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I Thought I Knew You

Mia:(Thoughts) I cant believe that he lied to me how could the one person I thought is honest and turn out to be a person I really don't know at all....

Chris: "So are u gonna say something at all?"

Mia: "How can i? U lied about who u were this whole time!!!"

Chris: "I didn't lie u know me I'm the same person u fell in love with before u found out who I am and what I do!"

Mia: "No ur not! The person I thought u were was honest and wouldn't lie to me for three months!!!"

Chris: "Don't do this... don't end things between us and act like these past three months weren't nothing..."

Mia: "They weren't! They were a lie!!!"

Three Months Ago....


OK I'm liken it run it I need more please

Chapter Two...

(With Chris at his hotel)

Wes: Man that show was crazy!!!

Chris: You know it's always crazy but I'm so glad we can chill til its time for the tour to start

Wes: I want you to get some rest but not too much cuz we still gotta get u ready for the tour

Chris: I'm ready but at the same time I'm tired and I want to relax

Wes: See that's what I'm worried about because every time you relax there's drama and a girl involved

Chris: Naw see it's not even like that at least not this time

Wes: I just don't want to anymore drama I'm tire from that alone myself

Chris: Naw I'm good Imma just chill

Wes: Ummhmm... well me and a few of the guys are going out to eat and have a little fun u coming?

Chris: No I think I'll stay in tonight and do me u know...

Wes: Yea okay well im out see you tomorrow

Chris: Okay later...

Wes leaves out the door and Chris decides to take a shower after he get's out of the shower he remembers he needs to call his mom to see how she is and remembers that he doesn't have his phone and looks through his clothes for the phone...

She met Chris and didn't know who he was......poor thang!! She has his phone too, lucky!!!!! But don't go through it, you might see something you don't want to.
Run it

Run it

Last of... Chapter One...

(At Mia's Condo)

Mia: Girl that was crazy I haven't had that much fun in a long time!!!

Jasmine: I told u, u were gonna have a good time...

Mia: Yea u did and thank you for that ur a good friend

Jasmine: Just good?

Mia: Excuse me Great friend

Jasmine: That's better, but your a good friend too

Mia: Well I haven't been acting like one the last couple of years...

Jasmine: And we both know that was because you were living with a psycho who wouldn't let u have outside communication

Mia: I know but-

Jasmine: But nothing, he's not apart of your life anymore so move on and let it go

Mia: That's why were best friends (giving her a hug) and much as I would like to stay up all night with you and gossip like we used to. I gotta start looking for a job tomorrow, so drive safe and call me when you get home...

Jasmine: Okay hun take care (waving goodbye and leaving out the door)

Mia: Bye and don't forget to call me! (Closing the door behind Jasmine)

(Mia's Thoughts)
Mia:Uh...I still have a lot of unpacking to do (Looking around). I'll do it tomorrow (Going upstairs while pulling her jacket off and throwing it on the bed when she gets to her room). I don't even know where to start looking for a job. As long as I'm not with Jeremy everything will be alright. (Interrupting her thoughts Mia hears Lil Wayne coming from her jacket, she picks up the jacket, and pulls out the phone) I forgot all about the phone... But who's phone is it? (Looking the phone over and drops it when it rings again) Oh yeah that guy (picking the phone up)... but why would he take my phone? Well he was in a rush and probably picked it up by accident. (Mia notices the phone number that keeps calling is her's) He's calling, he better be ready to give me my phone back. (Mia hits the button to answer)

Mia: Hello...

run it

Also... Chapter One...

(At the Restaurant)

Jasmine: Huh? What did you say?

Mia: What? (Shoving the phone back in her pocket)

Jasmine: I was asking what did you say

Mia: When?

Jasmine: Just a second ago

Mia: About what?

Jasmine: You know what i don't even care anymore

Mia: Okay

Jasmine: (Giving her a questioning look)

Mia: So what kind of music do u listen to?

Jasmine: O thanks for reminding me you know Chris Brown is having a concert coming up soon in a couple of months and I want you to go with me I already bought tickets and everything!

Mia: Wait who?

Jasmine: (Mouth hanging open and looking shocked) CHRIS BROWN!

Mia: Can u keep your voice down people are starting to stare... literally...

Jasmine: O heavenly Lord! We have to have an intervention right now!

Mia: For what?!

Jasmine: Your suffering from music-deficiency!

Mia: What?

Jasmine: music-deficiency... the lack of music in one's life

Mia: You know what I'm ignoring you cuz now your just being silly and making things up...

Jasmine: No I am not, I am going to start your treatment immediately

Mia: Treatment of what?

Jasmine: Your treatment of introducing you to music; Paris really changed you

Mia: No it didn't its called having a life

Jasmine: Were you living it under a rock?

Mia: Its just... Jeremy...

Jasmine: I'm sorry honey I didn't mean it like that okay (giving her an apologetic look)

Mia: No it's okay i shouldn't let it get to me

Jasmine: Don't be ashamed it was hell that he put you through but now your free from him and I hope he burns in hell for what he did, don't worry God see's all and he will give an account for what he did

Mia: I know and your right and I'm fine

Jasmine: U sure?

