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Paper Trail

<strong>This Literary Work is Brought to You by Monroe & SoSo</strong>


<em>His life had always been an easy one. His cost of living had always been high and had never been denied. It wasn't until he lost it all that made him who he was today. His name is Clinton, at least for now. He had many names. Said he could never settle on one that suited him to his liking. With these many names came many masks, many stories, and many lies.</em>


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<strong>Chapter Sixteen</strong>

"This old restaurant," Angela complained as we pulled up to the first place we ever met. "Really Christopher?"

Lanisha had already got on my fckng nerves this whole damn week. I mean I shut her ass up for a while after putting it down, but she stay at it like a squirrel searching for some nuts. If she kept on, I was gonna show her crazy. Have her ass on edge and not give her no dck. She already been feigning since this morning. Our daily dose of pool sex was skipped as I took Angela shopping and we spent the whole day together. Anyways, I ain't need for Angela to be picky now and complain about sht now. Today had been great so far.

Without responding, I hop out and walk around the hood of the hood of the car. I open the door for Angela, holding out my hand. She took it and stepped out onto the sidewalk. I closed the door and threw the valet the keys. We walk into the restaurant and were immediately escorted to our reserved table in the private section. A waiter soon arrived with a bottle of champagne and a bucket of ice. Angela had gotten comfortable as we sat across from each other.

My hands were kind of shaky so I picked up a glass of water and a damn near gulped it all as the waiter poured our glasses. Angela was too busy staring at the menu. The waiter gave me a smile as she poured my glass and swiftly walked away when she was done. "Mm," Angela shook her head as she set her menu down and then stares at me. "All these young females...probably thinking that I'm your mother."

"What," I scrunch up my face. "No! You do not look like my mother! And besides baby you're better than all them loose-pussy ass females! They can't handle me like you do," I smile.

Angela blushes and picks up her Champagne glass and takes a sip while looking around. A few minutes passed by with silence and then the waiter came back to take our orders. I just couldn't hold it in man. Angela was eyeing me like she knew something was up. So finally before the food came, I stood up and got down on one knee.

"What are you doing?" Angela asks.

I dug my hand in my pocket staring up at Angela. People stared at us out of curiosity wondering if I had dropped something or was about to propose. "Angela," he stated, "we may have not known each other for a long time, but it feels like...the amount of time we've spent getting to know each other has shown me that time doesn't really matter. Years or months. Because my heart is telling me that you're the one for me. No one is perfect and neither is our relationship. You're the most beautiful person I have ever met. I love how every time I knock a wall down there's another one waiting. I love the challenge in you. The complicated, hard and tough skin you have on you. Just like me. We're a match made in heaven. ...Will you marry me Angela Evelyn Bassett?"

The expression across Angela's face was serious, hard as a bag of rocks. But beautiful nonetheless and not as intimidating as it used to be. "Yes," she answers. "I will marry you," she smiles. A grin runs across my face and I set the ring on her finger while other customers clapped for us. "Damn, I love you..." she pulls out of a hug. "So much...I," she stops and looks up at me, "I feel like it's almost a dream, you know?"

"ON THE HOUSE," the owner of the restaurant walks over with a very expensive wine bottle. "For the engaged couple, eh?! Congratulations!"

Angela blushed away as she showed nearby females who were out with their dates the big ass rock I bought her. I overheard Lanisha telling one of her friends that she had asked Angela <em>'What if Chris asked you to marry him'</em> and continued on by saying that she thought her mother would say no. Tsst, silly rabbit. Who would say no to me? Not a damn body! I know every aspect of the game and this is <strong>my</strong> game. I play it so damn well.

"Lanisha is gonna be so surprised!" Angela grinned.

"Mm hm," I smiled and took a sip of my wine. "Sure is!"

Lanisha was gonna be more than surprised when I tell her she only has one last ride on this dck too. Well...I was still considering that since me and her mother wouldn't last too long anyway. But then I got to thinking...what if I'm going too deep with these feelings overcoming me at times? Nah! I laughed at myself. I'm good! I'm still the same old Christopher! Yes sir.

After dinner, Angela and I went back to her place...our place and fcked every damn where! Even in the pool house! Sht was just too funny to me. Lanisha was gone, but fcking in our spot with her mother... Loved it. And we fcked in Lanisha's bed too! And it's true what they say...Like mother like daughter. Lanisha may have been wild and reckless, but Angela kept it simple for a nigga. She took control so I really ain't have to do sht but relax. Just like i liked it.

The plan was coming along just great. Right on time as I stared at the secret door -Lanisha's dresser- to the safety box I really was trying to get into. It was hidden good but not for long. Once I started hanging out with Lanisha, I got my feel for secret places she used to play when she was a kid so I figured a lot more sht out then the eye could see. Now if only I could get to it soon, then things would really get a move on.

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<strong>Chapter Fifteen</strong>

<em>some months later...</em>

I couldn’t believe I was in fckn <em>Tiffany’s</em> picking out a ring. With Lanisha no less! She said she always wanted to have breakfast at Tiffany’s like her favorite Audrey Hepburn movie. Who was I to deny her that?

I was walking around, looking at all the different engagement rings. I rubbed the hair on my chin that I had let grow in. Angela liked a man with a little scruff. I chuckled at that little thought and shoved my hands in my pockets.

“What’s so funny?” Lanisha approached me.

I snapped out of my calm and looked down at her, “Nothing, just thinking.”

“Oh, of how ridiculous this all is?” she rolled her eyes and looked down at the rings in the case she was leaning on.

I scoffed and shook my head at her. She was beginning to show her age more and more every day. It was hella annoying most of the time. It seemed that the only way I was able to tolerate it was when we were fckn, and that wasn’t as much lately.

“I mean really…my mother?” she giggled jealously and put her elbows on the case, placing her chin on her hands.

I shook my head once again, “Stand up straight man.” I hated to see women slouched over. She had on a short ass skirt too. If the pussy wasn’t right, I would’ve been left shorty alone. I mean she had good conversation too, when she wasn’t acting like a brat. Sort of like how she was acting now.

She stood up straight but with attitude, “Gosh you starting to act like my daddy already!” she sighed while folding her arms.

“That’s crazy.” I chuckled.

She looked at me, “What?”

I walked up on her and placed my right hand on the small of her back while leaning down to her ear, “You weren’t complaining about me being ya daddy last night.” I stepped away as smooth as I had approached her and continued my search for the perfect ring.

