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You Love Me? I Have A Secret.....I Love You Sequel ch 5

Okay so the sequel is finally here. This chapter doesn't have any names so you don't know who they are. You can guess but I'm not telling til later on in the story. **** means the scenario changed. Oh and if you haven't read I Have a Secret.....I Love You, then do that first, this is part 2
"I can't do this anymore babe." "What do you mean?" "I get so jealous anytime another nigga looks at you." "So I have to loose you because your so damn jealous?" "I can't keep doing this dammit!" "Wow I un-f***in believable!" "I'm gone, keep in contact with me." They just left me here all by my damn self. This is bulls***!
"Yo my nigga, you got a husband and a wife?" "Naw nigga I ain't marry no dude! I got two wives." "You livin every nigga's dream! I dunno bout the marriage but you get to go to bed with two women! Every night!" "I know you jealous its good." "So like do they eat each other at the same time?" "Sometimes, other times one eats the other while one gives me dome." "Yo ain't this wild? My nigga got two fine ass chicks with him?" "Don't hate." They chuckled at my comment. "But on some real s***, don't get arrested for polygamy. If anything get that mullah." "How?" "Go on TLC and get a show like sister wives my nigga!" Yo this nigga's hella stupid. I just smirked at the thought. Naw I ain't goin on tv with that bull. I ain't tryna go to jail. Besides it was <em> <strong>her</strong> </em> idea.
"Boy just coz you break up with ya girl doesn't mean you move on to the next chick so damn fast. Y'all broke up like yesterday? I don't wanna make it seem like you cheatin." "I know but you so damn fine. Its redicilous (however u spell the s***!)." I rolled my eyes at him. "You know I'm somebody's grandmother right?" "You still young. Besides you've said it yourself that I look good." "I have somebody else." "So leave them." He's just steady pushing the s***! I just stared at him. "Here just take my number. Think about callin me." He walked away from me to go where-ever.
"Yo shawty you bad as f***. I ain't tryna be rude but damn." I smirked at him. He smirked back. He was fine with his one dimpled self. "Thank you very much." "Yo can I take you out sometime?" "Bold. I kinda like that. But umm actually, I just got out of a relationship, what about being friends?" "With benefits?" "Maybe, wit yo sexy self." He and I both smiled. "Naw I'm f***in wit you ma, but holla at me sometime." I handed him my phone and he handed me he his. We exchanged numbers then took pictures for the contact I.D. "So I'll see you around?" "Oh mos def!"
"Hey I was wondering what I could do to bring up my grade?" "An extra credit oppritunity, good choice. What's your current grade in my class?" "It's a C but id like to bring it up." "Indeed you should I'm sure you're very bright." "So extra credit?" "Oh yes! How are you willing to earn it?" "I'll do my best." "That's what I like to hear. If you do this often enough, you can easily raise your grade. Even to an A+ if you put in work." The door was already previously locked so nobody would barge in during their confrence. "A+?" "Yes and it isn't often that I give those out." "Oh good." "Are you ready?" "Yea." "You sure?" They nodded their head. "Very well" they replied unbuckling their pants.
"You lookin real good to me." "You again?" "Yea no drugs for you this time. Unless that's what you need." "What are you doing here?" "Well you're lookin pretty good there and I wanted to come and talk to you." "Talk." "How've you been?" "Fine. Anything else." "Your rather snappy with me!" They raised their eyebrow. "Fine! Alright. I wanted to know if we could go to lunch sometime." "Yea sure. When?" "Just like that you agree?" "Well yea." "Its just that I've tried before and it didn't work." "So......" "Friday at 2:00 sound good?" "Yea sure. Where?" "Olive Garden." "Perfect...."
"I can't believe you!" "Really?"
"You're so stupid!" "How?" "How could you?"
"Remember that crazy b****?" "Which one?" "The one y'all told me wouldn't accept the fact y'all broke up." "Yea." "She was hot. Her pussy was foul tho." "You hit that?" "Yea." "When was this?" "Don't worry it's all about you." "Uhhhumm." "You too."
"Man things have changed. I haven't seen the crew in a while. I hope my babies come see me soon."

*I hope y'all like it! :P. I decided to give y'all lil convos that happen in different chapters. They may not all happen in that order tho. When the chapter comes, I'll be sure to bold the lil snippet I showed yall* *Oh and happy birthday to me! This was a gift for myslef to y'all. Does that make sense? Anyway bye!*


