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<a href="">My</a> heart beat restlessly through my chest as I wanted so badly to just drop to my knees and cry but I couldn’t left than right my legs moved quicker as I watched my <a href="">sister</a> and mom blow past me telling me only with side glances to move faster. Brushing against broken tree branches being slapped with leaves and heavy winds I had to act as if I felt nothing challenging my body to not give out on me. “Swift feet Caine we're almost there” I heard my mother shout out of breath and scared but she was my rabbit and I kept up with her pace. Out of the corner of my eye I saw Kairo begin to slow down, she had asthma and between moving at a racing pace and the nerves I can tell at any moment she would give out.

And exactly like clockwork she began to slow down grabbing her side turning flush in the face. I looked ahead and saw we were only a few yards from the horizon we could make it our past would soon be behind us literally but not if I couldn’t get Kai to move any faster. “Mama Kai” I wish I could have said more but under the circumstances I could only say little. In a complete halt my mother froze turning and running towards Kai I wanted to run in the same direction she was but she yelled at me to keep going do NOT stop. So I did only what she asked and kept going, hot tears streaming my face I was about to break down. But I heard two strong feet move with sharp quickness behind me not as fast but with force. “I see it mama I see it” I screamed out as the moon had reached the water I saw the horizon I was only steps away and in my head I was already free. “Keep going Caine go!” my mother yelled out to me. I don’t know if it was actually the reality of seeing it or my mother’s words that pushed me but I pumped my legs faster till I reached the sand. Slipping but not falling I ran all the way to the tiny boat that laid rested waiting just for us. Once finally there I had no time to celebrate I had to unhook the rope and push off into water, giving us some lead way to get away faster.

Shaking fingers and tight breath and a million cuss words later I finally got the rope untangled from the pole dug my bare feet into the cold wet sand and pushed with whatever was left of me. Hopping in the boat I turned around and saw my mother with Kairo who laid almost hunched over on my mom’s back I couldn’t help but smile, only a few more steps momma only a few more steps.
“There on the water” “there there shoot!” almost in slow motion I moved my eyes from my mother to the hill we had just traveled down. HE stood with his men armed and ready aiming at my mother who sunk deep into the sand due to the weight of her and Kai “MAMA!” I yelled trying to get the boat back to shore


One shot rang which caused my mother to drop herself and Kairo onto the ground. Kai jumped up grabbing my mother’s arms pulling her along but her weight compared to my mom’s was getting her nowhere “NO GO KAI” I heard my mother yell at Kairo to leave her .. why does she want us to leave her “NO KAI DON’T HERE I COME DON’T LET HER GO” I screamed arms in the water trying to paddle back to shore


A second shot rang which startled us all causing kai to let go of my mother “GO CAINE NO GO NOW SAVE YOUR SISTER GO PLEASE!” I watched kai look at my mother one last time


Before she ran off into the water doggy paddling toward me as I reached down and grabbed her body into the boat Shaking and still breathing out of control I had to consul her pulling her face to my chest I watched the men rush down the hill as my mother looked at me once more mouthing the words I love you than closing her eyes. Clenching kai tighter so she wouldn’t see the rest


They had killed my mother. While I could do nothing other than drift away from shore to only God knows where.

ok now if you know me you know im not really a writer i just got really bored and decided hey what the heck i kind of know where im going with this but than again.. i dont lol but let me know what you think keep in mind im not a writer lol



kairo quick to leave, but i dont
blame her after everything they just
went through i wouldn't trust anybody
either even if moms sent us there.

damn ty be spazzin sumn crazy!
sad ms james had to live like that
and not give him those pills, like
he said it only gets worse. maybe
kairo can get him to take them after
ty gains her trust

Run It


“Tremaine, Michael can you guys follow me into the kitchen please” Ms. James asked them both but they didn’t move all at once it was kind of a slow walk while eyeing us in the living room confused I guess they didn’t know what was going on either. “Caine I don’t know about you but I’m ready to get the hell out of here” “and go where kai.. hmm we don’t have anything else” “we made it out of there I’m pretty sure we can make it from here” I said starting to get upset “yea with moms help do you see her right now kai” the dark in her eyes read she was angry but what she said made me angry as well “so you are mad that she is not here”

“what the f*** yes Kairo I’m pissed mom couldn’t be here but there is nothing we can possibly do about it at this point she told us to come here for a reason and I’m staying here until I feel it is unsafe and until then we do not make any adjustments to that plan” “so once again it’s when you feel it huh not myself” I said officially done with the conversation.

How can us leaving be on her terms if I’m not happy shouldn’t we take that into consideration as well. “Just like then Caine we moved on your terms, just like then” I whispered but loud enough for her to hear. More than pissed at Caine I moved as far away from her on the couch as I possibly could.


