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My Past

I woke up to the sun shining in my face through the blinds. I rolled over on to my back and laid looking up at the ceiling. 
"well today is the first day at this new school"
I told myself. I heard footsteps coming toward my door but didn't make a move.
"<a href="">Jess</a>, hun it's time to get up. Your gonna be late for you first day."
 I heard my mom tell from the other side of the door.
"I'm up."
I yelled back as I heard her turn to walk away. I finally got up went and took a shower washed my face my hair brushed my teeth, then put on my bra and panties them walked to my closet ad looked through for what I was going to wear today. I finally picked out what I decided to wear got dressed fixed my hair then looked at <a href="">myself</a> in the full length mirror hanging on the wall. After grabbing my stuff I headed downstairs to the kitchen.
"morning ma." 
I said kissing her cheek and sitting on the stool at the island.
"good morning baby. You look really cute today." 
"thank you. I love the clothes you bought me." 
"well this is a new state, city, and school, and you needed a new look to go with a new start far away from the old life."
She said as she handed me a plate of bacon eggs pancakes and hash browns. She then handed me a glass of orange juice. I ate all my food and drank my juice before heading out the door.
"ok well I'm leaving."
"oh, baby wait." 
She called out to just as I was opening the door.
"yes <a href="">ma</a>?" 
I asked as I turned around to look at her.
"here is some money for you to get something for dinner. I haw to work late tonight."
I said as I took the money and put it into my purse. I then kissed her cheek then walked out got into my car and left. A few minutes later I was pulling up to the school. I put the car in park grabbed my stuff got out and walked in. I saw a lot of kids in the hallway just staring at me. I tried not to pay any attention to it. So I kept walking looking for the front office until someone stopped me in my tracks.
"what up shorty? You lookin mighty fine."
I turned around to see a tall milk chocolate skinned <a href="">boy</a> behind me.
"you must be new here."
"and how do you know that?"
"well one with how fine you are I would have seen you around here before. And two you walking with your head down not sure of where you are going."
I just looked at him cause he was right. I had no idea where I was going. I was looking for the office but with how big this school I didn't think I would ever find it.
"well my name is Jamal."
He said as he stuck his hand out for me to shake it.
"I'm Jessie. But you can call me Jess." I said as I shook his hand
"well if you follow me I'll show you to the office."
I followed behind him to the office. This boy was so fine. I think I'm gonna like this school. There is no better way I could have asked to start my new life at a new school.


Lmfao at how confused ma was when she bumped into Brendon, and thought it was Jalen. I' m cofused as hell tho, who is who?
Run it!

please post a cast!
Run it!

Okay its alot of dudes.. Can you post the cast please and who they are and whos all in it so i wont be confused please...

