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Oooye Bon Voyge :D


"Beeep , BEEP who got the keys to the JEEP?"

Omg I love this song , been listening to it since I left home this morning. But anyways, Hi! Wassup? im on a plane going from Wisconsin to Texas to see my best friend. And im just SO happy. I haven't been this happy in a looong time. Mainly cause Ill be away from home, but Ill be away from school, homework, work. Im still kind of down because before I left Avery and I decided to break up due to his selfishness.

I cried last night and I wont anymore , I think its time for me to be happy and STAY happy. Even if it means letting people go. And to be honest, this high my meds are giving me have me on planet 54653-DYNOMITE :D

But to everyone that is in All About Us, it WILL be up tomorrow. Pinky promise. Im just so happy Idk what to do or how to let it out. Its crazy. But yeah, just look out for that and a new chapter of My Friend, My Ace.

Signed, a super happy camper ♥


Nope ima leave that mf in the street ♥ lol



Well, I'll just hop out of the car while you try to park lol.

I drive good until we need to park lol





Ehhh idk about that... Idk how you drive lol.


I only got black so it looks like my black ugg cause thats all ive been wearing lately

Oops *Bree. *pinches you*
Oh! Yeah im almost completed in drivers ed, can we do the getaway now? You too DANY.

Who the f*** is Bre? *looks around*


Yeah? Always wanted a neon green or light blue cast ♥

My cast is black

Heeeeey bre (: *looks at you like a creep*

I messaged back.



What color?

Oooo whaaaat? Okay.

Check your messages.

Almost WHAT?

Well, got my cast changed and...

De and I almost.....

They are. Its whatever though. All week I been the bad person. Idc about his attitude he can stick it in his a**hole all i care.

Wassup with you dany? ♥

Smh, boys are dumb

Hes been acting really selfish lately. Before I left he was all " if you go to texas, dont call dont text me or nothing " and its all because I promised my best friend to come spend Christmas with her when she first moved to Texas. We already bought the planes tickets and stuff months ago before I knew any of this was going to happen between avery and me. Not to mention im riding American Airlines which is EXPENSIVE. So he gets mad and breaks up with me which he knew I was doing weeks before Christmas. *shrugs* idk what else to say.

Aw, why you break up?