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Bre Bre, Rozay, Jazzy, LeeLee, Bamby (where the hell is this woman) and everyone else who...

Has ever read any of my work or yh...

Y'all think I should start on a new story?


aww Jazzy baby I didnt mean to make u depressed
Well, mama Toya back... well... part-time
However, chap 1 is up and I will be trying
to post a chapter a day :)

Hehe , hiii guys :)

Heyyyyy lol yeah you should but only if you have time for it. I'm so glad your back tho I was in a deep depression when you left lol


New Old Life....

I repeat :)


Bre Bre get to reading... chap 1 is already up boo

write now!


I have and u need to get to reading missy :)

Yep Yep you should..!

i started reading your story as well Rose bud

lol im back part time sweetie lol but check the story

New Old Life....

Yaaay my toya is back.!!!!

It's up now... "New Old Life"

lol nah i meant there wont be any lil toddlers like Ni-Yah
She was the best character in the last story though

oh thank the heavens !! I don't think i can take anymore kiddie drama

I dont think Im gonna have any lil kids in this story though

Ohhhhh yayyyy!!

Thank u darling, I might put up the first chapter soon :)

You know imma support whatever!!

I have actually started working on something. Trying to develop the idea in my head really.

Aww my daughter knows my busy life lol.

I guess I will have to try take at least 20mins out my day to write so I can keep it all going. :)

Yess !!! Only if you have time for it :)