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Hostage of Desire

Hostage of Desire
By: Ebony

* Prologue *
Desire sat curled up on her couch reading one of her favorite romance novels. She loved the way Brenda Jackson captured her idea of romance and put it in to words. As a girl her parents had told her to cherish her heart. Of course she had rose colored contacts on and fell for a guy she fancied herself with in college. Stupid her that had been the worst and the last time she let her heart get involved with what her body was doing.

Which is why now she would not settle for anything less than being swept off her feet by the man she idealized as her Mr. Right. And her idea of Mr. Right, she thought, was a man that didn't exist. And if by any chance he really did, she doubted that she was what he was looking for. She wasn't rich, hadn't been trained on elegance of any kind she was just an average working woman.

Closing the book with frustration, she was horny and couldn't help but think about her last bed partner. He was great in bed, but had gotten too attached and began making himself sick for reasons to see her at the hospital. She had actually had to get physical with him to make him understand.

She was about to get a refill of hot chocolate when her work phone rang. It was her off day so she knew it had to be an emergency if they were calling. So she picked up.

"Nurse Payne here what can I do for you." She greeted the caller.

"Dee I have a hell of an opportunity in front of me and I wanted to extend it to you." She recognized the callers voice as the head nurse, and her longtime best friend Shantey. She and Shantey had grown up together with their moms being sorority sisters of A.K.A.

"What's up Tey," she asked. Her ears were perked. Shantey knew she was happy with her job now, which is why she had turned down the head nurse job and referred Shantey.

"We just admitted Pierre Warner. He has acute pneumonia. He has been being stubborn about the stay here and insists on going home. I got him to agree to having a home care nurse see to his care until he gets better." She paused, "but there is one condition," she paused again. This time waiting for her friend to respond.

"What are you trying to rope me into Shantey Wilson. I definitely smell a rat in this conversation."loop

"Well the nurse has to live in his home during the duration of his bed rest. It should only be 3-4 weeks tops. Please you are the best home nurse I have on staff. Hell you are the best nurse at Mercy Hospital period."

"Kiss ass" Desire laughed. She knew her friend had to be desperate. The money would definitely help her get her car fixed. She was surprised she wasn't muscle woman after driving without power steering for 6 months. She sighed, "Ok Tey I'll do it. But you owe me big time."

"Ok thank you so much. I am releasing him in the morning so I need you report to his home at 10. I will fax over this file charts and his information. I am also going to send his prescriptions and dosage. Get them filled and bring them along."

Desire wrote down the checklist of information to expect. Once Shantey was done rattling information to expect off to her she quickly ended the call. If she was going to be gone from her place for close to a month she would need to do some cleaning and packing to prepare for her stay away.

Pierre lay in his hospital bed. If he had known they would admit him he would have never let his secretary convince I'm to come here. The doctors had diagnosed him with acute pneumonia and ordered him to a month of bed rest. They had offered him a private suite in the hospital for his stay but he refused to be confined to the hospital. The way he saw it if you weren't sick when you went, you will be when you leave. He promised to get rest and take his medication like he was supposed to but would not stay in the hospital.

The head nurse had given him so much grief until he agreed to allow a nurse to live in his home for a month to ensure his speedy recovery. Now the were releasing him in the morning. He had already informed his driver to pick up him at 9. He had also told his secretary not to call his mom since he was being released.

His mother could be so overprotective of her children that she sometimes smothered them. When he got home he just wanted peace and quiet. He even had to admit he needed a break from his heavy work schedule. But his mom would take all of that to a whole different level with her taking care of his every whim.

He felt his eyes getting heavy and couldn't help but succumb to the sleep that was trying to take him over. Tomorrow would be a better day was the last thought before Pierre drifted off to sleep.