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CBW's Random Awards. (Voting is CLOSED)

<strong>The Awards have been postponed & will continue on a later date. My sleep pattern is completely f*cked up now. I gotta get it back on track because I'm literally sleepless.</strong>


Second of all ALL U BIOTCHES GOT IT WRONG I AM the best commenter and faithful reader

No bree i meant u and chris because i forgot the name of the story but u wrote it and bree and chris end up dying she was preggo when she died cuz trey shot her

Lol Ana... Naw we being for real.

you guys are funny
aint they trey lol

Bree, it's not nice to point out Chris' flaws.

Lol cheater cheater pumpkin eater!

*stand innocently* I don't know anything.

*skipping around chris*
i know something you dont know lol

Damn I'mma need Ty to come ON over then... SHIET lol.

And you sneaky ass devil.

Chris aint gon do s***, cause he wont know.

Hmm, sleep is how I get rid of my head aches

sex.. like no joke when your head hurts you have sex
and the blood leaves your head and travels south..

or place a cold towel on your head lmfco

Corahn?! Chris is gonna be PISSED.

How do you get rid of headaches other than sleeping and pills? lol

ohhhh dany im telling

me nasty
*looks around the room*
no way never
that would taste good though yummy

I feel the same towards Chris and Corahn

Ana is super nasty lol... But she is right....

I feel the same about Tyga at times.

i laugh all over Tremaine's d***!

Oh Ana, you are so nasty

girl he look sexy in suits out of suits
with chocolate dripping from his..hehehe

Ana, I just saw your man on fuse and might I say he look sexy as f*** in suits


I'mma start saying 'lmfco' lol...

And 'lbod'

People gon' be like, "WHAAAT?" lol

laugh backwards on d***s lol



I choke on d***s lol

And then we laugh on d***s lol.

laughing clothes off?? lol!!


we laugh our clothes off

No ma'am. We don't laugh our butts off, we laugh our asses off lol.

yall a trip. lmbo.