Buutttt Run it Ma

We got to the party and it was turnt up. Charm was high as f***, and Bre was already faded. Tram and Rissa were tipsy. And me and Ana were lookin for the drinks. After walking through the party the girls went and got booed up with they mans.
"hey Jess I want you to meet my baby, this is tremaine."
Ana said pulling me close to hear her. I looked up at him and he had his hand out for me to shake.
"what up girl."
I said shaking his hand.
"and this is jalen, tyrell, laith, and tre."
After being introduced to all the guys. I felt a pair of hands grab my waist. I turned around to see Paul standing behind me.
"you lookin sexy as hell tonight baby girl."
He whispered into my ear.
"hey Paul."
Bre yelled loud enough for him to hear.
"hey Bre, Jess."
He started as he was turning his attention back on to me.
"you wanna dance?"
I said as he grabbed my hand and led me to the middle of the floor. I started twirkin and grindin on Paul to the beat. A few minutes later the song ended. 
"you wanna drink?"
"alright I'll be right back."
He said as he walked off to get me a drink. I walked over toward the girls but bumped into someone on my way.
"I'm so sorry."
I said as the guy turned around to face me.
"oh hey. I thought you were with Bre?"
He scrunched up his face and looked at me funny.
"why would I be with Bre?"
"cause y'all are kinda sorta dating."
I said giving him a confused look.
"no we aren't."
He said just before walking off. I got back to the girls.
"hey br...wait weren't you just over there?"
I asked jalen with a confused look on my face.
"I just bumped into you."
"no you didn't."
"what the hell yes I did."
I say getting a little angry.
"you must have ran into my brother brendon." 
He said laughing.
"so you have a twin."
I few seconds later Paul walked over with my drink.
"here you go."
We all had fun at this party. We were all dancing and getting f***ed up. A few minutes later I felt someone bump into me. I turned around to Adrian.
"oh hell no. b**** I know you saw me standin here."
I yelled as Adrian turned around to look at me.
"yeah and?"
"you just askin for another ass whoopin."
"bring it b****. Like I said you just got lucky."
"trust me I didn't get lucky you just can't fight."
She started swinging at me and got in one punch to my jaw. I punched her back as hard as I could knocking her to the floor. I jumped on to of her and started punching over and over again in the face then banging her head up against the ground. I felt hands come up to me and grab me from behind but I wasn't stopping.
"yo Jess. You bout to kill the girl. stop."
I heard Jamal yell. As he pulled me up I kicked her one good time in the stomach.
"I told you b****. I don't play that s***."
Jamal started pulling me outside with the girls following. 
"yo b****. That's twice you beat the s*** out of her."
Charm said laughing
"where you learn to fight like that?"
Tram asked looking at me.
"umm...I just know."
A few minutes later we walked back into the party and continued to have a good time. I wasn't bout to let no b**** f*** up my night. 
Hours had gone by and we was all faded. I looked at the time and it said 3:45am. The party was starting to shut down. So me and the girls walked to the car. 
"ok. Well none of us can drive. So brendon is going to drive one car and Rissa's cousin is driving the other one." 
Bre said slurring her words. Me Bre jalen Ana and tremaine rode in the car with brendon. Rissa charm tre tram tyrell and laith rode in the car with Rissa's cousin. A few minutes later we pulled up to jalens house. Everybody got out and walked in.
Charm, tyrell, tram and laith all sat on the couch and rolled up. Bre and jalen went up to his room. Rissa and tre were raising the fridge. Ana and tremaine went into the guest bedroom. I sat at the dinning room table with my arms on the table and my head down on my arms. A few minute later I felt someone's hands tapping my shoulder. 
"you ok."
"I looked up to see brendon."
"you know, you could have said you weren't jalen instead of making me look stupid."
I said giving him a look.
"I'm sorry"
He chuckled before continuing.
"but I came over cause i wanted to make sure you were alright you look a bit out of it."
He said sitting in the chair across from me.
"thanks, but I'll be fine."
"alright. Well you was lookin sexy as hell tonight tho."
"well I try."
I said as I giggled a little.
"I see that."
"I would really like to change tho, do you or your brother have anything I could borrow for tonight?"
"yeah, come with me."
I follows Brendon to what I assumed was his room. He handed me a pair of basketball shorts and a muscle shirt. I was too lazy to actually walk into the bathroom. So I starting changing right where I was not caring if he was still in the room. I looked over at him as I was about to drop my shorts.
"don't try nothing."
He chuckled
"alright ma."
I changed clothes then plopped on his bed.
"yo who said you can lay in my bed."
He joked as I lifted myself onto my elbows.
"aww please, it's so comfortable."
"hey, you would happen to have ibuprofen or something I can take, would you?"
"yeah, ill get you some and bring it up to you."
He smiled before walking out. Adter a few seconds he came back up have me the pills, I took them them laid down. I few minutes later I fell asleep.

We was down here getting high as the clouds, when I noticed Jess wasn't in here.
"yo nigga where's Jess."
I said as I saw brendon coming out the kitchen.
"she sleep in my bed."
He said taking a bite of his sandwich.
"do y'all think she tellin the truth about why she moved down here?"
Rissa asked sitting on tre's lap.
"no, not really."
Tram said taking another hit.
"I don't know. I just feel like there is something she is keeping inside of her. Because she keeps herself distant but not to distant. Whenever we ask her about where she's from she tenses up."
"well I think we need to give the girl time, she only been here for a few days. And she just met us on thursday. So I know she ain't just gonna come out and tell us all her secrets."
I said as I took the blunt from tram and started taking my hit.
"yeah. I guess you right."

