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Paper Trail

<strong>This Literary Work is Brought to You by Monroe & SoSo</strong>


<em>His life had always been an easy one. His cost of living had always been high and had never been denied. It wasn't until he lost it all that made him who he was today. His name is Clinton, at least for now. He had many names. Said he could never settle on one that suited him to his liking. With these many names came many masks, many stories, and many lies.</em>


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"Knock, knock..." Chris stood in the doorway of Angela's office. "You called for me?"

"Yes," Angela glanced up at him and then back at a report she was looking over. "Come in. ...And close the door, please."

He walked in, closing the door behind him and bit down on his lip wondering what she could want. They had a meeting in a couple of minutes. "Yes, Angela?"

She stood up and took off her reading glasses. "I wanted to talk to you about something." her jacket fell open to a black blouse that she began to unbutton from the top.

"Whoa..." Chris smiled and raised an eyebrow. "Are you hot or something? What the hell, Angela? We're in your office."

"In MY office," she walked around the desk and threw herself at him. "i want you now, Chris." she untucked his shirt and ran her hands over his abs, moaning.

"We have a mee-" Angela cut him off with a hard kiss.

Then she pulled back, grabbing his shirt as she backed up to her desk and sat down, opening her legs. She wore a skirt today with no stockings and in heels. "don't act like you don't want it, Chris."

"This is so unprofessional man," he chuckled.

Angela smiled. "Well, I thought it would be fun. C'mon now, don't back out on me."

He gave in and decided to start off by just kissing her and then sucking on her neck. As he did that, he saw a picture on Angela's desk of herself and a younger woman. "Is that your daughter?" he blurted out as he got hard from seeing how fine this daughter was.

"What?" Angela says.

"In the picture," he picks it up.

Angela sighs and puts the picture face down. "Yes, that's my daughter Lanisha. Now c'mon, Chr-"

"Mrs. Bassett," her secretary walked in. "Oh my- I'm so sorry!" she runs out closing the door behind them.

"Great." Angela starts to button up her shirt.

"Oh no you don't!" Chris got back in between her legs and smacks her hands away. "You done got me started now i'm about to finish it."

"Oooh," Angela purred and wrapped her arms around his neck to kiss him passionately.

They made out for a minute and then Chris pulled back. "I don't have a condom on me."

"That's okay," Angela bit her lip, hopped off the desk to lock the door and then walked back over to Chris and turned him around. He leaned back as Angela was getting feisty.

"Goddamn woman!" he stared at her, shocked at how horny she was. She snatched his belt off, unbuckled his pants, pulled them down, and rubbed her hand over his briefs feeling his manhood. "You sure you-" he was interrupted once more as Angela had pulled his dck out and put it in her mouth making him moan. He put his hand on her hair and she took it off, pulling out.

"DON'T touch my hair," she glared up at him.

"iight, my bad." he half-smiled.

She smirked and went back at it, running her lips and tongue up and down his shaft. "You like that?"

"Hell yeah," he bit his bottom lip.

Angela engulfed him whole and so badly did Chris want to grab a whole of her head so he could fck her face. She was on her knees looking up at him as she deepthroated Chris moaning as she felt herself.

"Sht got damn," Chris gulped hard and closed his eyes, enjoying. he wanted to call her all kinds of names but last time he got slapped. He liked her slapping him, but he knew better. "Fck, Ang...lemme fck your face, please baby."

She took his dck out of her mouth and said "No," and then spit on the tip of it and stroked with her hands. "Cum on my face," she demanded, stroking faster until he did.

"Ah sht..." he gripped the edge of the desk as she stroked harder and then teased him, putting his dck in and out of her mouth, sucking like a pro. "FCK!" he opened his eyes and looked down at Angela as she sucked on his balls and stroked his dck at the same time. .

She moaned as she continued to suck Chris' dck. Her secretary came back and knocked on the door, but they ignored it. Chris smiled and grabbed her head anyway, gripping tight and fcked her face. She grabbed his ass and let him take control. After he exploded in her mouth, she went to her private bathroom to use some mouth wash and gargle.

