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The Manager.

I never wanted to fall in love just for my own protection (protection)
I wouldn't let my heart accept it (accept it)
But when he touched me I got infected (infected)
I made a promise to never fall & so far I thought I kept it (kept it)
But my heart won't let me reject it (reject it)
Cause when he kissed me I got infected (I'm infected) with your love.

<a href=>Alikay Moss</a>

<a href=>Chris Brown</a>

<a href=>song</a>

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She beat that nigga ass!
Thats what im talking about!
Tram and Bre had me laughing tho!
Chris getting Kay to talk!
Aww s***!
And I hope ain't no nigga rape her!
Cause thats wrong!
Run it Tash!

She whooped ass. That's what he get for being a d***. Shad is so rude, even though she's a hard but to crack he should've at least asked what happened to cause her to go off. Smh I'm am at him, ugh. At least he sorta talked to Chris ill give him 2 points XD.
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s*** slexx deserved everything he got.....she should've gave some to shad too with his b**** ass......ugh! BUT.....the upside was...I don't know if Ali knew it or not...but Chris is already breaking her down....he got a conversation out of her and she didn't kill him when he took her blunt lol...that's progress right?

Alikay slowly walked into Shad and Ircolee's room. She was searching for Ircolee but ran into Shad.

"Hey sleepy head, you finally woke up huh?" Shad said smiling at his sister.

Alikay just stared at Shad blankly. Alikay knew she was gonna stick to her word about not making up with her brother. To much damage had already been done in her mind.

Suddenly Ircolee walked out of her and Shad's closet.

"Hey ma, you feeling better." Ircolee asked looking at Alikay

"Yeah" Alikay said quietly "Can you help me pick out something to wear to this party? I dont know what yall celebrities wear to these parties."

"Girl I am a 1st grade teacher at Crenshaw Elementary. I ain't no celebrity. Just happen

to end up with this knuckle head." Ircolee said laughing while winking at Shad.

Ircolee and Alikay walked into Alikay's room.

"So what I gotta wear a dress or something? I know how yall like to be flashy. And this

is my brother we are talking about."

"Lemme go get what I am wearing."

2 mins later Ircolee brought in her outfit.

"You wearing that? Around a bunch of celebrities?" Alikay asked out of confusion

"Girl, once you get around the crew you will realize these niggas aint s***." Ircolee said laughing. "All of the girls, which you will meet, we all have normal jobs. Jazz is a nurse and she is OD cool. Teek is an Accountant and she is kinda shy but once you get to know her, she is a party. Umm, Tramicia that girl is in school, and she is younger than us so her little peppy ass is so full of life. Bre'Na is a fashion designer and she owns a boutique and she is crazy goofy, she will have you dying laughing. Zira, she is an Urban Planner, you know does a lot of community planning and s***, that b**** be my main b****, plus he ass be high all the damn time so she OD chill. And lastly there is Shelly aka Shell, she is an landscape architect, she funny as shidddd. Bre'Na and Zira are the pot heads in the crew." Ircolee said cracking up

"You think they will like me?" Alikay asked, sensing her change in her own mood

"Girl they will love you and your I dont give a fuq attitude. We all just regular ass people that just happened fall in love with some celebrities." Ircolee stated plainly

Just then Shad came into the room.

"What my two favorite women doing?"

Alikay looked at Shad like she just got shot.

"Baby, can I speak to you a minute?" Ircolee asked Shad pulling him out the room.

"Whats up baby?"

"We need to nix the whole Sleex idea."

"Why? I already talked to that nigga."

"Alikay got some hate in her heart for men. She will murder yo niggas. Honestly she is to hood for most of the crew. Except me of course, but she will murder that nigga. You know he emotional as hell." Ircolee said with all seriousness

"My little sister ain't no damn hood Ircolee. She putting on a front right now. And

honestly I dont give a f*** about her damn attitude anymore. She is in my house. If she aint got the balls to say what the f*** her problem is, me and her will just have beef. I dont give a f*** Ircolee." Shad stated while walking away.

"Dont let that nigga fool you, he aint never gave a f*** about me." Alikay said coming out the room blowing smoke outta her mouth.

"He is just frustrated." Ircolee sighed

Alikay inhaled and blew the smoke out of her nose.

"I just don't give a f*** anymore. All these niggas can kiss my black ass."

*With Chris*

It was making itself way past 11 and he still aint get to Khaniece and Shad house for the party. Mad people was hitting him up. Jazz even cussed him out cause she felt like he was being over dramatic. Just then Chris' phone rang.

