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Once Upon A Time

decided to let y'all know how me and trey met.
some of y'all WILL be popping in and out of this so
be on the look out.

<a href=" ">Before the fame</a>

I was with him before the fame
Before everyone knew him as Mr. Steal your girl
I was there when his first mix tape wasn’t s***
When he gave up on music
I was there before he was the panty man
Hell I was their when he didn’t even have stroke
I was the first one to hug him when he got signed
The first one to sit all night in a studio till he got the song right
His first everything

Once he started making hits I was the only one he never told he was leaving. I was young and in love he was my first and only but he broke my heart the day he got on that air plane. I had to find out from his mother that he was on his way to New York. That day I cried myself sick I felt lost I was depressed hell I even stopped eating for a matter of time. For months I blamed myself was it me who f***ed up, was I not as supportive as he wanted me to be, could I have done more. But soon I just stopped kicking a dead horse and realized he was just a dude who never truly gave a care about what he had back home.

As crazy as it all sounds though I bought every last one of his albums downloaded every mix tape and watched every interview, anytime he was even mentioned on BET or MTV I was there hanging on his every word like a fan. It made me feel closer to him for some reason like I still had a part of him. Even though I hated him with every ounce of blood that dripped through me and the day I see him would be too soon.

I was stuck in Virginia and he was traveling the world doing things I said I always wanted to do, but couldn’t. Time just wasn’t in my favor I had the real world to deal with and that b**** was cold.

I sat in front of the mirror staring at myself as I tried to drown in Hennessey. If I didn’t get drunk this night would seem longer than I would have liked it and I would dread every second. I worked at a strip club called ‘Pure Pleasure’. I had been working here for the past six months but it’s only because I became that typical college girl who couldn’t see the light behind her tuition. So in the day time I went to class and at night I was here. Was I over qualified to work here f*** yea and so was the next b**** and the next b****. Hell all of these girls were on their s***, but responsibilities came first and that’s the one thing I guess we could all respect about each other. Other than that all these b****es could drown in a lake I didn’t give a f***.

“Kitty you’re up” I heard my name being called. It was my turn to shake my ass for change. Taking another huge gulp of my relaxer I closed my eyes and turned into the night freak they loved while shutting my true self out.

4:19 in the morning is when I made it home and my first class started at 9 a.m., you get used to it after a while though. Walking into my empty apartment I shut and locked my door making sure to pull my table in front of it. This neighborhood was getting bad. I just didn’t have the money to move anywhere else all the money I got from stripping went toward rent and school hell food even came last but I rather starve then live on the streets. As I stripped myself of my work clothes I hopped in the bed and snuggled up to Mr. Groove. Yea trey gave him to me almost 4 years ago I couldn’t let him go he was the only thing that held me when sirens rang through the night like midnights theme song and I needed that little extra comfort even if the person who gave him to me was a complete ass.

Turning my radio on to fight out the noise of the outside his voice rang out on repeat over and over I played the same song ever night ‘It would be you’. Why I loved that song I don’t know, he made it once we were over, but it did seem like words he once spoken to me or maybe words I wanted him to say right now. As my eyes drifted to his voice the world faded out and he became louder and he was the last thing that was on my mind once more.

My alarm clock contrasted with trey’s voice which caused me to jump up. Giving the clock a quick glance I groaned 8:15. Throwing the covers over the bed I made my way toward my dresser. Turning him off and switching on something more lively while making my way to the shower.

Dancing to the music in the shower I began to try to twerk to ‘Bandz” as the radio began to turn up. But on a failed attempt I almost bust my ass so I quickly stopped and finished the task I was originally in here for. Stepping out of the shower I heard the radio host come on and begin talking I wasn’t really paying attention I just continued to get dressed since I didn’t have much time left. Shimmying into my jeans I threw on a top, brushed my hair into a messy bun and clicked off my radio. Making my way to my kitchen I tried to see if I had anything to eat but I didn’t. I wasn’t sadden by this though it wasn’t anything new to go anywhere hungry for me I just waved it off and grabbed my keys. It looks like I was going to have to work extra hard tonight.

