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Her Room: Make It Work (Finshed)

This a small teaser

Heater sat in the hospital waiting still in her blood covered white dress. She she paced the floor barefoot anxiously waiting to hear from the doctor. People were staring at her but all she cares.about was knowing jack was okay.

"Heather?" The nurse said.coming out.
"yes, is everything okay in there" she asked.
"at the moment, I'm afraid not, he has slipped into a coma and she have to take him into surgery" she spoke.
"surgery? Why?" Heather asked.
"the bullet is in deep" she said as heather sat down in one of the seats."don't worry Dr James is the best their is" the nurse spoke.
"what's the chances of him not making it?" Heather asked as the nurse stood silent and looked down.



Caught up!!

Their date was cute. Jake playing games not tryna call her to build up suspense smh lame ass lls
Sandy hit NY and Jersey bad smh all we got is some scattered leaves and the power going in and out.

Run it

New York and Jersey got that s*** sooo bad !!!! smh

Jack on that kiddie stuff .... but it works lol sadly

Runnn It

(i'm adding the element of Hurricane Sandy into this chapter because for the past week thats all i've been through lol)


A few weeks passed and the only contact between Jack and Heather was when he picked Crystal on the week end. Heather was beginning to worry about him and why he hasn't called her like he promised. Heather was siting in her living room brushing Crystals hair when she got a call.

"hello?" she answered.
"heather? OMG your alive" abby laughed on the other side.
"shut up, ive been busy"
"i heard about the VH1 thing, you know they emailed me to?"
"really? are you going to do it?" heather asked.
"i might, are you?" abby asked.
"nah, the only thing that comes out of that is drama, i'm done with drama" heather said.
"true, if i do it you know cameras are gonna be following me around right?" abby asked.
"thats cool, their not gonna be prying into my life" heather said.

Heathers attention was turned towards the TV when her show was cut off for some News Announcement.

<em>Hurricane Sandy just hours away from hitting New York, Ground level apartments and houses should evacuate now. Power Outages and Flash Floods may occur</em>

"abby did you hear about this storm?" heather asked.
"yeah, watching it on my TV now looks like it's going to be serious" she said.
"call the girls, we need to go ShopRite and get some stuff" heather said.
"you think it's gonna be that bad?" abby asked.
"you never know, i'm not taking any chances" heather said.


"wait i don't get it, your not talking to her because.....??" james asked as the team practices on their field.
"it build suspense, she's gonna be waiting for me to call her and when i do, it will be that much better" jack said.
"your lame you need to just call her" victor said.
"maybe tonight" jack said.
"if the power doesn't go out" Keith said.
"what the hell are you talking about?" victor asked.
"yall nigga don't watch the news" keith said.
"no" jack said laughing.
"yall need to start, theres a hurricane coming tonight, might knock out the power" Keith added in.

"man whatever, the power is not going out" victor said."they say that s*** all the time, tryna scare people" he added in.
"iight we'll see" keith said.

"forget about the storm throw me the ball, i'm tryna be ready before the Superbowl" jack said as he began to run down the field.


"so you guys had a great date and then no contact?" jazzy asked.
"exactly, maybe i did something wrong" heather spoke as the girl walked down the aisle in shop rite.
"or maybe he's just playing the game" alicia said.
"what game?" abby asked.
"he wants you to be waiting by the phone, anticipating his call, and by the looks of it, its working" alicia said laughing.
"shut up, i am not waiting by the phone" heather said.

(More Later, I have to actually run to Shop Rite lol)

Awww jack gon boy...!

Get yo woman back..!

Run It

their date was too cute...jack is really tryin..he betta not eff up..RUN IT!