Chris put his pants back on and fixed himself up. "You ready?" he asked, standing in the doorway of her bathroom.

"I'll be right there," she combed her hair. "Go ahead."

"Alright," he smiled and walked out of her office. On the way to the meeting that they were 10 minutes later for, he thought about Angela's daughter Lanisha. She was so beautiful. He had to meet her. Hopefully he could get Angela to talk about her later on, and that's if she don't have a damn attitude.

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Chapter 5

Walking into the kitchen, I knew she was gonna be too ready for the d*ck. I decided to tease her a bit. I mean really, what do I have to lose? She was already drippin for a nigga. “Now Angela, is this something that you might regret? Because, if it is…I don’t think it would be worth breaking my celibacy.” I looked at her with sincere eyes.

She slowly walked over to me and ran her hand from my chest to my abs, “Now Christopher, you wouldn’t be trying to back out would you? I mean, you’ve came so far.”

“Angela,” I smiled and backed her up and little, “When I said I wanted to be with you, I meant I wanted to get to know you mentally before I knew you physically.” I watched her closely, they always fell for this.

She grabbed at my belt buckle, “There will be plenty time for that later, I want you now.” She reached in my pants and gripped my d*ck firmly.

Any normal nigga would feel uncomfortable at this point and try to push her away. I however stood firm and smirked. This lady had no idea what she was getting herself into. “Like what you feel?” I chuckled.

She looked down and dropped my trousers along with my boxers. “Nice, very nice.” She marveled at my semi hard d*ck.

“Wait till he’s fully awake.” I picked her up and sat her on the kitchen counter.

She tried to beast the situation trying to be rough and snatch my shirt open. Before she ruined a perfectly good Armani button up, I stopped her. “No Angela. If you want me, we have to do it my way. Nice and slow.” I kissed her neck, “Let me show you how a woman should be treated.” I whispered into her ear and bit it.

She shivered at my slightest touch. I smirked, knowing that she was definitely about to be putty in my hands after tonight. I carried her upstairs to her room, where we made love into the night. I took full control of the situation and I could tell that she had never been so pleased. Angela was a decent conquest, better than the others at least. I liked the fact that I didn’t have to picture myself fckn someone else. So that was a plus.

After Angela fell sound asleep, I decided to give myself a tour. Her house seems huge when you first walk in, but once you walk around you notice that it’s not. A bit anticlimactic if you ask me. I noticed a safe in her study. I took some pictures of it so that I could familiarize myself with it, so that I could be able to crack it later on. That was just in case she wasn’t dumb enough to give me the combination herself.

While going around the house, I kept noticing pictures of a girl. I’m guessing it was the daughter. My information did mention one, it never said how old she was. I shrugged it off and kept going around. As I reached the last room that I hadn’t yet been in, I was stopped.

“Chris, what are you doing?” Angela asked as she turned on the hallway lights.

I turned to her, “I went downstairs to get a glass of water but got lost on the way up.” I was hoping that this story would fly, if not I had to improvise.

She looked at me for a while, “Okay, you coming back to bed?”

I scratched the back of my head, “Ummm, I’m thinking maybe I should head home.”

“I don’t understand.” She crossed her arms.

She was right where I wanted her. “Why should I stay?” I asked with a serious face. This is where they start to wonder if our little tryst meant nothing to me. I mean it didn’t but they don’t know that.

“Are you serious right now?” She was starting to get a little upset. Typical reaction, the perfect one I was looking for.

I chuckled, “Yeah.” I shrugged and walked past her to her room. I began to get dressed and she walked up behind me. She would be trying to get me to stay by using sex now. “What are you doing Angela?” I asked already knowing.

She ran her hands all over my abs as I pulled on my trousers. “I want you to stay with me.” She purred.

I bit my bottom lip to hold in my laughter. I made sure to keep my back towards her. “Sorry love, but I can’t stay.”

“You can’t, or you won’t?” She then stopped and walked around to face me.