"What up?" <a href=>Chris</a>

"So you just not gon come nigga?" <a href=>Mijo</a> said frustrated.

"Nigga did you really just call me to b**** me out?"

"Nigga I wanna know what the f*** is going on." Mijo screamed

"b****, I'm coming. I had to take care of some s***."

"Hurry up nigga"

"I'm walking out now." Chris said hanging up

Chris listened to the song he just recorded. He needed a new start and he needed to rid

himself of the old s*** that put a weight on his heart. Love was the thing that f***ed

him up. And his new song <a href=>Deuces</a> was the perfect way that the official Chris Brown could say f*** love.

After 20 minutes of zipping through the L.A. streets Chris finally pulled up in front of Shad and Ircolee's house. He smelled weed outside and heard music blasting from down the street.

Chris walked up the driveway and open the door only to get greeted with weed smoke and handed a red cup. Slim Thug and Rick Ross' "How We Do It" was blasting throughout the house.As Chris made his way through he was surprised to see the amount of video vixens that was at the party cause he knew that Ircolee wasn't usually about that s***, but he didnt care how they got in the party, what mattered to him is that he knew he was gonna take one or two of them thirsty hoes home.

Chris finally saw the niggas chilling in the corner hitting some sample loud.

"All yall niggas do is smoke this damn weed." Chris said walking up to his niggas.

"s*** nigga, once you a pothead forever a pothead." <a href=>Laith</a> said laughing

"Nigga we just started hitting this. You know these niggas come over here just to smoke this s***." Shad said.

"How all these hoes get up in here son?" Chris asked while he eyed the amount of open ass and titties in the room.

"Niggas bring who they wanna bring. Cole said she dont care as long as I aint on them b****es." Shad shrugged.

Chris looked around and seen the crew having a good time so he figured he would too.

*With Alikay*

"So who are you again?"
<a href=>Alikay</a> asked for the third time

"My name is <a href=>Sleex</a> beautiful." Shad's friend Sleex said trying to game up Alikay

"Okay and what the hell do you want with me?"

"I wanna get to know you beautiful." Sleex said getting close to Alikay's face and grabbing her chin gently.

Alikay ripped away from Sleex in a split second.

"Nigga have you lost your f***ing mind? Look I dont wanna f*** with you aite? So just swerve, no huss nigga." Alikay said annoyed

Sleex grabbed Alikay's arm with a quickness causing Alikay to snap.


"Baby where are you going I just wanna talk to you?" Kevin said to Alikay

"Kev, your drunk, let go of me." Alikay said trying to laugh off her fiance's drunkness

Kevin grabbed Alikay's arm with a quickness and pushed her against the wall.


"b**** have you lost your mind?! Do you know I will murder yo ass on sight?!" Alikay screamed as loud as she could over the music as she ripped away from his grip.

"Little hoes like you make hard for niggas like me."

"Nigga are you completely stupid or do you not know who's sibling this is?" A female voice asked coming from behind the bar.

"Shut the f*** Bre'Na, I know whose little slut sister this is. Shad told me to put her in check."

"Nigga you must not know I will kill yo dumb ass. What the f*** are you even doing here Sleex. The only reason Shad even f*** with yo ass cause he feel sorry for stupid ass cause you couldn't even get a contract." Bre'Na spat at Sleex

Suddenly Sleex felt a bottle break against his skull. Bre'Na looked up and seen Alikay going to work on Sleex.

*With Chris*

Party was jumping and Chris was dancing with every slut he could even imagine. He just

didn't give a f*** anymore. Everything was cool until he saw a crowd rush over to the party. Chris' nigga instinct immediately kicked in and he rushed over to the crowd making sure it wasnt one of his niggas getting jumped. Once he got over there he seen Shad and Laith trying to rip some female off of the ground.

"Shad get the f*** offa me you b****. You were the one who set me up with this b**** ass nigga. I f***ing hate you." A female voice screamed

"Chill the f*** out Alikay. I'm sick of this s***. Take yo Mike Tyson ass upstairs and go pack yo s***. You going back to Kansas City tonight." <a href=>Shad</a> spat

Chris rolled his eyes once he heard Alikay's name. He knew she was a ghetto board. Chris looked at the lifeless body on the ground. He was shocked that she had put that type of beating on a nigga. That alone made him desire yet keep his distance at the same time.

*With Alikay*

She sat in the room packing all her things until Ircolee and 6 other girl rushed in the door.