She smirked and bit her bottom lip, “But see that’s what I’m saying!” she got close to me and lowered her voice as she continued, “How you fckn me, but bout to propose to my mom? Like, how does that even work?”

“Love.” I simply stated as I suddenly spotted the ring I wanted to purchase.

“<em>Love</em>?” the word seemed foreign to her. At least coming from me.

She wasn’t too far off though. Love was not something that I had thrown around. In fact, I hadn’t really felt love since my parents died. That’s why this was kinda scary for me. After all the times and countless marriages, this one would probably actually mean something to me. I loved Angela. And I think I loved Lanisha too. Either way, I was marrying Angela whether I loved her or not.

“Hi sir, are you ready?” the saleswoman I signaled asked as she approached.

I nodded with a goofy smile, “Yeah, can I see that one right there?”

“Sure!” she responded chipper while getting the key to unlock the case that held my soon to be future.

As she pulled the massive rock from the case and on top for a closer look, I couldn’t help but imagine Angela’s face when she would see it.

“Ugh, I’m gonna go look at some charms for my bracelet.” Lanisha said, or at least what I thought she said. I was too busy admiring the 3 carat ring that I was about to drop some serious cash on.

I smiled even wider, “Perfect.” And it was. Everything about it screamed Angela’s name. that’s how I knew I had to been in some type of love. Never had I ever been so careful in picking out the perfect ring. Let alone blew so much cash on one. b****es were lucky if I went to Jared. But Angela was different. That was the problem.

“That’s what we like to hear.” The sales associate sung, breaking me from my thoughts. “Do you happen to know the size of the ring you would need?” she smiled I handed her back the ring.

Now that’s one skill of many that I had perfected over the years of doing this. I could spot the size of a woman’s ring finger just like that. I knew it from the first time I spoke to Angela, retaining the information for this moment. “A size 5.” I answered with a smile of accomplishment.

“Perfect, I’ll be right back with your ring.” She smiled one more time before disappearing with the ring.

I stood there, scanning the room not looking for anything in particular. Until I saw Lanisha approaching me with a big smile on her face. That meant that she wanted something.

“Hey daddy, think you can get me something?” she asked grabbing my hand leading to the other side without an answer.

I sighed and proceeded to be led over to a case where the charm bracelets and charms were. “Look, isn’t this the cutest?” she beamed while pointing down a pair of pink ballet shoes charm.

“It’s cool.” I honestly didn’t think much of it, but she liked it so I’ll play along.

She smiled, “Can you get it for me?”

Before I could answer, the woman who was helping me came over with the ring on a velvet tray. “This seems okay for you?” she held it out for me.

I inspected it and nodded, “Yeah its good. How much is that charm right there? Show her Nish.”

“Oh that one is $125.” She spat easily.

<em>$125 for a little ass charm of shoes?!</em> I cut my eyes over at Lanisha, letting her know that I would be paid back for this later. She smiled back with a knowing smile. I looked back at the lady, “Okay, let me get that too.”

The lady looked between me and Lanisha, I guess trying to figure out the relationship and who the engagement ring was for. After she took the charm from the bottom, she looked up, “Your sister?”

I simply shook my head no but Lanisha had to speak, “Oh no, he’s fckn my mother so I guess that makes me his stepdaughter.”

I looked at her disgusted while the lady looked her horrified as if she had never heard anything like that before. She probably hadn’t. “Yo, you need to calm down real talk.” She was testing my patience.

“Whatever.” She rolled her eyes and starting doing something on her phone. Probably txtn that b**** nigga Lance. She thought I ain’t peep that she had been talking to him. I read her sh*t last night after she went to sleep. They had been meeting for secret lunches nsh*t. which I don’t give a fck about because I was just banging shorty, but that fact that she was hiding it like I was her nigga was entertaining.

After spending a little over 5 stacks, I was ready to go the fck home. I was even more ready to drop Lanisha’s rude jealous annoying ass off somewhere.

“What we doing now?” Lanisha suddenly got a burst of energy as the sunlight hit her mocha skin.

I looked her as I pulled on my Raybans, “We ain’t doing sh*t. I’m dropping you somewhere and gonna run some errands. So where you wanna go?”

“Oh, so now you tryna get rid of me?” she spat as we hopped into my two seater.

I sighed as I securely placed the blue Tiffany’s bag in the middle console, “Yeah, so where you tryna go?” I was trying to keep my cool which was hard after that little comment in the store.

“Just take me to my car.” She stated with an attitude.

I nodded and pulled off into LA traffic. After a few minutes of listening to the radio, I turned it down. “Yo that sh*t you said to the lady back there wasn’t cool. That sh*t wasn’t even you. Like I couldn’t believe you said some sh*t like that.” I glanced over at her to let her know I was serious.

“It was true.” Was all she had to say.

I screwed my face up at her stupid response, “I don’t give a fck if I was fckn ya grandmother, you don’t say sh*t like that to anybody. Especially in a place like that! That sh*t was so embarrassing. I wanted to fck your ass up soon as you said it. That was just so uncouth. I didn’t expect that from you at all. I’m kinda disappointed.” I shook my head and turned the radio up. I ain’t really care what she had to say after that. I just had to let her know how I felt.

I heard her mumble something as she crossed her arms and looked out the window. We rode in silence, except for the radio, to my place where her car parked in my garage. Just in case Angela wanted to surprise me with a visit.

I pulled up next to her car and looked over at her. “You want me to get your bag?” I asked referencing her overnight bag that was still in my place upstairs.

“Duh!” she rolled her eyes and got out, slamming the door.

I laughed at her being so immature as I grabbed Angela’s ring and got out myself. “Yo, you gotta get yourself under control. You real unstable.” I laughed some more.

“Just open the damn door.” She stood there.

I laughed once more and let her in. “You know if you’re gonna act this way when <em>you’re</em> the side piece, maybe we need to stop fckn.”

She stopped in her tracks and faced me, “Come on, like you can give up this good pussy.”

“I’m not lacking on good pussy shorty. Remember that.” I gave her a telling look and went upstairs to put up the ring.

She entered the room shortly after me, “Chris stop playing with me.”

I smiled while my back was to her. It was crazy how I could have women so weak to point she would be begging for the d*ck. They were like fiends, looking for their next hit. Swearing they’ll die without it. That’s how I liked em. “When have you ever known me as one to play?” I turned to her.

“So you just gonna up and quit like that? After 3 months of this?” she looked at me.

I had been blowing her back out all summer. Ever since she graduated and moved back home, I was waxing that ass on the daily. All this while still keeping Angela happy and somehow developing feelings in the process.