Aww I dig me some Jack right now, like he's really going all the way back and tryna recreate there love story awe. And he's doing pretty good. Remebering where they ate at and what she ate that day. major points to you Jack. Awe Heathers falling for it too. RUN IT!!1

Cute. Jack got some damn good memory. I thought heather was gone kiss him on the lips. She's being a good girl *clap clap clap* lol. This add was pretty good I hope next add will have lots of interaction with the other characters. Love this storyyyyy!!! Run it:)))



"so where are we going?" heather ask.
"do remember where we were on June 5th 2006?" jack asked as he drove down the road. Heather looked again and tried to think as far back as she could. She always had memory issues.
"Chillis" heather said with a smile."are you literally going to start from the beginning?" heather asked looking at him.
"maybe" he said with a smile.
"do you remember everything we did?" heather asked him.
"are you forgetting i have a good memory" jack said looking at heather quickly.

The rest of the car ride was silent as heather watched jack drive. He fought back his smile until he noticed heather staring at him from he corner of his eye.

"you're a creep" jack said
"what?" heather asked giggling.
"you're just staring at me, you're so creepy" he joked.
"shut up" heather said pushing him a little.

They parked across the street from chillis and jack got out the car quickly to help heather out as well.

"did you take your medication?" heather asked him.
"lets not talk about that tonight" he responded.
"okay" she agreed.
"but yes i did" he answered her as they crossed the street towards Chillis.

They walked into the restaurant and were seated immediately. The hostess gave them their menus and they both look through them.

"do you remember what i ordered the first time we were here?" heather asked from behind her menu. Jack let out a small laugh before answering her question.
"Bacon Cheese Burger with fries, oh and no onions" he said as she smiled. She peeked from behind her menu to see him wink at her.

"i can't believe your doing this to me all over again" she said dropping her menu.
"what?" jack asked.
"making me blush" she said.
"is that a bad thing?" he asked.
"no, but, i don't know" she responded.

Just then their waiter walked up with his pen and order pad ready.

"are you guys ready?" he asked.
"yes" jack answered."she'll have the bacon cheese burger, no onions and no fries and i'll have the same" jack said.
"drinks?" the waiter asked."he have a new alcohol menu, would you like to take a look?" he asked.
"no, lemon ice teas would be fine" jack said.

The waiter read their order back to them to make sure what he wrote down was correct and then left leave heather and jack sitting there in silence.

"i actually anted to talk to you about something important" jack said.
"like?" heather asked.
"us" jack responded.
"what about us?" heather asked.
"we've bee though a lot together some good, some bad, but i just wanna make you happy" he said.
"its not that i'm unhappy jack, you've put me though a lot and it's just going to take me awhile to fully trust you again" she responded to him.

"how do you feel about me? at this moment?" he asked her.
"i feel like your trying but it's going to take a lot more then a few dates to get us back to that good place again, i'm not saying that it won't happen i'm just saying it won't be easy" heather answered honestly.
"understandable" jack said agreeing with her.

A few moments later their waiter came back with their food and they began to dig in. Beside hearing the people around them gasp and start taking about jack and taking pictures of them everything was great.

"what can i do to prove it to you that i am truly a better man" jack asked.
"in order to prove it to me, you have to prove it to yourself" heather said.
"that's deep" jack said with a smile as he looked as heather.
"always joking around" heather said laughing a little.

They continued to eat with some small chit chat until jack put his hand in heathers plate and stole one of her fries and dipped in ketchup.

"what the f*** you doing?" heather asked laughing.
"eating, sharing is caring right?" he asked taking another.
"bulls***, don't eat all your food and come tryna take mine" heather said trying to poke his hand with her fork.
"whatever" he said grabbing another one, this time spilling ketchup on himself.
"see thats what your greedy ass get" heather said giggling.

Heather finished up her food and jack paid for everything, including dessert for them to take home.

"you ready to go?" jack asked her.
"yuup" heather said as jack got up and helped heather out of her seat.
"okay i see you out here tryna be a gentlemen today" heather said.
"well you know" he said popping his collar.
"uh hun don't ever do that again" heather said laughing.
"you always tryna hate on me" he said as they walked out to his car."get yo ass in the car" he joked pushing her a little.
"i told you about putting your hands on me, we gonna be fight" she said as they both got in the car.

Jack started the car and pulled off quickly. The whole ride they talked and joked around like they used to. He parked back in front of her apartment building and sat back in his seat.