The next day I woke up looked at the clock and saw it said 12:15. I sat up and looked over to see brendon laying next to me. I got up screaming.
"what the hell you yellin for girl?"
He said as he slowly lifted his head rubbing his eyes.
"did we.."
He started laughing.
" changed then went to sleep and I went. But considering that this is my bed, I can back up here and went to sleep. But considering you still have your clothes on should be a hint that we didn't do anything."
"that don't mean anything."
"girl trust if we f***ed you would have been worn out to have out your clothes on. I would have laid down the pipe making you fall asleep afterwards not even worrying about your clothes. He said as he laughed.
I said as I sat down in the chair at his desk.
"do what's wrong. You look like you gotta a lot on your mind."
I said lying.
"I can tell when people are lying. And you just happen to be lying."
"I just don't want to talk about it ok."
"alright. Well if you ever want to talk I'm here."
He said as laid his head back down.

Imma hit that South Dallas Swag tho! Lol Bree always yelling.
Run it

hang him by his face lmmaooooo she silly..

ill hoot him in his ass

run it

Party time!

Run it!

i wonder what is the real reason she left her home and moved
that flash back was crazy dude
but i hope we can make her feel comfortable
and we warned you about jamal hopeful he doesnt try anything
or i will hang him by his face:)

PARTYYYYYY heyy turn up

twerk twerk twerk

i wonder how this is going to go


Ruuunnnn it.