I shrugged, “Why not? I mean, I am about to marry your mother.” I was just toying with her now.

“Woooow, niggas buy a ring and start feeling themselves. You don’t even know that she’ll say yes!” she scoffed.

Actually I did. If I ain’t know sh*t, I knew Angela would say yes. I mean, I’m Christopher Muthafckn Brown! Had yo muthafckn ass screaming last night and actin up in jewelry stores and sh*t. I smiled smugly and just began to walk out the room. “I’ll be waiting downstairs. Like I said, I have errands.”

She smacked her lips and snatched her bag, walking out pushing past me. I smacked her fat ass, “Better watch that fckn attitude!”

“Mmmm,” she moaned while looking back, “Stooop, you know I like that daddy.”

I shook my head at how quickly her mood could change. D*ck is one helluva drug! But I didn’t have time for that. I had things to do and she was making me fall behind. “Come on.” I led her to the door. I locked the door and watched her get in her car and back out after promising that she’d call later tonight. That was too bad cuz I’d be with her mother tonight.

After she left I hopped in my ride and sped out onto the residential street.

I find myself laughing at the end of every post lol, Chris is a fool in this one. I can't believe he's smashing the daughter! Wait, yes I can, I can't believe the daughter doesn't care!!! TF they do that at??? Angela should've just kept up her hard girl role even after she got the d***, smh....Those office scenes tho, whoooo. idk what's better that or in the classroom lol...

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<strong>Chapter Fourteen</strong>

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<strong>Chapter Fifteen</strong>

"I was just being honest," Chris yelled back at Angela, "Damn! Can a man get some fckng credit for that sht?!" I rolled my eyes actually angry cause she mad that I told Lanisha about us. "Fck Angela you always tryna do me greasy! Which one am I gonna be, huh?! A man or a boy? Your boyfriend or a booty call?! Which one cause i'm tired of this sht!" I sat on the edge of my bed leaning forward on my knees, waiting for her to answer.

This was the moment. A moment in time when all his fools in love fell for the killer move.

Angela was speechless, probably thinking about how she really and truly felt about me. "Christopher I,..." she inhaled. " sorry that I make you feel so confused about our relationship."

"You know what, it's not even a relationship! We have relations! It's lust! That's what I am to you!"

"Christopher, that is not true!"

"Then tell me what it really is then, Angela?! Because I'm over here thinking that I love you Nsht when you sitting over there fckng speechless like feelings never crossed your damn mind! I don't just fck anybody, Angela!"

"Did you...say that..."

"YES! I said that I love you," I calmed down. "I love you."

Now either she says it back because she fell for me or holds back being the stubborn woman she is. This was just around the time she'd truly let me in and finally trust me. Take me out in public and to special events that mean a lot to her such as charity organizations. And then, I hit the jackpot because she'll become even weaker than she is now, holding onto me for dear life that she won't make it without me.

"I don't have time for silence," I sighed. "Angela."

"I..." she gulped hard, "Christopher, I-"

"You, what?! Spit it out!" I licked my lips and then smiled.

This was the breaking point. The only exception...was Lanisha, now. The whole reason why she called is because she was mad that I told her daughter about us. She was beyond pissed, but sht I couldn't just lie to a btch I'm about to get bomb ass pussy from! And she don't give a fck?! Please! Damn right I told Lanisha.

"I love you, too..." she finally said it, but I wasn't buying.

I shook my head back and forth. "No you don't."

"Christopher, I do! I love you!"

"You don't show it," I scoffed. "At all. ...At! All! I mean I put myself on the bench for you. I passed up plenty females. And...this is what I get? I put myself out there and said that I love you. A lot of people don't hear those words come out of my mouth. Hell, no one. But you, Angela... I thought you were different. However, I was wrong. You're just like any other cougar tryna play hard, then act all young and sht so we can fck cause you lonely and older guys won't go for you because they also want youngings. I tried to..." I thought, "No. I was honest and loyal to you. Even just fcking. I was just that and nothing else. Never have I been so committed, This committed to anyone."


"Nah, just forget it Angela. I'm done. Bye," I hung up.

After a few seconds of silence I bust up laughing. She'd be calling back in about 3, 2, RING RING! I shook my head while looking down at my phone that sat in my palm. I set it on the nightstand and went to take a shower. Lanisha and I were headed to a carnival tonight out in Orange County, far away from Angela. We probably were just gonna wind up leaving to fck, but hey we're young. We do reckless sht in the spur of moment. Furthermore, by tomorrow, Angela will be all in her feelings while i'm sitting in the office chill as fck.

By then, she'd gone and spilled her feelings to Lanisha and Lanisha will probably tell her to just let me go. But Angela doesn't just give up like that. So she'll try to talk to me, and I'll give her 'another chance' to make it all up. By the end of the night, I'd done fcked Angela to sleep and Lanisha will be walking into her mothers' house drunk from partying, and I'll be on my way out. Lanisha will come on to me and we'd play out my fantasy, that dream I had about us fcking in the pool.

I'd have them both in the palm of my hands with their legs wrapped tightly around my fingers not wanting to let go and both trying to keep me satisfied. Angela will fall hard and Lanisha will stay quiet about our secret get togethers. Angela will continue to push her thoughts about Kevin onto Lanisha, but she'll only then want me. Lanisha will need me to be there to understand her like no one else will. And then finally, the lottery. Yes, the jackpot. How the game ends and my life begins all over, again. This paper trail that I follow over and over again. But that's all for tomorrow's thoughts to be planned out after I see through with Angela's decision.

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<strong>Chapter Thirteen</strong>

“What are you saying Angela?” Chris asked, tired of her pointless talking. She had been talking in circles for the past 30 minutes. Mostly, he was just anxious to leave before Lanisha got back home from hanging with friends.

Angela took a deep breath and grabbed his hand, “What I’m saying is, I don’t want you to feel used. I’m ready to be official.”

“I see.” Was all he could say. Chris didn’t really know how to take all this in being that he just blew her daughter’s back out earlier.

Angela was taken aback by his simplistic comment, “That’s all you can say? After all of that hoopin and hollerin you did last night? I can’t believe this.” She got up and paced the living room.

“Right. I umm, I have to get going. Let me think about things okay? I’ll uhh, I’ll uhh let you know.” He got up and proceeded to walk to the front door.

