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The Manager.

I never wanted to fall in love just for my own protection (protection)
I wouldn't let my heart accept it (accept it)
But when he touched me I got infected (infected)
I made a promise to never fall & so far I thought I kept it (kept it)
But my heart won't let me reject it (reject it)
Cause when he kissed me I got infected (I'm infected) with your love.

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Run it Tash!

uuuggghhh idk who's flexing more Alikay or Chris..I mean had it been me I would've been hurt yeah but like she just said yall aint in an official relationship&&I damn sure woulda shut the party down that night when I saw them together!! Chris come on now you can't just expect her to be cool with what happened so fast like you have to prove yourself..RUUUUUN IIIIITTTTT

It hasnt its been on the first

damn guys my freaking story been on page 2 two days in a row!

Run ittttt:)))

Run it!!!!

run it!

Err'thing Cee said !!!

I like her and respect her story but in order to.grow you have to let your walls down regardless if any good comes from it.

Okay Chris simply stated he was Drunk... He came back to her anyway kissed her and danced and all of that mind you THEY ARE SINGLE.. ragarless of feelings ya feel me.

I understand Ali not being able to trust and all of that.. but she cant give mixed signals its too much.. wtf do she resepect really. she got enough nigga mentality to no wats up.. She cant keep playing roles and then expecting certain s***..

give him achance and make it official then see how chris acts. it will be rihanna who??? lol

Ali is just slightly a tad bit EXTRA in my eyes.. she need to cool it wit the rough s*** just a tincy wincy bit. if she guna be a lil chill then be chill not bi polar

LOL I'll respond now since i have time.

HEYYYYY new readers!

@cartersmommy you seem to dislike Alikays attitude the MOST lol explain explain explain!! lol

@BellaDior GIRL I feels you! Alikay's attitude is my own. The niggerish tendencies to create an environment where I CANT be hurt is and has always been my game plan lol. We will see how soft Alikay can become.

@Chocolate Yayyyyyy so happy your read it! I'm still reading your stories! Ircolee has the mentality of my sister lol its crazy cause that is her to the tee and Alikay is me lmao I feel like im writing my own personality lol We shall see if Chris and Alikay becomes an item soon. As for Shad. Thats a typical brother lol

@Charm LMAO I'm happy you read too! I'm reading your story as well!!! Why are you irritated by Alikay? What about Chris?! lol

@Jazz girl that is line i hear my mom said to my dad ALLLLL the time! I be dead too! lmaooooooooo

@Shela lol! I'm sure Alikay wouldnt mind as of now!!

I'll respond to post later but why yall mad at Alikay's attitude? She was raped and destroyed she doesn't have a right to like then retrieve when she feels threatened??? Or should she get over it and just give Chris a chance EVEN after the club situation?

Just asking cause everyone is ALWAYS picking at Alikay lol. Respond please!!!


Ali need to just stop already.. NUFF said. ugh shes slightly irritating

Apparently love is making Alikay do stupid ish too

ally ally ally sheeesh i feel her doe- its hard tryna b a girl and tryna thug it out i swear im in the same type of situation now and dont know what in the hell to do- n i relate so much to ali it dont make sense jus hadda tell this guy the same thing we both single but its so hard when u talk everyday see each other everyday or damn near and its feelings inviolved but its so quick cant take the pressure im tryna read and see what i need to do on some real

second part is waayy short but here goes ..

They was all khute then she played him got khute again then he f***ed up and stone emerged. Now s*** is just messy as f***.

Shad is trif .. Marry Cole she is the best thing for him since sliced bread.

Happy for Laith and Bre :)

That testimonal poem was beautiful.

Runnnn It !!!

Okay , I am reading now and I am doing a half point comment.

From the top: her demeanor is giving me the vibe that she was heartbroken or abused in someway but with her actions towards shad I say abuse. Shad is pretty blind and weak. I hope he steps up to the plate for his sissy.

I love her relationship with her mommy but she needs to tell them what ever is on her heart.

Cole .. I love her!! I am happy even after kay disrespected her she was still there for her and saw past the wall she had up. Her backstory is sooo sad. Stillborns have to be the worst feeling in america. Smh :(

That nigga sleex, sleek, skeet ... Whatever is a f*** ass nigga and desereved to get beat all up and down that mothaf***er. Kay was definately raped. Mmm yup. Shad is a b**** BOY!! yo faggy ass going to allow her to be disrespected and then put her out. I would have spazzed on his ass too. Little d*** f***er.

Cole is my b**** puf that nigga in his place AND cancelled the wedding. Shad is so f***ing simple like ugggh I just want to show him how strong my pimp hand is.

