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Im happy now. Whatever.. Nevermind. :P

Sincerely, in unicorn land making a porno with Drake cause ima BOSS :)


it was f***ing up for me man...
hey love muffins

Did anybody else just have a problem accessing the mobile site? Lol the s*** was not working for like 10 minutes.

But um... Idk honestly.

That too.
When you planning on writing again Bree?


Dany yo ass can wait. It'll heal before you know it.

I was looking at some things online on how to heal bones faster, have you tried anything to fix it fast so far?

Its healing, but its not healing fast enough. Season starts in February and this this is still on my foot.

Eat Dany's soccer ball lol
I checked. Oh yeah, hows your foot Dany?


Oh snap!!! I really did hit 4000! Aint that some s***!! Thanks Bree.


@Kay go eat dust lol.

And congrats Dany on your 4,000th post!!!!!

@Dany I thought you had em.

Bree you was suppose to say your ass is off limits. Lol thanks though.


Dopey check your messages.

Um congrats! That's awesome.

But no feet will go up this ass lol.

And um... Co-write? About what cuz I'm kinda retired right now lol.

Aye, where all tha hunny dips at?

Your crying about me not texting you & you just fell asleep on my. You are NOT my FAVORITE person right now -.- ugh bro.

-.- you know what else is going to be up? My foot up your ass. Stop being sarcastic you know what I mean lol
I was thinking... We should Co-Write a story. Celebrated by my first 3.0 report card :D

The sky basically lol.

Oh..kay. Lol wassup though?

Ehhh nothing lol.

No its not & did you realize I called you by your whole name? You still didn't jack my twitter! Go do so or your not coming over nowhere. -.- wait call me right quick and I just changed my password so try again a**hole lol

@ Bree .. What? Lol


well stop lettinq me watch u put ur password in then . i told u i could remember it . thought i was playin >>>? i do this ! lol but fareal i know ur not happy seriously so im gone hack ur accounts then ima be on ma way wit justin an nae an them . coo wit u >>>?

okay thats fine but please get back on your account now. Im sorry I yelled at you. I love you too Gabriel Avery Jr. I shouldn't have yelled at you and yes I will text you back. But since your in my account and I told you to FORGET my password and your so damn nosey.. can you hack my twitter and say something cute there too? and my facebook? and my tumblr? Im happy now.. I swear.

Kay i knw this week has been wreckless fa u but i dnt understand why u wont talk to me an let me help u . ur shuttinq me out an i hate when u do that. ur not even txtinq me baack ! seriously , on a serious note whateva ur problem or THIS problem is just let it go . im sayinq cus u stressinq over tooo much fa no reason lately . dopey an unapologic even aqree . just be more chill . i promise everythinq will be okay . i love u beautiful <3

I see that lol and yeah.

okay calm down ! I just wanta talk . gheeeeez O.O

There! I texted you! You happy now? -.-

@Bree Fine. Nevermind I just wanted to vent & let some things off my chest. Cool if I inbox you real quick?

Yeah Im with 'Dopey.