She walked up behind him and turned him around, “You have to think about things? Don’t fck with me Chris, I don’t like being fckd with. “

“Angela, you wanted to think about things now it’s my turn.” He said looking down at her, wishing she’d let go of his arms. He was in control and it was time that she figured that sh*t out.

She looked up at him for a while, letting what he just said process. Finally she sighed and let his arm go, “Fine.” She walked away shaking her head.

“I’ll call you.” He said as he opened the door.

When he turned to walk out the door, he bumped right into Lanisha which was the last thing he was trying to do. “Aw damn, my bad.” He said looking down at her still trying to get pass.

“It’s okay,” she giggled, “You can bump into me any time.” She looked at him lustily.

Chris nervously laughed but didn’t respond to her risqué comment. He was only trying to get out of there the best way he could.

“What are you doing here anyway?” she stood in the door watching him walk to his car.

He looked back, “Having a talk with your mom.”

“You guys do that a lot?” she pressed with more questions.

He nodded reluctantly, “Yeah, we do.”

“Why? Is the business deal that important?” she folded her arms, trying to get to the bottom of things.

Chris was stuck now. He couldn’t really find a feasible way out of this without telling the truth. That was a first. “Your mother and I…we uhhh…we--”

“Have sex?” she interrupted, now making her way over to his car.

He shrugged, “That’s not exactly how I would put it.”

“The how would you put it then?” she was strangely calm for some reason.

Chris studied her face, not sure of what to say next. More importantly, unsure of how she’d react. “We’re involved.”

“What does that mean?” she chuckled.

He sighed deeply; he just wanted to go home. At this point, that’s all he wanted out of life. “We’re seeing each other….romantically.” he cleared his throat.

“Oh, okay.” She nodded. “So, I guess we’ll have to keep us a secret then.”

“Ummm…us?” he asked for clarity.

She smirked, “I hope you didn’t think that one time in your office would be the only time.” She winked at him and turned on her heels, heading back inside the house.

Chris fought to hide a devilish grin, but he couldn’t help himself. He hopped into his car and sped home. He planned on going out for drinks tonight with some buddies from work.

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<strong>Chapter Twelve</strong>

Sitting in my office going over some numbers that Angela had for me, all I could think about was last night. Sht was too funny. I still laughed about. I was in my zone thinking of my next move when someone knocks on my door. I turn around in my seat to see Lanisha opening the door. "Hi," she smiles and slides in. "Um, my Well, she's getting on my nerves, and since I don't really know anybody else here, my mom seems to talk to you a lot."

I nod, staring at her beautiful face and then look down clearing my throat. "Yeah, yeah...mostly over the business conversations, though."

"You came from New York?"

"I lived there before once."

" travel a lot?" she leans back against my door.

"Yes, I do." I nod slowly, looking at my computer screen that a file open for some numbers I was working on. "Um...I know you probably want to talk, but...I'm kinda busy."

"Oh...okay, I'll just-"

"But I mean," I quickly cut her off, "if you wanna talk about how your mother is friendly one day and all bossy the next, then I don't mind." I half-smile.

"Yeah, mommy is a tough one."


"My mom," she looks up at the ceiling, smiling. "I'm so sorry. I her that- sorry." she apologizes.

"It's okay." I shrug. Because you could call me daddy any day, I thought and then smiled. "Um..." I tried to think, but my mind was blank. Was I seriously nervous, right now? My eyes were shifting all over the room so I wouldn't look at her. I felt my body temperature rise. s***. Please don't be red, face.

Lanisha smiled, glancing at me and then looking at the floor. "Are you blushing?"

"Uh..." I shake my head no, chuckling. "No!"

"Mm hm." she folds her lips in observing me as I looked down.

I glance up at her and she was still staring. "What," I ask in a raspy voice. Where the fck did this sht come from? Am I really getting weak right now?

"Nothing," she smiles. "But anyways, mommy..." Lord jesus if she say mommy one more time I'm gon turn this office the fck up with her ass. "...invited me out here with her today, anddd she had come back from that meeting you were at. While I was waiting in the office, I got a call from my ex Kevin. He wanted to get back with me, but I'm just not really sure if he's ready for commitment yet, and I told my mom. She totally took his side. And I know he still hasn't changed. With him being a pro football player, my ex is Kevin McCall, btw-"

"Oh okay. I've watched him play. Real great athlete."

"Yeah, and I know that he has groupies now and parties and splurges on all these different females. I see the blogs, and not necessarily that I believe them but I still know and talk to his sister and she does tell me that it's true that he gets with all these woman. Even when he has a main. So i'm like...why do they want me to get my feelings hurt? Why don't they see what I see? That pisses me off that they don't care about my feelings, but only about their feelings and what they want. What about what I need?" she exhales and then sighs, shaking her head.

I looked down from her red bottom heels up her smooth mocha legs, black pencil skirt and white blouse, gold necklace name plate with 'LaLaLand' on it. Man would I love to take a peak at LaLaLand. Her hair was in a high bun. If only I could rip her clothes off, bend her over, and pull on her long hair. I licked my lips and then bit down ono my bottom lip, thinking of something to say. "Well uh, I can definitely say that...from what you just told me that they are wrong for trying to put their opinions on you. You were the one hurt, you're the one who should be telling them what you want."

"Exactly," she nods. "Thanks for hearing me out. At least, someone understands me."

"You're welcome." I half-smile, rubbing my knees.

"So..." Lanisha walks over to my corner desk and sits on the edge, looking at the cluttered desktop with papers and files all over. "How do you feel about my mom as your boss?"

I felt like going over to Angela and tearing her ass up, that's how but since she wanna act like I'm a booty call then fine. Treating me like a child always yelling at me like I don't know what i'm doing or isn't a grown man. I ain't gotta deal with her sht. I could get pussy elsewhere just like I did with Robyn. Fck she thought this was.

"Hellooo?" Lanisha waved her hands in my face.

I snapped out of my thoughts and looked up at Lanisha. My office phone beeped. I quickly picked up the phone. "Yes, Ms. Bassett?"

"Are you done with those files yet?" Angela asks.

"No, I am not. I'm still waiting on Terry to bring me back some papers I needed copied."

"Well, okay. But be done with them before 1. I'm going out to lunch with Lanisha." she sighs. "So hurry up, please."

"Alright. Will do," I hang up before she could say anything else. I then look at Lanisha to see her text messaging. "I should probably get back to work." I sigh and turn back around in my seat.

"I don't want to'm wild or anything, but you're really attractive and I've never had sex in an office before." Lanisha blurts out, half-smiling.