As soon as I walked into the house I knew the vibe was off and the strange girls sitting in the living room just gave me conformation, what was going on. Mom stopped housing people years ago I swear I had never seen those chicks before in my life. “Michael.. Michael MIKE!” I heard my mom snapping me back to reality as we all took our places at the table “you alright son” she asked with concern I was scared to speak I truly didn’t know what to say at this point twisting my fingers around under the table, and beginning to sweat

Faintly hearing ty and raw begin to speak out I could do nothing but bite my lip and gaze at trey for help “ty..” “he Is fine mom, what’s up though” she stared at me one last time before moving her eyes to trey “I just wanted to see my two favorite sons faces haven’t seen or heard from you guys in forever” she said with a genuine smile that only made me smile “bull why didn’t you tell somebody that your yard was looking like that” “I don’t need to bother you guys with that mess plus fall is right around the corner” she said trying to wave it off” “so no one, not one person has been over here to check on you lately”

I could see the vein begin to grow in trey’s neck which only made me more nerves and I began shaking my leg faster “trey please I don’t want to talk about that right now” “so you help all of them bastards but they aint here to cut some damn grass, hold up” trey said reaching into his pocket I’m guessing to call chris or kirk “Tremaine please just listen to me” she said slightly raising her voice, sweat beaded down my face I can hold it I can hold it I tried to tell myself “listen to what ma these f***ers can come over here to eat or when they need money but they can’t help out here bulls*** one of them if not all of them will get they asses over here RIGHT NOW!” he said while slamming his arms on the table,

that did it I began laughing uncontrollably to myself while my mother who eyes were once on trey was now on me “Michael you alright” “I don’t know what his problem is … stop throwing me under the bus ass wipe.. hey it’s show time..” I no longer controlled what came out of my mouth and I can tell it startled my mother while trey ran his hands over his red face. “Michael are you having an episode” “ma he..” but she cut trey off “mike” “ma it’s me.. and me tell her I came to the party too.. f*** up.. make me” tears slid down her face she hasn’t seen me spazz out in almost 3 years but that’s the thing she hasn’t I have one almost every other day and with me not taking my medicine it only makes some cases worse. Jumping up from her seat she ran to the cabinet almost breaking the door off of the hinges ripping and moving things about until I saw the orange clear bottle in her hands, no.

Jumping from my seat I rushed to a corner clutching my knees to my chest looking at trey for help “ma please he doesn’t want to take them” “f*** up Tremaine” “ma please” I watched as he tried to step in front of her causing a lot of movement which only made me spazz out more “mommy no please no.. ill shut up I promise.. shut up.. shut up.. shut up” I screamed to myself “look at him trey” “he..” before trey could finish the kitchen door flew open. Both girls who looked more than confused and scared “please don’t let them make me take them ill be good” than she looked at the other girl than jetted my way.


As me and kai sat in silence I began to feel bad for some of the things I said I didn’t mean for it to go that far I’m the oldest I should have stopped it as soon as possible I just can’t control it sometimes but I know mother would be more than upset with me right now “look I’m“ we both said at the same time which only caused us to smile no other words needed to be sad at that point, but our smile soon changed once we heard crashing and screaming coming from the kitchen.

Running towards the door we watched the taller mean guy trying to grab some type of bottle from Ms. James hands while the other laid in a corner clutching himself in tears taking one strong look around we heard the one in the corner cry out “please don’t let them make me take them ill be good” which I knew touched kai’s heart the most rushing toward him I tried to grab her but she just yanked me off of her and grabbed the gentle man on the floor cradling him and whispering something into his ear. For a while I could tell he was still in shock but he soon became comfortable with kai and began to smile hard like a child who needed the extra love.

Moving my eyes from them to Ms. James and the other gentle man I saw a tear stream down Ms. James face. Dropping the bottle she turned and placed her face into the mean guy’s chest. He was caught off guard but shortly began rubbing her back in comfort but his face never changed from the hard mug, for some reason I hated him for that his sympathy looked fake how can you comfort without love.. or was that his way of showing it.

thanks guys add coming soon

Ok Ty is just crazy!
Im not sure but I think he wanna f*** his car!
Run it Ana!

why the hell were they after caine,
kairo and their mom, like those men were
dead focused on making sure to kill em
all. kairo shouldn't feel sad their
mom told her to go on and sacrificed her
life. i hope kairo can get over that.
and wow, ...michael, ty...this ngga.
i love this character even though he crazy
this sht was kinda funny. and trey...
i thought he was normal at first but he
got problems too! *throws hands in the air*
a btch can't catch a break lol both these
nggas kray! but fr i wonder if the woman
that the two sisters met were the mom
of the two adopted brothers. this is
very very interesting ana, can't wait for
the next add