Poor Kay!! Round of Appaulse for Chrissy :) even though he denying his feelings I'm glad he was the one to break her. I didnt think her stort cut that deep but I was right on the money.

Ohhhh now shad wanna play big bro . Pssh !! Nigga please. Him and Aubrey pulled out some lowblows on Chris.

Kay saved the day and his sanity with work. She handled that call like a boss b****! I was like yassss you go girl *in my martin voice* lol

Road trip niccas !!!!! I love a good trip. Shad better wail on then niggas moe. Chris know he sweet on kay. Living in denial is not the move.

Okay back to reading :)

More more more!!!!! Run it :)

Run it!!!!!!!

run it

love doe?

Damn I thought s*** was bout to get physical!!! Lol. Ally got my ass confused too. She need to make up her mine quick cause I'll gladly take him if she wont!!! Run it:)))

Mah nigga....Ali was straight handing Chris his ass for a minute tho...then he got her ass with that kiss...she ain't know what to do with herself........Trey had me crying when he said "ask Alikay for your balls back" lmao I died!! She was wearing them s***s for earrings tho.

"Come on Jazz that was 3 weeks ago." Alikay said holding the phone to her ear.

"So even you know that you still playing that nigga." Jazz smacked her teeth.

"I don't see how, the nigga still come over, spend the night. I stay on the phone with him. Not a single day goes by that we aren't together. Seems perfect to me." Alikay shrugged.

"Nigga pleased you made that nigga yo b****. You got him eating out the palm of your hand and you eating that s***." Jazz fussed.

"His fault, not mines. I'll hit you up later he at my door right on time." Alikay smirked

"Whatever hoe, stop turning my nigga into a self made b**** tho." Jazz laughed.

"Omg bye!" Alikay said laughing and hanging up the phone.

Alikay hung up her phone and walked to her door and opened it.

"Come in." Alikay said dryly.

Chris didn't even argue with Alikay about her dry attitude. He refused to, after that Rihanna stunt he pulled 3 weeks ago he knew why she was acting the way she was. Yet that just pulled him in even more. He hated to have his emotions played with but Chris couldn't help but stick around for Alikay.

"What up bae?" Chris said as he bent down to kiss Alikay's lips.

"Straight." Alikay said turning her face causing Chris to kiss her cheek.

Chris sighed and walked into Alikay's apartment. This was routine for them. Only he prayed for something different everyday.

"If you are hungry there is food on the stove. I'm bout to take a shower. I'll be back." Alikay said kissing Chris' cheek.

Chris nodded as he went into the kitchen and Alikay walked into her room. As Chris' was fixing his plate his song "You" from his Mixtape flowed from Alikay's room. Chris smirked because that right there was his motivation to fix this. He knew Alikay liked him the way he liked her. Chris' thoughts were cut off by his phone rung.


"What up kid?" Trey asked

"Nigga, you got my text?"

"Yeah nigga thats why I'm calling. Jazz said she talked to her but she said Alikay sees nothing wrong with her attitude." Trey said

"You serious?" Chris said defeated

"Yeah nigga, Alikay said she told Jazz that she told you don't play games or you was gonna regret it. I still don't know what made your ass run over to Rihanna nigga." Trey sighed

"Nigga I keep telling yall I was drunk."

"And do you honestly think Alikay gives a damn?" Trey asked. "You better start thinking with ya head cause Alikay's way of thinking is all nigga. Which is bad cause she cute too. She gonna have your ass for dinner."

"Thanks for the encouragement nigga." Chris said sarcastically

"I'm just saying. She don't care that your name is Chris Brown. That fame s*** she don't care about. According to her she is the damn celebrity in this b****. I mean you gotta give it to her nigga. She STRAIGHT playing yo ass." Trey laughed

"Yeah nigga. This is OD f***ing funny." Chris said annoyed

"My bad nigga. Have you talked about New Years?" Trey asked

"Nope, she ain't tryna have that conversation."

"Well nigga, ask Alikay for your balls back and talk about it."

"I hear you nigga. I'll hit you lata doe."

"Yup." Trey

Chris sat at the island, prayed over his food and begin eating. Ten minutes Alikay's bedroom door opened and she as playing "You" on repeat singing and dancing along with the music. She was dressed in basketball shorts and a sports bra. She walked to the stove and fixed herself a plate. Chris stared at Alikay the whole time. The fact that she was playing him killed him cause he wanted more to just kiss her and hold her and it wasn't the same with her being mad at him.