My eyes bulged out as I stared at the screen my hands froze over the keyboard. I tried not to laugh so hard, but I couldn't help it. I turn around to look at Lanisha. "What?" I grin. "Did you just say what I think you just said?"

"Mm hm," she nods licking her lips. "I mean you aren't dating anybody in the office are you?" she crosses her right leg over her left showing her thigh.

Angela comes to mind, but I quickly let that slip out as my eyes land on Lanisha's exposed skin. Any higher I'd see her panties. I clear my throat and answer her, "No, I'm not, but I don't think that it would be appropriate." I stare at her with fierce eyes.

"Okay then. Guess I'll get back to my annoying mom, now," she shrugs and pushes herself off my desk heading to the door, switching that fat ass of hers.

Sht got damn, she was turning me on and I needed to do something quick. "Wait," I say.

She stops at the door and turns around. "Yes?"

"Come here," I call her.

"Why?" she smiles.

"Because I told you to."

She raises her eyebrows. "Oh and I'm supposed to listen to you because?"

"Do you wanna get fcked in an office or not?" I ask and waited for her to answer. She quickly locks my door and walks towards me. She immediately began unbuttong her blouse revealing her red lace Victoria Secrets bra as she walked closer, throwing her purse on the floor. I opened my legs so she could get as close as possible while standing in between them.

"Damn," I mumble putting my hands on her waist while she took her hair out of a bun letting it fall down to her back.

"Help me," she asks as she turns around. "Please," she glances over her shoulder.

I unzip the back of her skirt and pull it down along with her panties, too. I bit down on my lip as I got hard, ready to bang the s*** out of her. Right before I wanted to dive in, a thought flew into my mind. "Turn your phone off."

"Okay," she hurries over to it and puts it on silent.

I get up and walk over to her, pinning her back against the wall as I kissed her. The dream was about to be dusted into my memories as the fantasy was really here in front of me. I took her bra off and flung it somewhere. Then I ran over to my desk to get a condom out of my wallet, dropped my pants, pulled my dck out and put it on. Then I went back to Lanisha and fcked her against the wall. This was unbelievable. I could honestly believe myself as she let out soft moans so nobody would hear her. Once finished fcking on the wall, she pushed me down into my chair and got on her knees and sucked me off. Goddamn her head game was even better than her mother. I pulled on her hair as her head bobbed up and down. She then stopped and I fixed her up on the desk where she was sitting on the desktop with one leg over my shoulder, heels still on. The next position was her bending over and letting me hit from behind. I finally dove in tasting her pussy. The best part, to me cause my head game was bomb. Made her explode; knowing she'd want more. When we finished, I called Angela to see what she was doing. Then I told Lanisha she was in the clear, but before she left I grabbed her by the waist.

"Don't...say a word about this. Or about you liking me to me your mother, okay? It'll be our little secret," I stared in her eyes. She simply nodded and walked out. I opened my window and cleaned up my office, especially my desk. I was well satisfied with the sex Lanisha and I had. Maybe...we'd do again and in the pool house for real next time.

<strong>Chapter 11</strong>

Smack. Smack. Smack. Was all I could hear as I pounded into her from the back. Her screams echoed from the pool house on the far end of her house, far enough so that no one in the house could hear.

“Sh*t, take this d*ck.” I mumbled as I felt her body about to give out.

She didn’t say anything, just kept screaming.

“Say my muhfckn name!” I smacked her ass.

She started to shake, “CHRISSSS!!!”

I looked down at her, as she looked back. “Oh sh*t.”

I jumped up out of my sleep. “What the hell?” I looked at the clock and it read 1 am. Shaking my head, I looked at my phone. Angela hadn’t contacted me yet.

Throwing the covers back, I went to the bathroom to take a piss. I couldn’t believe I just dreamt about fckn Lanisha. She definitely wasn’t the target. I flushed the toilet and washed my hands, while looking in the mirror. “Get your sh*t together.” I stated sternly to myself.

Right then, I heard my doorbell sound. “The fck?”

I went over to the door and looked through the peephole. Angela was standing on the other side of the door. I decided to fck with her. I opened the door, only peeking my head out. “What?”

Her smile fell, “Well aren’t you gonna let me in?”

“For what?” I looked her up and down, noticing the overnight bag she held in her hand.

She stepped closer to me while biting her bottom lip, “You know, so we can have a little fun.”

“Nah, I’m good.” I shrugged.

Her face then displayed anger, “Excuse me?!”

“You think I’m just a booty call. It’s 1 in the morning. I have to be up for work at 6. I told you to let me know something by 11. I’m not up for anything but sleep.” I stated somewhat truthfully.

Now she looked shocked, “A booty call?! Christopher Brown, you better let me in right now!”

“Better? Oh yeah? Or what, Angela?” I came out, closing the door behind me. I now smirked as I looked down at her small frame.

She looked away from me, “What’s the real reason you got me out here, huh?” she now looked me back in my eyes, “You got some young hoe in there?”

I laughed in her face, I simply couldn’t resist. I loved every minute of this. I was breaking her down every day little by little and she had absolutely no idea.

“What’s so damn funny?” she interrupted my thoughts.

I stopped myself from laughing long enough to answer her question, “You are! Asking if I had young hoe? Not that it’s any of your business, but no I don’t. And furthermore, even if I did it wouldn’t be of your concern. You barely even want to be seen with me unless we’re way out at a restaurant that nobody we know would be at or at your home when I’m fckn your brains out. You were even ashamed to tell your daughter the real reason we were together. So far as I’m concerned, I’m single and I can have whoever I want in my house, be it young hoe or old hoe.” I stood there and waited for her rebuttal.

She was quiet for a minute as she looked away again, “Well…I didn’t think that you saw it that way.”

“How else am I supposed to see it Angela?! I’m falling for you and I have no idea if you’re doing the same for me. Oh, but I know you love the d*ck!” I was serving it to her real good now.

Angela snapped her head in my direction, “You’re falling for me?”

“What do you care? You’re only using me for sex and I don’t know if I could be just that for you anymore. I want something real, and you obviously can’t give me that. Goodnight Angela, have a safe trip home.” I turned to go back inside with my head down. I tried to look as in my feelings as possible.

Now either one of two things were going to happen, she was either going to agree to my terms now or wait to think about things. There was no other option. She was in too deep at this point, and couldn’t just let a man like Christopher Brown get away.

“I’m sorry that you feel that way Christopher. But before you make any hasty decisions, can you let me think about things? I know I don’t want to lose you in my life. I just want to make sure I’m doing it for me and not just because you’re making me feel bad.” She voiced.

