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Don't Judge Me ...(Teenage Pregnancy)

"Baby we need to talk"<a href="">Chris</a> said slurping up his last milkshake at steak&Shake.. My nerves hit me when i heard those words. Me and Chris has been dating for about a year and i didn't wanna lose him.

" About..."

"I love you honestly i do. And i feel like thing are taking to turn in our relationship...." He said as my heart dropped. "Into something more intimate" He said as i lifted my head and looked at him.

"Wait you don't wanna leave me" <a href="">I</a> said as he chuckled.

"No, why would you think that i love you girl" He said as i smiled "I'm just ready to take things to the next level". He said as i scrunched up my lips

" I don't know Chris. I'm nervous about this. Im only 14" I said

" You neverous about how you'll be? I know your a virgin so you already gonna be bad in bed" He said laughing as i pushed him "No but take the time. i want it to be special for you. I'll always be here for you no matter what" He said which made me smile.

"Pinky promise?" I said holding out my pinky.

"Pinky promise" He said locking pinkies. He paid for the food and helped me up i sunt <a href="">Rsven</a>Raven a text

<em>Ummm. Is teesh home? I need to talk to her about sex</em>


rrrrrrrruuuuunnnn iiiittttt so glad you're back

<strong><a href="">CHRIS</a></strong>

I was walking to the airport on my way to my new home in California. I was listening to music and going through old pictures in my phone. I came across Iyanna. And i miss her crazy ass i do. I haven't talked to her since we broke up. A couple of my homies said she was pregnant. So i was tryna reach out to her.. but i got no answer. I decided to call shawn and seen what was going on back home


"Yo what's sup man. How you been?" I asked

"Who is this" he said as i scrunched up my face

"Yo it's chris man"

" Aye big shot what's going on?"

" Im good man. what going on out th

"ere?" i said as i heard laughing

"Man your girl just had a baby" he said as my eyes got big and i swallowed my heart

"is it mine" i asked

" He look like you" He said "You havent talked to Iyanna"

" long story, can i have raven's number"

" Yea man" he said giving it to me " aye come by soon. Don't forget where home is" he said as he hung up i called raven.

" Hello"

" Rae"

" Chris" she yelled "Chris how you get my number"

" Shawn".." Raven is that my baby" i asked

" Are you coming back home?" She asked

" No"

" No Chris. it's not your baby" She hung up as i borded my flight. i had to talk to moms.

" Hey baby" My mom said as i gave her a hung and sat down

" Iyanna just had a baby, Raven said it isn't mine. But shawn said it is" i said as moms just looked at me.

" Count back nine months"

"That mean she was pregnant a month earlier before i left."

" What you wanna do"

" I need this music to provided for my child. and i feel like she mad cause she thought i wanted to leave her which isn't true."

" So you gonna lay low about it" His mom said " i would love to see my grandchild"

" me too mom, maybe Mijo can help" he said thinking as the plane took off

<strong><a href="">IYANNA</a></strong>

It's crazy how my beautiful baby girl. Happens to be a handsome baby boy. I was looking at my baby boy <a href="">sleeping</a> as i turned to Mtv and caught a glimpse of the new attractions across the nations. After the <a href="">interview</a>was over. i caught myself crying but i guess i put all of this on myself huh? i was just so hurt he said he was going be with me forever.<a href="">Mijo</a> came in a sat next to me

"What's wrong shortie" he said as Cj started whimpering

" Nothing i just caught one of chris interveiws" i said

" Have you talked to him" he said rocking cj back and forth

" no have you"

" nahh that niggas phone off. idk how he famous and his phone off" he said as i laughed he said that in his interveiw. " Can i take Cj this weekend"

I frowned. it's been a whole week since cj was born i don't wanna be away from him

" No mijo what's wrong with you"

" Please sis. you and rae deserve a break." your eyes all baggie.