My hair was all kinds of f***ed up but at least I was in bliss. I love being with my baby, and he knows just what to do to please me. But then again I guess it isn’t that hard since he was the one who took my virginity. I kissed his lips softly. “Oh somebody’s happy she got the D” he said with a smirk. “Boy whatever” I said rolling my eyes. “You know it’s true” he said the smirk never leaving his face once. “I plead the 5th” I replied with a sly grin. Chris leaned over to read a text he had received about 10 minutes ago. “Bae Trey wants to talk to me. He wants me to meet up with him.” I rolled off of him and pretended to be hurt that he’s leaving me. “Don’t pout. Your man will be back later.” “Why are you referring to yourself in the 3rd person?” He ignored my question. “Fine jackass” I said attempting to get off of the bed. Yet again this man has left my body sore all over. It was damn worth it though. Eventually I got off the bed and got on to my laptop logging on to my twitter. I’ve been working on my rapping lately and I think im getting better. I mean im underground and everything but I think im pretty good. Everyone tries to compare me to some chick named Nicki Minaj. She’s sick but aint nobody tryna copy that girl. I have my own path to follow and it’s not chasing and mimicking her. Despite the haters who judge without seeing me on a lyrical level, I have many fans. And if people knew every damn thing like they thought they did, then they’d know I’ve been rapping since before anyone knew who Nicki was. But im not bitter. I have a mixtape I’ve been working on called [URL=] Lipstick N Pistols[URL] that will be dropping on my birthday. Im really excited for my fans to hear this. A lot of people have been telling me how excited they are waiting for this mixtape to drop. I think I should tell Chris and see what he thinks about the whole ordeal. Maybe later since he wants to leave his baby. Well since he’s leaving me, I’m gonna spend the day with the twins. Shawnna is such a cry baby and Keeis is just a little player. He always has his hands down some woman’s shirt. I don’t understand why he is this young and already a little perv. He went into the bathroom and decided I wanted to be closer to him than I really wanted to be because he started taking a dump and left the door open. “What the actual fu*k! What in your mind makes you think I wanna smell your insides?” I shouted at him. “You deal with the babies.” “So? They’re babies I cant wait till those little sh*t machines use the damn toilet. And hopefully Keeis wont take after you and poop with the door open.” “Whatever.” “Nasty ass mofo” I said logging out of twitter. He finished his business in the bathroom and went to get some clothes out of his dresser. Chris got dressed, kissed me on the forehead, and walked out of the door. I grabbed the twins out of their room and decided to take them to the zoo.

I got in the car and headed over to go meet Trey. He was at a hotel because he said he and Ava had a falling out. After driving around for 45 minutes, I got to the hotel. I called Trey’s phone and let him know that I was here. I waited in the parking lot for him to come down. “Wassup with you man?” I asked him. “I don’t wanna have this conversation in some random ass parking lot.” “Fine.” We got in the car and I started to drive. “Where are we going?” he asked. “You’ll find out when we get there now tell me wassup.” He rolled his eyes but began to talk. “Ava and split up.” “What why?” “I don’t know where it came from, but all of a sudden she just assumed I was cheating on her. I’ve never given her a reason to suspect infidelity, but still, she was hell-bent on the idea that I was cheating on her.” “Damn I’m sorry to here that.” “And then, I went to vent to Vanessa and I did something I probably shouldn’t have. It may come back and bite me in the ass, but as of now, I couldn’t care less.” “So what is it that you did that you probably shouldn’t have?” “I hit on her.” I just sat there because I know I didn’t just here what I thought I heard. “You hit on who?” I asked for clarity. “Vanessa.” “Why the hell would you hit on my babies’ grandmother?!” “She’s sexy and I don’t mind getting with someone older then me. Aint nothing wrong with a little experience. Besides you’re actin like she’s just hella old.” “I’m not actin like she’s hella old. I’m acting like she’s my twins’ grandmother, my baby mom’s mama, and your ex’s best friend’s mama.” “Well s***..” “Really that’s all you gotta say about this whole ordeal.” “Man whatever.” I really cant believe he’s sitting there actin like the s*** is just an ok thing to do. I didn’t know what else to say to him. For the rest of the ride to my mom’s house, we didn’t speak. The problem is not that he and Ava split up; the problem is that he’d hit on Mama Vay. She’s technically not a mother figure, but she is still a mom to his best friend’s girlfriend. I pulled up into mama’s driveway and we got out of the car. I knocked on her door. “Open up Ma it’s me!” I shouted. The door was opened but it was some [URL=] man [URL]. Who the hell is this man? He stuck his hand out for me to shake. I grabbed it reluctantly. “You must be Chris. Joyce has told me so much about you.” he said. “Well she didn’t tell me about you. “Well my name is Robert and your mother and I have been hanging out for a few weeks.” I walked into the house looking him up and down. “That’s Trey” I told him. “Ma! Ma where are you?” I shouted out. “I’m in the kitchen” she replied back. I waltzed into the kitchen and kissed her on the cheek. “So um, when did you plan on telling me about Robert?” “I would have told you eventually. “Mhm.” “Boy you aren’t to grown to get smacked. Don’t forget I’m the parent not the other way around” she said. “Yea mom” I replied rolling my eyes. The least she could’ve done was tell me she was seeing some man. “Why are you here and not with your kids?” she asked me. “Trey said he had something he wanted to tell me and now he needs to tell you that s***.” “Trey? You here? Come on in the kitchen baby,” she told him. He walked into the kitchen and walked over to my mom kissing her on the cheek. “Now what is it you wanted to talk about?” she asked. “I don’t wanna seem like I’m being rude but I don’t wanna say it in front of your company. I don’t need to blurt this out in front of people I don’t know. “That’s alright, I have to leave anyway. I planned on going out to lunch with my daughter.” Robert said. This dude has kids? He walked out of the kitchen and Trey waited until he heard the door shut before he started talking again. “Ava and I broke up” he said. “Why did that happen? You’ve been together for so long? The only lonely one was Ty. That is until he hooked up with Vay’s sister.” “Yea I know” he said. “Why’d you two break it off.” “She was hell-bent on this idea that I was cheating on her.” “Well what would make her think that?” “I’m not sure. Just over a period of time, she just started losing touch with reality. I swear she just went nuts.” “Do you wanna tell her what you decided to do or should I?”I interjected. “You can tell her.” “He hit on Vanessa. He just went up to her and tried to hit it off with her.” “Now boy, what in your mind told you hitting on your friend’s, girlfriend’s mother. She’s a grandma and everything,” mom said. “Well you’re a grandma too and you’re not old or anything,” Trey replied. “That’s so not the point. She’s a mother to your friend.” “So what?” “What the f*** you mean so what?” mom snapped. You know she’s pissed coz she does not swear often. Trey didn’t say anything else. He knew better then to open his mouth. “Imma really need you to handle your s*** better then this. You can avoid makin s*** awkward every once in a while. I have faith in that.” And with that, she walked out of the room. “You need to figure some s*** out and messin with my girl’s mom is not the way to go about it.”