When lunch time came around I wasn't really all that hungry. So I just grabbed some chips and a Gatorade. I looked around the lunch room before walking over and sitting up against the wall minding my business. I put in my headphones in and started jamming out while snackin on my chips and playing with my phone. I felt a presence come and sit next to me. I looked up and saw Jamal smiling at me.
"hey, what are you doing in here?"
I asked while taking my headphones out.
"I came to eat lunch but I saw you over by yourself lookin lonely and s***." 
"I'd rather sit over here by myself so I don't have to deal with ratchet ass females like Adrian."
Jamal chuckled a little before standing up and reaching his hand down towards me.
"come on."
I grabbed his hand and he helped me and we started walking towards the exit door.
"where are we going?"
"to get lunch. I always go off campus for lunch that's why I wasn't here yesterday to see you whoop Adrian's ass." 
He said as we both started laughing.
"so does this count as part of our kickin time we were gonna do after school."
"hell naw. This is just my lucky day."
I asked giving him a confused look.
"because after you said you would kick it wit me after school. I'm getting to spend even more time with you now."
I blushed and smiled. Nobody had ever wanted to kick it with me. Nobody has even ever liked me before. We finally got chick-fil-a and walked in. Jamal ordered his food then looked at me.
"do you want something."
"I can pay for it myself."
"naw shorty. This is on me."
I smiled as I ordered my food. A few minutes later he gave us our food then we sat down and ate.
"so what's ya story?"
Jamal asked while stuffing his face.
"what do you mean?"
"why did you move here? And why are you always so tense?"
"I am not always tense. And I moved down here because..."
I paused while trying to remember what I told the girls yesterday.
"because what?"
"ummm...because of my moms job."
"oh ok that's cool. But you are always tensed up."
"I am not."
We talked and finished eating. About 15 minutes passed and we were heading back to the school. After getting to school we saw that the lunch period was over and Jamal walked me to my class. I gave him a hug then walked in.
"I didn't know you knew Jamal."
Ana said as she sat down next to me.
"huh...oh yeah, I met him yesterday when I was looking for the office."
"do you like him?"
"I don't really know him."
"didn't look that way to me."
She said as she giggled. A few minutes later the teacher came in and got class started. After class me and Ana were walking down the hall till we go to my locker.
"I know y'all are just friends. But I would be careful around Jamal if I were you."
"what do you mean?"
I asked giving her a confused look and shutting my locker.
"I've known Jamal and his group for awhile. And they make this bet with each other. It happens every time a new girl comes to the school."
"what's the bet?"
"it depends on who's turn it is to do this bet, and I'm guessing it's obviously Jamal's, but the bet is they have 2 weeks to get in the girls pants and film it then come back and show the rest of the guys."
I just looked at her. I didn't really know what to say. A few minutes later the rest of the girls came walking up.
"what's up with you?"
Charm asked looking at me.
"I just told her about Jamal."
"yell it's better you know now, than to find out after it happens."
Rissa said as she put her hand on my shoulder.
"I didn't even know you knew Jamal yet. s*** they don't normally start the bet till after the third day the girls been here. And this is only your second day. Man they is some triflin ass niggas I swear."
Bre said as we all started walking.
"hey y'all do remember my game is today right?"
Rissa asked stopping everybody in their tracks.
"I thought yo game was on Friday."
Tram said scrunchin up her face.
"nigga it is Friday."
Rissa yelled giving them a look.
"We'll s***, my days are completely off. I thought it was Thursday. That makes me a lot happier, cause that party is tomorrow night."
Charm said doing her little dance as everyone laughed. 
"we will be there."
I said taking my eyes off charm and looking over at Rissa.
"cool, well I gotta go to class, see y'all later."
We all went our separate ways and off to class. The rest of the day went by kind of slow. But as the last bell rang I gathered my stuff and walked out the class and to my locker. I grabbed my stuff them headed to the gym to meet Jamal. I know I shouldn't after what the girls told me. But I told him I would. And besides who said anything like is even going to happen between is anyway. A friendship is as far as he is going to get with me. I heard a voice breaking me from my thoughts and I turned around to see Jamal walking toward me.
"what up shorty?"
I said as he walked up and gave me a hug.
"so what you wanna do?"
"it doesn't matter, I have to be back here by 7:30 anyways cause Rissa has a game."
"ok that's cool."
We headed out and got into his car. We pulled off and left the parking lot of the school. A few minutes later we pulled up to a house which I'm assuming is his. We got out the car and walked in.
"you have a big house."
"yeah. But it's always so lonely."
"my dad ain't ever home."
"what about your mom?"
"she passed away when I was 4."
"oh...I'm so sorry."
"naw, it's cool."
We walked up to his room. He put in a movie but we spent most of the time talking and laughing. After a few hours had passed it was about time for me to start heading back to the gym. After we got to the gym I walked in and went and found the girls and sat with them. A few minutes had passed and the game had started. As we say and watched the game we cheered on Rissa and talked about the party.
"so Jess you are going to the party right?"
Bre asked looking over at me.
"hell yeah she going to the party. She ain't got no choice. How else is she going to meet people and make herself known. 
Charm said before I could even get an answer out. 
"I do believe she already made herself known by beatin the s*** outta Adrian yesterday."
Tram said as everyone busted out laughing.
"yeah. I'll meet you guys at Ana's house. Just text me and let me know when we going."
I said as I turned my attention back to the game. About an hour and some minutes later the game had ended and we all went and stood outside waiting for Rissa to come out the locker room. After she came out we all said how great of a game she had, and our good-byes before heading off to our cars. After getting home I went straight into the kitchen to get something to eat.
"Jess baby is that you?"
I heard my mom yell from upstairs.
"yeah ma, it's me."
I yelled back as I took out the pizza box that was sitting in the fridge. I pulled out two pieces and put them in the microwave then sat down at the island putting my head down.
"how was school?"
My mom sale as she walked down the stairs.
"it was good. I went to the basketball and we won."
"that's good."
"have you made any friends yet?"
She asked looking down at me.
"yeah. They are real cool females too. I think I'll get along with these ones. They don't seem fake like the last ones. But it has only been two days, so I'm not putting my guard down yet."
"I understand. But you gotta know that what happened then isn't going to happen again. You need friends that you can trust and feel comfortable around."
"yeah I know. I'm just not going to jump into all this so fast. I like them, and I know they are cool with me. But I'm taking my time when it comes to making friends."
"ok. Well I'm glad you had a good day at school. I'm going to bed, try not to stay up too late."
She kissed me on the forehead then went up to her room. I grabbed my plate and ate my pizza. After I finished I threw my trash away then put the pizza box back in the fridge then went upstairs. I took a quick shower then threw on my pjs and went to sleep. The next morning I got up, went and took a shower washed my face, brushed my teeth them threw on my panties and bra. I went to my dresser grabbed some sweat pants and a tank and through them on then went downstairs to the kitchen. I grabbed a bowl and the milk out of the fridge and poured myself some cinnamon toast crunch then went and sat on the couch and turned the tv on and flipped through channels. 
Hours later I got a text from tram saying they are going to be leaving at 11:45. I looked at the clock and it read 10:30. I had about an hour and some minutes before I had to be over Ana's house. So I went upstairs and took a long hot shower. About 25 minutes later I got out wrapped the towel around me them went to my closet and took out what I was going to wear. I got dressed, did my make them spent about 30 minutes doing my hair. After I was fully ready I walked over to my full length mirror and looked over <a href="">myself</a> to make sure I looked the exact way I wanted to then I grabbed my keys and my phone then left. I got into my car and drove off. A few minutes later I pulled up to Ana's house got out and knocked on the door.
"what the f*** you knockin on the door for. You like family now so just walk in." 
Ana said opening the door all the way and letting me in.
"damn b****. Who you tryin to impress."
Bre yelled out looking at me.
"I'm gonna come raid your closet one day. Cause you be have some cute ass clothes."
Rissa said with a serious face.
"anyways are y'all ready to go. Cause I'm ready to get f***ed up."
Charm yelled out as we all said yeah then headed out.