" You know nothing about having a new born" i said

" okay nigga you don't either. we both learning. and plus i got moms and she wanna spend time with the baby too" he said as rae came in. "<a href="">Rae/a> convince Yanna to let me take cj this weekend" he said looking intensively at raven

" Yea we can go with sis outta town. it'll be fun" she said

" Okay okay. you can take him." i said as he came over and kiss my cheek.

"Cj gon have funn with daddy" mijo said as i turned and looked at him." God-daddy, cj gon have fun with god-daddy. damn, all in my throat."

i had writer block... ughh.. give me time.. i'll give yall a long update


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My internet just came back on... hope yall didn't forget about me or the story.. update in the morning tho

Damn she's 7 months and still hasnt told Chris she's pregnant that crazy. But I can understand where shes coming from because they barely talk or see each other. But still he has a right to know he has a baby coming. Dam ats messed up her moms kicked her out and moved away. Ats really f'd up. Thank God for Ravens mamma. Letting her stay and all. Damn shes only 14. Aww she's having a girl. And she plans on naming it after Chris awe. Thats why she should tell him.
Now his manager is a b**** how dare she not only dissed Iyana but she told him to break up with her.And the fact tha he's gone consider it is messed up. RUN IT!!!

Ugh forget Tina!! He better not do what I think he's about to do!!

why is he listening to his manager abt somethin like this..he seems too easily persuaded..he needs a backbone! and why is she tryna break up with him first?? she acting jus like a child..why is she still keeping it from him..should have told him on valentimes day when he came and visited..hell if u dnt wanna do it ova the is available thats a little better lol

Omg he better not do that shyt over the phone but
then again she was thinking the same thing...but what
about the baby.? How will she explain this to her when
she gets older and asks about her daddy.? Then again
Chris shouldn't let his manager make a big decision like
this for him. If he know he still love Yanna then fuxk
what she say and stay with her.!!! Ugh.! Im ready for
the next add.!
Run it.!!!

working on another update... more runs??

Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CHRIS DONT DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!


6 Months Later....


These past 6 months has affect me in the most powerful way. I am now 15, and 7months carrying a healthy baby girl. After chris left i waited 2 more weeks and decided to tell my mom the news. She was soo pissed. She kicked me out and moved away. That hurted me the most, cause i felt like everyone i loved left me. Well not everyone, <a href="">Raven</a> who is the God Mother of my daughter was there and she talked to her mom into letting me move in with her. Chris kept his promise about coming back and seeing me. But it wasn't the same. we was texting all day and talking on the phone all night. but it wasn't how if i wanted to see him. i could. Chris still didn't know that i was carrying his child. I guess i didn't tell him because he wasnt here.. and i felt like we wasn't really "together" expecially now. The last time i seen chris was valentines day. And im just starting to show (You know how skinny girls don't start showing till 6 months) i haven't talked to him for about a week now... i think he's letting go. School hasn't been that bad. but it's spring break so me and rae just chilling.

"Look at the baby moving" Rae said as we layed in the bed. and she was right. My daughter was deffinetly playing around." Have you thought of any names?" she asked rubbing my stomach i loved when she did that. it was deffintley soothing.

"I was thinking about either Christina or Christine" i said as she smirked and looked at me

"Haha so you gonna name her after her father but don't tell him" She said shaking her head


"Okay okay i not saying nothing because you know how i feel about it, what about the middle name"


"Iyanna that cute" she said as i decided to text chris

<em>Hey you</em>

"Raven do you think i should let Chris go?" i asked as she looked at me... nodding her head yes.

<strong>I need to talk to you</strong>


<a href="">I</a> was on the set of my first music video Yo (Excuse me miss). I was in my zone waiting to shoot as i seen the <a href="">girl</a> who i guess was the leading lady that i was suppose to presue come up . I scrunched my face and walked around looking for my manager Tina Davis.

"Tina.. Tina. Can i holla at you for a min" i said pulling her to the side

"Yea what's going on chris?"