Once I made it to campus I felt out of place. Most of these kids where here on scholarships or loans. I was here from naked dollars; I always kept my head down ever since that one day some creeps choose a day to let the whole campus know who I was. So to avoid any problems I just kept to myself with quick feet.


I Really miss this story!!! I even read it again!!
Please RUN IT!!

run it!

Run It

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New reader, love the story! RUN IT!

Run it

Sorry I ain't been commenting
I've been reading on my phone
& busy with work
But I'm here now
Annnnnd how the hell you gon hit us with a cliffhanger?!
But she better go!
Talm bout a long day in hell
When is that? Tomorrow?
Lol she know she can't resist Trey fine ass
With his sparkly ass eyes haha

oh dam she straight up told him she aint getting with him!
she gonna go to ny
she know she wanna go
run it

Omg don't f***ing tease me like this ugh please don't let a commercial be on she needs Togo with him they are meant to be ugh not again don't let him leave without her

“f*** you mean you can’t go” I turned so I was facing trey still in his arms under the covers “Just like I said I mean I would have no job, house and I do still go to school here I mean I have no plan if I just pack my s*** up and leave with you” “School, you can transfer all of your credits, house I’m asking you to stay with me well until you get on your feet and job, Ana do you even want to talk about that” “Trey you have to realize I have lived years, YEARS, without you in my life. You just can’t come back make a few changes and expect me to jump when you want to” “it is not even like that Ana and you know that, but this small ass town has nothing for you it’s a big ass trap” as I tried to get out of his grasp he pulled me in closer. “I won’t try anything you don’t want to Ana you would have your space and I would have mine” “That is so easy to say in the beginning then when the b****es start piling in I get jealous and we would start to fight” “you would get jealous” he said with a c**ky grin “Duh dumbass” “Ana at the strip club I didn’t do that s*** to feel your insides I did it because I really want…” “Stop” I said placing my hand toward his chest “It will be a long cold day in hell before I jump back into a relationship with you”

“Long and cold” “long cold and impossible” “Come on Ana you can do you in New York you never know you might find somebody worth your time up there” “he said while rolling his eyes then continued “and plus Nani and Cole live up there I know you haven’t seen them in years, so you won’t be alone” “I don’t know Trey” he stopped for a second then looked at the TV “Ok we will do it like old times, if we turn on the TV and it is on commercial you win you will stay here in the sticks to do nothing with your life… and if a show is on I win and you pack s*** tomorrow and leave with me” “iight deal” That is when he grabbed the remote and let the light come on.

had to tease you a little bit

that flashback was cute
im surprise ana didnt get emotional i would have especially since he said he would take her to the top and he didn't
but im glad they working out
....she got school!
but i want her to go to ny :/
run it

We sat there, in the bathroom staring at each other him leaning his back to the sink and me inside the tub, like old times. “You still think Michael Angelo would get his ass kicked by the red power ranger” a slight smile rushed over my face, he remembered. “Yea” “You still silly as f***”


I sat in Trey’s tub while he sat on the bathroom floor tears filling his eyes. He had just received notice that a local record company that he’d given his mixtape to no longer wanted to sign with him. Calling his work mediocre and not the image they were looking for at the moment. He hadn’t said a word to me all day, at school I tried to get him to open up but he refused and ended up going home early. I called momma April and she informed me about him being in his room all day so I made it my job to stop by after school to see if I could cheer him up.