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Run it

TREYS CRAZY how he gone break up with Ava then flirt with Vanessa that damn quick, he crazy and like she said, she'd his bestfriends mom WTF. I do want him and Ava back together tho. RUN IT

idk how i fu*ked up but i think i did. <a href="http://necoleb****"> This</a> is the link that might not be workin

She used to be my boo. It used to be just <a htref=“http://necoleb****“>me and my baby</a> I did love my boo. Now she’s making me fall outta love with her. I mean, it was nobody before my baby. I never once fu*ked with another female and she was never worried about it. But now all of a sudden, she’s actin like I hella just changed up on her. When in reality, she’s the one who has changed and definitely for the worst. It’s crazy coz she used to be my baby and now she’s just b*tchin. I drove around for a while until I found the nearest Jamba Juice. I went inside and got a white gummy bear and headed out. When I came out the door, I saw <strong><em> her </em></strong>

Yo Vay! I turned my head and saw Trey. “Hey handsome!” “What’s up with you beautiful?” “Nothing much, im just chillin. What about you?” “Ava and I broke up. She fu*kin snapped on me.” “Why?!” “She was so damn convinced that I was cheating on her!” “Well were you?” “No I wasn’t! I never have” “Then why did she think that?” “I have no clue! I never gave her a reason to think I was cheatin on her. But once we got into college, she was convinced I was unfaithful. I don’t understand why!” “Damn Trey I’m sorry sweetie.” “I guess it’s cool. I can move on.” “That’s right. You’re good looking, you can find another boo. I’m sorry to hear this Trey” I said giving him a warm smile. “So… wassup with them digits sexy?” <strong> <em>Boy just coz you break up with ya girl doesn't mean you move on to the next chick so damn fast. Y'all broke up like yesterday? I don't wanna make it seem like you cheatin." "I know but you so damn fine. Its ridiculous ." I rolled my eyes at him. "You know I'm somebody's grandmother right?" "You still young. Besides you've said it yourself that I look good." "I have somebody else." "So leave them." He's just steady pushing the s***! I just stared at him. "Here just take my number. Think about callin me." He walked away from me to go where-ever.</em> </strong>
Why cant I be with her? Vanessa is fine as wine in the summertime. I just wanna be loved. I hate bein single. Yeah sure I’d be able to run up in any available h0e I want to, but that’s not all I want. I mean its what I used to want, but I want our relationships to be much more than that. I want somebody who I could get old with. I want a beautiful woman who I love and I trust. I wanna be happy with her. I don’t wanna feel like I have to look somewhere else to satisfy my needs. I should be able to turn to my baby for that. I wanna marry her and I want her to have my kids. That’s what I had with Ava. That girl was my high school sweetheart. We were gonna be together until the love was gone. I was hoping that moment would never come. We could be old as hell, in a retirement home and still be in love and together. People think I’m a player but its not even like that. I loved her. Why did she think I was cheating on her? What gave her the notion that I would do that? I’m sexy a$$ dude and b*tches love to hit on me. But like I said they’re just b*tches. I aint worried about no b*tches. Lola is a hot b*tch too but she’s not my Ava. Plus I wouldn’t do that to my nigga Chris. Maybe I should stop rushin sh*t and just chill. Who knows, maybe I’ll meet a woman who loves me and I’ll love her. Not as much as Ava but still.