"You see the main girl?" i asked as she looked over to her and smile

" She's Pretty huh?" She asked as i raised my eyebrows

"Uhhh no.. how about we fly my girl up here and she can do it" i said smiling as tina looked at me

" YOUR girl huh? Let me see her?" She said as i took out my phone and showed her this <a href="">picture</a> that i took when i last seen her.. she was getting kinda fat. but that was my baby regardless. "Umm Chris she looks like she's 12. Im sorry hunny but she aint got the look we looking for. And look you wanna make money right. have a long career?" She asked as i nodded " Get rid of her chris. your FANS are your girlfriends you hear me? you gotta get out of that relationship" She said walking away as my phone started vibrating. It was a text from Iyana

<em>Hey you</em>

i clutched my phone tight regretting to do what i know i had to.

<strong>I need to talk to you</strong>

<em>Okayy?? Is everything okay?</em>

<strong>Not at all. Call you tonight</strong>

I closed my phone and put my ear buds in my ear. Walking on the set i wished i was walking away from everything.

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Aww she didnt tell him. Cant believe she didnt tell him, but then again he did kinda spring that hes going to New York for his music on her, so I can see where she'd not tell him. But she has to tell him. Awe he bought her puppy and called it there baby, boy if he only knew. Whats she gone tell her mom? Hows she gone deal with this pregnancy? Cant wait to read more. RUN IT!!!

WHY DIDNT SHE TELL HIM??! she needs to tell her mom also..

Omg why didnt she tell him.!!! Ugh.!
Run it.!

So she never told him!?
Omg Chris is not gonna be happy when he comes back in a few years/months and finds that she has a baby! He might just assume that she moved on or something, and resent her!! she should have told him!!
Now he's probably not gonna want to be there for the child because he wont believe a word she says...
Run it :)

She should've told him about the baby.. Run it!

RUUUUUUUUUUN IIIITTTTT!!! Aww I wish she would have told him about the baby

"Well <a href="">Miss Smith</a>... it's looks like here you are 5 weeks pregnant. Your due date is June 10th 2013" The doctor said as i held my head down. I could feel the tear welling up in my eyes. I was just 14. How can i have a lil one calling me mommy. How can i take care of a child. Would Chris be happy? What would my mom say? Am i gonna die? <a href="">Raven</a> grabbed my hand as i looked at her and the tears fell from my eyes.

"Umm im going to go write up your priscriptions for your prenatal pills" The doctor said leaving out. i kept replaying what he was saying over and over in my ear

"How did this happen?" I said shaking my head as rae raised her eyebrow at me

" Umm.. Iyanna.. Correct me if im wrong.. but it happens when a male and female has sex" Rae said as i wiped my eyes

" I know, i know. I just.. i dont know"

"Are you going to get a abortion?" She looked at me regretting to even say it. i just looked at her and shrugged. The doctor came in and handed me my priscription to go get filled

"These are also papers about abortion if your intersted into looking into it. You can make your next appointment at the front desk. Please be careful" He said as i nodded

"Thank you doctor" Raven said as we walked out the door. We hurried up to the bus stop as hop on towards Raven's home. I didn't want to go home.. I havent talked to Chris all day and that wasn't normal between us. We got to her house and i went straight to the shower... With fresh tears to blend in with the water

Me and Chris was holding hands skating around the rink.. I been barely talking to him for these past 2 days and i was just happy to see him and spend time with him.. We got a pizza and sat down to chill.

"Damn bae i missed you" He chuckled " What you been up too.. it's alot we gotta talk about" he said smilling i wish i could feel the same feeling as him.

"Yes we do have to talk. i need to tell you something. but I havent really been up to nothing.. what has my stranger of a boyfriend been doing?" i said laughing at the geeky coolaid smile he been having the whole entire time.

