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New Old Life {Chapter 5...}

It was more than enough for me. Too many tears shed and way too much time spent stressing. I know my life was definitely not a movie the way things were playing out. How can you tell me you love me, give birth to OUR children and then leave us and start a new life? Our son constantly asks for his mum because he hasn’t ever seen her and he doesn’t even believe he has a sister. What more am I to tell him? I always tell him the truth. One day his mom got up, packed her stuff and our daughter’s and then told me she was leaving. It’s been so hard to date because my mind was still set on her. I just wanted her in my life. But where she was, and if we could ever get back together was a different type of story. Our son thinks I’m crazy because she is always on my mind. Day after day. It’s her I fell in love with, but I wish I could move on with my life.


Lol lee idk where it's going either lol

Rosebud thats just u finding a nice way to say that's a messed up way for me to return huh lol

Wtf.! This lady is stonecold crazy.!
That is a messed up way for twins
to be reunited.!

Run it.!!! Welcome Back.!

mmkaaayy !

I have to patient for story.. yikeess I don't know how this will go

lol well you're getting more like... tomorrow
Got class soon :(

Oh noooo !!

what? why? I need more like yesterday !!!

Runnn It !

Chapter 1

“Yo dad, there’s this girl from my class coming over today. We got a project to work on.” Jaheem said as he walked into my study. I looked at my son and saw myself staring back. I was just like him when I was his age. Sixteen years old and full of energy. Love to play ball and was locked on my music real deep too.

“Aight, just make sure y’all stay in the kitchen and no funny business.” I said as I peered over my glasses.

“Chill dad. I don’t want nothing to do with this girl. She all stuck up her own butt.” I glared at my son. “Sorry, I meant, I don’t want ANYTHING to do with this girl.” He corrected himself before leaving. That lil boy was definitely something else, but I won’t complain as I still have one of my children. I just prayed to God that my daughter was being brought up well.

Eighteen years ago I got married to the woman I loved and we vowed to be together until the end of time. Sixteen years ago my wife gave birth to our children, a son and a daughter. Fifteen years ago, she packed her bags and my daughter’s bag and told me not to search for her or come after her. She left me with a void in my heart and it stung more than anything.

“Dad, there is a woman on the line for you but she wouldn’t give me her name.” Jaheem said as he walked in with the phone. I hated taking calls when folks didn’t want to state who they were, but there was something in me pushing me to the phone. Apart of me really did hope it was her.

“Hello.” I said as I readjusted myself in my seat.

“Ricardo how are you?”

“I am well. Who may I say is calling?” She chuckled upon my asking. I really wasn’t in the mood for games and felt the need to hang up but I don’t know what it is that kept me on the line.

“How is Jaheem? He sounds very mature.” She ignored my question and changed the subject.

“Sasha?” I was puzzled as to how she knew about Jaheem. But as soon as I called her name, she put the phone down on me.

I walked out of the study and saw Jaheem in the kitchen with a young lady who resembled Sasha when she was about that age too. I said my good afternoon and made myself a cup of tea.

“Dad, this is Kasheem. She is in my art class with me.” He stopped me as I was about to head out of the kitchen. “Kasheem, this is my dad Ricardo.”

“Nice to meet you young lady.”

“Nice to meet you too Mr Morison.”

I smiled at her and proceeded back to the study. I wanted to ask what her surname was but I didn’t want to scare her off. But I wouldn’t want for my son to fall for his twin sister. I left the door of the study open so I could look through the mirror to check on them and also hear what they were saying. Could it be that Sasha was back and this was my long lost daughter?

“So, what happened to your mom?” I heard her ask whilst Jaheem let out a sigh. This was a question he has always hated ever since he was younger, all because he doesn’t know her. He knows about her, but has never met her.

“I aint got a clue ma. She left when I was 1 and took my twin sister.” He said lowly.

“Dang, I’m sorry.” She consoled him. “I don’t know my dad either. My mom had never spoken about him, then she left me with my uncle so he could bring me up.”

“Damn, that’s crazy. I thought not knowing my mom was crazy, but that’s messed up.”

I sat there listening to their conversation and I know it was wrong, but I wanted to know more about this young lady. The phone rang and startled me as I forgot it was in the study with me.

“Hello.” I stood up and walked to close the door of the study. However, before I could do that the doorbell rang.

“…” I heard nothing on the line and repeated myself thinking the person didn’t hear me the first time.

I opened the door and there she was. But this didn’t look like the woman I married eighteen years ago. She looked worn out and tired. I couldn’t believe the sight that was in front of me.

“Sasha?” I said puzzled. “What’s the matter?”

“Just let me in the damn house and stop acting like you care.” She stumbled over her words and staggered as she pushed me aside. I gently grabbed hold of her hand and led her into the sitting room.

“Aint a damn thing changed huh Ricky.” She smiled as she looked around the house.

“What’s going on with you Sasha?” I asked as I led her to the sofa.

“I need a place to stay tonight. I’m looking for my daughter.”

“See you tomorrow Jaheem.” Kasheem said as she walked out of the kitchen with Jaheem behind her. She stopped in her tracks as she saw Sasha on the sofa.

“Mom what you doing here?” She asked.

“I should be asking the questions you tramp. What the hell you doing up in this house?” She said angered.

“I got class work to do. So I came over to work on it with Jaheem because we got paired up to do a project together.” Kasheem replied with anger in her voice.

“Well just don’t sleep with him too.”

“Excuse me?” The tension in the room started to get too much for me and Jaheem stood there confused. “I sleep with whoever I want. And again, we are partners on a project.” She turned to me and smiled. “I’m sorry you had to witness that Mr. Morison, but it was lovely to meet you. How you met my mother is something I would love to know though. Because she is nothing but a low life.”

“That’s your father you tramp! And that’s your brother.” Sasha stood up and slapped the taste out of Kasheem’s mouth. “We met in high school. Fell in something called love. Got married and I gave birth to your good for nothing ass.”

Jaheem and I stood there not knowing what to say. I didn’t know how to respond. The woman I married years ago was now a monster. She spoke differently. She looked different. She was changed.