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The Decision {Must Read}

"you cant keep calling me like idc you have to leave me alone...just stop it and just be my friend and support me...whatever good bye.!!!" i hung up and threw my phone on my bed and plopped down next to it. i had so many thoughts running through my mind and i didnt know what to do right about now. a decision had to be made but i just didnt wanna have to be the one to make.

before i ruining this for you let me take yall back to the beginning where it all began for me, <a href="">Renee Isabella Bryant</a>, a 19 year-old sophmore in college and soon to be mother of twins.

~Chapter 1~
{five years earlier}
"come on renee your gonna be late for these auditions and i bet i wont talk them into giving you another chance." my best friend <a href="">terrence</a> yelled up the stairs to me as i got the last bit of stuff to take with me. terrence and i have been friends all our lives. our dads also grew up together so it was only right that we did too even though i didnt come out as a boy like they would have wanted it to be. they think we gonna get together and get married and honestly at first that seemed so nasty but over these last couple months i've actually thought that maybe that would be a good idea. i mean terrence is very cute and i wouldnt have to go throught the awkwardness of him meeting my dad because he already knows him.
"im coming boy shut up.!" i yelled right before walking down the steps.
"girl you suck at be on time for any and everything."
"shut up and lets go."
"oh dont try to rush me now cupcake head. i been yelling for you the past half hour."
"fine give me ya keys."
"give me a kiss. on my head." i kissed his forehead. and he laughed.
"whats so funny.?"
"i didnt mean that head." he chuckled.
"EWWW YOUR DISGUSTING.1" i said hitting his arm and back. "lets go." i pushed him out the door and we headed to my school for the singing auditions for the play. the play was Westside Story and i was planning on going for the role of maria. i knew i had a great voice and i was a good actress so i know i had this in the bag.
we got there just as they called my name. i acted out the final scene of the movie when maria was yell at the jets and the sharks after the deaths of her brother and her lover. after that i sang mary j. blige- im going down. the whole auditorium was on their feet clapping when i finished and sure enough the next day i learned that i got the part. the first thing i did was run to terrence to tell him the news.
"Terrence i got the part.!" i said jumping into his arms.
"im so proud of you girl." he said spinning me around.
"we need to go celebrate.!" i said pulling him.
"renee you have one more class left we cant just leave."
"please come on tan i would love it." i said calling him the nickname i gave him when i found out his name was terrence aldon nester. he thought it was wierd at first but then he gave me one too, rib.
"idk rib can you afford to miss this class.?"
"shows how much you know tan this is my art class and i already have an A so lets go."
we left and went to the mall for a mini shopping spree.

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