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Im happy now. Whatever.. Nevermind. :P

Sincerely, in unicorn land making a porno with Drake cause ima BOSS :)


so u mad >>>?? i got the remedy to make u happy :)

Ima slap you! Stop spying on me! Stupid face :P
Avery Im serious. You couldn't just be patient or tweet me? Ugh -.-

you just a drama queeeeeen ^>^
otay maybee i did so >>>?

@Dany im trying to be as nice as I can. Im just sick of being a pushover.

@Avery ... I was kidding when I said you should make a account to bug me. -.- omg you look really gay right now. Lol

Kay calm yo titts an text me baaaaack fa i shoot u :)

Hmm. if thats how you feel.