I began to button up my shirt, “What does it matter? Either way, I’m going home.” She was gonna be desperate now. Probably pout and act like she doesn’t care that I’m leaving. Trying to take me for a simp nigga that cares about her feelings. No b*tch!

Angela smacked her lips and plopped in the bed, “Fine, leave but don’t try to come back. This was a one-time thing anyway.”

I let my laughter slip now, “Yeah, whatever Angela.” I pecked her forehead, “See you at the office.” I made a swift exit and got into my car that she drove here. Before driving off, I looked up to make sure that Angela was watching me out of the window. I smiled when I saw that she was. I waved and sped off. I smiled to myself knowing that I left my watch on her night table. That would give me even more leverage.

When I got home I showered and got into bed. I called Angela to get her out of her feelings.

“What do you want Christopher?” She stated as if she was annoyed.

I smirked, “I think we’re way past the formalities Angela. Call me Chris baby.” I knew she would jump on the fact that I just called her baby.

“I am not your baby!” she snapped.

Just what I said. I chuckled, “Oh really? Well, you were my baby when I was knee deep in that pussy.”

She was quiet. I knew that would shut her up. The problem with Angela is that she was too damn hard all the damn time. She had to live a little, but I’d take care of that.

“So you meant what you said?” I asked.

“About what?” she asked, sounding clueless.

“That it was just a one-time thing?” I called her out. Now she would try to cover up her tracks.

She sighed, “I was upset when I said that.”

“You sounded convincing to me.” I tried to sound as my feelings were hurt.

“You were the one that left.” She randomly stated.

I scoffed at her comment, “Only because I have work in the morning and have no clothes over your house. Had it have been a weekend, I probably would’ve stayed.”

“Probably.” She sarcastically repeated.

I sighed, “Angela, I don’t have time for this sh*t. I just wanted to talk with my baby and made sure she had a good night. So if you’re about to bullsh*t on my phone, we can just hang up now.”

She paused, I guess trying to carefully pick her words for what she would say next. “You forgot your watch.” She informed me.

“I know.” I plainly said, as if I was uninterested.

“You don’t want it?” she asked.

I shrugged, “I know it’s safe, I’ll get it back eventually. Whenever you invite me over again.” I smirked knowing she would be all too anxious to make arrangements.

“Well that can be whenever.” She stated boldly.
“Mmmmm, you like daddy in that pussy huh?” I teased her.

She scoffed, “Why must you be so vulgar all the time.”

“Why must you be so fckn uptight all the time? Loosen up for me babe.” I cooed. “Listen, I want you to do something for me.” I was about to say some off the wall sh*t.

“Yeah, what’s that?” she answered.

I smiled at the thought, “I want you to play with that pussy for me.”

“Chris I am not about to masturbate on the phone!” she sternly informed me.

I sighed, “See that’s what I’m talking about! Uptight. Well, I’m starting to get bored now. Have a good night beautiful.”

“Goodnight Chris.” She cooed.

I smirked and hung up. I knew she was thinking about me now, hot all over again. If she wasn’t fingering her pussy now, then the conversation didn’t go right. I went to sleep with a wild plan for tomorrow at the office. One that would have her hooked on me for real. They say it’s nothing like office sex and she was about to find out.

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Run It

Chapter 4

Angela and I drove in silence for the first few minutes. I was actually nervous. The way I felt after we kissed really caught me off guard and now I might slip and do some unexpected s*** actually fall for her. "Noooo!" I accidentally said out loud when I meant to say to myself inside my head. Then I laughed.

"What's so damn funny?" Angela asked, staring at the road without a care in the world type of look on her face. Irritated, as always.

"Nothing." I smiled, licked my lips, and then rubbed my beard as I looked out the window. I knew she was giving me the side glance. I had my moves. I had my looks. I had my persuading. I had my tricks. This one, oh it got em every time. I was a little off, but it should still work.

She'll start to wonder what I'm smiling at. "How can you be smiling right now?"

I grinned and pinched her cheek. "Because I'm with a very beautiful woman, right now."

Then she'll start to blush, and in this case she'll deny her feelings. "Stop it, Christopher." And she starts to think about how she slipped up earlier.