Mia: Yes girl now tell me where we're going tonight...

(On the Tour Bus)

Wes: Huh? What did you say?

Chris: What?

Wes: I asked what did you say

Chris: When?

Wes: Just a second ago and what's that?

Chris: (Shoving the phone back in his pocket) What?

Wes: The thing u shoved in your pocket

Chris: When?

Wes: You know what I don't even care anymore

Chris: Okay

Wes: (Giving him a questioning look)mm-hmm... u need to start getting ready while i call and let them know we're on the way (turning around and pulling out his phone)

Chris: Okay...

(Chris Thinking)

Chris: (Pulling the cell phone back out of his pocket and looking at it) This doesn't look anything like my phone how could've I not noticed? That girl at the restaurant! But why would she take my phone? Unless...she's a reporter... naw... there's no possible way she could've known I would be at that restaurant going to the restroom. Plus that doesn't make any sense... well... maybe she's a fan and switched the phones when we dropped them so I would pick her's and she would pick up mine. But that doesn't make any sense either because if she was a fan she would have recognized me and started screaming... at least that's what most girls do. Maybe i should just call and ask her to give me my phone back... yeah... that's simple just say "Hey can you give me my phone back?" Yeah that sounds good enough... (Chris is about to dial the number to his phone but is interrupted by Wes)

Wes: Are you ready yet because the people at this club are already pissed cuz we're late?

Chris: Yeah yeah I'm almost ready

(Chris Thinking): I'll do it later...

I want to see where this goes
Run it!!!

Still Chapter One....

(Mia goes to the restroom, on her way back to the table she's checking her messages from her mom and other family members when she bumps into someone and they both drop their phones)

Mia:(picking up what she thinks is her phone) O I'm so sorry i wasn't paying attention to where i was going!!!

Guy: Yea watch it! (Putting what he thinks is his phone in his pocket)

Other Guy: Come on man we gotta go or we'll be late!

Guy: I'm coming!(actually looking at Mia) I'm sorry for having an attitude u OK?

Mia: Yea I'm fine (actually looking at the guy) I think my phone survived the fall

Guy: Good well...

Other Guy: (Pulling him away) Come on!

Guy: (Looking back) Sorry again!

Mia: Its OK!

(The Guy)

Other Guy: Man Chris do you know the meaning of being on time!

Chris: Calm down I'm here aren't I Wes and I didn't even get the chance to pee!

Wes: Well if u weren't busy flirting we would be on time for shows and u would have time to pee

Chris: I wasn't flirting we just bumped into each and plus with u around I don't have time to flirt with anyone but u lucky u still my homie

Wes: Yea u lucky I'm here to keep u on track and not on groupies

Chris: Whatever... (Pulls out the phone in his pocket and looks at it)(Thinking to himself) This isn't my phone...

(Back at the Table at the Restaurant)

Jasmine: What was that all about with that guy?

Mia: Nothing just bumped into him

Jasmine: Well even though i couldn't see his face he looked sexy from the back

Mia: He was cute too bad he was in a hurry

Jasmine: In a hurry for what?

Mia: I don't know but some guy was pulling him to leave they were late for something

Jasmine: O well, at least ur phone didn't break or anything when u dropped it

Mia: Yea I don't know what I've would've done if it had (Pulling out the phone, looking at it, and thinking) This isn't my phone...


Sorry i bn gone for a couple of days but im bak!!!

ok so far its good for it to be ur first story i like u should make the chapters lnger to bt i like it run it

Three Months Ago.... Chapter One....

Jasmine:"Mia if u don't hurry up imma leave u here and u can starve to death I'm hungry!"

(From Up Stairs)
Mia: "U can't rush perfection!"

Jasmine: "If ur not down here in 30 seconds imma-"

Mia: "girl, u kno i was just playin ha ha"

Jasmine: "Ahee hee hell... let's go"

(In The Car)
Mia:(phone ringing)(Mia Sighs)

Jasmine: Jeremy again?

Mia: "When is he gonna learn we're not together anymore he's the reason why i left Paris"

Jasmine: "And the same reason why u went, girl don't let that fool put u in a bad mood"

Mia: "I know i just can't go through that again"

Jasmine: "Don't worry tonight let's not get into that let's just go eat first and after i show u how we party in Virginia (starts doing the cabbage patch)

Mia: "Lol u so crazy!"

(At the Restaurant)

Jasmine: (Looking at the Menu) I'm so hungry i could eat a cow...

Mia: "Lol imma run to the restroom real quick

Jasmine: "Ok do u want me to order for u?"

Mia: "Naw u can order without me"

Jasmine: "Ok"

(Mia goes to the restroom, on her way back to the table she's checking her messages from her mom and other family members when she bumps into someone and they both drop their phones)

Let me know what yall think!!!

Oh s***!! He lied, but why? This is intresting.
Run it

I also don't mind critiques since its mi first time writing a story i would love comments n input on wat should happen.

Sorry i wasn't finished i saved it before i could finish so i'll finish the rest

This is good. I wonder how he covered it all up XD
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