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`Have No Fear pt II : The Corn Maze! [discontinued]

<strong> Intro...</strong>

“Excuse me ladies and gents, my name is Ms.Tower and I will be here with u all for the rest of the week. As we all know that every single person in here as done something to get him or her right here right now. So, let’s go here and do what were supposed to do and leave. Please don’t do anything out of the ordinary that will get you put behind bars for good. Come here get your community service hours and keep it moving. Any questions on that?” She asked. <a href=",r:4,s:0,i:84&biw=1241&bih=606">He </a>opened my eyes and noticed everyone looking at each other crazy. Chris wondered if the rest of them had the same dream that he had. “Ok well I will explain more in detail once we get to the hotel. Bu- “NOOOOOOOO” Everyone screamed.
“Aye stop dis bus right now!” <a href="***,r:17,s:0,i:127&biw=1241&bih=606">He</a> demanded. “Real sh*t I’m with him.” Nic retorted. “What is the rush guys.” Ms. Towers laughed. “Nobody wants to go where the f*ck you trynna take us that’s what.” Chris chimed in. “Ugh…” Abby exhaled and got up and got up. Everyone’s eyes were on her waiting to see what she was up to. Abby punched Ms. Towers in the mouth and threatened the bus driver to pull over and he did. Abby got off the bus and everyone tried to follow, but didn’t get very far while Ms. Towers got in front of the door and warned the bus driver to not even think about opening it again. <a href=",r:8,s:0,i:96&tx=87&ty=60&biw=1241&bih=606">He </a> sat down and smacked his lips saying, “This is some f*cking bullsh*t man I swear.” He screwed his face. Shad chuckled and shook his head taking a seat. “How long we been riding round man cause a real nigga can’t fall asleep and have another dream like I just had.” Ty blurted. “Damn I thought I was the only one.” Chris laughed. “Hell nawl I had one too.” Trey said. “Man..I should of gotten off the bus with Abby ass.” Cali spoke up. “THAT’S IT YOU’RE ALL GOING TO JAIL!” Ms. Towers yelled. Cali smacked her lips because she was already more than likely going to be in for life for murdering her mom. Chris wished he’d gone to anger management instead of fighting off that cop who caught him with marijuana. Shad wished he were more careful on the streets because he could have been making money now. Trey felt this was a waste of his time because he could’ve been sexing underage girls right now instead of hearing Ms. Towers b*tch. Ana sat in the back quiet as a mouse because before Abby had the guts to punch Ms. Towers she was already on the verge of doing so just like the bartender she knocked out at a party for hitting on her. Nic was completely over it and wished she had paid for driving school vs. paying for all of her speeding tickets. “Oh my Godddd shut the f*ck up.” Chris suggested. “Fat ass needed to be knocked out according to the dream.” Shad mumbled and whispered causing Trey and Tyga to laugh. The bus soon started moving again making everyone sigh. They didn’t know if they were going to jail for real or not, but one thing was that nobody was scared not even quiet Ana. Shortly, the bus came to a stop, but they weren’t at a Jail. “Welcome abroad…Meet <a href=",r:88,s:200,i:268&biw=1241&bih=567">Bree</a> everyone.” Ms. Towers introduced. Bree walked on the bus and everyone stared at her. “Oh hell no I’m getting the f*ck outta here.” Ana blurted while getting up. “Scared or something?” Bree teased while showing her grills. Chris looked at her up and down and then licked his lips. “You can sit down next to me I got seat available.” He flirted. Bree looked at Chris and laughed then continued to walk until she saw an empty seat next to Tyga.

“You look lonely.” She stated while taking a seat. Tyga swallowed hard knowing why Ana wanted to leave. This girl looked exactly like the Bree that suddenly appeared in everyone’s dream. “This sh*t is crazy.” Cali whispered to Shad. “I know…but I don’t think she was that ugly in the dream.” He whispered. “Yall asses need to get over that this aint no f*cking déjà vu it was a dream leave it at that.” Chris announced. Trey looked up at Chris who was whispering the same thing to Nic. Everyone’s eyes then looked at Bree as she shrugged. “What? Pictures last longer you know.” She spat. Everyone widened his or her eyes as if she was weird except for Chris who smiled while licking his lips. “I like her.” He mentioned. “Of course you do Chris.” Ana rolled her eyes as she sat down. “Awwww sh*t here we go man.” Chris spoke out loud making Tyga laugh. “Something funny?” Bree asked him. Ty screwed his face “Umm.. yea what he sa- “Shhh… just wanted to see if yo scary ass was gonna speak. Now, be quiet before I slit your throat.” She retorted while putting her index finger over his pulp lips. Tyga looked at her with confusion in his eyes and thought that they were all in for another rollercoaster ride.

a/n: just the intro and everyone else will come in soon!
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