"Bae mann you don't understand the past couple days have been crazy. I have a manager now that got me signed to Jive Records. bae im ALMOST FAMOUS!! WE MADE IT!!" He said as i screamed grabbing him into a hug

"I'm soo proud of you baby. You finially where you want to be.. But you did all this chris. you made it"

he kissed me "I couldn't have done it without my number 1 fan" he said as i smiled and hugged him again. i was soo proud of him

"When you start recording?" i said as his facial expression changed.

"Thats the thing. We start Monday. I have to move to New York City" He said as i felt my world fall apart. and my eyes started watering " He said wiping my tears "We are not gonna cry. We are still gonna be together. Your just gonna be 5-6 hours away baby. I need you to be strong for us" He said as i nodded and put on a weak smile. "Now what did you have to tell me" He said as i thought about the baby.

"Nothing, i forgot. im just proud of you" I said as he nodded smiling kissing me on the cheek.

I've been calling chris all day. It was monday and the worst day of my life.. i been throwing up, my mom asking me questions, and the love of my life was leaving me. I didn't know how i was gonna coup.. But teesh was telling me to stop worring because it was gonna harm the baby. And also the tell chris. I sat on my back patio looking at the sun setting as i heard someone coming out. i turned around a seen <a href="">him</a> holding a puppy walking towards me

"This is the hardest thing i think i've had to do"he said letting the dog down walking to me and holding me "You are deffinately my first love. you've made me feel some much, taught me soo much. I love you till the death of me." He said as i pulled back to see a tear run down his eye " Most people think we to young to be feeling the way we feeling. Love has no age limit on it" he said as i nodded and the dog came wimpering around us. We both smiled and looked at the puppy as chris picked her up

"This is our daughter. whatever you wanna name her, but it's something that we share for me to always come back" he said as tears started to seriously running down my eyes.

"I love you Christopher Maurice Brown" i said as he gave me the dog "Lady". he smiled and grabbed my cheek.

"Forever my lady, I love you too Iyanna Isadora Smith" he said as i put Lady down and she started running around. I hugged Chris tightly and kissed him Passiontely. He pulled back slowly as i walked him to the front door. I waved to Mama J and he got into the car. I picked up Lady and we waved bye.

"Say bye to daddy" i said holding Lady and rubbing my stomache.

ladies... i gotta leave for my internship... but when i come back... i got a add for yall. Keep running it!!!

Aww so she and Chris been getting it in alot now. Hmmm, tender boobs and no period... uh oh.... Cant wait to read more. RUN IT!!!

Just a teaser.. IM WRITING MORE

1 Month Later . . .

"I can't believe you and chris have really been having sex" Raven said as we walking walking down the hall into our next class. I grabbed a hold of my boobs because the pass couple of days they've been hurting like a tender feeling and i couldn't understand why..

"I know i still laugh about the first time but i mean. I been getting the hang of it" I said as we turned down the other hall.

" Yo why are you holding you boobs like you crazy" Raven said as we ran into Shawn

"Why is you holding your boobs like you want Chris to come and take hold of them?" Shawn said laughing pulling me into a hug

"Ouch, my boobs hurt" I said as Shawns eyes get big.

"You on your period aint you?" Shawn said as i raised my eyebrow

"Umm no.. why?" I said as he shook his head

"Aye man i got sisters." He started "That ass caught up" He said walking away.

"What do he mean by that Rae?" I said as she shrugged

"I don't know Yanna. When do you start your period" She said as we walked into the class

"I don't know i should of started 5 days ago. I think im about to start because my boobs hurt" I said as rae shook her head "Text Teesh bro" I said sitting down as the teacher came and started class...

Run this!! Lord that whole set up was so @ her thinking she was going to have to go to the hospital

Adding in a few.. just doing my hair for tomorrow cause i don't wanna do it in the morning. lol give me a few more runs

aww thats cute how he asked if she wanted to stop, i hope the next time goes better
but i do think 14 is wayy to young
anywho runns