Usually they begin to feel guilty and soften up for acting like they don't want me. I don't think she's feeling guilty. But because of earlier this case tonight should be easier than I thought. s***, she came on to me! Mostly it's the other way around.

"Mm hm," I nod with a straight face now. I change my facial expressions a lot. It worries them, scares em. And it makes them talk more. She's curious. And well, curiosity killed the cat.

"Christopher, what's wrong?" she asks as we neared her million dollar estate. "Was I too much earlier?"

"No, no." I shook my head no and straightened out my tie. I bit my bottom lip, gave her a good look, and got out the car.

She waited, turning off the ignition as I walked around the car, and opened her door. "Thank you," she ignored my hand to help her out.

"You're welcome, Ms. Bassett." I put it by my side and moved back so she could get out on her own.

She passed me, and then stopped. "Ms. Bassett?"

Lastly, start an argument. In this case, switching from Angela to Ms. Bassett really pisses her off. I just stared at her knowing she was about to go off on me. And she did. Not like a boss or businesswoman, but a plain old woman who's gullible and needing sexual relief and wanting plenty of comfort.

"Ms. Bassett?!" she says again. "First it's Angela! Then it's Ms. Bassett! I don't understand! We're not at the office Christopher! I kis-" she put her hand over her mouth and hand on her hip. Then accepted what she's done and continues. "I kissed you! I-I let my guards down for a second! And you did, too!" she tried to look in my eyes but I was staring away. Hah, another look as if I don't care. "Look at me, Christopher."

I sigh and look at her. "What? You're my boss. Sometimes I think it's okay to call you by you first name and then you change your mood, tense up, and put your guard up. How can I deal with that? You're so indecisive!" I then look at her. "I'm not about to live being some..." I shrugged, "little boy to you. Sometimes you treat me like an adult and other times...I feel like your child. What the hell man? You want me and then you don't. Which one is it? Because I didn't come to dinner to be with my boss." I stepped up and stared down into her eyes.

She looked down, fumbling with her fingers, nervous. "Christopher, I''s just so hard for me." she let out. "You're- I'm-..." She couldn't even think right. "I'm sorry if I-" Angela began to say when I grabbed her face and kissed her. Soon she began to kiss me back, falling into my arms. I held her and then pulled out of the kiss, hugging her as she began to cry.

I kissed her cheeks, "It's okay," Then I rubbed her bag and slowly began to move my hands down her back.

She put her hands on my shoulders, and her head against the middle of my chest as I looked pass her. What was she thinking now? What was going to happen?

"Hey!" she pushed me back, pointing her index finger at me. "You are not slick!"

I smiled as I almost touched her ass. "Damn," I snapped by fingers.

She bit her bottom lip, gave me a sexy look like she wanted to throw me on the hood and have sex with me in the driveway like the closet freak I know she is, and walked towards the door. "Come on, Mr. Brown."

I puckered my lips and followed, staring at her ass until she looked back and I stared at her face. I walked up behind her, wrapped my hands around her waist for a few seconds, kissing her open skin on the shoulder and then neck as she tried to open the door. She shivered, unable to concentrate. I ran my fingers gently down her arms to her hand and grabbed the key to open the door.

"Thank you," she said. I moved to the side and opened the door, letting her walk in.

I bit my bottom lip and cracked my neck, loosening my tie a bit. Tonight, all this attitude was going to stop.

"Coming in?" she looked back as she took off her heels.

I walked in and closed the door. What was going to happen next? Hell I didn't know. She was taking the reigns as of lately, least physically. So in that case, it looked like we were swerving away from the dining room and to the sex room. And that was if she had one.

"Hungry still?" she asked, walking down a hall. I followed suit. Her voice changed a bit. "Christopher, I asked you a question."

I could tell she was the aggressive type, but if she was gonna go there, I damn sure wasn't gonna let her take control. Putting it down was my win. She could forget about seducing me. "Yes," I simply said.

"Good," she said.