"Alikay what f*** happened?" <a href=>Ircolee</a> said completely pissed off

"She beat Sleex ass. I was right there. The nigga completely crossed all types of lines." <a href=>Bre'Na</a> spoke up

"Sleex? You mean Sleex that raddegy nigga from D.C.? Some girl asked.

"I'm so sorry Alikay." Ircolee spoke up

"Ircolee you know I don't give a f***. Who I'm really mad at is Shad. He told me to leave because that nigga was inapprociate with his s***. So f*** that nigga." Alikay spat

"Look, Alikay, this is <a href=>Jazz</a>, <a href=>Tramicia</a>, <a href=>Shelly</a>,
<a href=>Zira</a>, <a href=>Teek</a> and you already met Bre'Na, and we stick together nigga. We dont let these niggas run this s***. I'm so sorry that Shad is acting like a b****." Ircolee said sincerely

"You know I'm f***ing down for whatever so when we gonna gut this nigga?" Tramica asked with all seriousness.

"Look thanks but I've had enough of Shad. Brother or not, I'm done with this life and him. He aint been here for most of s*** in my f***ed up life." Alikay said walking out the room

*With Chris*

Chris ran upstairs to use the bathroom cause the liquor was running straight through him.

As he walked out the bathroom he saw the window open to the upstairs patio.

Chris was about to peek his head out until he heard someone rapping.

"f*** a boyfriend, Alikay on her grind Ohhhhh,
f*** other niggas, cause Alikay ain't got time, noo!
I ain't got time to be dealing with b****es, cause ill go to jail for putting they brain in stitches.
Wannabe niggas try to step at me, but I shut that s*** down cause I'm the capital B.
Beautiful, gorgeous, yeah that's me, but my rhymes come like horns and that's on me!
b**** niggas come around swear to have yo back but be the first niggas to throw a knife in ya back.
My life hasnt always been cookies and cake, but cant meet no real niggas, all of these niggas fake.
Ima mean nigga, striaght outta KC, and if you aint got the picture ask that nigga Sleex."

"A mean nigga huh? Sounds more like bitter nigga." Chris said walking out onto the patio.

Alikay just looked at Chris. She wasnt even the mood to fight but she would if she had to.

"You don't speak huh? You one of those? Bitter, acting like everyone in life owes you something." Chris said

"Yo no huss, you dont even know me or my story so get the f*** outta here." Alikay said blowing the smoke outta her nose.

"I know you hate people with getting to know them. I know you got an attitude for no reason."

"Well I know you beat on b****es and feel the s*** when ya sucka fans still buy your CDs and concert tickets." Alikay said as she smirked.

Chris looked at Alikay. He wasn't expecting that to come at her mouth in the least.

"What? Aint nobody ever called you out on ya s***?" Alikay said laughing

"You and the rest of the world swear yall know what happened. Yall dont know s***." Chris said snatching the blunt Alikay had and taking a long pull.

"You just gonna snatch my s*** tho? I aint about that puff, puff, pass s***."

Chris just smiled at Alikay, one thing he did know he liked about her was that she kept it gutta at all times.

"You know you cute when you mad shawty?" Chris said feeling the weed

Alikay didnt even respond.

"Why do you do that?" Chris asked

"Do what nigga?" Alikay spat snatching back her smoke

"When someone gives you a compliment you just shut down."

"I dont need no nigga to make me feel good and hype up my head and with empty compliments and s***. Ima realistic nigga. And I know these damn compliments are filled with empty nothings and niggas dont mean that s***. Niggas dont mean anything they say."

"So you mean everything you say?"

"I mean everything I say." Alikay said

"So you really hate your own flesh and blood?"

Alikay took a long pull and blew the smoke outta her mouth and nose.

"I mean that with every fiber in my being."

"Care to elaborate?"

"Nope, he just wasnt there."

"Seems petty to me. He is ya blood" Chris said.

"Like you said, no one was there. But I don't trust anyone and I look out for my damn self. f*** everyone." Alikay said slowly as she took a long pull from the blunt, stomped it out and walked back inside.

Soooo its started raining and the power went out. SOOOOOO I had to type it on my phone. Still not done BUT I'm def gonna add so bare with me.

I'm too ready!!!

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Hey yall. The add should be ready in 2 hours... Its gonna be long. Hope yall ready!

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Run it!!!!

That's sad her son died, I know it was hard for her to bury her child.

Yall thoughts are so funny. What do yall think of Ircolees story about her son? What do you think happened to Alikay? What yall think about Shad and Ircolee not wanting to hook Alikay up with Chris?

My cousin is having a birthday dinner today so as soon as things get chilled Ima add. I'm typing on my phone right now.