"don't expect me to open your door since you wanna play me" jack said laughing.
"i got hands" heather said laughing as she opened the car door and stepped out. He got out the car as well and walked her up to the door.

"talk to you tomorrow?" he asked.
"defiantly" heather responded as she leaned ins and peck him on his cheek."goodnight" she said before walking into her building.

Jack bit on his bottom lip as he smiled to himself and walked back towards his car. He hopped in, started it back up and pulled off down the road smiling the whole way home.

Heather walked into her apartment and leaned up against the door as she closed it.

"i guess it went well" honey said as she laid on the couch.
"better then i thought it would be" heather said.

Glad your okay...!


Sorry guys
I've been stuck without power because of hurricane sandy
Luckily my power is back up
So I can update soon


run it

aww i love them. and trell ass....hmph! i hope he hang him self lol! run this. i really think jack gon do right this time after seeing who was by his side at his worst

Sorry guys
I'm at a symphonic love charity event
I promise I'll have a update tonight or in the morning

We been on page two wayyy too long for my comfort run it like you cant run it no more:)))

Jack's really trying huh. He even took them to the park they first met at, aww. Jack and his lil jumpsuits lol. So there starting over fresh. Jack better not mess this up, hes had som many times to get this right. Loved the add,RUN IT!!!

Runnn it. ! They are awesome.

I love their relationship, that's real love. No matter what they're still able to friends, that's beautiful. Run it!

i lovee this story.. always get back on just to read this.. awww they gnna start over.. i hope things keep going well between them. she starting to open up which is good... looking forward to where he is taking her on a date.. update soon


""and here come Mr Jake Brown in his Jean jumpsuit to save the day" heather said.
"don't try to play the jumpsuit that was the style back then, i had swagg" jack said.

"thats what you think" heather said laughing."you had a different color jumpsuit on everyday" heather added in.""

I laughed so hard at this part lmaoooo

I like the Idea of starting over and it was cute how he started from where they first met

run it

Awww!! I can't stop smiling!
Run it

Dang I wonder where their date is gonna be at.... cant be too much cause it's their "first" date... I hope they talk on the serious stuff in their relationship cause heather is giving in too easly. Run ittttt

Runnn It :)


Heather got out the shower and got <a href="">Dressed</a> in a simple shorts, shirt, and sneakers outfit. She pinned her hair at the top and let the rest fall down.

"okay i'm ready" heather said as she walked down the stairs.
"perfect" <a href="">Jack</a> said looking at heather."lets go" he added in as he grabbed heathers hand and lead her out the door as he help Crystal in his arms.

They all got into the the car and jack quickly pulled off onto the road.

"you sure you okay to drive?" heather asked.
"yeah i'm good, don't worry about me" he said looking straight ahead.
"okay, so wear we going?" heather asked.
"you'll find out soon enough mosey" jack said."it's nothing extreme, this was last minute" he added in.
"thats cool, you know me the small the better" she said as jack looked at her with his eye brows raised.
"not like that nasty ass" heather said as they both laughed.

"you said it not me" jack said laughing.
"but you know what i meant" heather said.

They Parker outside of Bushwick Playground park and Jack quickly got out the car, opened heathers door and got crystal out the back.

"i haven't been here in forever" heather said looking around."why are we here?" heather asked
"this place has history" jack said closing and locking his car doors.
"it does?" heather asked as they walked into the park.
"yeah, you were like 10 and i was 11, this where we first met" jack stated as he let Crystal's hand go so she could go play with the other kids.
"you remember that?" heather asked as they sat down on a bench and watched crystal.

"of course, i also remember the day you fell on the swing and....." she cut him off.
"mean asses Joey and freddy laughed at me" heather completed his sentence and laughed.
"you were crying and everything" jack said laughing.
"and here come Mr Jake Brown in his Jean jumpsuit to save the day" heather said.
"don't try to play the jumpsuit that was the style back then, i had swagg" jack said.

"thats what you think" heather said laughing."you had a different color jumpsuit on everyday" heather added in.
"you know what, i should have let your ass get bullied" jack said pushing heather a little.
"don't be a sour puss" heather said pushing his back.
"i hate you" jack said laughing."but i also remember that day because that was the first day we kissed" jack said.