I finally found Angela in the kitchen, standing against the counter with her dress off and in her lingerie. My eyes bulged out for a second, surprised. I grinned. "Whaaat? Are you serious? I'm tweaking right?" I looked around, pinching myself. "This can't be right." I shook my head and walked out and then peaked around the corner. "Is that you Angela?"

She smiled and then sighed, tapping her fingers on the counter. "Yes, this is me?"

I was blown away. Should I give in and have sex or decline? I was thinking about declining because this wasn't usual, but damn...her body was banging! "Um, can I have a minute?"

She stared at me. "...Sure."

"Where's your bathroom?"

"Down the hall to the right."

"Thanks," I quickly said and walked away. "And you stay right there, missy!" I yelled and found my way to the bathroom, locking myself in. I put my hand against my chest and snatched my tie. I used the bathroom and prepped myself before going in. I was hungry for food not her...yet. But s*** if she wanted the d*** right now, I'll lay it down and have her sleeping like a baby. Then I grinned. "Oh Yeah, Chris." I nodded washing my hands. "You can search the house, get a good layout, find out where all the possible money spots are at." I thought. "Alright." I cleaned my hands off and checked my pocket for a condom. Then I walked out and went back to the kitchen where she still stood in her lingerie.

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Oh s***! It looks like Ms. Basset is calling the shots now! Chris better snap out of his little infatuation with his boss, cause that will surely end in disaster!
I have a feeling that this marriage will not end in Chris's favor...
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What the hell!
Angela, please don`t fall for him!That would be funny if she did the same s*** to her late husband!Lmfao.

Chris is a freaking trip though!He is too damn much!He is not gonna quit until he puts that d*** on her & grab the card on her ass.

& her name is Angela Bassett. I was like Angela Bassett is in this movie? Lol. "How Stella Got Her Ass Tricked!"

Run this So & Monroe.

Chapter 3

It had been a whole month of this being nice sh*t. Angela definitely wasn't playing about being "strictly business". But Chris could tell that she was putty in his hands. He found out that she fell in love with her first husband through his work ethic, so he guessed he'd have to do the same. 

Chris reported to her on most things he did. He was just glad that this was one lie that was true. Well at least half true. Chris's father was a stock broker and taught Chris everything he knew, hoping Chris would walk in his foot steps.

His father had to be rolling in his grave now, seeing how Chris turned out. Making a living by tricking old women. It's not something to be proud of, but it got the bills paid and hey they have more than enough. At least that's how he'd like to look at things.

Chris had just finished crunching the numbers on some big deal that was coming up. He didn't know much about the deal, but from what he could see the company was going to get a big windfall if things went smoothly. The deal relied soully on his superior math abilities, and Chris knew this. Angela needed him to insure the future success of Bassett Industries and he was going to play this to his advantage.

Right when he printed out the copies for the proposal, Angela called him to her office. He fixed his suit and made his way to the top floor to her office. He walked in with a smile, "Afternoon Angela."

She rolled her eyes as she took off her reading glasses, "That's Ms. Bassett to you Mr. Brown. Do you have my numbers?" she finally looked up at him. Her face was expressionless.

"Yes <em>Ms. Bassett</em> I have your numbers." he handed her the folder but quickly snatched it back, "But what do I get?"

She let out some air, tired of his adolescent games. "I have no time for your insolence, now give me my numbers or leave and I'll have Frank do them."

Chris scoffed at her idle threat as he sat down, unbuttoning his suit jacket. "Sure, like you'll really trust someone like Frank with such an important deal. You know you need me." he winked at her.

She rolled her eyes as she crossed her legs. She couldn't help that she was turned on by Chris. And quite frankly it had been a while since she had a man. Her little battery operated friend served its purpose, but there was nothing like the touch of a <em>real</em> man.

She put her hand out, "Can I have my numbers please!" she was fed up with his little games.

"Say you'll go out with me." Chris gave her an intense stare.

She chuckled, "No." she put her reading glasses back on and looked back at her paperwork. "If you didn't have it done, that's all you had to say." she commented condescendingly.