Run it
Updating later

Adrian, I dare you to hit her, do it b****! I really want you to, i'll put the s*** on my christmas list! Aww Jamal and Paul ae so sweet, but Jamal is a little creepy.
Run it

Run it!

Aww Paul and Jamal being sweet!

Run it please!

I pulled up to Ana's house, we got out she walked in and I followed behind her. 
"hey hoes!!"
She yelled out to a group of girls that was sitting in the kitchen.
"I like how y'all always in my house before I'm in my house."
"well maybe you should start hiding the key in a better place."
One of the girls joked
I walked into the kitchen and all the girls looked at me.
"oh s***, you the b**** that beat the s*** out of Adrian. Well I'm <a href="">Charm Rogers</a>." 
She said sitting back down on her seat.
"I'm <a href="$file/Nicki+Minaj.jpg">Bre'Na wells</a>, but just call me Bre. And it's about time someone put that how in her place."
"hell yeah but be ready cause she gonna try and come back at you when you less expect it." 
Another girl said looking at me 
"oh yeah and I'm <a href="">Rissa jones</a>."
"and I'm tramicia Jackson. But you can call me T or Tram." after everybody introduced themselves we all went up to Ana's room and talked about...well everything.
"so Jess why you move down here?" Bre asked me as everybody turned their attention to me. I guess they really wanted to know.
"my moms job." I said trying not to make it seem like I was lying.
"what yo moms do?" 
Charm asked as I sat and thought about what I was going to say.
"ummm...she works for this insurance company and they offered her a higher position that pays a whole lot better and so she took it landing us here."
We all talked and I got to know the girls. A lot of the stuff I said about myself I had to lie about, cause I just didn't want to bring up my past or the real reason as to why we moved down here. It started getting late and I for up and got ready to leave.
"well I should probly get going. It was nice meeting all of y'all." 
"you too, we'll see you at school tomorrow."
Rissa said as we all said our byes and I walked out to my car got in and drove off. A few minutes later I got to my house pulled into the driveway turned the car off and walked inside. I went to the kitchen got something to eat them went upstairs to my room. After I finished eating I looked over at my clock and it read 9:45pm. I got up to take a shower, afterwards I came back into my room threw on a pink tank and my blue and pink tweety bird pajama shorts. I got in my bed under the covers and turned my tv on. After about an hour and a half I fell asleep. 

