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Tired of the haters- MSN sucks

I was looking at a blurb about Chris Brown's modeling contract on Wonderwall and there were NO favorable feedback buttons. Usually there is an "Aww" or a "Love," etc. Not on this one. The choices were "Eww", "OMG", "Fail" etc. We don't even have the option of feeling positively about him?? What a bunch of BS. I hit the feedback button on the bottom of the page and let them know how I felt about this.
Is the mainstream media going to crucify him forever for ONE mistake he made when he was VERY young??? Don't people get a second chance anymore? Cheese n rice.


i love It and support chris

The truth is, image in this industry is everything. one false move can turn you from an angel into the devil. your actions proceed u in this biz, It's wrong but it's the nature of people. they cruified jesus, what do you think they'll do to people like us? not to mention celebrities. It's just that people want others to be what they could never be and that's when you get the super hero complex. they all got a kryptonite and his is anger. I wish it wasn't this way but we live in a world were it's too much like right to love on each other.

mainstream media demonized celebs in a sense because they only want people who represent perfection but the only one can do that is God. Guilty by association plays into this and is like a domino effect when something bad happens like what happen to him. I hope he has a better team of friends and support system that can help build him into better man instead of the opposite.

Well that's not okay... What is this a World-Wide Chris Brown Jump? When are they going to leave him alone? I see this stuff going on everday and i'm really sick of it.

It ain't right/. But chris is very strong and so is #TeamBrezzy. We got ur back #FOREVER!!!

i love body who support chris