Chris was insulted, "Look, I do have my work done." he tossed the folder on her desk. He stood up and buttoned his suit jacket. "You need to get laid. Your attitude is s***ty." he started for the door.

She stood up, "<em>Excuse me</em>?!" she put up with his attitude because he was instrumental in closing the biggest deal this company had ever seen. She was fed up and it had to get straightened out today.

He was fed up with her too. Thinking she was too good for anything. He was already a few weeks behind on his projected schedule. Chris closed her door back and turned to face her. "You heard me." he simply said, looking down on her.

She slapped him. He quickly recovered and grabbed her, pulling her into a kiss. She tried to fight it at first, but after a few minutes she melted right into his arms. "I've got her." he thought in his head.

When they broke the kiss, they stared into each others' eyes. Both of them had liked it more than they should. "Dinner tonight at my place. I'll have a car pick you up at 7." Angela walked back over to her desk, sitting down.

Chris was a little out of it. He was cursing himself for liking the kiss even a little bit. "I'm sorry, what?" he asked for clarity.

She put on her reading glasses while looking at the numbers he did, "You heard me, 7."

He nodded, "Okay, have a good day Ms. Bassett."

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Soso I bow at your feet!
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Haha this is a freakin movie already!

Okay! First things first! Chris is a f***ing actor if I ever seen one! I see he perfected his craft! Look at this scheming ass nigga eavesdropping and trying to get his next victim! I cannot stand this Negro but I give him his props. Now as to the dumb ass assistant who couldn't shut her mouth, she needs to get fired ASAP! How dare you share information like that with a f***ing stranger?! You don't know this man like that. Then the b**** fell under his charm. Women these days! I can't believe thar she would engage in conversations like that with freaking unknown niggas! Can't get over that. I'm mad this nigga told her his fabricated ass life story! He has no shame whatsoever! You can't blame nobody but these women for falling in his trap! Like come on now. Really? Now on to Angela old, bitter, washed up, spidery pussy ass! Girl you don't have to be a b**** but I like that she didn't fall for his charm right away! What made me lose faith is when she gave in a little! She a challenge, BUT he got her out her zone! She smiled at the nigga AND laughed. So he should be getting her ass soon! He gon slip up one day I swear lol. But let's see how this meeting goes.

Run it.

Chapter 2

Christopher sat in The Velvet Lounge at a table by himself. “Your wine, Mr. Brown.” The waitress, a young short woman with brunette hair, said as she sat a glass of expensive White Wine down in front of him. “Will there be anything else?” she asked.

He waved her off as he stared into the distance. The waitress left and he grabbed the stem of the glass, focused. Slowly lifting up the glass to take a sip of his wine, he studied a woman across the room.

She was older, just like he liked them. Her skin was a beautiful mocha brown complexion and her eyes were the most interesting. They told him everything he needed to know. The dark brown eyes of this woman were piercing and intimidating. She was all about business and observed people very carefully as they spoke. She thought a lot, judging people on what they said and carefully trying not to insult them. Next, he studied the way she moved as she sat at a table full of colleagues. This woman was a tough one.

He’d been eavesdropping all night, listening to the perfect life he could live with his next victim, per say.

This woman was probably in her late 30’s early 40’s, and from what he gathered, she was a very wealthy woman who owned a multi-billion dollar business as the CEO of her late husband’s successful stock exchange company. He died two years ago and her friends have been trying to get her to date for the last few months.

“Piece of work, but you’ve got the jack pot.” He said to himself and smiled as he took a sip of his wine and then stood up, fixing his suit. He made his way to the bathroom, following one of the woman’s colleagues closely. “Excuse me, beautiful.” Christopher says to the woman.

“Yes?” the young, blonde-haired and blue-eyed bombshell asked him before entering the ladies’ room.

“I don’t mean to bother you, but the woman in the red dress seems a bit intimidating. I didn’t want to interrupt and get told off like I was some young knucklehead,” he half-smiled.

“Oh that’s Angela,” the woman smiled. “Who are you?”

“Christopher Brown,” he shook her hand. “I am a stock broker from New York.”

