it now Toya or ima come to London and beat you. Why would you do this to us??

<strong> Chapter 16 </strong>

Everything did seem as though it was going well for the past 4 months. Lil D now 6 months old, Niy now 6 years and 4 months old. Chris was managing his time between home and work well. I was playing mommy and manager, supposedly well.

Today was Chris' 31st birthday and we were to head over to his mother's place for a little family gathering. It was a little chilly today and lil D wasn't all that well so I had to ensure that he was dressed warm enough before we left the house. Niy decided that she wanted to be her own wardrobe designer and settled for something quite, colourful. Pink headband, orange t-shirt, yellow jeans and green sneakers. I wasn't sure if I was to let her leave the house like that or if I was to intervene. I looked at her in some amazement. "So, mother" she started as she twirled for me, "what do you think?" She looked at me trying to analyse my face with much failure. "Baby, if I allow you to leave the house like that, you will hate me when you get older." I said as I stooped to her level and tickled her sides. "I love the colours though." She managed to say between laughs. I had to tell her that the colours were beautiful, but they looked weird when they were all worn together. She trusted my judgements then went to change into a pair of black jeans, a pair of red boots, and her red top along with her black tie and her red and black jacket. She walked into the room and addressed Chris saying "Sup homie?" Chris went down to her level, dapped her and said "aint a thing shawtie!"

We finished getting ready and got everything in the car and made our way to mama J's house. The car journey was relatively quiet with Niy singing along to some of the songs such as Contagious by Isley Brothers and some Lionel Richie songs. We pulled up to the house and as I turned to Chris I could see that his face dropped. I placed my hand on his leg and he turned to me "is everything ok Mr. Brown?" He swallowed hard and replied "I'm sorry for what will happen today." I looked at him puzzled, but let it go and got out the car.

Chris took lil D and I held Niy's hand as we entered the house. The vibe was really chilled in the house. There weren't many folks there as we entered which was as planned. Having been in the house for a little while, myself and Chris went upstairs to leave our bags. Mama J told us to make our way round the back when we came back down. When we got into the room I stopped and turned to Chris "what was that about in the car?" He came over and wrapped his arms around me "my twin brother is here and I can't promise that all will remain peaceful today."

I guess you can say I was taken aback when he mentioned a twin brother. We have been married for some time now and I am only just hearing about a twin brother. "Twin brother?" I removed myself from his grip. "Yeah and I'm sorry I have never said anything about him. It's just that our relationship was never great." I rolled my eyes and headed out of the room. I stopped in my tracks and turned to him. "Let's just get through your birthday right. We shall discuss this later."

"Surprise!" Everyone yelled as Chris and his brother entered the room. Though they were told that it was only a few members of their family who would be turning up, mama J and I planned to get more folks here to celebrate this day for them. I found out from mama J whilst planning that Chris had a twin brother and to be honest, I was furious. I just couldn't understand why Chris had never mentioned him. His brother's name was Jameson Micah Brown. But he was not even at our wedding. As I looked at him, I saw Darius. It's as though Darius had risen from the dead.

I tried to introduce myself to Jameson but everytime I got close, he would always find a reason to excuse himself. I noticed he had a scar on the back of his left hand which resembled one that Darius also had. He wore the same cologne Darius used to wear. His voice rung the same melodic echoes through my ears that Darius' voice once played to me. I had to excuse myself and make my way upstairs as I was being freaked out by the sightings downstairs. Everything was just too much for me. I guess it's because today was to be Darius' birthday also.

As I was in the room, I heard Chris and I assumed Jameson in the other room. I stopped to listen in and see what they were talking about. I wish I wasn't so nosey as I heard things I don't think I should have heard.

"You know she is going to hate you for this bro."

"What could I have done? I have another family man."

"You know she is my wife right? You know you caused her pain right?"

"I couldn't do any better man and you know it. But Chris I know I owe you one. You looked after her as I knew you would."

"Why the hell are you here? You come here to ruin her life? To ruin my family?"

"Bruh! I hit that before you did. She was my lady first."

"You just twisted dawg. You lied to her for years man. She thought you were dead!"

I walked into the room with tears rolling down my face. I could not believe the man I loved once and thought was dead, was still alive. To make things worse, the man I now shared my heart with and my bed, lied to me. "I hate you both."

Toya noooo dont kill the story :(((

@ toya that would b greatly appreciated! :-)

Might actually be able to give a chap 16... Me thinks...

*crawls under comforter*
Amby girl u scaring me!
Love ur comment though
You know I aint mean to make u cry



I always end up bawling whenever I read one of your adds. Although I wanted to b**** slap Chris when he started whining about being pushed aside. Really nigga? Yo ass gets ONE day out of the year. ONE f***ING DAY. It ain't like his ass has to deal with it everyday.

Plus, I know he's technically Ni-Yah's 'father', but Darius will always be her natural father. To deprive her and Dalia of reading those letters would be cruel and selfish. Mother and daughter need that. Dalia needs to know about Darius.

I kinda had a feeling Ni-Yah wasn't going to like or get jealous of the new baby. It's only natural. She probably felt like she was getting replaced. After all, she isn't really Chris's biological daughter. Although, I think she's a bit young to be looking <em>that</em> much into it. So, I'll just stick with the 'she's jealous' theory. lol

I love that she's accepted Lil D. And she spent half of her bday money on him? God bless this child. lol

And Toya, yo ass better not end this story or I'll end YOU. lmao. jk.

As far as ideas......I don't know. I'll try to think though. :)


*waits for Lele to help*

I will get back to you on that :)

Tee I like that idea, but something needs to happen before that.

I will think on it...

Anymore ideas faithful friends?

@toya girl no it cant die today. write about chris acceptin to read the letters with Ni and then send chris and dalia on sum kinda romantic evening. idk? lol

awwww Bre Bre

<strong> WE GOT A PROBLEM </strong>

I have a problem... I don't know what to write for chap 16 and I wanted to post today
Can the story die a natural death today?

Toya you know what im bout to say and do!
I love this story!
I'll be back later after I go to sleep!
To leave a real comment!

lol p.s Soso, u realise they were in the study right haha

@HowIFeel 1, pls remind me of your name and 2, sorry for making u cry again. Most important thing is that you are enjoyingggg :-)

lol you guys do know that
I write nothing called sex scenes right
So even if it looks as though something might happen
Your imaginations will be needed to see that through
For I won't be writing any lol

I will write Chap 16 soon

New Readers, thank you mucho =] Feel free to leave comments as long as an actual chapter (Soso does it lol I do appreciate it Sosozzzz)

Your thoughts can help to inspire future chapters.

Run it

but im sayin tho lol
can they get a quickie
i mean, shid was about
to get deep! felt like
chris was about to get
it poppin right in the
kitchen! jp jp


How wonderful!


Man Lil`D, let mama get some d***!



I love this!

Run this :)

Awwww Dude Your Gonna Make Me Cry Again:)

lol Soso yeah lil D had to cry,
he a baby
that's what they do! loool

Lool Jazzy girl writing is
the only thing that keeps me sane these days
that and my Bible readings

@Anda thank you chica
Hope you enjoy it all
Might take you some days to catch up
but hope you enjoy

Lool Lele
There has to be ups and downs right?
Plus, the start that Dalia had
her life needs some colour
even if that means a lil hiccup with Chris

Toya My Toya !

Thank you for mending their relationship ,:)

Run It !

Deep intro...#sobsobweepweep, I like it

Toya you make me feel bad cus you stay writing lol

Niyah is the sweetest. I feared that their relationship was gonna fall apart. I guess not *wipes sweat*

run it