I cannot believe that Trey just hit on me like that! I mean I’m his best friend’s mother for goodness sake, and he just tried to spit game at me like that. I have a man and he knows that. He just completely ignored it. I will admit that he’s a sexy young man, all of the boys are, but still. And unlike all of the other mothers, I cant be the mom of the crew. I’m more like the big sister considering the fact that I am only 10-11 years older than them. All except for Laya, she’s only 3 years younger than me. But I digress. I wouldn’t get with Trey just because I wouldn’t do that to Ava. And I especially wouldn’t do that to my daughter. It just amazes me that he would go there with me. Who would’ve thought…….
(short but I wanted to add)



“She killed your baby?” Liyah nodded her head sadly. I cant believe my mother killed my future niece or nephew. I may be young but I’m not stupid. I cant believe my own mother could be so damn cruel. To her first born especially. She always gives me money, drives me places, lets me stay out longer than Liyah, doesn’t put me down or anything like that. She’s always treated me better and I have no clue why. “Liyah I’m so very sorry.” “Yea me too.” “Not trying to be rude but whose was it?” “It was your fathers. I’m sure of it. Ronnie always used protection but frankly your dad never gave a damn. He came inside of me as he pleased. But knowing my dad, he’s gonna let Ronnie’s parents know and they’re gonna tell him and he will be here shortly.” Right after she said that, there was a knock at the door and it was none other than Ronnie. “Hey Ronnie. I’ll give you two time to talk.”

“So when did you plan on telling me your were pregnant?” he asked. “I didn’t know baby. I wish I did because I would have told you.” “So how did you miscarry?” “I’m not even sure. I must’ve fallen or something and miscarried while taking a nap.” “Liyah you’re such a klutz” he replied with a smirk. He leaned in and softly kissed my lips. “I’m so sorry” I said putting my head down. “Hey Hey Hey. It’s alright. It’s not like you were even slightly aware. Because I know you. When Jo was born you stayed all over him. Your dad told me in the lobby.” I just sat silently. “Baby it’s okay, we’ll get over this I swear to you” he told me. I gave him a large huge and we just sat snuggled up together. It’s probably not just my mom’s fault. Take that back, it is her fault! But it didn’t help that I was taking ecstasy as well. That just dawned on me. There was a knock at the door “come in!” I said weakly. “did you want me to bring you something to eat?” my dad asked me. “Yea can you get me some cheese sticks and a milkshake?” “Double fudge chocolate chip?” “You know it already.” he smirked and headed out. Ronnie and I just fell to sleep together on the hospital bed. I was woke up a little while later by the nurse who gave me a glass of water. “ here’s some water and some Advil should you get a headache. Which after a miscarriage, happens rather often.” She walked out of the room and I tapped Ronnie. “Tell everybody to go ahead and go home im fine and they can just wait for me at home.” He got up and went into the lobby to go and tell them. He came back in the room with the food from my dad. “Roy was reluctant but he left too” he told me walking over to my bed. We sat in silence and ate the food. Once we were finished, I took the Advil and pressed the button for the nurse. “Are you ready to go?” the nurse asked once she walked in the room. “Yea im ready” I responded. “Alright, just sign this form and you may leave.” Once I signed the form and handed it over, she removed the IV from my arm and took the paperwork to put into my files. “Alright baby lets go back to the house. Im sure dad’s backseat is all bloody and nasty back there.” He nodded in agreement and we walked out of the hospital hand in hand. We got into his car and we were still holding hands. I just need some comforting right now. I mean I just lost my baby. We drove around and I noticed he passed my house. “Where are we going?” “To chill at the park to just relax.” “Tomorrow baby please? I don’t want my folks to be worried. After all I just had a miscarriage and my father is freaking out and sh*t.” “alright baby we can meet up tomorrow and just you and me can spend the day at the park. I know you love it there.” He was right. Nature always put me in a calm state of mind. It was just so relaxing so whenever I have a stressful situation in my life, the park is where I head. Its like my safe haven. He made an illegal ass u-turn and headed back to my place. Once in the driveway, we finally unclasped our hands and headed inside. “Hey Liyah baby. I made you some dinner. It’s your favorite, Bolognese Lasagna with Porcini-Ricotta Filling” she cooed with a smirk. That b*tch! I know damn well she left to go to D’s house. I just know it “Thanks Mama, you know that [URL=] it’s[/URL] my favorite in the whole wide world.” What if she put something in it? Naw I doubt it but only because Roy and Jo are her witnesses. She handed me my plate and I sat on Ronnie’s lap while we ate dinner together. “You guys are such a cute couple. Makes me wanna barf” Jo said. “Shut up turd” I said with a smirk. He gave me a big toothy grin back. That’s my lil nigga though. Keeping sh*t together even though he knows what’s going on. He’s my lil soldier bruh I swear. After we finished eating, my dad washed the dishes and went into the living room. I loved being around my dad. He loved me. He saw me as his little princess. My mother saw me as the one who did nothing but take her attention away. Why couldn’t she just accept me for me? Why must she stay in the spotlight? Why doesn’t she love me? Why is it that she doesn’t feel this way about Jo. By all means im not saying just completely hate on my lil brother, but why me? Why does she feel this hatred for me? Id just love to know why she never loved me? Why does she let Dar have his way with me all the time? I went up the stairs un-noticed and popped some E. I didn’t even bother to cut it in half like I normally do. I just wanna get so damn high. I miss chilling with Blade and Ronnie. I’ve always thought that my mother had an eye for him. He’s sexy but I don’t think he’d do that to me. Im his baby. We may not yet be in love, but we both really like each other. I called up Blade on the phone. “Hey Blade?” “Sup baby girl?” “My high is kicking in right about now and I don’t want Jo to see my like this. Plus we haven’t just kicked it in a while.” “Alright baby girl came over.” “Thanks sweet heart” I said clicking the end button. I walked down the stairs to tell them I was leaving, when I heard muffled voices. “I don’t think we’ll be alone for very long.” <em>Ronnie</em> “Roy and Liyah don’t have to know a damn thing”. <em>My mother</em>I looked in and saw <em>her</em> kiss<em>Ronnie</em> dead on the lips.

