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I was listening to the radio and they were talking about how there's rumors going around that Chris and Rihanna are planning on settling down and starting a family. In my opinion, they're not ready whatsoever. He still has a lot of maturing to do, they both do. I dont know, I just dont think its time for all of that.

How do you guys feel?


@Dopey I LOVE your profile pic, but anyway back to the question. I just fell like he needs time to himself for awhile you know. Like take a week vacation to himself. Clear his head, free hisself from stress for awhile......GO TO CHINA HELL XD That way he can have some time to focus on Chris & stop worrying about Rihanna & other people. That way he can figure out what he wants. I know he wants some privacy & I know for sure he's tired of the rumors, paparazzi, the media period. He's to young to be a Chris brown fan no doubt but its sad when you see someone you idolize being brought down by the weight of the world. But at the same time people are gonna talk no matter what. But there's plenty of ways to handle it besides drugs & drinking & partying. As for rihanna.....theres nothing to say to her like she does what she wants. you know, you love who you love. People might not like the decisions they make, but at the end of the day its their life. if people would get their head out of their ass & let them live then. Damn listen to me sounding like Dr Phil & I'm only 16 XD but there's a lot if things you learn from people everyday! Sorry for this long ass comment.

I agree. They both are still so very childish sometimes...

I hope not.