“Oh well, ok. Ms. Basset is a tough one,” she giggles. “I’m her assistant, Giselle.”

“Do you have a business card?”

“No, sorry.” Giselle shook her head. “But after I use the ladies’ room I can tell you a bit about the company’s history and Ms. Basset.”

“That would be great. And you don’t have to. I don’t want to keep you waiting.”

“No, no.” Giselle smiled. “That’s okay. Be right back,” she made her way into the ladies’ room in a hurry.

Christopher leaned up against the wall. He usually did some research first before approaching his victims. And if it was possible, he’d talk to a colleague first and see what he could get out of the history of where they worked and what they did. This would be easy seeming as this young assistant was stupid enough to talk any old stranger. He laughed, “Smart but so dumb.” The assistant was the easiest to fool. Especially because he knew that this young lady had been eyeing him down since she first walked in. Soon she came back. “Giselle, was it?” he asked, squinting his eyes.

“Yes,” she smiled and blushed. Then she began to spill major points about the company and a bit about Ms. Basset and the ex-husband/business partner himself, who died two years ago, and had left it all to Ms. Bassett.

Christopher could tell that Giselle were falling for his charms as he flirted with her and told jokes. It had been ten minutes. “You should be getting back.”

“Awe, okay.” Giselle nodded. “Well, it was nice speaking to you. And I’m so sorry to hear your story. I hope you make it.”

“I’m here, ain’t i?” Christopher smiled. He basically lied and said that he had been in multiple abusive adoptive family he decided that he’d overcome the pain and become successful in his life so he wouldn't have to live so poorly, unhealthy, and hurt so he took on a career in math that eventually led him to the stock exchange. He’d been lonely and independent all his life, searching for ‘the one’. “But thanks for talking to me.”

“You’re welcome. And I’ll mention you to Ms. Basset.”

"Thanks. It'd be so kind of you." Christopher nods and walks into the men’s bathroom. He thinks everything over as he uses it with his eyes closed, shakes twice and then heads over to the sink to washes his hands. “It’s a piece of cake,” he said to himself. “Easy. She’s a hook, line, and sinker baby.” he practiced some facial expressions in the mirror. “Ms. Basset,” he whispered over and over to himself as he walked out of the bathroom. Everyone at her table was leaving. He quickly went back to his table and left a tip for the waitress and headed out of the restaurant. All the while he knew this one would go smoothly as he stood next to Ms. Basset while she waited on her car.

“Don’t even <strong>think</strong> about it.” Ms. Basset said, flaring her nose, and looking down the street as she waited to see her limo arrive. “I do no have time for young, amateur stock brokers like you trying to become apart of my company just because it’s the best.”

“Well, <strong>ma’am</strong>,” he said on purpose to get her angry and to talk more; “I’m a great stock broker. And amateur, sweet heart, you do not know me well enough to call me that.” he smirked and snapped his fingers as his red SLS AMG sports car pulled up. “Have a nice night, beautiful.” He buttoned up his suit jacket and winked at her.

“You young people think you are so tough and about some life, don’t you? Think you can get everything so <em>easy</em> because you tried.”

“Actually, ma’am…” Christopher said as waited for the valet to get out, then tipped him a $100 dollar bill, and stood in between the open car door. “I’m very grateful and appreciate people like you.”

“Well you should,” she looked him up and down from what she could see of him. “And don’t look at me like that either,” she looked away.

Christopher bit his bottom lip as he pierced her with his curious eyes, scanning every inch of her body. Not as if he actually liked the woman; “It’s all a game,” he thought in his mind. “Nothing less, nothing more. Get your money and you’ll be out the door.” he smiled and looked down, repeating the motto in his head once into the victim’s mind. He had her. “Would you care-“

“No.” she flat out said. “Now get in your car and go home to your…girlfriend or whatever. Baby mama.” She sighed.