Oh no Chris bout to disappoint us ugh.

im tellin you now, chris is gonna do some shady ass s*** that'll probably piss you off

yea this b*tch has fu*kin snapped!

Lola ass bout to give Chris the busines finally lol. Its Been too damn long lol. And everybody can see how miserable he is w/out it lol. Tyga and Cat are some madd freaks lol. Threesomes and crazy sex capades ha. Know he's loving that. Lmao Ava done went crazy on Trey lol. Lord the boy was in the shower Ms. 10:00 10:03,;.10:06 lol.

O she wnt nuts run it

ugh I did it again! Damn edit button is gone. -_- <strong> this </strong> is <a href=“”>Cat</a> and if for whatever reson the s*** still isnt working then Cat is Ariana Grande hell. Use whatever pic comes to mind. you might just have to take off the "

typo if you click on the link, the girl that pops up isnt Cat. this is <a href=“”>Cat</a>


Me and the girls did Vickie secrets photo shoot and Chris was practically drooling all over the place. My poor baby. "Roe! What's wrong with Chris?" my mom whispered in my ear. "We haven't been able to fu*k because of the whole I just had a baby thing" I responded. "You had those babies 4 months ago. Roe why you holding out on your man? Wait. You do realize that you only had to wait 6 weeks after you gave birth to have intercourse right?" she asked. "Swear?! This whole damn time I was thinking that it was 6 months!" "Wow Roe. Wow. But you get a pass, after all you did just give birth to two babies." I looked over at Chris who was looking at me with his bottom lip wedged in between his teeth and a bulge in his jeans. He looks so uncomfortable but as his boo, I need to handle that sh*t.

"Ty, babe, I think I should finally tell you, I'm bisexual. I hope it doesn’t bother you too much" I told him never looking up from the floor. "Wait so you like girls?" "Well, I surely don’t have a penis so I guess it's safe to say, yes I like girls." "So if I ever wanted to have a threesome, you wouldn’t deject?" "As long as she's pretty and aint grimy or look like her coochie stank. Because if she look like her coochie stank or her booty looks nasty, I aint wit it." I replied. He had this wicked smile on his face. "Good. I wanna have one soon." "I'm not just some hoe bag skank, I gotta know her before I just f*ck her." "I know. I know" "I actually already have a chick in mind. You wanna meet her?" "Sure but where you know her from?" "She's Roe's homie." "Fa sho hit her up and I can meet her." I called up my girl Cat. She's such a cutie and I used to have flings with her before she moved. But since I'm here, the fun can continue. As long as Ty is cool with her. I have a feeling he will be just fine with Cat and her cat. ;) (See what I did there? lol) "Hey Cat baby. I moved to Cali and I have somebody who wants to meet you." "B*tch when did you plan on telling me?" "Sorry Cat my Auntie just had twins and I've been busy. But you can come and see me and my boo if you're free." "Yea Im free. Send me the address." "KK" I hung up the phone and texted her my address. In a matter of 15 minutes I saw long red hair outside my living room window. I opened my door to see my girl <a href=“”Cat</a> standing there. " Hey Cat sweetie" I greeted. "Hey Malaya girl! I've missed you so much!" she hugged me tightly. I brought her into my house and closed the door behind her. "Ty baby this is my girl Caterina Valentine. Cat this is my baby Michael Stevenson" I introduced. "So how do you guys know each other?" "We used to fool around before she moved" I told him. "Word?" "Yea this used to be my lil freek-a-leek- when we were younger" she told him with a wink. “So… kiss for me” he said. Ugh he’s such a horn dog omg. I cupped Cat’s face in my hands and I kissed her lips softly. “Is that all you need?” I asked him. “For now” he replied with a wink. I just rolled my eyes and took both of their hands and led them into our living room. “So, what does everybody wanna watch?” I asked. “What y’all got?” “I don’t even know. This is her house.” “Nigga you’ve been here plenty of times to know” I replied. “Well I don’t so now.” I through all of my movies and we decided on Scary Movie 3. I went to the kitchen to pop some popcorn to go with the movie.