“Those record label people don’t know what they are talking about you are the next big thing Trey I see it” all he did was shake his head while forcefully wiping tears from his face. “Maybe this s*** isn’t for me, maybe I’m chasing the wrong dream” my head shot toward his as our eyes connected for the first time all day. I could see the hurt in his eyes, hell I was hurting after that one. Music was all Trey talked about, to hear him doubt his own talent damn near made me burst out into tears. “Trey...” “No Ana seriously. What if that was a sign for me to try something else” I shifted my body in the tub so I was facing him then pulled his chin toward me. “You Tremaine Neverson will be the biggest thing that happened to music since the temptations” we both chuckled and then I became serious again. “I never want you to feel because of rejection you are less than your talent, I would give my right hand to god to have the gift that you do” “You have to say that your my woman” “I don’t have to say s*** and you know why” “Why” I froze for a second to think of my answer then placed a grin to my face. “Cause I tell you when you are wrong… like when you think Michael Angelo can whoop the red ranger didn’t I tell you, you was full of s***” “Come on now he can and if he doesn’t Leonardo will jump in” “And that is when the yellow ranger put them moves to their goofy asses” “You silly as f***”

“Thank you” I heard his raspy voice bellow out beyond the previous tears. “For what” “Believing in me…you know I’m taking your ass to the top with me” he said stand to his feet helping me stand up as well “Duh your taking me if not I will come to every concert with a ‘you aint R. Kelly shirt’ pissing everybody off” “Damn that is f***ed up” he then picked me up wrapping my legs around his waist and leaned back on the counter. “I love you Anastasia” “I love you to Tremaine”

End of flashback

“You know that night I had really began to second guess my talent” “That would have been the dumbest thing you ever done” I focused my attention on the granite wall in front of me than back at trey. “You know I was never mad at you for what you did, just how you did it. I have every cd, tape hell interview photo sketched into my brain, as much as I hated you I could never hate what you do” “Ana I really wanted to be…” “Please just leave it alone we start new as of today” Trey stood to his feet then helped me up. “That is mighty big of you Ana” “Thank you I’m here all week” he then picked me up and helped me out of the tub.

“So you leave in two days” “actually I leave tomorrow night” “What” I jumped out of his grasp and began to back out of the bathroom “Tomorrow why so soon” “I have work to do” he said while climbing into his bed pulling the covers up so I could climb in “I just began to not hate you” “Gee thanks… hey I have an idea.” He then paused and pulled me closer to him. “Go with me to New York” “Trey I can’t”

More for you later on

Yup that's right y'all getting an update cuz of me! Yup so Ana hurry yo ass up so I can read and to all y'all b****es y'all are welcome lol

ok ok because of NIC i will gladly add to this TONIGHT i PROMISE!!!

Run itt pleaseeee i like this story.

run it!

Run it!!!!

Run it!!!!



Damn I new dat b**** was no good smh ana girl I don't no wat to say damn run it fast

Trey pissed me off smh wtf he go and give Lauren head when the freaking baby ain't his meaning she cheated on his ass. He stupid as f*** I just want Ana to knock his ass out and walk away laughing lol
Run it!!

Awe s*** the baby ain't his! I should've known and Ana is a real b**** like forreal she spilled out all her feelings I'm proud of her but disappointed in trey how could he eat her out like that right after beig with Ana that is horrible run it

“Didn’t you know about the lies” “How are you an trey’s relationship now that you know that baby isn’t his” “did you trigger that twitter war” “since Laurens baby isn’t trey’s can we be expected one from you” Before I could even successfully get out of the car announcers and cameramen where attacking me it had to be about 4 in the morning how could they find information out like this… oh f*** trey. Rushing toward the house I fumbled with my keys as lights continued to shine in my eyes; I was at the brink of tears from irritation and anger.

“APRIL…TREY TREMAINE” I screamed throughout the house, “Ana honey what is wrong” “where is trey” “He is upstairs with that GIRL now…ana…ANA” before she could finish I rushed upstairs I knew April would be close on my tail but I had to get to trey what the hell was going on. Without knocking I barged into the room and stopped dead in my tracks to see Lauren pulling up her pants and trey who was once fixing his shirt place his hands to his face. “Wow… ok well uhmm” “Ana it is not what you think I swear please just wait” “So I mean s*** since the baby wasn’t yours what was your plan trey put one in her…try and try again until by gods chance it was yours” “Ana please” “You was just with me trey not even 50 minutes ago and this…this is what happens” “Why the f*** do you care” lauren said while grabbing for her purse, the lord had me in his arms I swear he did cause if he didn’t I would have killed her and the baby in her stomach. “Get the f*** out of my house lauren and don’t ever come back” “cool you don’t have to worry about me” lauren then walked up to trey and gave him a kiss to the forehead then the lips “is the car going to be downstairs waiting for me” trey slowly gave a nod “And when I get to the airport the plane and security will already be in order” again all trey did was nod what the f*** was this “Alright well I guess this is goodbye, text me sometime trey” I could feel April grab me back as lauren walked in front of me everything in me told me to swing, hit the b**** and do the time but why would I fight a battle that trey didn’t even want to get involved with. “I’ll go make sure she locked up” April said walking away and leaving me and trey.