I yelled out as everybody looked at me. One of the boys started walking toward me and I started backing up. I kept backing up till I ran into a wall and he had me pinned. I was scared out of my mind because I didnt know what was going to happen next. 
"so you think you bold now."
The guy said getting into my face. He grabbed me by my throat and I felt myself losing air and fast.
"why can't you just leave me alone." 
I said gasping for air. He grabbed me even tighter. I could feel the room starting to spin and I started getting dizzy...

I woke up sweating and tears in my eyes. I looked over at my clock and it said 4:30am. I got out of the bed went to the bathroom and washed my face off. I walked to my moms room and found that she wasn't in there. I walked downstairs and didn't see her on the couch. I went into the kitchen grabbed a glass of water and say on the stool at the island thinking to myself. A few minutes later I heard the front door open. And I saw my mom walking into the kitchen.
"hey baby what are you doing up" 
She asked while setting her stuff down and sitting in the stool across from me.
"I had that dream again."
I said as she got up and walked over to me holding me tight.
"look baby that life is over and now we are here for you to start over. New people a new look a new name a new state. What happened in the past is in the past and its not going to happen again I can promise you that."
I looked at my mom as she kissed me in the forehead. I gave her a huh before getting up.
"I heard about what happened at school today. You came be doing that."
"but ma she started it. All I did was finish it." 
"you are just like your father."
I looked at her and smiled 
"just try, for me?"
"ok ma."
"I love you."
"I love you too."
I said before heading back to my room. I got back in my bed and went back to sleep.
I woke up the next morning to the sound of my alarm going off and the sum shining bright through my blinds. I rolled out of bed and went and took a shower. After I got out I brushed my teeth them out on my bra and panties then went into my closet for what I was going to wear today. After I got dressed I walked over to my full length mirror that was hanging in the wall. I looked at myself fixed my hair then grabbed my stuff and headed downstairs to the kitchen. When I got down there I saw a note on the refrigerator door. Saying my mom had to go into work early and that she will be home around dinner time. So I grabbed an apple and a bottle of water and left. I got into my car and pulled off. A few minutes later I pulled up to the school parked and got out. As I got out I saw Adrian and her so called "crew" standing up against the wall strain me down.
"look b**** I already beat ya ass once don't make me do it again." 
"yo ass just got lucky. But watch I'm gonna catch you slippin and f*** you up."
"sweety you won't ever catch me slippin. So if I were you, which I'm glad I'm not, I would watch who you talkin to. Cause unlike you I don't need one of my friends to jump in and help me but still get they ass whooped just like you."
With that said I walked off and into the building. I walked up to my locker put my stuff in and took some stuff out then closed in. I put in my headphones and slid my back down against the lockers till I was sitting down. I started singing along to ushers my way. Until I felt a hand touch my head. I looked up to see <a href="">Jamal</a> standing next to me. He helped me up and I pulled the headphones out of my ear. 
"what's up?"
"nothing just clearing my mind."
"why what's up shorty?"
"nothing important."
I said as I bent down to pick up my things.
"so I was wondering, if maybe you would like to kick it after school or something. Since I only got to see you yesterday morning."
"yeah, that would be cool."
We started walking down the hall to where my first class was at.
"so I'll meet you in the gym after?"
I turned to walk into my class but Jamal grabbed my hand am Turned me around.
"so I can't get no hug or nothin."
I smiled them gave him a hug and walked into the class room. I went sat down at my desk then put my head down. A few minutes later I felt a hand gently tap my arm. I looked up to see <a href="">Paul</a> looking at me.
"what's up baby girl, you ok?"
He asked as I sat all the way up then looked at him again.
"yeah I'm ok, just a little tired. That's all."
"you sure?"
He said as he took out his notepad and started scribbling in it. I put my head back down on the desk and just thought to myself. Paul is cute and really nice. He doesn't even know me but he seemed concerned about me. And Jamal is fine and sweet. But I'm not putting my guard down for one minute. I can't go through what I've gone through before I came here.