I looked over at Cat. She was kind of cute. I could get used to her being around here. So does this mean my baby eat the pussy? She probably do but I’m sure I do it way better than her. I guess we gonna have to test it out some time. ;) I’m sure Cat wouldn’t mind one bit being our test subject. But if Cat sticks around then I know I’ll have to eat it better than her. I mean I’m a Scorpio so you know I gotta be the nastiest. Sh*t it’s in my nature. I’m kind of glad that my girl likes girls. You know how many dudes have a fantasy about fu*kin two chicks at the same time? And not only that, I don’t have to go through hella convincing to get her involved in a 3-way? Sh*t Lola’s bad too and if she wasn’t like my lil sis, and Chris boo, I’d so hella see wassup with her. I mean damn. And if Laya wasn’t her Auntie, I’d have them both in a 3 way. I mean all that ass clapping on my d***? Lemme stop this sh*t I’m starting to make myself really horny. Damn where is Laya with the popcorn? Because now, I’ve gotta tongue her down. Mouth or kitty, it doesn’t matter to me either way. As if on cue, she came out of the kitchen with the popcorn. She handed cat the popcorn and leaned over to give me a kiss. “So Cat what do you think about my babe?” I asked her. I just wanted to hear what she was gonna say. I know they already had a fling but s*** I needed to try and take my mind out of the gutter. “Well she’s a sweet girl and she’s pretty. She’s mad cool and lets not forget, I was hitting that before you!” she said sticking her tongue out. It was long and pierced. She was not helping me even in the slightest. “Cat imma keep it straight with you. He wants to have a threesome and when he found out I was bi, that5 just brought him even closer to getting that threesome.” Laya spoke up. “Oh really? Well wait till I get to know you a little bit better and we’ll see how that goes. And sh*t lets face it, im kind of easy.” she said shrugging her shoulders. We all turned to watch the movie and I couldn’t help but wonder what it would be like to see these two in action. I mean sh*t what guy wouldn’t? Two pretty girls in your bed going at it while you just wait your turn. Now I really gotta see who eats pussy better. “Yo babe, who eats it better? Me or her?” I asked. “Oh without a question, its me” Cat piped up with a smirk. “Oh really?” she just nodded her head. “Pussy eating match. Two weeks. Hope your ready to get your ass whopped.” “Challenge accepted sweetie.” we turned and finished looking at the movie. “Well its been loads of fun but I really should be heading out now.” “Alright bye” Laya said. “Don’t forget our challenge sweetie.” I said to her. “Oh don’t worry. I wont” and with that she walked out the door.

“Ava im not cheating on you!” I roared. “Yes you are!” “What would give you that idea?” “I called your phone last night and you didn’t even pick up! I called you at 10:00, 10:03, 10:06, 10:09, 10:12, 10:15. You never once answered!” “I was in the damn shower!” “You didn’t call me back until 10:25!” “Like I said, I was in the damn shower.” “Oh yea! In their showering with another b*tch? I bet she sucked you off real nice too! Didn’t she? THIS IS MY d***! SHOULDN’T NO OTHER HICK HAVE IT BUT ME!!!!!!” she snapped snatching me by my belt loops. I shoved her hand s down. “What the hell is wrong with you!?” “Nothing is wrong with me except for the fact that im sick of your damn cheating!” “I’m. Not. Cheating. On. You.” She just started screaming. “Why am I not good enough for you?! Why is it that you cheat on me? What is it that those other chicks are giving you that im not?! Is it a baby? We can have a baby if that’s what you want. We can be a family. Me, you, the crew, and our baby.” “I’m not cheating on you! Why do you think this?” “GET OUT!” she screamed. She just started throwing stuff at me. I tried my hardest to avoid her. “GET OUT TREMAINE!!!!! WHY TREY? WHY? WHY? WHY? AHHHHHHHH GET OUT!!!! WHY THE HELL ARE YOU STILL HERE! GET OUT TREMAINE!” And with that, I ram out of the dorm room and slammed the door behind me. I’ve never been scared of her. This is most definitely a first.

*What do you guys think about Ava? Personally, I think that b*tch is damn crazy!*

Run it I'm filln it

Aww the babies are too cute. Chris a mess calling his son a boob man and saying he love em too, lol. And why aint Chris and Lola smashing yet they could've smashed 6 weeks after Lola gave birth, is she holding out on Chris lmao. Lola a trip being mean to Chris keep smacking him upside his head lol.
Damn Trey and Ava really, all that getting mad over that lil thirsty hoe Kelly. Ava should know Trey got her back and wont let a hoe disrespect his boo.