I promise this will pick up! It's about to get interesting.

Run it!

I SO want to know what happened to her
Ircolee straight up lied when she said she wouldn't tell Shad


lol, awww! This story is great! I want to know what happened with Alikay, like really. Something must have happened that was major!

What happened to her? least....she's starting to try to open up to somebody........whatever happened....was definitely caused by a man.....cause she hates them all......

What happened to her? least....she's starting to try to open up to somebody........whatever happened....was definitely caused by a man.....cause she hates them all......

Kay was crying!
Ire is so sweet!
And she better than me!
But aww!
Lets hope if we meet Kay its not as bad as when she meet Ire!
Run it Tash!

She has an idgaf attitude like me lol
Hopefully she calms down & gets along with her bro even though he missed out some years in her life
Run it :)

run it

Sorry the story is dragging... I needed to add some more back ground. Its going to pick up.

Run it!

Shad sat around with his soon to be wife 2 days later venting to her about Alikay's mood.

"Bae I just don't understand what happened to my sister. She use to be so different. We use to be so cool and when I first started out she was my best friend. My ONLY friend." Shad sighed

"Shad can you REALLY blame her for the way she is acting? I can't even be mad at her for the way she is treating me." Ircolee said plainly as she flipped through her magazine

"What the hell you mean you I can't blame her?" Shad said irritated that Ircolee had even made that comment

"Shad you haven't spoken to your sister in 4 almost 5 years. You have no idea what happened in her life while you was living yours. s*** if my brother did that I would be mad ass hell. And we know Alikay is mad as hell. I'm telling you something happened in her life that scarred her, and I'm sure she could have used a big brother during whatever happened."

Shad sighed outta frustration. He regretted the times that Alikay called and he didn't pick up. He wished he could have been there for his sister through whatever she went through.

"What do you think happened?" Shad asked desperately looking for answers from his fiance'

"From experience, it looks like she was scarred from a nigga." Ircolee said in all seriousness.

*With Chris*

"Nigga snap outta it." Omari said to Chris as he snapped his fingers in front of his face.

"b**** get yo fingers out my damn face." Chris said snapping outta his thoughts.

"I been calling yo dumb ass for 3 minutes nigga. We have to finish this song"

"I'm so over this right now O." Chris sighed out of anger and frustration

"Ah s***, the f*** is going on nigga. Just spill that s***." Omari said as he pulled a chair in front of Chris and sat down.

"This manager s*** has just f***ed me up. And I know its the label that is secretly bending my ass over laughing while I get f***ed over by all this s*** surrounding the case. Every time it dies down and people are over it the label does some dumb s*** to bring that s*** back up. Like nigga, I did my time okay. That s*** happened 4 years ago. Let it rest!" Chris said outta pure exhaustion and anger.

"So that means get off your ass and start calling around and make moves."

"Nigga I been doing that, back up manager to the back up manager, but the minute they get grilled by the media they running scared."

"That means you gettin these amature managers then nigga. You need someone with fresh ideas yes, but you also need a manager with some balls. Look Ima look into some s*** for you but nigga you need to be on ya A game. Pick up ya balls and stop feeling sorry for yourself."

Chris hated that Omari was right. He knew he was acting like a b**** for feeling sorry

for himself. He never wanted to protray himself as an emotional nigga except for in the studio and thats where he wanted to leave that s***. Right in the booth.

"I hear you dawg" Chris sighed

"Nigga you gonna be straight. Dont worry about it nigga." Omari said trying to reassure his friend.

"You going to Shad and Ircolee Christmas party tonight?" Chris asked tryna change the subject.

"Of course nigga, you know that s*** always crack every year." Omari said laughing

"Hell yeah" Chris said thinking about the past years. "But I bet Shad sister gonna be there."

"Nigga she cute."

"Nigga she just another pretty b**** with an attitude acting like life is so hard." Kissing his lips at Omari.

"Oh like you?" Omari said laughing referring to Chris' whining

"Shut up nigga" Chris said laughing at his friend finally happy he was able to crack a smile.

*With Ircolee*

"Baby, where are you?" Ircolee asked as she climbed the stairs

Ircolee didn't hear anything. She rolled her eyes cause she usually smoked with Shad as they talked about their problems or at least covered them up for a couple of hours.