*tiger uppercut that b*****

HA you going to jail now you going to jail now lol
naw but you beat the hell out of her on your first day
thats crazy but hell seem like somebody needed to handle her
because she was off the chain

now you can kick it with my ninja fighting team and we can take
over the school or just have fun lol


Run iitttt..x beat that ass girl. I like her already

Both got her ass beat!

Run it j!

-Sings to Do it beat- A-drian got her ass whooped!! Ass whooped ass whooped!! lol
Run it

We got to the offfice and I started to walk in.
"no problem."
I went up to the front desk and just looked at the lady talking on the phone.
"I'll be with you in one moment."
She said as I went and sat down in one of the chairs. A few minutes later she was off the phone. And askinge question.
"can I help you?"
"I'm new here, this is my first day."
"what's your name?"
"Jessie Williams."
I told her as she typed on the computer. After she finished typing she got up and walked to the printer then back towards me.
"here is your schedule, your locker number and the combination. If you have any question or need any help feel free to come buy an ask. We will answer and help you with anything you need." 
She told me as I took the papers
"thank you."
I said as I walked out and looked fort locker. There wasn't anybody in the hallway anymore. It was silent except for the few kids who were eithe sloping class or going to the bathroom. I finally found my locker. Stuffed some of my things in it them went and looked for my first class. When I finally came to the room where my class was I stood outside the door took a deep breathe then grabbed the handle and walke in. Once I walked in everybody was staring at me. It made me feel so uncomfortable. I walked up to the teacher and handed her my schedule. 
"class I would like you to meet Jessie she is new here. And I would like all of you to show her the same respect that you we showed every one of you on the first day of school. Ms. Williams you can take the seat next to Paul."
Paul looked up as the teacher said his name and I went over and sat down.
"what's up?"
He said as he looked me up and down.
I replied before taking out a piece of paper and a pencil as turning my attention on to the teacher. As the day went on lunch finally came. I headed to the cafeteria and when I walked in I saw so many people. A lot of them in their own little cliques at the luch tables. I went got my food and found an unoccupied table in the corner so I sat down and started eating.
"umm...excuse me what do you think your doing,"
I looked up and saw some chick rolling her neck at me 
"I asked you a question."
"eating and minding my business."
I said turning back to my food 
"yeah at MY table."
"oh really cause I don't see yours or anybody else's name on this table. Last time I checked this tables belonged to the school."
I continued eating when she shoved all my food off the table.
"what the f*** is your problem?"
I yelled getting up
"the problem is, you are at my table."
She said as she got up in my face. I pushed her making her stumble backwards. Them she came as pushed me back. I balled up my fist and hit her in the face. She tried to come back at me but she pissed I started hitting her and hitting her until she fell to the floor and I started to kick her. One of her friends tried to jump in and help her. But I started beating her ass too. The whole cafeteria was surrounding us. And the teachers had to push their way past everybody just to come and pull me off of the girl. When they finally pulled me off they dragged the both of us to the office.
"ms. Williams this is your first day at this school so I'll let you off with a warning. But I DONT want to this kind of behavior again. You are free to go."
After I walked out some women walked in.
"please bring in ms. Mendez."
The lady walked back out 
"<a href="">Adrian</a> it's your Turn."
As she got up we both made death glares at each other before I walked out the door. I went to my locker got my things went into the bathroom fixed myself up then looked for my next class. After I got to the class I walked in gave my schedule to the teacher, she introduced me then I went and took a seat next to some girl.
"you beat the s*** outta Adrian. Nobody has ever done. You are like my hero."
She said as I looked at her funny.
"well my name is <a href="">Anastasia Jordan</a>, but you can me Ana."
"I'm Jessie williams, but you can calle Jess."
"you should totally come hang with me and the girls after school, I think they will like you."
"umm...ok, sure."

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