Please read :(

                             Chris (4 months later)
I was in the room watchin Lo and the babies sleep. It was so swet to look at. I grabbed my phone and snapped a pic of them. "Nigga did you just snap a pic of us?" I looked over at her but she never opened her eyes. ''Yes babe I did.'' ''You f***in stalker.'' She finally opened up her eyes. I walked over to her trying to take the kids off of her so she could go thru her morning routine. Shawnna got up with ease, but Keeis just latched on to Lo's breast. ''Ha! He is definitely my offspring! Even if he does look like you and ya mama.'' She just rolled her eyes at me. ''Keeis baby, let mama go'', Lo said. But he was not havin it. I finally put Tesha in her crib and pulled Keeis off of Lo. He started crying and rying hard to reach for Lo. ''I kno Keeis, I be wantin them titties too. Just can't help myself. I just wanna keep em in my hands. They're so soft and sexy.'' Lo got up and slapped me in the back of my head. ''You rude as f***!'' I said. She flipped me off and walked into the bathroom. I heard her turn on ther faucet and start brushing her teeth. I turned on the tv in our bedroom and it was me and Lo's sextape. ''Oh s***!'' I searched for thedvd remote to turn off the player. ''I know your ass was not lookin at that last night!" Lo's mouth was laced with a smirk. ''I knew I heard yo ass groanin and s***.'' I just smirked to emberrassed to speak. ''Oh babe I know you want it. s*** I want it too. But the twins are already 4 months old! Just two more months and we can get buck wild." "You're finally 19 mama''. ''You turned 19 first you old geezer. I'm gettin in the shower.'' ''Can you please get undressed in here. If I'm not gonna get any ass for he next 2 months, I'd like to at least see it.'' She rolled her eyes at me. But she started stripping. ''Goddamn'' I said once she slid her panties down. ''Now that I've given you a show, I'm gettin in the shower. Turn the channel for the babies nigga''. She sauntered into the bathroom, and I watched her ass switch as she walked away. I bit my bottom lip and turned the tv to Spongebob for the babies.

I turned on the shower and got in. Once the temperature was to my liking, I began washing myself. "  He said he never had pussy like A's Grip so hard I put his ass in a daze Get so wet make that nigga wanna blaze Come and play with this pussy while you hittin' that J

A stay on her pimpin' game working for dough Spending you would think he had a habbit for blow I'm talkin' bold harbor? Shopping sprees plus stacks of dough (He beg) So I put it down now get the rest of that dough

We for gangstas I can't lie love the way they go hard I let them f*** me with the heat I know I caught 'em off guard Can't f*** with a snitch like they got the f***in' clapper He's so G now I wanna f*** the trapper'' I finished rappin and smirked. Just a little freestyle to Lil Wayne's Lollipop. ''Yo babe, that was sick. You good girl" I heard Chris say. ''You scared the s*** outta me! Omg why would you do that s***?'' ''Sorry mama, I had to piss. But you got skillz mama. We should do a Ustream together and you can spit a lil sumthin on air.'' ''I'll consider it now get out''. ''Fine'' he said. I looked over and got a glimpse of his d*** and it really turned me. Like damn nigga. I can't wait till we f***! I tried getting my mind out of the gutter and I continued on with my shower.  15 minutes later, I turned the water off and got out of the shower. I wrapped a towel around my body and stepped into Chris and I's room. I still can't believe that we have 2 kids and a condo together. Well I got my long waited riches, so I'm loaded! But that doesn't mean imma sto working. The stay at home mom thing is not the life that I wanna live. ''Babe, you couldn't have put on some clothes?'' ''Nigga shut up!'' "I mean I'm just sayin, we haveny boned in a minute and you've come out of the shower lookin like damn'' he complained. I just rolled my eyes and proceeded to dress myself. After I finished getting dressed, I went into the kitchen to make breakfast. Chris had both Tesha and Keeis in his arms and he put them in their playpen in the living room. ''Baby where are the bottles?'' ''I pumped last night and put the bottles in the fridge.'' ''Alright, how long should I put Tesha's bottle on?'' ''About 45 seconds and 3 cubes of ice for Keeis.'' ''These lil niggas are spoiled babe. How the hell you gon be 4 months and already have a preferance for how your drinks should be served to you?'' ''I don't even know'' I replied shaking my head. Chris put Tesha's bottle in the microwave and ice in Keeis'. After Chris gave the babies their bottles, he put them in the sink. ''Oh s***'', he sid looking a the clock. ''Sorry mama, no breakfast today, I got class. And if I dont leave in like 10 minutes, imma be late.'' ''Alright Chris, take one of those chocolate muffins with you.'' He nodded and ran up the stairs. We both go to UCSB but since I've been at home with the babies, my friend Ariana has been an absolute sweetpea and she's helped a hell of a lot. All of my Tuesday classes, which is 3, I have with her. And the rest of my classes that I have Friday, which is 4, I'm able to attend because Chris doesnt have lass that day. But today is Monday, so I don't have any classes. Chris raced down the stairs, grabbed the muffin, pecked my forehead, and rushed out the door. I finishe making my breakfast and sat down in the living room with the babies.



''Kelly no! You need to get up off of me!'' ''C'mon Trey baby. Don't you want me? I can do any nasty thing you like,'' <a href="">Kelly </a>said pulling on my arm. ''I told your ass I had a girlfriend.'' ''That b**** Ava or whatever her name is, does <strong> not </strong> matter!'' ''Dont talk about her that way'' I retorted. 'Whatever! That stupid lil b****'' she mumbled walking away. Kelly is my partner in my physiology class. We have this huge end of the quater project we have to work on together. I heard feet stomping behind me. ''I cannot believe you let that b**** talk about me that way!" Ava roared. "What the hell are you talkin aout?" I snapped. "The lil chocolate b**** that just walked away! She called me a lil stupid b****!" "I defended you!" ''The first tie, but not the second!" '' baby do you realize, we are in f***in college! UCLA! You're actin like a damn child!" "So the f*** what! You should have defended me! And I don't like the way she was lookin at you!" "I set her straight! I told her about you! You actin like I f***ed her!" "I don't know Trey, did you?" "No I didn't!" ''Im tired of this s***! I don't want her being you partner!" "I didn't choose her! There are no available people left for a partner!" "Whatever Trey!" Ava stormed away. I'm so f***in tired of her and her bulls*** like damn........