I looked back at her, “I can respect that. I gave her a warm embrace and then kissed her cheek.

“Goodnight.” She said and walked away to her car.

I watched her pull off and then went back into my house. I chuckled to myself and I shook my head, “You are too damn good.”

I went up to my room and went to sleep until it was time for work.

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Run It

Chapter 10

Angela and I were having dinner at the usual restaurant. I sipped on my glass of champagne as I was still showing her who was the boss in this relationship. Angela was starting to talk about something when I peeped her daughter Lanisha sitting across the way with some guy. "Isn't that your daughter?" I nod.

Angela looks over her shoulder to see. "That is her," she smirks and turns back around to eat a piece of meat off her plate.

"You aren't gonna invite her over?"

Angela stares at me with a 'really' look. "No, we're here together, on our date. She's obviously over there- And you know what," she glances back over her shoulder to take another look, then looks back at me. "That's Kevin McCall, her ex boyfriend!" she smiles.

"Kevin McCall - the pro football player?"

"Yes, the pro football player. And I will not invite her over here and interrupt their conversation!" she sips on her drink and quickly puts it back down. "They could be working on getting back together so I can finally have some grandbabies."

I smack my lips. "Why don't we have some babies of our own? The way I be knockin your boots, I swear you'll be poppin out a few real soon!" I joke.

Angela choked on her food. She hit her chest repeatedly trying to help herself. I quickly got up and hurried around the table to help by doing the Heimlich maneuver. The piece of meat popped out and I let her go so she could breath. "Thank you," she glances at me as she sat back down. By the time the waiter came she had told them, "I'm fine. Thank you."

I slowly sat back down. "Damn, did I do that? I'm sorry, babe." I touched her hand, apologizing. "I didn't mean to startle you with that statement. I was just joking."

"I know you were," she smiles. "Just...the thought of me having more kids, I-"

She was cut off by a sweet, soft voice. "Mom, are you okay?!"

We look up to see Lanisha with a worried look on her face. I observe her carefully as she wore a nice, red and tight dress that was about four inches above her knees showing off her beautiful, smooth milk chocolate legs. I took my eyes off of her and looked down at my plate until I heard my name.

"Christopher helped me. So no, thank you. I am fine. I'm...I'm fine," she nods up at Lanisha. "Alright?"

"Well, okay." Lanisha sighs.

I look up and smile. "Hello."

"Hi," Lanisha stares at me almost as if she wanted to cuss me out like she knew me and her mother were fcking low key and she had found out somehow. "And who are you?"

"I'm Christopher Brown, I'm-"

"He's an employee at the firm," Angel cuts me off. I stare at her as she continues. Always gotta talk for me like I was a goddamn child. That sht legit pisses me off, but I kept my cool. "We're here talking about numbers and stats for the business. You know, a business meeting, and all that good stuff." she looks down at her plate. "So if you would excuse us."

"I'm sorry for interrupting," Lanisha apologizes. "Well, I'm Lanisha Cole, by the way. Angela's daughter."

"Nice to meet you," I shake her hand. "Are you her only child?"

"Yes," she nods. "I'm the only one. And Kevin says hello, mom." she tells Angela.

"Tell him I said hello and to come by my house sometime." Angela glances up at her daughter with a smile.

"Mom," Lanisha looks at her. "It's not like that. We're just catching up. That's all," she starts to walk away. "See you later." she then walks back, looking at me. "...Oh, and I've heard my mom talk about your work, Mr. Brown. Great job, keep it up. Nobodies worked so hard at my dad's firm to have been talked about like you. I hope you stay around. My mom needs great help like you."

"You look like a diligent worker," I smile actually referring to her working my manhood with her plump, juicy lips and the lotus flower bomb she hid between those legs. "Come work for your mother."

"Aw no..." Lanisha chuckles, shaking her head no. "Accounting and all that stocks and numbers, isn't my thing."

"Counting my money, on the other hand..." Angela smiles as she continued to eat.

"Oh lord," Lanisha smiles. It was so beautiful. I wish I could've complimented on it, but I'd seem too flirtatious. Had to keep it cool, stay chill. "Let me get back to Kevin. Have a good meeting," she leaves for good and heads back to her table with her ex-boyfriend.

"You want them to get married?" I ask.

"Lord yes," Angela smiles. "He was so good for her, but...he had girls all on him, the groupies..." she shook her head. "And it got to his head. Got a big ego and he cheated on her. So they broke up, continuing their separate ways in college. Now she's about to graduate and he had gotten recruited last year to the NFL. She told me she saw him earlier while shopping. I didn't think she'd actually go out with him. But now I have my hopes up. They were great together."

"So speaking of Lanisha... She's staying at your house, but isn't really around. Shall I come to your place or will you come to mine?" I lick my lips, giving her fierce eyes.

"Uh..." she blushes. "I don't know."

"Well, let's just do this: I drop you off and go home. If Lanisha comes back, just sneak out to my place."

Angela smiles and puts her hand over my hand. "And Plan A?"

"I sneak through your bedroom window and we fck low key... Maybe in the shower this time." I seductively bit my lip, knowing what I was doing to her. She was probably leaking like a faucet by now the way she was squirming in her seat.

"I'd leave right now, but...I just can't. I have to make sure and see what Lanisha is doing tonight. And I don't wanna text her. It'll seem too obvious."

"Not really, but okay." I shrug.

We finish eating and then leave. I fingered Angela while driving with one hand on the way to drop her off. She was indeed wet. My manhood got hard and she rubbed my pants, unable to stop. "Suck my d***, baby." I mumbled. She purred and unbuckled my pants. We were at a stop light only a few blocks from the entrance to her gated neighborhood, but she quickly whipped it out and began bobbing her head. It was kind of hard to concentrate, but I made it to her place safely. It was going on 10 o'clock. I better had been getting a text from her ass around 11 about what the plan was gonna be or I was gonna be ignoring her ass tomorrow.

Where are you?!?!?!

Chapter 9

Chris had been walking past Angela’s office all day. He was thirsty to see her daughter in person. If she was anything like her pictures, he knew she’d be undeniably beautiful.

Angela had been in meetings all day, which meant that she was barely in her office. Chris could barely do his work and was very sexually frustrated. He was still upset that he hadn’t gotten his nut off last night. It was Lanisha’s fault that he was kicked out so abruptly, so he felt it was only right to pay what she owed.