"The craziest body, Exotic little mami, She got curves in the back, Sexy eyes to match
What`s missing with that? Her smile lights up the room, And she ain`t got no attitude
I wouldn`t say if it wasn`t true, I`m talking about you" Alikay sung as Chris watched her dance.

"You going home tonight?" Alikay asked

"Do you want me to?"

"I don't care."

"Yeah I'm going." Chris sighed

Alikay shrugged. She couldn't let Chris her sweat. He played her, but she wasn't gonna get caught slipping again. That much she did know. Chris finished his food and went and sat on the couch and turned on the TV. He turned the football game between the Raiders and the Broncos. Alikay watched Chris' every moved. She missed him emotionally. She had to keep her emotions bottled up cause of her own worries.

Alikay got done eating and went in the front room with Chris. She sat on his lap and laid her head on his shoulder.

"Umm, you okay?" Chris asked clearing his throat

"Yeah why?" Alikay said softly tracing the tattoos on Chris' neck.

Chris just looked into Alikay's eyes. He needed to talk to her now.

"You just been distant babe." Chris said turning off the Tv.

Alikay sighed, she didn't want to go here with Chris but here it was been taken there.

"I don't know what you're talking about." Alikay lied

"Stone, I know you are still upset at new years." Chris said

"I'm not though. Chris I told you I don't care about that s***. I know you still in love with the b****. EVERYONE knows. I ain't gonna act blind cause we kick it." Alikay said

"Alikay you know that not even true." Chris said grabbing Alikay's face

"My nigga, I ain't got time to listen to these f*** nigga lies no huss." Alikay said getting up. "Let yourself out b."

Alikay got up and walked into the kitchen. Chris sighed but his heart knew he had to go after her.

"Stone." Chris said hopping up from the couch going after Alikay "Just tell me how to make it right and show you I'm not feeling that girl."

"Chris, do you know how stupid you sound right now? Pretty damn stupid. Why? Cause all you doing is talking but your own actions f***ed you up. Don't look at me like I'm crazy for not believing your ass. You had that b**** sitting on your lap and everything...Wait I don't even know why we are arguing about this s***. You're single and I'm single. We can do WHATEVER we choose to do. So play on nigga."

"Nigga, I be over here everyday. Talk to you everyday. Spend the night here every night unless I'm outta town. s*** I give you s***, pay for s*** like its nothing. I act like that cause somewhere in all this f***ing mess I think I love you." Chris yelled

"Here is a round of applause for you nigga." Alikay said clapping her hands. "Maybe I'll start singing some Rihanna for your ass. That b**** didn't phase me nigga. I'm Alikay Moss the muthaf***in Boss! It was your ass who messed up. I'm not these simple b****es out here who just cause you think you in love Ima lose my damn head. I'll admit you almost had me tho." Alikay said laughing. "But thats the thing. You ALMOST had me. Had me feeling like all s*** in the papers about you losing ya damn head all the time over females wasn't true. Sure they blew up that Rihanna s***. But you damn sure gave them a lot of amunition to do so." Alikay hissed

Chris balled up his fist. He wanted to punch Alikay in her damn throat. Just KO this girl. No one has EVER talked to him like that and he didn't like it one bit. Chris grabbed Alikay and slammed her against the refrigerator.

"This is what we doing now?" Alikay evilly smirked

Chris wanted to slap the living hell out of Alikay. He couldn't believe love was making him this stupid again. With a quickness Chris kissed Alikay. He pinned her arms above her head and kissed her with every frustration he had with her. Moments later he released from the kiss.

"From now on, don't ever question any of my feelings for you again." Chris hissed. "I'm in this s*** with you, stop acting like you are facing the f***ing enemy."

Alikay looked at Chris with hate and love beaming from her eyes. She wanted to kill him and love him at the same time. Her own thoughts were all over the place. This is what scared her the most. Falling for Chris to hard and to fast.

"Let go of me Chris." Alikay hissed

Chris let go of Alikay and backed away from her. Alikay walked right to her room and closed to the door. Chris sat on the counter trying to figure everything out. His thoughts were broke by his phone ringing.


"Nigga, here you go."

"Mijo what the hell you talking about?"

"Alikay is on the phone with Zira b****ing bout your ass. Me and my girl was on a date. What the hell is going on."

"Love is making me do stupid things." Chris sighed.


*typing new add now*

run it

So um ima need you to straighten his ass out cause he messin with my story time lol

planned on adding tonight...but yeah this thing called my boyfriend is ACKIN UP and I CANT BE LETTIN HIM! I got yall tomorrow!

Lmao @you my b****!
Run it Tash!

Yayy run it