So they have twins ol lord. Aww they named the boy after Keeis awww. That lil girls name.... Awe its good to see how happy Chris is about being a daddy. Lola butt need to take it easy on the exercise, I mean dang girl you JUST had your babies. Dont wont no set backs. Awe Mamma Joyce's enjoying being a granny thats wassup. Oh wow she's gonna divorce Chris' dad wonder how hes gone feel about that? Ava and Trey having problems, not good. Least Ty and Laya getting along thank goodness. RUN IT!!!

Run it

Please read

I'm so happy to have my twin babies. A boy and a girl. Teshawnna and Marquis were born 7-1-12. Lola was in a s***load of pain but she was really happy when it was all said and done. Teshawnna looks just like me and Marquis looks dead-ass like Lo and Vay. Watch he gon have his mama's hair and he gon be a lil mack when he get older. "Vanessa, what race are you and Lo?" I asked her. I've always wanted to kno. "Ethiopian" she replied. "I knew it! I knew yo ass wasn't black!" Ava shouted. "Bae stop shoutin, the twins and Lo are sleep" Trey said. "Yo why don't you shut the f*** up!" She snapped. Lola reached over and slapped A in her eye. "Real nigga s***, shut the f*** up! I need to f***in sleep up in this b****! I just had two babies rip my s*** and I need rest! Ava and Trey, I love y'all but if y'all gon be bickering and s***, get the f*** out!" Lola spat. She never opened her eyes, she just turned over and turned back to her beginning position. My baby is so damn tired. "Well my Ethiopian baby needs to sleep, so maybe y'all should leave" I told them. They nodded in agreement and one by one they left. "I'm out Lo, I have a date with Joe" Vay said kissin Lo on her forehead. "Are they all gone?" She asked me when she heard the door closed. "Yea they are" I responded. "Bring yo sexy ass over here" she ordered. I walked over to her bedside. "I love you but when I get outta this hospital, I'm beatin yo muthaf***in ass" She told me. "What for?" I questioned. "You put me through this gotdamn pain. My pussy hurts like f***. You ain't gettin none for a while" She told me. I just laughed at her. "Did you enjoy your work out babe?" I asked her. The hospital had a work out program here and as soon as she had the babies, she let her vagina get sewed up and she headed to go do sit ups. She said she wanted more then that but I'll be damned if she hurts herself, she just had a baby. She had the babies 5 days ago and we'll be out in two more days. My poor mami is so damn sleepy all the time and she refuses to eat this hospital food. I understand that s*** so everyday, Vay comes and brings her food from home. I love my babies, all 3 of them.
            *A Week Later* Lola
As soon as we got out the hospital, I headed toan actual gym. Slowly but surely I was gettin rid of this baby weight. Chris and I moved in together in a condo in Moreno Valley. (2 Hrs away from L.A.) I love it out here but its hot as f***. I know your wondering, how the f*** is am I at the gym and I just gave birth. I take my babies to the gym with me. Of course I make sure they're safe but I gotta of course keep an eye on them with whatever I do. The manager has a soft spot for babies and new mothers so he let's me keep them on a bench. I always make sure I keep an eye on my babies with whatever I'm doin, I don't wanna have to blow the gym up but I will f***in wit my babies. Anyway I've noticed that Ty and Laya are getting closer. I don't see why the hell theu won't date already but I'm stayin out of it. Ava and Trey aren't doin so well. At all. They are an off and on couple and they fight all the time. Mama J visited us up until we left the hospital. I love Mama J I really do. And although my birth mother is back, I will never forget about Mama J.
               Mama J
My babies had a baby together! I'm just so elated! My grandbabies are so beautiful. They are most definitely  fraternal twins though. Tashawnna looks just like Chris and I. We couldn't deny that babygirl even if we wanted to. I'm not saying we would of course, but I'm just stating the facts. Keeis (Chris' cousin) was so damn happy Marquis has his name. Lo had that boy feelin all types of special. And baby Keeis looks just like Lola and Vanessa its crazy. I know that when that boy gets older, imma have to beat these lil fast girls off of him. Enough is enough dammit, we don't need anymore young parents! Hell! I love my babies but gotdammit, Vanessa is a grandma at 28 years old! That sounds horrible even though Lo is 18. Now what I have to think about is how I'm gonna break to Chris that his father and I are gettin divorced. We've been seperated and haven't talked to one another since, hell I don't even remember when. We just decided to get a divorce last Friday. Its about time a look for me a new-new. :)

OMG you started the sequel....
Whoa its alot if shyt going down in this story I see.
Cant wait to see who's doinf what.

I'll review my own s***....

So much damn drama! Two wives? Break ups? Sex with professors? Old encounters. Sexy new-news. Niggas bein stupid as f***. I swear only one couple in the group is still together. Damn. Imma update soon

Im adding this weekend :]