After a few hours of sitting at his desk, Chris became restless. He decided to go down a few floors to the secretarial pool. He had been on that level only a few times since he had been an employee there. It was never for anything in particular, just gain some gossip. But today, he had an different agenda.

“What’s up Robyn.” He smiled as he leaned on her cubicle.

She beamed as she looked up at him, “Nothing, what brings you down here?”

“You, actually.” He walked into her tiny space and leaned against her desk.

Chris knew exactly what he was doing and it was bound to work. He wanted some pussy, and he would get it one way or another. If word got back to Angela, all he had to do was deny it and she would believe him. One step closer to the riches. That’s how he played.

Robyn bit her bottom lip to contain her excitement, “Me?” she knew she was a bad b*tch, there was no denying that. But she was never really approached by guys like Christopher Brown off the executive floor.

“Yeah, you.” He rubbed her cheek as he chuckled.

She then looked around and seen that all the other secretaries trying to ear hustle and find out why Chris would be talking to her. She decided to lower her voice, “What is it that you need me for?”

Chris smiled his charming smile, “Come up to my office in about 20 minutes. Find out.” With that, he pushed off her desk and walked back through the cubicles and back onto the elevator. “Nice seeing you ladies.” He smiled as the doors closed.

When he got back to his floor, he walked past Angela’s office to see that she was in there. He smiled and waltzed in, closing the door behind him.

“Finally, do you know how long I’ve been waiting to be alone with you?” he smirked as he sat in a chair across from her desk.

She smiled to herself as she read through some papers, “As much as I would love to entertain you right now Chris, I have a lot of work.”

He smacked his lips, “So, when has that ever stopped you?”

“Now.” She simply stated as she finally gave him eye contact.

He looked at her with a straight face, “So you’re seriously blowing off the d*ck to do work? Okay Angela.”

“You mad?” she asked now taking off her reading glasses.

After hearing that, Chris had to check himself. Nigga, <em>are</em> you mad? Never was he ever going to be taken for a fool. “Hell naw!” he exclaimed.

“Okay.” She simply said as she went back to reading.

Chris wasn’t done, “And to be honest, I don’t appreciate that fact that you think I would ever be mad over something as petty as that.”

“You’ve made your point Christopher.” Angela was all about work at the moment. As much as she wanted to knock everything on her desk to the floor and fck the sh*t out of him, she couldn’t. work came first, especially with this big deal on the line.

He shook his head at her, here she was again treating him like a child. “Thought your daughter was going to visit.”

“She got in contact with some old friends and wanted to hang with them instead.” Angela answered annoyed that he wouldn’t just leave her alone.

Chris narrowed his eyes at her, “Oh, I’m annoying you or some sh*t? Oh okay.” He got up and began to walk out, “Don’t be hitting my phone up tonight talking bout how bad you want me and all that other bullsh*t.”

“Christopher I have no time for your tantrums.” She stated bluntly.

Chris chuckled, “My tantrums? Grow the hell up Angela. This is what men do when they really like a woman. But I guess you only want me for the sex.” He looked at her again and shook his head before leaving her with her own thoughts. With every action and every word, he was pulling her further and further into his web.

When he made it back to his office, Robyn was already in there. She was sitting on the chocolate leather loveseat that he had on the far end of his corner office.

A mischievous smile crept across his face, “I hope you haven’t been waiting long.”

“No not at all.” She lied. She had been waiting for over 10 minutes, but didn’t want him to think that she didn’t want to be there.

He nodded knowing that she had just lied, “So, tell me what you want.”

“Excuse me?” she asked confused.

He sat down really close next to her and planted soft and precise kisses on her neck. “I meant…tell me…what you want…me to do to you.”

Robyn was so taken in by everything. His enchanting cologne, his sexy voice, his wet kisses did all of nothing but make her drip between her legs. “Fck me.” She whispered.

Chris smiled as he laid her down and did just that, and well. After they were done, he sent her on her way with promises to keep in touch. He really had no reason for Robyn unless Angela was acting like a grade A b*tch. Pretty much how she was acting now. He felt the feel of a woman his age was refreshing every now and then. Robyn had some good sh*t so he decided that he would keep her in mind.

He opened a few windows to get the heat and stuffiness of sex out. He thanked god that his office didn’t smell of sex. Chris’s father always told him, if there is an odor in the room after sex something was wrong with her and her pussy. He chuckled a little as he remembered the life lesson his father taught him.

“What’s so funny?” a female voice asked from the door.

He turned away from the window, “Nothing, how can I help you Angela?”

“Chris, don’t do this.” She came in and closed his door, “I came to apologize and make everything better.”

Chris knew what she was doing and he was about to shut it down quick, “It’s okay, you don’t have to.”

“But I must.” She ran her fingers up his abs to his chest.

He removed her hands, “No really, you don’t.”

“Are you seriously still mad?” she asked wondering why he was acting like a complete jackass.

He sat behind his desk, “I was never mad to begin with. Now if you don’t mind, I have to run these numbers that you sent over.”

She looked at him and folded her arms over her chest, “What do I have to do to make it better?”

“Nothing Angela, there’s nothing wrong.” He stated as he signed onto his computer.

She sighed defeated, “Are we still on for dinner tonight?”

“Why wouldn’t we be? I’ll pick you up at 7:30. Our reservations are for 8.” He said finally looking at her, but not for long.

She took one last look at him, “Fine.” She walked out of his office and back to hers.

He smiled to himself, knowing that he had won that round. Things were falling right into place and in record time.

Angela tightened her legs Chris' head, moaning. He was eating her pussy for a good five minutes. Started out slow for a while teasing and then went hard with his tongue. Chris unwrapped her legs, holding them down, as she rocked back and forth, fcking his face. Chris parted from the ocean, licking his lips. Angela had her eyes closed, rubbing her kitty as Chris crawled in between, stroking his dck. He already had a condom on, all he had to do was insert, in which he was about to do until the doorbell rung.

"Who in the world!" Angela sat up and scooted out of the bed. "Christopher, I'm sorry." she said as she grabbed a robe out of her closet and hurried downstairs.

"Fckkk!" Chris said angrily and then laughed, shrugging it off. He lay in the bed stroking his dck while he waited. Minutes later Angela came back. "Who was it?"

"It's not was, it's who is," she said calmly.

Chris sat up. "Who is it?"

Angela rolled her eyes and then chuckled. "It's my daughter." she threw Chris' clothes at him. "Put some clothes on."

"Your daughter? Well okay, but she ain't stopping me from putting it down with my lady! Bring yo ass back here!"