Christopher yanked his head back, acting as if he was offended. “Baby mama? How dare you?” he closed his door back. “I do not have a girlfriend because young woman these days are so caught up in the media and all of that- excuse my language- but bulls***. I’d rather date a more sophisticated, classy woman. And baby mama?” he scoffed. “Who in this world told you that? I’m a very responsible man. I don’t date plenty of woman, thank you very much. I’m celibate and I like to keep it that way. With the way woman are going around these days, you never know what disease you’ll get. I am a church going man, and I love God and my money. I give to charities and attend events, as well as, go to the homeless shelter after Church on Sundays, even sometimes on Saturdays. Would you care to hear more about my ‘thug life’ or are you done judging me?”

“Just what I thought?” she kept a straight face. “A show off.”

Christopher laughed, amazed. “Just what I thought, a beautiful woman who needs to be shown a good time.”

“Seriously?” she looked around and stopped on the valet. “Sir, where is my car? And do you not see this man bothering me?”

“Well, this man doesn’t have time for you since you obviously can’t even speak to a person. I guess you’re too high up on that horse.” Christopher opened his car back open. “Have a nice night, sweet heart.”

“Excuse you!” Ms. Basset stared at him with anger. “I am not your sweet heart! And don’t EVER in your life call me ma’am again or you will be feeling the tip of my heel up your behind!” she stared at him again and then breathed. She rolled her eyes as her car still hadn’t came. “My name is Angela.”

“Well bye, Angela.” He got in his car, ready to leave. Then there was a knock on the window. He rolled the window down, making sure he sighed and groaned. “Yes, Mrs. Basset?”

She bent down a bit. “I’m not married!” she clenched her jaws. “Can’t believe I’m even doing this.”

“Oh look, you have dimples.” Christopher smiled. “How lovely.” He stared at her.

She blushed and smiled. “Here’s my business card. If you’re not caught up with any of your other ventures, then give me a call, but only for <strong>business</strong>. Nothing else, do you hear me?”

“Yes, I do.” he tries to take her card but she holds it back. “Yes?”

“Never told me your name.”

“Christopher Brown.”

“Mm,” she stared at him, giving him the card.

“Are you free this week? Maybe we can…“ he tried to ask, but she rolled her eyes and walked off. Chris sighed and got out the car. “I’d really like to meet up and talk more!” he said as she walked up to her car.

“We’ll talk if I feel like it,” she smiled and got in her car. “Goodnight Mr. Brown.” She waved.

Christopher sighed, dropping his head. He smiled and got back in his car. Then as he was getting to pull off, Ms. Basset pulled up next to his with her passenger side window rolled down. He quickly rolled his down with a smile plastered on his face. “Is it really you again?” he asked, surprised.

Ms. Bassett chuckled, looking away for a quick second, and then stared back at him. “Tomorrow at 10. I’ll have my assistant come pick you up.”

“I’d rather pick you up.”

“Little boy, please, stop trying to flirt with me. I’m not looking for anybody,” she shrugged.

He noticed her warming up to him every extra minute they spoke. “If I’m correct, I haven’t been a little boy for over 7 years. Anyways, I prefer for you and I-“

“Fine. I’ll pick you up at 10…Mr. Brown. See you then,” she sped off.

Christopher sat there for a minute. Never in his life has it been this hard to catch a woman. She may have loosen up a tiny bit, but it’s nothing like the other ones. She was going to be a challenge. No, she was a challenge. Tomorrow will be much more easier, he thought. He put on his shades and drove off. “Bet money,” he said to himself and laughed. “Ahhhh. She think she’s so hard! Watch she fall into my arms like a little girl missing her teddy bear.” He nodded. “You got this, Chris.” he said confidently. “Ms. Basset, I got you’re ‘amatuer’.” he smiled and sped back to his hotel, immediately hopping online to do more research about the company and then fell asleep with his suit and tie ready for the morning.

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Damn I like this Monroe & Soso....

What a con ass nigga! He faked his death! The damn arguments and now he about to start over! I can't wait til this shid catch up with his weak ass! Fine ain't got shid with treating and deceiving women the way he is doing! One day, a b**** gon' play the same game with his b**** ass! Leave him looking stupid! And I cannot wait!

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