"i don't remember that" heather said lying. She just wanted jack to tell the story.
"after i told Joey and freddy to leave you asked me if i wanted to play with you and i did we were playing hid and seek.." he laughed."and when it was your turn to find me, you kissed me when you found me" jack said as heather smiled with red cheeks.
"i remember that" heather said.

"I wanna take you out tonight, If you don't mind?" jack asked.
"like on a date?" heather asked.
"yeah something like that, i wanna start over almost as if we were together for the first time" jack said.
"thats pretty hard to do when we have a child in the picture" heather said.
"i'm talking about date and stuff like that" jack said.
"okay" heather agreed."i guess it won't hurt" she added in.

"good, now all we gotta do if find a baby sitter for crystal" jack said.
"i got that, don't worry about it" heather responded."if your foreal about this starting over thing then you need to drop me off at my house, i can't stay at your house anymore" heather said.
"no problem" jack said.
"are you gonna tell me where we're going this time?" heather asked.
"nope" jack responded quickly,
"ugh, i hate you" she said joking.
"no you don't you love me" jack said.
"you lucky i do" he said.


Heather sat on her bed in nothing but a towel as she starred into her closet trying to figure out what to wear.

"what should mommy wear baby girl" heather asked crystal.
"BIG pink dress like a princess" crystal said bouncing on the bed.
"uhh, i don't think i'm going to a ball" heather said laughing.

"HEATHER SANDERS! WHERE ARE YOU?" she heard Honey's voice yell.
"i'm in my room!" heather called out.
"girl didn't you say you had to be ready by 8? its 7:55!" honey said plopping on the bed.
"yeah but i don't know what to wear" heather responded.
"let me see" honey said rolling back off the bed and walking towards heathers closet.

"you got mad stuff in here that still have tags on it" honey said.
"i don't go anywhere" heather said defending herself.
"yet, you still buy new clothes, let me find out you need to be on that 'My Shopping Addition' show" honey said.
"i am not addicted to shopping, don't even go there" heather said laughing.
"here we go, this dress..." she said pulling it out."with.....these shoes, lets go hurry up" honey said giving heather the outfit she picked out.

Heather got <a href="">Dressed</a> and looked at herself in her full length mirror.

"doesn't mommy look pretty" honey asked crystal as they both laid across heathers bed.
"like a princess" crystal said.
"aww thanks baby girl" heather said.

Moments later heather heard her phone ring. She picked it up and looked at the screen to see jacks name.

"hello" she answered looking at her outfit one last time in the mirror.
"i'm outside" he said.
"okay, i'll be out in a minute" she said.
"don't keep me waiting" he responded before hanging up.

"girl that smile on your face is priceless" honey said.
"shut up" heather told her."you sure you okay to stay here with crystal, i can call abby" heather asked.
"yeah i got her, don't worry i practically raised my little sisters when i was younger i got this" honey said.
"okay, well she should be asleep by 9:30 she already ate so all you have to do is wash her up and make sure she goes to bed on time" heather said.

"got it, have a good time" honey said."not to much of a good time" she added in.
"shut up" heather said laughing as she walked out her room.

Heather walked out of her apartment and downstairs to meet <a href="">Jack</a> who was standing outside his car.

"you look beautiful" he said opening the car door.
"thank you" she said."you're looking good as well" she said getting into the car.
"thanks" he said closing the door and walking around the other side to get in."you ready?" he asked her.
"yuup" she nodded.
"iight, lets go" he said as he pulled off down the street.

PLEASEEEEE Dont let her go on that SHOW..!


Nothing but bad things.


Run It

BBW?? uhhh ok..ehh i think she should pass..thats jus gon create drama..drama that neither one of them need..but hmm about this surprise..i wonder what it is!!! RUN IT

BBW?? uhhh ok..ehh i think she should pass..thats jus gon create drama..drama that neither one of them need..but hmm about this surprise..i wonder what it is!!! RUN IT