I slid down to the middle of the floor and began to laugh, “What is so funny ana” instantly I stopped it damn near scared myself at how f***ed up my emotions were “After our little uhmm f*** session in the club I was stuck you know like what did I want out of trey, could I see myself getting back with him I mean damn homie really f***ed up my head do I truly want to be with him…but all signs pointed to yes. I mean damn I f***ing love you” that was when his head shot up and his focus was on the fact that I said love and not loved “I wanted to be with you so bad since the first day I seen you, I never once looked at you the way other girls did. Lol you remember when you were skinny and not worth a damn, man I was there for you, remember how you were always there for me… when my mom could really piss me off and her husband thought he owned me. I trusted you with my heart then and there, and you held me together. f*** it I’m rumbling… basically I was there for you and still am when I heard the reporters say the baby wasn’t yours I was willing to do the time and f*** that b**** UP!” I said now looking at nothing else but trey

“What did you do with her” “Ana” “What did you do” “Why would you want to know that in detail” “TELL ME” “we didn’t f*** if that is what you want to hear” ‘if that is what I want to hear really, tremaine no it isn’t what I want to hear I was just with you all in my feelings I come home and you doing the same s*** to her that you did to me” “I ate the b**** Anastasia I ate her the f*** out… there you happy, and don’t act like this s*** is all my f***ing fault I asked you to come with me I asked you to be a part of my world before I left and you said no so I moved the f*** on” “So I was supposed to stop my life for you trey” “No but you didn’t even try to start one with me” “Bulls*** when someone says no that doesn’t mean pack your s*** and bounce it means as a man in a relationship to work it out and make a plan you left to better your life great I’m proud of you , but if I would have left with you without knowing myself our relationship probably would have been over”

“Lauren was my girlfriend ana when I got the news about the baby not being mine I flipped out I came to see you and then I came back here… I gave my GIRLFRIEND my goodbye love and called it off with her” “DAMN THE b**** EVEN GETS A GOODBYE” “ANASTASIA” “what… look I can’t even be mad at you cause to be honest I knew some s*** like this would happen if I gave you another chance, I’m just glad I dodged a bullet and tasted your tongue before she was on it” “So you’re just going to make a joke out of this ana” “naw the s*** isn’t funny but if I have to cry over you again I will go crazy” “So what now” trey said standing from his bed and sitting next to me on the floor “Nothing” “nothing…so this is it for good” “yea trey” silence broke out throughout the room, I felt myself about to cry and I have been doing so well. So before I let it show I gathered my things and made it to the door only to struggle to get it opened “f*** wrong with your door” I said pulling harder since I felt the tears at the brink “Here let me help you” as trey got up to open the door I felt his body sweep across mine and I lost it tears ran down my face “you know what I think moms locked us in from the outside” trey said while laughing then looked at me “Anastasia…don’t do that” “I was your ana” trey then took my hand and led me toward the bathroom I was hesitant at first then backed up but his grip had gotten tighter “don’t run away from it please”

Run it!
Run it!
Run it!

ok ok ill run it

Awww man she gun have his baby man he was wrong for wlkn away back den bt u can tel he still love n wont her him going to the club only tels it more bt we're his girl n if she prego n he believe she is y would n go in Ana with out protection bt I'm loven dis story run it fast please

run it