Ircolee had just gotten back from her son's grave. When Ircolee was 17 she had gotten pregnant after having sex one time. She was scared and didn't know what to do. She hid the pregnancy from a lot of people until she finally got enough courage to tell her boyfriend of the time, he said Ircolee had cheated on him and didn't wanna have anything with her. That killed Ircolee. She ended up stressing so much that she ended up having a stale born child. And even though that happened 6 years ago she has blamed herself. That was the one thing she has never gotten enough courage to tell Shad.

Ircolee walked down the hall and her music blasting from the hallway blasting and she also heard the shower running. She smiled to herself because she just knew Shad was boxing out one of the bathrooms. Ircolee walked inside the bathroom with her blunt already in her mouth surprised not to find Shad but Alikay sitting on the floor between the toliet and the bathtub.

"Dude I'm sorry, I thought you was Shad. We usually do this together." Ircolee stated really not trying to invade Alikay's personal space.

Ircolee looked at Alikay and seen tears streaming her soon to be sister-in-laws face.

Since Alikay has gotten to L.A. Ircolee has given Alikay she space to deal with her own demons but right now, no matter how much Alikay pushed her away she needed to be there for her.

Ircolee bent down and just hugged Alikay. Alikay didn't even move. She just hugged her back. This was one thing she needed and Ircolee knew how to felt to just need that one hug.

After two minutes Ircolee tried to let go of the hug yet Alikay's grip was still strong.


Alikay just removed her hands and begin to wipe her face.

"Do you wanna talk about it?" Ircolee asked in attempt to try to get understand what was going one with Alikay

"Not really. My head is bangin." Alikay said softly while holding her head

"Look, how about you go get some rest. We having a party later on tonight. You can even sleep on the couch downstairs where I will be so you dont have to be upstairs by yourself."

Alikay just looked at Ircolee. She wanted so bad to tell Ircolee what was bothering her but to Alikay burying her problems away seemed like the best option right now.

"What kinda party are yall having?"

"Christmas party, but its only a Christmas party cause its Christmas." Ircolee said laughing. "Its your typical ratchet house party with plenty of weed and liq."

"Must be Shad's idea."

"Of course" Ircolee said smiling. "Look Al, I'm here whenever you wanna talk okay?"

"Thanks, just dont tell my brother about this. We have our own demons to work out. And

the hate I have for him is real. I just aint ready for that nigga or any of his nigga

friends to be in my business."

"I got you girl"

One hour later Ircolee was busy in the kitchen,while Alikay when she heard the front door

open and close. She went running to the door cause she knew it was Shad.

"Hey beautiful" Shad greeted her with a kiss on the cheek

"Come with me." Ircolee said pulling Shad upstairs

"Damn babe whats wrong."

Ircolee stopped at the top of the stairs.

"I talked to Alikay."


"She hates you."

"Cole, we know that already but thanks for telling me." Shad stated sarcasticly.

"I'm sorry babe, but earlier she was boxing out the bathroom and I ran in there cause I

thought it was you. And I seen her crying so I just hugged her. And she told me that she

hates you. Something happened to your sister baby. Before she leaves here baby, she just

has to know people outside yall mom and dad."

Shad's stomach turned. Hearing that his sister hated him and that she was crying.

"I'll get down to it. Did you tell her about the party?"

"Yeah, she said she wanted to come but dont expect to much outta her if she does"

"I suck as a big brother don't I?" Shad sighed

"It doesn't matter baby. What matters is now is that you are here now."

"I wish she could have someone here to take her mind off of her own crap while she here." Shad said

"Well Chris is single." Ircolee stated.

"Hell Nah, that nigga got so much PR s*** going on. Plus their last encounter was the worst"

" Well what about ya homeboy Sleex? He is nice and cute."

"Yeah he ain't drama or nothing. He good."

"Ircolee and Shad match making service underway." Ircolee said to Shad in hopes to help Alikay.

Ugh I just want her to meet her match so she can calm all that attitude down , but I am happy she not some craze fan behind them fools

Love it! I'm hooked to this story!! Run it!!

okay yall... my plan is to add TWICE today. I'm tryna make sure I introduce everyone in the way I want too. Thats the only challenge in this next add. But I got yall... Also bare with me cause i have arthritis is my elbows and i gotta bend my elbows... but i do plan to add twice today.

Ok sorry I haven't Midterms coming up. Anyways, I really want to know what happened to make Alikay so upset with Shad. Ircolee is a GREAT person because I would have blanked on her for showing out like that but I'm sure she will come around..RUN IT!!

Hey yall I'm tryna add tonight. right now im tryna decide which way i want the story to go. but there will be an add. i dont have any classes tomorrow so i got yall.

You know in waiting!
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Run it Tash!

Run it!!