Run It <3

weltumm guuuurl

thanks nani!!!

ummmm wow . . .
i have NEVER seen Ty this way . .
its honestlyy . . .different && alarming
cause i SWOREE up && dwn tht there was
actually another damn person in the room
talking to him . .. that blew myy mindd nicee job Ana
but tht muhfcka need to takee his damn meds
fr . . .fr
bcus umm tht nigga off his meds is just
fcking CRAZYY
&& ill sayy tht sh*t to his facee lol

as for Trey umm
honteyy sweetheart it is a CAR
C-A-R . . . sayy it with me caaaaaaaaaaar
pssh starting to think his asx crazyy af too
both of y'all get y'all sh*t together PLEASE nigga damn

sooo lemme guess it was Trey evil asx && Mike crazyy asx
were the ones tht were in the house
whyy Treyy gotta be likee tht to them
he dk them && theyy aint do nothing to him
so at least givee them a friendlyy smilee
rudee asx nigga


Chapter 1 Home

<a href=" ">Mike</a>

I watched as her blood dripped out of the duct tape and on to the floor. She was my snitch she had already done her job and lead her lame ass boyfriend to me now I had to let her go, the world could do without square ass b****es who choose d*** over loyalty.

“So what are you going to do to her boss.. uhmm lets see I can shoot her head off .. naw to simple.. feed her ass to the wolves.. I love it but she already heard her boy toy get chopped up.. I GOT IT.. what.. pull her arms off and hang her upside down.. brilliant t-raw”

I glanced over to her while she watched me have a conversation with myself, Schizophrenia, I had it since I could remember. They gave me drugs for it but the s*** made me feel all depressed and suicidal so I stopped taking it. But with not taking it came the outcome of no income no job wanted the “Crazy” mother f***er who talked to himself, so I took on the only job I knew where you had to be crazy.

Just don’t let me hear you call me that I will explode it’s something about that word that just makes my insides tick and all I see is red. “ty can you hand me my scissors please.. why certainly it will be my pleasure” almost skipping over to the table I reached for my scissor until I heard the door bust wide open. “he never knocks does he.. no but one day I’ll be in here butt ass naked and he is going to wish he did” I spoke to myself.

As I turned slightly to my side I saw my brother trey come in holding his nose with anger written on his face, he was a very impatient guy. “I thought I told you to kill off this b**** hours ago” he said stepping over her body as if she wasn’t s***. “I was going to but mike got into it with ty so I had to wait for they asses to finish before I could come up with a way to do it” I said a little thrown back by how t-raw just placed me under the bus like that. “damn really raw.. I’m sorry ty but it is what it is.. you could have at least.. gco”

“ENOUGH!” trey said while pulling out his gun and shooting the girl in the head leaving her lifeless how selfish of him. “aye g you a b**** for that you knew I had plans” I said while waving the scissors. “plans change come on” trey said walking toward the door I than got excited “ohh field trip where are we going snag b****es” I said in my deepest voice trying to sound cool but all trey did was side glance me “ok no uhmm grab something to eat yea cause I’m starving” “or to mom house try that” he said, which caused me to freeze in my tracks the only time we went to my mother’s house was if she cooked which was only Sundays let’s see today uhmm what’s today ty.. Tuesday today Tuesday, so that couldn’t be it so that just left… “yall said yall wouldn’t make me take the s*** anymore” “what” trey said stopping finally to look at me “look man we aint going over there for that she said she had something to show us man get yourself together” “ohh good I didn’t want to have to beat your ass” all trey did was look at me with no emotion evil son of a b****.

Once we got outside I saw trey’s baby sitting pretty in the distance, he loved that <a href=" ">car</a> more than life itself. s*** I remember when he almost killed a kid who had gotten too close to it with a shopping cart, if the mom wouldn’t have pulled trey’s hands off of the boys collar in time he would be in jail. “can I drive” “no” “I won’t speed and ill have ty put his seat belt on.. haha get it ty put his.. no ok your blowing it mike.. come on trey please” “no now come on”

<a href="">Trey</a>

Getting ty to get his self together was a job in its self but I promised our mom I would stay with him no matter what. Mike wasn’t my real brother though we are both foster kids <a href=" ">Ms. James</a> took us both in about the same time. She had some type of boys home which in many cases was better than that crappy ass foster home. She treated us all with love something most of us had no idea even existed.

I have other guys that I allowed to call me their brother but mike was the only one I truly had inside my circle. He was the only one who had similar problems as me. When kids teased him about how “crazy” he was I had his back and when people wanted to see how far they could push me before my anger took over he had mine saying or doing something crazy so no one would want to come near us and I respected him for that, and have been looking out for him ever since.

