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What I'm Worth.

<a href="">I</a> sat in this doctor's office for what seemed liked 3 hours. I had other s*** to do than sit my ass in here. I was supposed to have even a SO CALLED "Appointment". I hate that s***. What the f*** am I making a appointment for if I'ma still have to sit here and wait for damn hours.

"Excuse me" I said addressing the fat ass sitting behind the desk. She just looked at me like I had something dangling from my nose.

"When will Dr. Hill be ready. I don't have all day. I had a 10:00 appointment and it's 12 f***ing 30." I was pissed.

"He will see you when he is finished miss Wright. Now have a seat." she shook her head rolled her eyes. I wanted to smack the s*** out of her. I sat there for another 20 minutes. Nothing. I got up and walked out. Making a mental note to give Dr.Hill a piece of my mind. I pulled up in front of my house and put my head down. I hated being here. Every since my Drew passed away I would never be the same. No other man would be able to take his place. Or so I thought.

Cast Call 3 Ladies..

3 Outstanding words to describe your personality.


I will be adding soon.. Thanks Ladies

That ish is annoying af!
I know u said three but imma go ahead...
B!tchy, sweet, crazy

Chris brown
Sweetheart hard headed intelligent

Name: Rissa
Guys: Tyga
3 Outstanding words to describe your personality: Funny, blunt, intelligent

I hate that s***! They be taking forever and then snap a attitude when you confront them about it. I'm like you should have did your f***ing job. Ratchet ass doctors! She needs a new start and she probably is just too attached to the house to move.
Run it

aw hell naw she should've left
at 10:01!
i hate when doctors do that sht
tho. it's fckn ridiculous.
aw i hope she finds someone who
can love her just as much as drew did

Sofia aka SoSo
Bluey Robinson
Dedicated - Passionate - Chill

Run It