"No," Angela went into the bathroom. "I'm gonna take a quick shower. You need to, too. And no funny business," she dropped her robe.

Christopher hurried into the bathroom with Angela, hopped in the shower, and washed themselves up. When they were dressed and walking down the stairs, Angela snuck Chris to the door. "I thought your daughter was here?" he looked confused.

"She is, but i don't want her to meet you! She doesn't even know i'm dating and i don't know how she'll react! I thought she was coming in the morning!" Angela whispered. "It's late, and I don't-"

"Mommy!" A voice echoed. "Is that you?"

Damn she sound fine, Chris thought. "Just let me meet her! Just say I'm your plumber!" Chris smiled and then laughed.

"No! Now go!" Angela pushed him out the door and shut it closed.

"And you supposed to be classy!" Chris yelled at the door. "You ain't nothing but nasty, Ms. Basset! This sht ain't right man," he walked to his car, thinking about what she said. When he got in his car and made it home, he text messaged Angela: <strong>tryna hide all this sexiness fck is your problem lol jp</strong>

Angela sent one back an hour late. It pissed Christopher off on how late she is with text messaging, but it was cool. He understood that she doesn't text often as he does. <strong>she wants to come to the firm tomorrow. i guess you can meet her then but she will know NOTHING of us. nobody does. im not ready for the world to know that we're have anything going on. and im not hiding you christopher, but i am sorry i pushed you out like that it was rude</strong>

Christopher chuckled and didn't send one back. He knew that when she sent long text messages, it'd take forever for her to type. And to not get an answer back, oh she'll be pissed in the morning. And it was right on time, too. He fell asleep thinking about meeting Lanisha and fcking her in Angela's office while she was in a meeting. Then he woke up hot and sweaty. The sun shined in.

"Damn, i ain't get no sleep." he sighed and looked at the clock. It was 6 in the morning. He got up and took a shower, got dressed to impress, and then headed to work.

<strong>Chapter 7</strong>

“You are very unpredictable Ms. Bassett.” Chris smiled over their candle lit dinner. Yeah right, he thought.

She smiled, “Are you talking about earlier Christopher?”

“Mmm.” He nodded as he ate his steak.

She shrugged, “Thought you’d be used to it. I know how unpredictable women your age can be.”

“Angela, I told you….I don’t mess around with women my age.” But sometimes he wished he did.

Chris sometimes daydreamed about how life would be if he wasn’t so used to a certain way of life and dependent on money. Him settled down with a woman his age with some kids running around. If only his parents raised him with some independence skills. But who was he kidding. They could barely get along, let alone raise him. The only thing he knew was money and fancy things. Love had long gone from him, ever since his parents died. He was only 21 and had just graduated from college with a bachelor’s of arts. He wanted to be a performer. Chris’s life of fame and fortune went out of the window as soon as he got that call. After paying for the funeral and covering all the debt, there wasn’t enough money left to keep him comfortable for his coming years. Love definitely didn’t live there anymore. Things got so bad, he became bitter and vindictive. That’s when he decided to put his acting skills to use and live the life of a con man.

“Chris, did you hear me?” Angela waved her hand in front of him.

He snapped out of his thoughts, “Huh? I apologize.”

Angela rolled her eyes, “I swear, my daughter does the same thing. It must be a young person thing.”

“Your daughter?” he asked. He had been waiting on this topic all night.

She shrugged, “Yes, my daughter.”

Chris chuckled, “I never took you as the one to shrug. You always seem so exact and…”

“Uptight?” She finished for him.

He smirked at her and continued with his meal. Angela was okay but he wanted to get the night over with already. The only thing he was looking forward to was the sex. Good sex with an old woman was a first for him.

“Will you be coming to my place tonight?” Angela looked up from her pasta.

Chris scratched the back of his head, “I don’t really know.”

“But it’s Friday.” She put down her fork.

He furrowed his brow, “So?”

“You really get on my nerves with you indecisiveness Christopher.” She was upset now.

Chris started to chuckle as he ate the last of his meal.

She scoffed, “Oh, something funny to you?”

“Naw, just the fact that you were the same way at first. Now you’re upset because I’m doing the same. Doesn’t feel good when the shoe is on the other foot does it?” he smirked and raised his hand at the waiter for the check.

She narrowed her eyes at him, “Oh so now you wanna tit for tat? You’re a little boy, just like I thought you were.”

“A lil boy that blows your back out.” He stated while looking directly in her eyes.

She hushed and sat back in her chair as the waiter brought the bill. They both reached for it at the same time.

“I’ll pay.” Angela strongly stated.

Chris twisted his face with irritation, “Angela, sit the fck back and let me pay. You don’t have to be the fckn man all the time.”

“Excuse me?!” Angela exclaimed appalled that he would talk to her that way.

He looked at her, “You heard what I said, take your hand off the damn bill.”

Angela removed her hand and sat back, crossing her arms. She pouted the whole ride in the car to her house. When Chris pulled up, he killed the engine and looked over at her. She was looking out of the window to avoid eye contact with him.

Chris chuckled and ran his fingers across the side of her face. She swatted his hand away and started to get out of the car. Chris laughed and got out of the car, following her.

“Get back in your car Christopher!” she exclaimed without looking back at him.

He knew that if he played his cards right, she would be wrapped around his finger from this day on and it wouldn’t matter what he did. “I’m not leaving Angela.” He walked up behind her trying to open her door, “And you know that you don’t want me too either.” He reached under her skirt and put his fingers on her clit. “Mmmm, you wet for daddy. See, I knew you didn’t want me to leave.” He smiled as he moved her hand out of the way so that he could unlock the door.

She walked in and looked at him, still pissed off about how he talked to her. “I’m not happy with you Christopher and I can’t believe---”

Chris cut her off by kissing her. He broke the kiss abruptly, “I’m sorry, I just didn’t like you treating me like a little boy. I’m a man Angela, and I expect to be treated like one.”

“I apologize for making you feel less of a man.” She answered, softening her face and voice.

Chris smiled, knowing that everything was in the bag now. He just had to seal it, by beating the life out that pussy. “Now go upstairs and get butt naked, I’ma turn yo ass out tonight.” He slapped her ass.

She giggled as she scampered up the stairs, undressing as she went.

Chris shook his head as he watched her, “I gotta find some young ass on the side.” He roamed into the kitchen and grabbed some whip cream and chocolate syrup. Chris then went upstairs into her room where he found her naked in the bed.