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— The Prom Dates CAST CALL !

Name • First , Last •
Age ( 16 —18 ):
Fake Twitter Name:
Extra Curricular { Sports, Student Council, etc }
DO NOT Pick Seiko Huffman! Im her already (:

Authors Note : Im doing this on Chris Brown Fiction. So if you see this there its me.
Doing two different versions. Maybe.


Where you at mamas?

It slipped my mind that i signed up for this story! I got too much going on in my brain! I'll be looking for the add tomorrow!

F U C K you. That is all! lol

Okay , since you seem to be the only one here with the brain of a spoon , I'll use 8 GIRLS ONLY ♥ lol

Yeahhhh because seriously NO ONE has time to be trying to memorize 17 people lol.

But it'll be worth it , so calm yo titts before I super kick you lol
I'll think about just doing all eight of you ♥

SEVENTEEN GIRLS?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ummmm bish ain't nobody got time for that! lol

One or Two more , lol
Its orginally supposed to be seventeen girls but Ima have to make up 8 more ♥

You have 8 freaking girls!

How many more people do you need?! Lol

Ill add it tomorrow deffinately! But I needed a few more girls (:
* Drakes voice * Sorry for the wait ♥


When will you be putting the story up!?!

Ive been waiting!

Name • First , Last • Rissa Jones
Age ( 16 —18 ): 18
Fake Twitter Name: @She_Freaky
Picture:<a href="">Her</a>
Personality: smart mouth, silly, low key freaky, fun to be with, blunt, and im ROD all day.
Extra Curricular { Sports, Student Council, etc } Sports: Basketball

I already started 5 chapters of this! Casting is still open but only until 11 tonight! &hearts;

Yes ghetto fabulous!
*starts singing purple rain with you*

Lmao! Whats wrong with being ghetto!?
Maybe I ment ghetto fabulous * rolls my eyes & sings purple rain * lol

Name •Eden Renee Palmer
Age ( 16 —18 ):17
Fake Twitter Name: lickmy_tweets
Picture:<a href="">Meagan</a>
Personality: Quirky funny lovable charming feisty intelligent and earthy
Extra Curricular: Volleyball and Student Council

Name • First , Last •Lexi Montega

Age ( 16 —18 ):18

Fake Twitter Name:@iPimp_TheseLames ...i'm bout to make that my twitter name for real i lik that one lol

Picture:hmmm.....Lea from BGC

Personality:Tomboyish at times rude bipolar goofy outgoing sarcastic compassionate blunt loyal faithful aggressive life of the party sexual/freaky loud sometimes fighter i dont stop till i see blood and religious when it suits me

Extra Curricular { Sports, Student Council, etc }Tennis,Swimming,Cheerleading/StepTeam

I'm ghetto?!
I don't know what you talking about!

TF who ghetto... not Bree lol..

Uh oh! We got some ghetto girls in the building!
Im not pointing no fingers! * coughs & points my elbow towards Bree & Bre * lmao

Name • First , Last •-Kadance Davis
Age ( 16 —18 ):17
Fake Twitter Name:@KDanceQueen
Picture:Teairra Marie
Personality:loving, somewhat of a tomboy, but can get girly when called for, loves to have fun, and has no problem playing with boys(like football and basketball and whatnot) very athletic, not with the drama but will fight for mine(my family, my best friends, my man) and i dont like to lose.
Extra Curricular { Sports, Student Council, etc }dance team

Name • First , Last • Bre'Na Wells
Age ( 16 —18 ): 17
Fake Twitter Name: Nana_Wells
Picture: Blac Chyna
Personality: Funny, shy, ratchet at times, kinda absent minded
Extra Curricular { Sports, Student Council, etc }Volleyball
DO NOT Pick Seiko Huffman! Im her already (:

oh oh oh
Anastasia Jordan



<a href=" ">Clicky</a>

I’m an upbeat person who enjoys having fun, very random says whatever comes to my head if that means bust out in a song... I will do it lol. I have a lot of confidence, not c**ky though there is a difference. I Enjoy difference so anything to make me stand out I probably will do it. I’m super easy to talk to if you’re a stranger and you look interesting I will talk to you. I don’t tolerate bulls*** if it sounds dumb odds are I will tell you that. I’m always down for whatever the moment asked for so I guess you can call me an adrenaline junky.


Name • Kennedi King •

Age: 18

Fake Twitter Name: KissTHEE_King

Picture: <a href="">Her</a>

Personality: Secretive, possessive, jealous, demanding, loving, unpredictable, stubborn, SEXUAL, has bipolar ways, has ADHD, drinks away pain. Not a fighter, but will if must. And when she fight, she fight to KILL., Faithful to her man.

Extra Curricular : Prom committee lol

Name: Christina Wilson
Age: 18
Fake Twitter Name: @ColorMeTina
Picture: Zonnique from OMG Girlz( I'm on my phone so I can't post a picture).
Personality: I am a girly girl but I do have a few tom boyish ways. I love to joke around and play pranks on people. Where ever people are having fun I wanna be there. I speak my mind but I don't start drama. Basically I just like to have fun
Extra Curricular: Sports-Tennis