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| Bree! Ana! Dany! Lexi! Come entertain me! ^.^ |

- While your doing so go look at this pathetic s***!


Aawee Im so happy for you & trey , congrants love :D



Yes Ana?

Its just like having two brothers or two dogs or two tooth brushes. We all should wait , thats a deffinate. Like lets make a pack. No one has another kid until they have been either together for over 2 years or married. ♥


I wanna start off with one child first... Twins might scare me right now lol.

Twins are tuff. But they seem blessful. ♥
well, somebody has to tame him. I wonder who though.

Kay, I know Chris is.

Bree, yes! I totally want twins.

Dany's <a href="">twins</a> lol

Dany that was cute , I hope you find the rightest guy you can. But if you ask me , Chris is a booty hoe lol

Thats good to hear bree , but heeey at least im in the clear that me & drake will last longer than shad & jinsu.

I didn't say I wanted another one now!
But maybe sometime later with someone who actually loves me and isn't concerned with other b****es.
I mean yeah it would be nice for Chris to father all my children because I already started a mini family with him but in my heart I know it wont happen.

I'm gonna get Rihanna pregnant.... POW lol.

You should let me help name him or her. &hearts;
And if I have a daughter I'm naming her Ava'belle or Garcia , erm Bree. lol


Y'all need to stop having all these kids....

the next time I have a kid, I wanna have it with someone I think would have me & my child best interest at heart. And we're gonna be married.

I want to have more, yes :)

MUHAHAHAHAHA..... Sike.... You do care... I hate lying ass hoes, but I'm not even pregnant.... I wanna be single for a while. Tyga tripping & got his own family.

Oh! You gonna have anymore?
I wanna daughter so Levi can go around plucking niggas messing with his sister ^.^

Naw, we only have one.

Bree, no one cares. That man and I have been done.

Dany has that many kids? so you and Chris BEEN getting it in huh?

Hmmm wonder how you gon' feel when you find out that I'm pregnant with his son.

Well, I think we need to do something for Levi , because I feel so bad about what happened to him.
Dany you have 3 kids though?

I wanted to go to six flags!

I have to work tomorrow!!

From 9 to f***ing 7!!

But i hope all yall have a good Thanksgiving!!


Bree, I aint got time for your bulls***

We could BUT FLUCK that Danyell ho.

Cant we all just go see her , & be happy?

@Bre , Going to Six Flags (:

No one care about you b****... so shut yo raw ass up.....

*waves bree off* No one cares.

Well, all my family is coming over to my house to eat and s*** :)

So what yall doing for thanksgiving!?!!?

My mom invited everybody in the world!