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CBW's Random Awards. (Voting is CLOSED)

<strong>The Awards have been postponed & will continue on a later date. My sleep pattern is completely f*cked up now. I gotta get it back on track because I'm literally sleepless.</strong>



wait AVA'BELLE <<???

they was naming all the people they f***ed
and bree and dany had a long list cause well you know
then kay and dany was going back and forth over the jinsu
dude who look like a virgin they both was f***ing with him while
he was f***ing with a b**** with an std
then bree asked why dany kid looked like he was twenty when she just
had him??
and they trying to tell trey about me and sean but i keep lying like
i dont know what they talking about because i kiss and never tell lol
thats it lol

Aww Bree, i remember taking that, I was eight months pregnant at the time.

Don't come in here with that s*** lol.

boop im back was watching twilight feel lik crying now :( lmaoo
anywho wats going on catch me up cus im not scrolling and reading all this s***

No , two weeks worth of Hunny Bunns :D
Erm , would you guys like to meet Ava'Belle? &hearts;

Awww look at <a href="">Dany</a> when she was pregnant with Kingston lol.

kay if you be quiet i will buy you candy

Lmao... he ain't nothing, but 2 months old.... All babies look like that... deal with it.

Im telling you! Aaawee tell my little soldier I said heeey (:

Ana Im telling treeeey * hides under the table *

caught up lol

I know but you know how hard it is to find pictures of toddlers that dont look five or that are new born without them looking ugly

Trey knows im only joking

WAIT. Dany I gotta ask you something.

You had Kingston like a few months ago... And when you gave Lexi a pic of him the boy was like 4 or 5 years f***ing old... Like COME ON lol.

danyyyyy you trying to get me killed

Kay, i'm about to be at his head too! Dumbass nigga. And Kingston is good, being a little badass but good none the less.

Ana, maybe I should bring him over so you can meet him.

Bree, i love you!

Dany MICHAEL RAY NGUYEN STEVENSON IN YOUR f***ING MOUTH IN AND OUT.... Don't correct me you f***ing slore. How about I CORRECT the words you spell wrong like <em>receive</em>. It's NOT recieve b****. Get a clue.

I f***ed Drake & shad too but . Im not telling :D

Hell yeah! When ever a girl—well you, called he would be like .. ". Oh that was my sister "
Im at his head when I see his ass! How's kingston by the way?

nope can't say i do
*starts whistling*

Ana, dont tell me you dont remember Sean Anderson?

Michael Ray NGUYEN Stevenson

SEAN WHO i don't think i know sean


O.o this nigga was playing the both of us for fools.

Wait, how the f*** you say you f***ed no one on your list but yet you had Jinsu's child?

And I f***ed Michael Ray Stevenson HARDER


Dont forget Sean

Waait! Hold up! You couldn't have been because I had jinsu's child around the time they broke up.
He told me that he was ready to settle down & WE went for him to get checked together. O.O

i f***ed
tremaine aldon neverson

STD'S?! Naaasty.