Once we got into my baby Cindy I used my index finger to lightly trace her steering wheel and slowly travel down till I got to the ignition aka he g spot slightly giving her life she moaned for me. I know you’re like really is it that serious but this was the first car I had ever bought with my own money, she didn’t talk back and she was cheap and quick 50 dollar date at the BP and her ass was good no shopping spree no feisty ass lip she did what I said what a REAL b**** should do. Softly moving the clutch to drive I began to ease off the brake and let her model walk for me onto traffic.

“trey.. trey” “yes” “are you gon ask him.. no you uhmm ty has something to ask you” I rolled my eyes I wish I could get him to see that they were all the same person but that’s like trying to get me to calm down in certain situations just wasn’t going to happen. “ok shoot” “I poured the rest of that bottle down the drain” I took my eyes off the road only for a second and then placed them back “what the f*** for” “I can’t keep taking that s*** man its f***ing with my mind that’s why I asked were you taking me to moms house for that s*** I know her ass keeps a spare bottle around somewhere” I knew if his sentence came out that easy I was now talking to Michael “naw man we aint going for that and I won’t tell her ass either but you have to play it cool or she is going to ask you and one of yall is going to spill it that you’re not taking it”

I knew how he felt about his medicine I took pills to the s*** only mad the pain become real but mine had to be taken or I would hurt myself or everyone around me and I couldn’t afford to do that again.

As we pulled up to my mom’s house I noticed the yard looked horrible like no one has been over her to check on her but it was just like my mom to not call and bother anybody, damn, pulling into the drive way I heard Cindy drain from her high and die down again. Waiting for her to become dead once more I looked over at mike who was moving his thumbs nervously and probably telling his mind to play it cool in front of moms. “come on man I got you” I said grabbing the back of his head and jumping out of the car.

<a href=" ">Caine</a>

I couldn’t tell you how long we had been in that boat but the sun had officially come back up so I knew hours had passed. Looking down my lap constantly I watched small tears stream down <a href=" ">Kairo's</a> face as she tried to get some rest but I knew she felt guilt. If only she could have controlled her breathing and not have pushed it so hard, I’m not even going to lie I felt the exact same way for a while but I had to tuck any thought of that away she needed me now more than anything. “You hate me don’t you” I heard her meek raspy voice push out as if she was reading my mind

I hadn’t even noticed she was up now staring at me “why would you say that kai” “if only I had pushed through and.. and not have to need help if mama would have made it and not me she would be here right now with you helping you make it out of this safely if I could control my stupid asthma” she screamed at the top of her lungs eyes blood shot red and pouring out her heart which only caused me to do the same drenching my face in more tears that I knew would soon only give me a head ache

“Kairo don’t you ever say that again mama would beat the skin off of you if she heard you talking like that.. she did this for us she sacrificed her life for us to be safe it isn’t your fault what happened back there.. none of it you hear me” taking a minute to use my sleeve and wipe the tears from my face I sat and had a stare off with kai until she felt ok with my answer. But I knew she didn’t feel that secure with it to her it was all her fault and if she could she would change places in a heartbeat.

“Is everything alright girls”, I heard the lady say from the kitchen door. See once we continued to travel in the smaller boat just like momma said we followed the sun until we met up with a bigger boat “Dinami” was the code word we had to use and they pulled us aboard a lady soon rushed to us with open arms examining our figure making sure we were alright. Maybe it was the fact that we had just lost our mother or the way she cherished our needs but she reminded me of our mother so bad but I kept that feeling to myself and just thanked her as we followed her on a long journey to our new home.

“Yes ma’am everything is fine thank you” I said wiping the running tears off of kai’s face she gave us a face that read she didn’t believe us and she wished she could help but being pushy would only push us away and she knew that so just a head nod was given. “ma you in the living room” a deep voice rang out through the walls causing kai to jump closer toward me feeling comfortable around guys is no longer able to be done. “yea baby I’m in here” As soon as she spoke those words two taller gentle men walked into the living room one with what I would call tribe tattoos all over his skin and a silly grin and the other with a stone cold face that put shivers down my back.

He must have felt me staring and became uncomfortable because he looked back giving me the ugliest look I have ever seen from somebody I didn’t even know, it reminded me of how HE use to look at me. Kairo must have felt it too cause she grabbed my hand. I no longer felt as safe as I once did I wanted to find the nearest exit grab kai and make a run for it but go where would be the problem.

what in the world is going on? Who are these men? Why they running? What's going to happen when they get to where ever?

Runnn It

Yo !
Wtf is gng on !?
Why they kill theyy moms
Where tf were theyy ????+

I like this Ana !

I dnt think I've ever read something by
you so KEEP IT UP


omg why did they kill her
who were they running from
7 why
so many questions man
but i like this ana
run it

That had me in tears Ana!
You should like really run this!
Why did they kill her mom!
Run it!